Sick Food

Rice Porridge

Whenever I got sick as a child, my mother would immediately put me on a strict regime of SICK CONFINEMENT.

Basically I spent all day in bed.

But she would also put me on a SICK DIET.

Breakfast was hot oats and a bit of honey.
Snack was dry cracker biscuits and water.
Lunch was watery, plain rice porridge and Bovril.
Another snack was sweet barley soup.
Dinner was watery, plain rice porridge and Bovril.

She did it every time I was sick. And oh how I hated it. I hated all those foods. And I still hate them! Every single one of them.

Even now, the smell of oats and honey makes me gag. I can’t eat dry cracker biscuits without feeling ill. And barley drink? Bleargh! Talk about childhood conditioning.

And what about now? With my own sick children?

The other day my 5.5yo woke up with a dizzy head and I held him back from school. We spent the day at home and it was like the good old days with little guy – doing a bit of craft, playing lego, sitting in the garden, eating snacks in front of the TV.

But when lunch came along, I was completely torn.

Part of me believes that the only proper cure food is rice porridge with Bovril.

But the other part of me knows he won’t die if I give him a sandwich.

So what did I do?

HE ate a sandwich. While I had some rice porridge.

It’s been one of the few times that I’ve been stumped by my own cultural mish-mash.

Shoe Shopping at Nine West

Nine West Shoes

I’ve been looking for some nice dressy shoes to go with a cute white bubble miniskirt I have. I almost squeaked with joy when I saw these from Nine West. So so nice. Can’t decide.

Nine West Shoes

Then I saw these orangey ones, and now I really can’t decide! I think I like the snake skin ones, they seem more versatile. There’s nothing like being a total airhead on a Monday morning.

Making Baby 3, Part 33: IUI Number 3

Hospital Room

Once again, the whole procedure of IUI Number 3 goes nice and smoothly.

And once again I “have a good feeling about this one”.

I guess the only thing that is different for me this time round, is that I am coming closer to the reality of “What Happens if IUI Doesn’t Work”.

Recently I have been doing a lot of reading on IVF. I’ve taken out books from the library, reading articles on the internet, forums, pamphlets and asking people.

I’ve read a book, So Close, written by a blog friend of mine, Tertia Albertyn, who chronicles her journey through 9 IVFs and a roller coaster ride of tragedies and a happy ending. It was such an eye opener for me into the real, everyday experiences of IVF. So I’m really glad I read it.

Basically, I don’t know what I’m going to do if IUI doesn’t work.

How long are we going to keep trying? Are we going to try IVF? How many times?

Lots to think about. Lots to hope for.

Click here to see the whole story of Making Baby 3.

My Daily Schedule – With a 5.5 and 3.5 year old

This schedule is for Tuesdays, when my 3.5 yo goes to Pre-Kindy. He only goes twice a week, and it’s on those days I have to drive around a lot.

7:00am – Husband and I wake up and eat breakfast.

7:30am – Husband leaves for work. Boys wake up, I make breakfast for them, which consists of Weet Bix (wheat cereal), yoghurt and a splash of milk. I also make a sandwich lunch for everyone.

8:00am – I get myself ready for the day.

8:15am – Hustle the boys to get ready, helping with varying degrees – brush teeth, put on clothes, pack school bag, get socks and shoes on, sun cream.

8:45am – Drive 5.5yo to Pre-Primary and drop him off.

9:00am – Drive 3.5yo for a half day at Pre-Kindergarten.

9:30am – Drive around and do errands.

10:30am – Get home, work on the computer.

11:30am – Pick up 3.5yo from Pre-Kindy. Sit in a park and eat lunch if the weather is good.

12:30pm – Drive to the shops, pick up some groceries.

1:30pm – Arrive home. Have my afternoon cup of tea. 3.5 will play happily by himself while I do various chores and jobs around the house. Or I’ll do some activity with him.

2:30pm – Get back into the car to pick up 5.5yo.

3:30pm –Drop off 5.5yo at a friend’s place for a play.

3:45pm – Arrive home. Make a snack for the 3.5yo.

4:00pm – Start making dinner.

5:00pm – Husband comes home. He plays with the 3.5yo, while I go and pick up the 5.5yo.

5:30pm – We eat dinner.

6:00pm –We go out for our daily walk. Kids ride their bikes.

7:00pm – Arrive home. Kids get bathed.

8:00pm – Kids go to sleep. Husband and I hang out.

10:00pm – Crash into bed.

Read my daily schedule when the kids were 4.5 and 2.5 years old, and 2.5yo and 3 months old.