Making Baby 3, Pregnancy Week 9 – Healthy Snacks

I’ve gone a bit crazy with this eating thing. I’ve been consuming whatever I feel like, whenever I feel hungry, and whatever happens to be most convenient.

So I’ve put on 4kgs since finding out I am pregnant!

Ok, I know that it’s very important to put on weight during pregnancy – but I probably shouldn’t be using it as an excuse to pig out on high-salt, high-fat, extra-tasty foods, which I’ve been seriously craving.

I have dreams about eating meat pies, bacon and egg breakfast muffins, hamburgers, sausage rolls, take away fried noodles and fried chicken – and eating them between my meals! They dance around in my head, singing at me, taunting me and making my mouth water and my head dizzy.

As of last week, I’m trying to eat healthy snacks only. Especially because I seem to be eating about 6-8 small meals a day.

I’m also trying to be a lot more organised, keeping small tubs of snacks in convenient places. It’s been working out quite well, and I’ve been feeling much better for it.

Some healthy snacks I’ve been enjoying:

Cheese and crackers
Something on toast
A piece of fruit – apple, pear or banana
Dried fruit and nuts – pistachios, walnuts, sunflower seeds
Homemade muffins
Fruit smoothies
Homemade fruit juices

Last week, my daily meals looked something like this:

Breakfast: Bowl of muesli and soy milk, cup of tea.
Snack: Pear and mixed nuts.
Snack: Two banana and walnut muffins.
Lunch: Two pieces of toast, cheese spread, sprouts, beetroot.
Snack: Cheese and crackers, cup of tea.
Snack: Fruit salad.
Dinner: Whatever I’ve made for dinner.
Snack: Bowl of yoghurt.
Snack: Fruit.

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We were walking by the river one morning, when my 5.5yo son found a coconut floating in the water.

The boys excitedly tossed off their shoes and waded into the water to grab it.

They were full of questions about coconuts – how did it get there? Where was it going? What was inside it?

And me, having been raised on a tropical island, started telling them about faraway lands, plant seeds and cross-continental, oceanic species distribution (ok not really).

Until I realised that there was something awry.

The coconut had no husk! This is a SHOP coconut. It didn’t come from a tropical island! It came from Coles! Bah.

Upon hearing my sudden change in tone, the boys asked – as boys do – “Can we smash it up to see what’s inside?”

Monthly Personal Goals – November 2008

My last few months of personal goals have been very simple – To Survive Pregnancy! Everything is basically about keeping myself together, sane and healthy. Not to mention, to continue living a balanced life.

Eat well.
I’m trying to maintain a healthy and balanced diet, even though I’m really craving junk food and oily Chinese food. No junk food! Go easy on the excessive eating!

Try to exercise.
I’m trying to go for a 2km walk or bike ride every day, do yoga or stretches every other day, and a small swim once a week.

Re-energise myself daily.
I try to get some rest during the day. I can’t nap. So instead, I find some quiet time to lie down or meditate for at least 30 minutes each day.

Complete a daily project.
Find a simple, little, achievable project to complete every day – sweep leaves in backyard, bake muffins, read a chapter of my book, do a little bit of work on the vegetable patch.

I know it’s a bit silly, but I find that it actually makes me feel really good – despite everything, I have accomplished something that day.

Find 5 things to be thankful for.
Some days I am skipping with happiness or energy. Other days I’m miserable with despair and frustration. I’ve found a nice habit to do – whether it is a good day or a bad day – to find 5 things to be thankful for.

Spend time with my husband.
My husband and I are still going out on our weekly date nights! It’s been two years since we arranged to have a weekly babysitter, and what can I say… it’s one of our best parenting decisions ever.

These last few months, we’ve been fine-tuning the quality of our date night. Try to spend less money, don’t talk about anything kid-related (since we do that every day!), see more friends and take more strolls in the sunset (daylight saving is wonderful!).

Go out once a week, by myself.
I love my husband. He’s so understanding. Sometimes I forget that I need a weekly dose of girly company. I need to chatter in that senseless girl-way. Perhaps I start to inflict it on him. Because every week, he comes close to shoving me out the door and shouting “GO SHOPPING!!”

OK not really. But seriously, alone-time is wonderful balance for the soul.

Save money!
I’m being much more mindful about the money I spend. Particularly with Christmas around the corner. Eep!

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Project Bike Making

A few weeks ago, my husband announced that my 5.5year old son needed a new bike. But of course, simply going out to buy one would be MUCH too boring. So he decided to MAKE A BIKE instead.

It just so happened that there was a garbage verge collection in the neighbourhood that week. So my husband and son went out into the streets, scavenging old bikes, bike parts, old wheels, wonky seats, broken frames, reflectors and pedals – anything they could get their hands on.

Night after night, they would come back late in the evenings, covered in dirt, oil, grime, mud and rain, with a wheel barrow full of treasure. They were like a pair of happy burglars. And the smiles on their dirty faces were priceless.

My son had the most amazing twinkle in his eyes, my god, it was magic.
Bike Making with Dad
Callum with the “funny broken bike” with no tyres.

So began the whole bike construction. Our outdoor area was littered with broken old bike frames and bike parts. It was hilarious.

Bike Making with Dad
My husband and his angle grinder.

The boys went crazy with BOY-NESS OVERLOAD – playing with dad’s tools, banging on the old bike frames, pretending to fix things and be “mechanics”. Oh they had such a good time.

Bike Making with Dad

The result was pretty cool I must say.

A part of me was afraid that my son would realise that his NEW BIKE was actually a rusted old frankenstein of a bike, which they put together from discarded junk…. then compare it with his friend’s shiny brand new SPIDERMAN or NINJA TURTLE Kmart bikes…. and that he might turn to his dad and go – Nup, it looks like crap, I don’t want it.

Bike Making with Dad

But he didn’t. In fact he LOVES it. He loved the process, the building, the tools, the chatting and spending time with dad, and the fact that they made it together.

They now have plans for the next stage – to take it apart, spray paint the frame, make stencils of my son’s name, add flames.

I don’t know much about the ideal boyhood, but I believe my sons are having a very good time.