Pirate for a Day

Callum as a pirate for Book Week

The other day was National Book Week, and my son’s school had a dress up day, complete with a parade.

Unfortunately, I totally forgot about it until the night before.

So in the morning, my 5yo and I ran around the house, frantically creating a pirate outfit. I think we did quite well.

But we were late to school.

Because my son and I had a HUGE argument about the visual design of his facial hair (that is, he was just trying to describe a “goatee” in 5 year old gibberish).

Holiday Moment 2008: Going Bush

Holiday Moment 2008 - Going Bush

Last week we were actually away on a little family holiday. We took a road trip up north to visit my husband’s family. They have a large property which is simply beautiful this time of the year.

We spent most of the time outdoors – helping with the yard work, fixing things, making bonfires, visiting the beach, taking walks. It was incredibly relaxing and refreshing. I didn’t touch a computer once!

This is a little barbecue fire we made out of some old bricks and a discarded grill we found. We walked to the cute country town shops. We bought sausages, eggs, onions and buns. We made a little fire with sticks we gathered. And we made the most delicious hotdogs ever!

(If you look close enough, you might see our names on the sides of the barbecue, scrawled with the burnt end of a stick.)

Yummy Alannah Hill Designs

I Love Alannah Hill

With the Perth Fashion Festival approaching, I’ve been in the mood to hit the shops and buy some new pieces for my wardrobe, in particular, clothes by Australian designers.

My favourite for my shopping trip was Alannah Hill. I’ve been a big fan of hers for ages! I just love her super-feminine designs, colours and textures.

I fell in LOVE with this polka dot silk cami. I was standing in the change rooms thinking, oh my goodness, it will go so well with all the skirts in my wardrobe, all my jeans and all my pants. My clothes will welcome it with open arms as an excellent addition to the family. But it was priced around $300 I think (I didn’t get the exact price).

The sales woman was fantastic. She paired the cami with this lovely silk ruffle skirt, with two-toned details that peeked through when you walked. Loved it! But again, it was around $350 (I think). Ouch.

I tried on some other pieces – a gem detailed silk blouse, and a pink floral dress.

So lovely but again, out of my price range. Oh well.

Of Mothers and Gravity

Callum in a tree

Sometimes we’ll be in a park and I’ll hear “HI MUM!” coming from above my head.

I’ll lift my eyes to see my 5 year old SEVERAL METRES UP A TREE teetering like a buffalo on a branch, waggling his legs like an excited puppy and grinning from ear to ear like the Cheshire Cat.

How did he get there? God knows.

But watching him wiggle back down… was like having my teeth extracted… from my eye sockets.

It’s times like these, I wish my kid had his face buried in a computer game.

Ok not really.

Fashion Boutique Review: Pigeonhole

Pigeonhole Shop

I was introduced to Pigeonhole through a friend of mine.

It’s a quirky little shop in the city, crammed full of clothes, accessories, jewellery, designer gift items and other super cool things you can’t find anywhere else – I instantly fell in love with it!

I had the pleasure of chatting to owner Johann Kim, who was such a cool guy! The shop opened less than a year ago, and it stocks over 600 local and international brands of STUFF.

Johann constantly travels all over the world, scouring, sourcing and buying all the cool bits and pieces for his shop. It sounds like so much fun and it makes me so envious!

Pigeonhole Shop

Even though Pigeonhole is in the Perth City mall area, it might be a little hard to find. So be sure you grab the map from the website. It’s at the very end of a very weird and wonderful arcade, and indeed it has a very pigeonhole-like charm!

Shop 16,
Bon Marché Arcade
80 Barrack Street,
Perth 6000