Moster Mania

Mosters Comic

My almost 7 year old has been secretly making a comic series, and the other day, he revealed his work in progress to me.

I thought it was the coolest thing ever! I was so impressed with the consistency of his cover designs and drawings. It was all inspired by Star Wars, of course.

But he was gutted (very disappointed) when I mentioned that he had spelled MONSTERS wrong.

So he decided that “MOSTERS” was the name of the alien race.

Monters Comic

I had absolutely no idea what was going on in the story, but I just loved his episode titles: Old World, New World, Start of Journey, Treasures, End of Journey, Return of the Moster, Moster War and 9000 Years.

The funniest thing was that, during the week, he would ask me really random, out-of-the-blue questions – and I now realize  that he was doing research.

“Mum, do you think journeys are very exciting?”

“Is 9000 years a long time?”

I’d be like, “EH? Wha? What are you talking about mate??”

It was all just too cute. I had to take a picture and share.

Daily Outfit: How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

Over The Knee BootsI finally got a pair of Over The Knee Boots!

I did a bit of research and looked everywhere for a pair. I wasn’t too keen to spend $400+ on one, nor did I want to wear yucky, plasticky $80 ones.

So these were a very excellent, middle-ground choice, for price and quality.

And they are the convertible kind, because you can flip them up and wear them VERY SKY THIGH HIGH! Or fold them down bit lower and closer to the knee.

Obviously, the boots are pretty bold, sexy and LOOK AT ME. So they are best worn with basic outfits and simple accessories.

In fact, they look great with skinny jeans, a simple top, and a nice basic jacket. Or a soft dress, leggings and the boots.

You pretty much wear them like you would normal height boots.

Of course, you can just go with the whole BOLD SEXY look, and wear a body con, mini-skirt dress and look uber hot!

There is always a place for looking uber hot…. but I have not found that place just yet, so I thought I’d show them off in a more casual, autumn outfit.

Can’t wait for the really cold weather to set in, so I can strut around with toasty warm legs :)

I recently bought some cute linen shorts by Chloe.
Black tank by Sass and Bide.
Cashmere cardigan by Country Road.
Scarf was a gift.
Boots were from the Betts Online Shoe Store.

And I’ve actually been featured on their new blog! Eeek! Thanks guys for the kind write up!

AND if you’re interested, you can win 1 of 20 pairs of shoes here.


A Stormy Reminder

One of the things my home town of Perth is famous for is… having really nice weather.

But last week, that all changed for thirty terrifying minutes. Radio and TV shows were interrupted by warnings of an imminent thunderstorm, promising cyclonic winds, torrential rain and hail.

Huh?! The sky was bright and sunny!

But my husband worked around the backyard with the boys anyway, putting away anything heavy that might get picked up in a strong wind.

And then they noticed the huge, dark clouds coming in from the north – just like in a movie. They were boiling, rolling, churning dark grey and black, and moving as fast as an airplane.

Then it hit, and everything that had been promised was delivered.

Lightening scorched the air above our house. Thunder clapped again and again, rattling the windows, and thick tropical rain came into the house – sideways!

We watched the winds bending trees over. Hail hammered on the roof, sounding like buckets of rocks being poured on the metal sheeting. The boys howled with hysterical delight, and then with fear.

And the power went out!

The storm disappeared as fast as it had arrive, and we went cautiously outside to see what had changed in our world.

The roads was flooded, bits of trees were everywhere, power lines were broken, fences collapsed, and in our local park, the path was frequently blocked by fallen trees.


Other people were doing the same – walking around in a bit of daze, assessing the damage in disbelief. Luckily, few people were hurt, and nobody killed, in the whole of Perth.

It took two days for the power to be restored to our area, and I was getting pretty grumpy about the delay. No power for the fridge, no phones, no computer.. and the toughest thing was, no lights.

It was strange to go to bed at 8:30pm. You just can’t do much in total darkness!

But I calmed myself with the thought that this was nothing compared to the forces of nature that hit other parts of the world – earthquake, tsunami, hurricane and floods that devastate whole communities.

We really are very lucky.

Daily Outfit: Wayne Cooper Leather Jacket

Wayne Cooper Leather JacketAaah, I am definitely in my element in this outfit.

I just can’t get away from the casual, rock-chick-biker-fierce look!

Ok, it’s not exactly the most edgy or fashion-forward ensemble, but damn, who cares, I feel awesome in this jacket.

AWESOME I tell you!

I must say, I’m quite fond of Wayne Cooper’s designs.

I like the image of the bold, strong, feminine and sexy woman that he designs for.

I’m loving his latest “Revolver” winter collection (see some of the range at Frockaholics).

It’s full of stand-out designs in leather, crumpled fabrics and silks. There are one-shoulder styles, lots of embellished shoulders – all great stuff.

I also thought I’d bring everyone’s attention to… my handbag.

I bought this Fiorelli handbag 16 years ago, when I was 16 years old, it is full on leather! I recently also purchased leather protector for this purse, on They have many leather products on their website, with excellent quality and great prices

But this bag, I think it was the most expensive thing I had bought back then.

I had a good old laugh, when I saw that they were back in the shops.

Fashion is crazy I tell you.

Jacket: Wayne Cooper at Frockaholics
Top: Target
Jeans: Nobody Jeans
Shoes: Betts
Handbag: Fiorelli


Baby 3: Liam Turns One

Liam Turns One Year Old

You know, I first started talking about having a third baby in October 2007. I was considering the issues of two vs three kids. And every week since then, I’ve been writing a little bit about the whole journey in a series, Making Baby 3.

And it’s funny, because I often forget that for the last 3 years, a lot of my readers have been “on” this journey with me. So the fact that this baby is now ONE YEAR OLD… completely shocks some people.

They can’t believe how fast time flies! How kids grow up so quickly! How life can move along at such a swift pace! How they remember when he was first born!

That’s right! Life is short!

It scares some people. And heck, it scares me.

To see my little baby with 8 teeth and a cut on his nose, from where he fell into a rose bush. He’s so big now!

Liam Day 1

I remember the morning after I gave birth to Liam in such exquisite and vivid detail.

I remember pulling back the curtains in my hospital room and letting in a beautiful blue morning light. I opened the window a little bit to let some fresh air into the room too. I scooped up my baby from his cradle, lay him on the bed and changed him into a new outfit with polka dots.

I remember thinking, my goodness, I made a baby! How do I look after a baby again?

I turned him around so I could see his face and eyes, and he blinked slowly in a sleepy daze.

Now look at him!

Liam Turns One Year Old

It’s pretty hard to say what kind of personality Liam has. Overall he is very easy-going and undemanding, with a lot of energy and interest in the world.

I have a feeling that a big part of his personality will be defined by his big brothers. They are just the most amazing things in the world to him, and all he wants to do is follow them around.

Anyway, I love how these photos turned out! I love spontaneous and natural portraits!

I was mucking about with him on the floor, and I put a hat on his head. Then he just scrunched up his face and broke out in a series of cute, little, snorting laughs.

He is one cute and cuddly little guy, and I feel very, very blessed.