My Boy and His Wheels

My Boy and His Wheels

My 3.5yo son can now ride a bike without training wheels! He’s been riding a bike with trainer wheels for about a year before now. But now, he can balance it all by himself!

We didn’t really pushed the idea on him. We just waited until he showed some interest, and asked to ride “the wobbly bike” by himself. He did so well on his first go! Yeeps, I’m gushing with pride!

On reflection, as a parent, I actually believe these experiences are better the second time around.

Of course, his big brother did the same thing 2 years earlier. And of course I was gushing with pride then. But I distinctly remember being completely intoxicated and floored by the whole NEW-ness and FIRST-ness of the event. I was bubbling over with excitement and terror.

And after you’ve experience that feeling, I guess, there’s always that little speck of fear that these kind of childhood milestones might lose their charm after you’ve seen it once.

This time, with my second child, my perspective was much different.

This time, I was struck by how this achievement made my son feel. I saw how excited, confident and proud HE was.

The fact that he had done this “big boy thing” made him glow with inner strength. He knew he had conquered something difficult… and man, it made him feel good.

The joy was all over his face and it just made me fall in love with him all over again.

My Boy and His Wheels

Making Baby 3, Pregnancy Week 13 – Baby Brain

I’ve got a serious case of baby brain.

I’ve been doing the STUPIDEST things. I’ve left my credit card with cashiers. Put my keys in the wrong places. Done, and said the dumbest things.

Sometimes when I’m talking to someone, my brain will have a hard time processing the conversation. I can feel it chugging along slowly, stopping, restarting, then push along again. Slowly.

Sometimes I will think of a question, begin to ask it, then realise that I have forgotten my question… so I fumble around with my sentence trying to recover it. Only to then admit that I’ve lost my train of thought. It’s very embarrassing.

But the most problematic setback I’ve found, so far, is being unable to multi-task.

Usually I can juggle at least 4 jobs at once.

I can turn on the washing machine… then while the machine fills up, I can start baking a batch of cookies. On my way back to the laundry, I can defrost dinner from the freezer, throw the rubbish out, swing past my son’s room to help him with something, cut the cookies, throw them into the oven, wipe down the kitchen bench top and dinner table, turn on the sprinklers, hang up the washing, turn off the sprinklers.. etc etc etc.

But with BABY BRAIN… I have to do ONE THING AT A TIME.

I can’t cope with anything more. One task. Then another.

It’s so inefficient. Now I know how it feels to be a man!

If I try to tackle anything more, I’ll mix everything up, and I’ll end up slumped on the floor crying at my own stupidity – like putting a plastic bowl in a hot oven, or pouring fabric softener in the cake mix.

I am absolutely frustrated with myself!


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Trying to Look Festive in Summer

I remember being a kid during Christmas time. The weather used to be BAKING HOT. All we wanted to do was pour iced drinks on our heads and jump into the pool to cool down.

We hung around in our bathers and bikinis all day!

This year, the Christmas weather has not been so ferocious. It’s been hanging at a GORGEOUS 28-29C. So it allowed for a bit more formal attire during the Christmas festivities.

I thought I’d wear my red dress and silver shoes again. Coincidently, my two good girlfriends turned up wearing almost exactly the same thing! We thought it was quite cute.

Red Dresses for Christmas

Boxing Day GreensOn the more casual side of things…

This is me on Boxing Day, in my festive, spotty green, baby bump.

This year, I thought I’d create a new tradition:

The Boxing Day Left-Over Party!

I invited a bunch of friends, with their kids, to bring all their left-over turkey, ham, seafood, salads, shortbread and chocolates for lunch.

We had a play in the garden with bubbles, bikes, scooters, sand pit, water, balls, and totem tennis!

The kids had such a great time.

I was planning to whip out the paddle pool, but the wind suddenly picked up, and everyone got hungry.

Basically, everyone hung around for hours, with no actual agenda, just lazily lounging around, chatting, talking, playing and assembling Christmas presents.

It worked out really well in the end, I was really pleased.

We still had so much food left over!

(We had to have ham pizza for dinner.)

Christmas 2008


This Christmas, I’m feeling as happy and content as I’ve ever felt in my life. I’m not sure what it is. I’m just so relaxed and quietly satisfied about everything.

The last few days, we have been visiting zillions of friends and family, and I feel truly blessed to know all these people, and be part of their lives somehow.


We had my side of the family come over for Christmas Eve dinner. There were 7 adults and 4 little kids. We ate a delicious meal, and there was much merriment over presents and dessert.


On Christmas morning, we went to church. More food, more presents, and more chatter and merriment. We zipped home for a nap.

Then we were off again to dinner with my husband’s family – where there was even more delicious food, more presents, a Christmas pinata, and more family merriment.

Amongst the craziness, there was a moment where I sat back in bewilderment.

I looked back at all my other Christmases… where, sure, the format has been pretty much the same. There were the same people, the same frills, same events, same busy activities, same food and same indulgence… so what made this Christmas so special? Why was I glowing with happiness?

Perhaps I remembered that all these Christmas festivities are not meant to be SPECIAL in themselves.

The special-ness came from within.

And everyday gives us the opportunity to look for this special-ness, and then choose happiness.

So here’s me, wishing you all a wonderful time with friends and family.

I really hope everyone manages to find a moment this Christmas to sit back and discover happiness all over again.

Just Add Soap

Sean (3.5yo) Cleaning the Toliet

My project for today was to clean the toilets and bathrooms – in preparation for our up-coming Christmas parties.

Usually I plonk my boys in front of a DVD, because it’s so much easier and faster if I do these things by myself. But today, my boys really wanted to help. So with a sigh of reluctance, I let them.

I gave them a bucket of soap, a brush and let them loose. My goodness. They had so. Much. Fun. I couldn’t believe it. They were cleaning for almost 2 hours. Of corse, they got completely wet in the end, but hey, the toilets and bathrooms were sparkling!

I think the funniest bit was watching my 5.5yo do a kind of break-dancing tumble in the bath, because he wanted to polish it with the clothes on his body.