Wearing 70’s Fashion Trend- It’s Back (Again)

70s Ruffle Maxi DressSo apparently the 70s look is back in fashion for 2010.

And what better way to indulge in a frivolous fashion trend, than to go to a 70s party wearing your mother’s dress from the 70s!

A halter-neck, ruffle-detail, maxi-dress in large flower print. Can you get anymore “Fashion from the 70s” than that?

But my story is slightly cooler than that.

My mother made this dress all by herself – in the 70s.

She was 25, she was invited to a party… and she had nothing to wear.

So she just whipped it up one weekend. And she has kept it all this time.

Part of me is green with envy. I wish I could sew proficiently.

Another part of me is amazed at how society (and it’s relationship with fashion) has changed in one generation.

In those days, it was very common for women to sew their own clothes. They didn’t have much money, so they had to be creative with their materials – at least that’s what it was like where my mum was living.

I can imagine a bunch of girlfriends sitting around at a party, spying on other girl’s outfits and saying things like “How did she get the ruffle to sit so well on her neckline? I can never get mine straight!”

I wore this dress with a large chunky gold bracelet and big gold earrings – and sandals.

Thanks Mum!


Old Boots New Boots

Old Boots, New Boots

Sometimes I get so darn sentimental.

My oldest boy is moving up yet another shoe size.

I thought the image of the two boots would look cute. And as I crouched over them in my backyard, I was struck by the power of the image.

Time is moving on. New things will be old. Journeys will be travelled. New memories will be created. Life will be lived – no matter what.

And they’re just a couple of old boots.

Online Shopping at YesStyle – Asian Fashion from Korea, Japan and Taiwan

YES Stlye Asian Fashion

I have always been fascinated with “Asian fashion”. And for those not so familiar with the term, it is used to describe the pop culture fashion in Japan, Taiwan, Korean, Hong Kong and China.

Obviously I’m intrigued because I am ethnically Chinese. But also because I live in Australia, where there is little access to “Asian Fashion” images, and almost no places to browse and buy.

In my limited knowledge of Asian fashion, I know it can be very “out there” and generally… the more fashionable women are known for their fabulous styling, layering and accessorising.

I also know that Asian Fashion can be very wallet friendly, with some styles direct from the catwalk, but in materials that are not designed to last the next season!

So my forage into Asian Fashion began with an email from YesStyle, an online shop specialising in an amazing collection of fashion from Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

They wanted to send me a few bits and pieces for a review… and all I had to do was choose a few items as gifts. Lots of things on the site looked really good, but I had no idea where to start!

YES Stlye Asian Fashion

Firstly I chose this very cool Double-Breasted Military Coat, which cost US$77.

A fashion coat is a difficult garment purchase for me, because it usually costs around $300 – $500, and after you’ve worn it for one winter, it might look out-dated next winter! So I always end up buying something classic, which leaves me with a wardrobe full of classic styled jackets that all cost heaps and look the same!

I also know a few friends from Singapore, who, when they go to visit a cold country, are unwilling to spend lots of money on a warm coat, believing that a few extra jumpers will block out the cold. Here’s a tip – jumpers don’t keep you warm when it snows!

Anyway, so I wanted to test out the issue of quality versus cost, and I’m happy to say that my coat was actually better than I expected.

Next I wanted to test out the issue of sizing, particularly because I’m used to Australian, US and UK sizing. How will be able to work out the sizing and get clothes that actually fit me?

Well, I’m wearing some Studded Wool Shorts (pictured above, which are out of stock on the website) and they fit like a dream. Shorts hardly ever fit me like a dream!

Usually when I buy “small” sizes over the internet, particularly from Australian, US and UK online shops, they arrive much bigger around the waist. But YesStyle have all their measurements listed on each garment page, so you just have to get hold of a measuring tape and make sure you don’t get tangled!

YES Stlye Asian Fashion

And lastly, I found a very cool looking Long Stripe Singlet, that I immediately wore everywhere!

I actually picked up a few more items from the online shop, but I’m going to style the items in some of my Daily Outfit Posts over the next few weeks.

The YesStyle site is pretty big, and I was a bit boggled as to how and where to start.

So here’s my tip – try searching by these brands that caught my eye!

Melissa: Elegant, feminine and classic styles.

FoxCity: Edgy and trendy styles, funky prints, all very rock chick looking.

Prischu Essentials: Basics with a touch of trend.

Star Mimi: Very cool and casual style in a subdued palette. Great for basics and layering.

YUMI: Very cute winter layering

Dizzy Darling: For the younger crowd. Very funky, trendy, sexy styles!

Cherry Story: Lots of cute, mix and match girly pieces.

Happy Shopping!!

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Online Fashion Shopping Directory.

Baby 3: The 9 Month Update

Liam - 9 Months

Liam is 9 months and has 4 teeth. They have gown out of correct order, and it just looks so cute when he smiles. He looks like a drunken sailor with his teeth smashed out.

Over the space of a month, Liam’s development has EXPLODED and progressed at lightning speed.

It’s so scary. It’s like watching all the home video of our FIRST child – in fast forward! Eating solids! Picking up food! Crawling! Cruising!

Argh! Someone slow it down! It’s going too fast!

Liam used to crawl like a slow creeping lizard. He would pause and carefully examine the seam of the curtain, or the edge of a cardboard box.

Now he’s bolting around the house on all fours, like a little BULLDOG, getting into the toilet, the bathroom and all the rooms of our house. He even goes out the front door if we leave it unlatched!

But the weirdest thing is – he can now stand up by himself for 15 seconds, straight off the floor, without holding onto anything. He just goes from his “doing-a-poo” squat to standing straight up.

I’m completely horrified. He looks much too young to be balancing. It looks demonic – as if his head might spin around and around and he’ll say “I’m watching yoooouuu” in a deepy, raspy voice.

Fortunately, all he does is realise that he doesn’t know what to do next, so he just smiles stupidly, and then sits back down on his big nappy-bum. Then he runs away on all fours like a never-ending wind-up toy that just keeps going and going and going and going.

Liam - 9 Months

A few weeks ago, Liam first pulled himself up onto some furniture. What happened to the quiet, placid baby I had a month ago??

He used to be happy to be plonked into a room full of baby toys, but now he just wants to be where his older brothers are. And he’s not happy to just sit and watch. He wants to join in. He’ll get right into the action, grabbing his brother’s toys or messing up their pencils. Or he will scramble over to the TV, grab the Wii Remote Controller, and wave it around at the screen – obviously copying his big brothers!

It’s made me a little sad to see Liam bypass all the BABY BOY TOYS (think Thomas the Tank Engine) and go straight for the Teenager Mutant Ninja Turtle toys.

Under the worrying influence of older brothers, my last, iddy-biddy baby is growing up so much faster than the other two!!