Making Baby 3, Pregnancy Week 5: Morning Sickness

Last week I began a course of hormone medication.

And ARGH I feel absolutely disgusting now! I am nauseous, dizzy, irritable, tired, bloated, my body aches, my head aches, and my skin and hair feels SO GROSS. It all hit me like a train, 4 days ago. I basically woke up in the morning and WHAM.

Every moment of the day, I feel like throwing up, or that I might faint from dizziness. It’s awful.

I’m not sure if this is actual morning sickness, or just the side effects of the hormone medication.

The doctor told me to REST, REST, REST!!

And I said, “Ok, but what do you actually mean by REST? I have to look after two little boys, so I don’t usually do much of this RESTING thing that you’re talking about.”

It turns out that I can’t do anything “strenuous”. I have to lie down as much as possible. Get someone else to hang up the clothes. Stop cooking, order take away.

I can’t play netball. I’m not allowed to run or jog. I haven’t been on my daily walks, and combined with everything else I’m feeling… I feel like a lazy blob. Bleh.

When I was pregnant with my first two boys, I had no morning sickness at all.

In fact, when I was carrying my first child, I didn’t actually have anything wrong with me until I was around 8 months! And after that, it was only a few aches and pains.

I had what everyone called a “perfect pregnancy”. I had glowing skin and shiny hair.

For my second child, I just got headaches and a few aches, but no nausea.

When I tell people all these things, everyone says – OH THIS MEANS IT’S A GIRL!

Different pregnancies mean different gender? Hmmm, don’t know about that.

At this stage, I’m not really concerned if the baby is a boy or girl. I know that the morning sickness is really a GOOD SIGN of a normal pregnancy.

I’m just hoping to the high heavens that the baby will be fine and healthy.

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My Lettuce Box

Lettuce Box

The idea of having a lettuce box was inspired by my mother. Last year, she planted 6 baby lettuce plants in a sunny patch of dirt in her backyard. She watered them every day, and every week she had a huge bundle of fresh lettuce leaves – it went on for months!

I was very envious! And inspired! Especially because her “patch of dirt” was not very impressive at all, yet she still managed to grow the lettuce. I decided to do the same.

Unfortunately I have a major snail problem in my garden, and wasn’t happy to put the lettuce straight into the ground. So I bought a plastic tub, drilled a few holes at the bottom, filled the bottom with leaves, topped it up with a mixture of organic worm manure and mushroom compost.

I put in 4 baby lettuce seedlings.

I hand water them every day, and yep, once a week, I have a small basket full of fresh, organic lettuce leaves. And the snails don’t seem to make it into the box.

I’m absolutely delighted, and embarrassed, by how easy it is.

Lettuce Harvest

My harvest after 4 days!

Sometimes in the evenings, I might be looking for a quick side salad, so I run outside and snip off a few leaves. They are so tender, fresh and crispy! Nothing like you’ll find in a supermarket.

I can’t wait for my cherry tomatoes to ripen!

Candy Cult Exhibition

Candy Cult Exhibition

The other day, I was invited to an exhibition opening, Candy Cult. It was a character art exhibition showcasing local and international artists from diverse backgrounds of street art, game design, illustration, vector graphics, animation and graphic design.

I also thought my 5.5 year old son would enjoy it. So we kinda went on a date.

It was quite cool! Great to see such a nice range of styles, and I spotted some familiar names.

I was trying to teach my son about character design and illustration. “See how some have black outlines and some don’t? Some have really big eyes, some have no eyes!” But he got a bit bored of my lecturers and wanted to know why they didn’t move.

Candy Cult Exhibition

My favourite for the evening was Dear Rider by Lisa Max (Germany).

Candy Cult Exhibition

And my son liked the little green dinosaur, Ive by Edward J Grug III (Australia).

Moment of Reflection

Moment of Reflection

On the weekend, I took a gentle walk by the river with my 3 year old.

I needed to stretch my legs and I needed some stillness. My son danced around the shore, chasing ducks, collecting pebbles and drawing in the sand.

It was a gorgeous morning for reflection. Perfect for recharging my soul. Remembering that no matter what happens, life is what I make of it.