Wearing 70’s Fashion Trend- It’s Back (Again)

70s Ruffle Maxi DressSo apparently the 70s look is back in fashion for 2010.

And what better way to indulge in a frivolous fashion trend, than to go to a 70s party wearing your mother’s dress from the 70s!

A halter-neck, ruffle-detail, maxi-dress in large flower print. Can you get anymore “Fashion from the 70s” than that?

But my story is slightly cooler than that.

My mother made this dress all by herself – in the 70s.

She was 25, she was invited to a party… and she had nothing to wear.

So she just whipped it up one weekend. And she has kept it all this time.

Part of me is green with envy. I wish I could sew proficiently.

Another part of me is amazed at how society (and it’s relationship with fashion) has changed in one generation.

In those days, it was very common for women to sew their own clothes. They didn’t have much money, so they had to be creative with their materials – at least that’s what it was like where my mum was living.

I can imagine a bunch of girlfriends sitting around at a party, spying on other girl’s outfits and saying things like “How did she get the ruffle to sit so well on her neckline? I can never get mine straight!”

I wore this dress with a large chunky gold bracelet and big gold earrings – and sandals.

Thanks Mum!