Middle Child Syndrome – The Big NO!

Since we had baby Liam nine months ago, we have been observing some pretty major changes in the behaviour of our other children… especially Sean, our second boy, who is 4.5 years old.

He has become aggressive, ridiculously and recklessly noisy, unthinking, deliberately provocative, and shouts “No!” to everything – except offers of chocolate.

(He was grumpy as an old man, until he found out why his bike wouldn’t go anymore. Then he thought it was hilarious!)

His first ever word was “NO!”… so it is not really a surprise that when he discovered that he was no longer the baby in our family his reaction was… anger. At first, he thought he was getting promoted when he discovered that he was going to be a big brother: and that is certainly how we sold the idea to him before Liam was born.

But Sean has discovered the truth. Every boy in the family (including my husband), has actually been DE-moted one place so I can pour my attention on Liam.

Callum who is 6.5 years old, is a bit bitter about it. But he has had the experience before, of course, when Sean came along.

But for Sean, it is all new. At least Callum still has the unmovable status of “first-born child” and “biggest brother”, whatever happens. And Liam will now always be the baby in the family. But Sean has gone from being the protected baby to… well… nobody in particular. He is just… in the middle.

(A few seconds after these pictures, he waved his hand and knocked the cup on the floor, and it broke!!)

When Sean is alone with Mum or Dad, or at school, he is co-operative and such a joy to be with. He’s a playful, witty, funny, sharing, considerate clown. But when he is around Callum, he fights, bites, spits, taunts and teases until Callum, who explodes in tears, and Sean ends up in his room, which he trashes. He is pretty good at slamming the door!

So, this is what the parenting books are talking about when they say “Middle Child Syndrome”.

I worry about what he will turn out like as an adult.

But then I realise that… both my husband and I are “middle children”.

Ahh! So that’s why hubby is so stubborn!

And maybe that is why he always says I am also so stubborn?

Daily Outfit – Multi-wear Scarf and Kookai Racerback Dress Combination

A couple of weeks ago, I went to designer label Morrison’s Fashion Store Opening in Fremantle.

I would’ve loved to have worn something from the Morrison label to the event… but unfortunately I don’t yet own any of their clothes.

Having said that, I swear I would wear Morrison clothes for the rest of my life if I could afford it. Their clothes are simply beautiful. Easy fitting for winter or summer wear, easy to layer, high quality fabrics in all natural, rich tones. Absolutely everything in their range goes with everything else in their range.

So I don’t know if I unconsciously dressed myself as “inspired by Morrison”, because I threw together this outfit in a few seconds as the babysitter arrived and I RAN OUT THE DOOR.

And as I entered the party, I felt like I completely blended in with the Morrison colour scheme and the whole drapey look.

image of karen cheng wearing Kookai racerback dress to designer label Morrison women's fashion store opening

My scarf is actually a long, drapey, wool vest from Myer, which I wrapped loosely around my neck. Later in the evening, it got a bit cold, so I wore it as a shawl around my shoulders. I love multi-wear clothes!

My dress is a sporty-looking, racerback dress with rouched sides, from Kookai.

Leggings from Target, shoes from Betts, black stud earrings from Sportsgirl, and makeup by Napoleon Perdis.

I always forget to take photos of my outfit WITH my handbag!


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Happy Anniversary Darling

With this year ending, apart from celebrating ten years as a blogger, I am also celebrating two much more important anniversaries.

One is that – it is also ten years since my husband and I met!

After a few whirlwind months of dating, I knew I had found my other half. My soul mate. The Ying to my Yang. That precious someone to sit on the other end of the seesaw of my life and bring it balance, laughter and purpose. I cannot describe how blessed and fulfilled I am to have had his company this past decade.


And also right about now, we are celebrating five years since he has been ALL CLEAR from cancer.

I can scarcely express how I feel when I think of how it might have all turned out… if things hadn’t gone our way. Callum and Sean would have no Dad, and little Liam wouldn’t exist at all.

So many people do not get the lucky break we have had when illness came to visit our family.

So here we still are, dealing with all the worries of lack of sleep, raising three kids, how will they turn out, a mortgage, how to see more of each other, our parents growing old, the washing not being done, the lawn needing to be cut, etc. The list goes on and on.

And we know how blessed and privileged we are to be able to have these problems together.

Every year, and every day, is precious.

Orange Christmas Tree: Merry Christmas to the Bees!

Now THIS is orange!


This spectacular show of blossom happens only in December, produced by a species completely unique to the south-western part of West Australian. It’s official name is “Nuytsia Floribunda”.

That is obviously a pretty boring name, so everyone just calls it the West Australian Christmas Tree.

They grow everywhere in Perth where there is even a little bit of native bush left, and since Perth has lots of open spaces, it is not hard to find them, even in the middle of the suburbs. This one was right next to a busy road near my house.

With spring blossom still everywhere, the bees have plenty of other opportunities, but they were literally swarming all over this tree, taking advantage of the masses of tiny, orange blossoms.

So Merry Christmas to the little bees!

(And to everyone else too! Hope you have a wonderful day.)

Diamond Jewellery: Rosendorff’s Jewelry Collection Launch

Last week I was invited to the Rosendorff’s Christmas Celebration and launch of their new jewelry collection.

As I approached the Rosendorff’s flagship store in the city, I was greeted by a ballerina covered in jewelry.

rosendorff-diamond jewellery-01

Inside, the dcolejewelers.com shop was dripping with jewels, diamonds and men in expensive suits! Ladies were trying on various jewelry and ooohing over the big price tags.

Then man made diamonds are also another excellent choice as they look just like the real thing so definitely consider buying man made diamonds if you are looking for top quality at a lower price.

The evening started with an introduction by Angela Tsun, who is a Perth TV celebrity with a classically hot, beachy-blonde, Australian-babe kind of look. She was wearing a stunning necklace by Rosendorff, an elegant silk cocktail dress by Aelkemi, subtle make-up, sophisticated peep-toe shoes and…HOT PINK TOE NAILS. Which I thought was a very cool touch.

In fact, I wanted to take photos of her toe nails, but I thought that was a bit creepy. HI CAN I TAKE A PHOTO OF YOUR TOES?

Then there was a catwalk parade showing off the new collection of jewels and MAN THOSE ROCKS WERE HUGE. There were all kinds of gorgeous coloured diamonds and settings in CRAZY WEIGHTS LIKE 35 CARATS or something – I didn’t quite hear the exact details, because my eyes were bugging out of my head as they sparkled past me!

Then the models walked around through the audience, so everyone could get a close look at the jewelry. Each model was carrying a little prompt card with the details of each piece they were wearing. They were saying things like, “Yes. This necklace is $47,000 dollars!”

For myself, I couldn’t take a proper photo of the jewelry, because I kept having to lower my camera so I could see them with my actual eyes and go OMG IS THAT FOR REAL??

And a little later, as I was talking to a bunch of people, I just kept stopping mid-sentence and looking past their heads to various cabinets of jewelry dotted around the room, and going WILL YOU JUST LOOK AT THAT DIAMOND???

I’m a girl! And I like sparkly things!

And in moments like these, I wish I was rich enough to buy them all. Ok. Maybe just one.

rosendorff-diamond jewellery-02

A model wears a necklace worth more than the sale price of all my children….so my children are safe…for now.


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