My Organic Garden – Weekend Jobs

My Organic Garden - Broccoli

On the weekend we spent a few hours in our garden.

My husband hopped onto the roof and cleaned the gutters.

My baby sat in his pram and stared up at the swaying silhouette of trees.

My two boys constructed some kind of bomb shelter out of old wooden planks, and made magic potions with muddy rain water.

My Organic Garden - Lettuce Mix

While I weeded my vegetable patch, harvested my broccoli, and distributed a mass of mixed lettuce I grew from seed.

I always feel like such an odd-ball when I publish photos of my vegetables – but hey, it makes me happy like you won’t believe.

Perth Fashion Festival: Ruth Tarvydas

With the Perth Fashion Festival just a week away, I have the pleasure of presenting the work of one of the most prominent and glamorous West Australian fashion labels, Ruth Tarvydas, an absolute legend of Australian fashion.

Ruth started her career in the 1960s, and is thought of as a pioneer in exporting Australian fashion to the world. Her garments are available internationally, and her flagship store is in King Street, Perth.


On the left, I’m wearing one of Ruth Tarvydas’ signature styles – all over sequins or beading. This particular one is called “Metallica” and is covered with metal sequins. It’s deliciously special, and I make a lovely, soft jingle as I walk. It’s definitely a LOOK AT ME DRESS!

On the right is “Leaves”, an exclusive limited edition dress. It fits so well and it feels great. I love the combination of details – petals, tassles and sheer rouching.

The best word to describe a Tarvydas dress is – Glamour! The label is all about sexy feminine looks, bold attitude, sparkly and shimmery textures, modern yet timeless styles.


On the left, the grey dress was just so cute! For a strapless dress holding a large amount of fabric, it felt very secure. I loved the layers and the ruffles.

And on the right, I’m wearing a blue dress which features another of Tarvydas’ signature styles – the plunging, jewelled back line. The front of the dress has some jewels on its shoulder, and a lovely simple, cowl neckline. The back! OMG it’s so glamorous! I love it!

Tarvydas also has an excellent website, with gorgeous photos of all the dresses, and an online store! Definitely worth a look!

Tarvydas Flagship Store
32 King Street
Perth, WA 6000
Tel: +618 9322 7004

You can find more information on international stockists at the Tarvydas website.

Ruth Tarvydas will be showcasing her Spring Summer 09/10 collection at the upcoming Perth Fashion Festival, with her own feature show at Fashion Paramount on Wednesday, 9th September. Tickets are on sale now.

Ankle Booties for Winter 2009

Ankle Booties

Ankle booties are one of my favourite items from the recent winter trends – particularly because they are so versatile.

Can you have enough winter booties? I’m looking at these, and thinking, why just stop at black? I’d love grey ones, blue ones, purples ones and tan ones.

Wear them with black or patterned leggings. Or just with bootleg straight jeans, so they look like normal boots.

Top Row: Mollini, Tony Bianco
Bottom Row: Nude Footwear, Zu

Check out more of my favourite online shops in my Fashion and Shopping Directory.

Making Baby 3 – He Rolls!

Liam rolling at 5 monthsBabies are just so darn cute.

Some people prefer to look at pictures of kittens or puppies. But not me.

I love babies. Babies eating yoghurt. Babies with funny hats. Babies with raincoats. Babies dressed up like bumble bees.

So if you’re a bit like me, here’s today’s baby fix for you.

Liam is 5 months, and he rolls over.

Ok, I know, I’ve already seen this with my other two kids. But it still amazes me.

Babies seem to work things out and learn so quickly.

Scrunch up knees. Tuck arms in. Roll to the side. Force top shoulder forward. Land on the belly and pull arm out.

In front of your eyes, you’re watching all the neural pathways connecting and being formed in his brain.

Then the next day they’ll do something different, progressing on what they learnt.

Like one of those super-intelligent, learning robots.

Cool. But freaky.

Next they’ll take over the world.

I just love the way he rocks back and forth, playing with the movement of his body.

And I especially love his little laugh right at the end.

He still can’t seem to keep his head up and smile at the same time. We call it his Chuckle Head Splat.

Click here to see the whole story of Making Baby 3.

And a Cup of Tea

I love my husband.

Every morning our alarm clock buzzes at 6am. My husband will bounce out of bed, and start making breakfast for our two boys.

I will thump the SNOOZE button hoping to get 5 minutes extra sleep. After three 5 minute SNOOZES, I drag myself out of bed, to tend to my newborn.

After feeding, burping, cleaning, changing the nappy and clothes of my baby, it’s about 7am.

I plod sleepily into the kitchen to see both my boys munching away at their breakfast, and this is what I find at my place at the table:



And I am convinced that, for me, there is no place greener than my side of the fence.