Exquisite Roast Vegetables

Exquisite Roast Vegetables

This is another of my favourite, healthy and very lazy meals.

Use any sort of vegetables. Egg plant, tomatoes, capsicum, red onions, pumpkin, sweet potato, baby carrots, beetroot, turnips. Add fresh herbs from the garden.

Drizzle lots of olive oil, salt, pepper.

Into a 180C oven for 1.5 hours.

Serving ideas: Toss with pasta. Serve with rice. Or pita bread. Or a bunch of fresh green salad.

The One About The Spray Bottle

My 3yo and I were walking through the cosmetics section in Target the other day.

On a shelf there were bottles of bath soaps and hairsprays for kids, with pictures of popular cartoon characters on them.

Sean: MUM! Look over there! It’s Bob the Builder on a spray bottle! Can you believe that?! BOB THE BUILDER! ON A SPRAY BOTTLE! That’s so cool!

Me: Oh hey! Yeah that’s pretty cool. What do you think the spray is for?

He suddenly stood very still. His eyes opened wide and they darted around nervously. He started to speak in a very deep and very serious voice.

Sean: It’s a spray for killing Bob the Builder. If you see Bob the Builder, you spray it on him and he dies.

Me: Like a cockroach?

Sean: Yeah. Just like a cockroach.

Me: So… um, shall we buy some Bob the Builder spray?

Sean: Better not. I like Bob the Builder.

Me: Ok. Me too.

Perfect Waffle Recipe

Homemade Waffles

This is my mother’s super-crunchy, super-fluffy waffle recipe.

It’s a little bothersome having to separate the eggs and all, but it makes all the difference between rubbery waffles and AWESOME WAFFLES.

Waffle Recipe
Makes 16

2 eggs separated
¼ cup castor sugar (or try none at all)
1 cup of milk
1/2 cup of water
2 cups of self raising flour
pinch of salt
60g butter or margarine (melted)

1. Beat egg whites (with half of the sugar), till stiff. Keep aside.
2. Beat egg yolks (with remaining half of sugar) until creamy.
3. Then beat in milk and water. Then add sifted dry ingredients.
4. Mix in melted butter.
5. Fold in egg white.
6. Place batter into your waffle maker (amount will depend on your waffle maker).
7. Eat hot! With butter. Bananas. Yogurt. Honey. Fresh berries. Strawberry jam. Whipped cream.

(Note: 16 waffles are not enough for 4 hungry adults! So double everything to make 32 waffles!)

Heaps of people have asked me what kind of waffle maker I have. My waffle maker is really old, and you can’t get that model anymore.

But if you’re going to go out and buy one, make sure you buy a deep pan one. Similar to this model at Amazon: Black and Decker Belgian Waffle Maker (both my mother and brother own one of these, and they swear by it!).

I Heart Kenny

Kenny Sia (courtesy of www.kennysia.com)

A few weeks ago, I was in Singapore and by complete co-incidence, so was the incredibly popular Malaysian blogger, Kenny Sia.

We finally had the chance to meet up! Unfortunately, our individual schedules were pretty full and we only managed to chat for a few minutes. I would have loved to catch up over coffee – but it was not to be. Nevertheless, I was not disappointed. He is exactly like I imagined him from his blog!

Kenny writes about his adventures of being a regular, down-to-earth, 20-something Asian guy, feeling and living life to the full. From political satire, to random toilet humour, to extraordinary life experiences – his topics always put a smile on my face.

I love the fact that, although I am not Malaysian and I often do not understand some of the lingo or current affairs of Malaysia… nonetheless, he’ll just get straight to the point, and make me double over with laughter. Or, I might find myself peering a little closer at his photo-documentary-style account of some astonishing adventure.

His posts are superbly crafted. Whether he’s aiming for pure entertainment value, random hysterics, controversy, a cute little story, or a moment of thought – he seems to do it with a very natural and unique style, a very Kenny Sia style. He’s a very clever blogger, and he deserves the astonishing and loyal readership he has.

Kenny Sia (courtesy of www.kennysia.com)

Although I don’t really know him on a personal level, I see him as a very real human, not “one of the world’s most popular bloggers”.

I know he has lived in Perth, my home town, and studied at the same university I did. I know his sister, and his nephew and nieces. I know about his father’s sickness and passing.

Kenny is tuned into all that life has to offer, and shows it to the world in his own, unique way. He’s brave enough to show us his heart, and to poke fun of his own celebrity.

So here are a few of my favourite Kenny Sia posts:

Three Years – where he writes a very touching letter to his late father.

Twenty Four – where he makes an enjoyable lists of things he has done at the age of 24. And you can’t help but be inspired to make a similar list.

The Making Of Mister Potato’s ‘Fish’ – the weird and wonderful life of being a blog celebrity. Hilarious strangeness.

Underwater Photography – a simple but charming commentary of scuba diving, which made me chuckle.

Kuala Lumpur International Marathon 2006 – where he has a crazy idea and pursues it. He admits he is overweight, yet enters and FINISHES a 42km marathon, with a very entertaining commentary.

I am actually looking forward to the time Kenny has kids. I am sure that his take on fatherhood and that amazing adventure of parenting will surely be the most entertaining yet!

Cheers Kenny!

Not-So-Fierce Shoes

Gladiator-esque Shoes

I must admit that I’ve never been crazy over the Gladiator or Fierce Shoe. I take my hat off to the girls who can wear them though, because they can look pretty cool with some outfits.

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t know if I can handle my feet being edgy, fierce and confrontational. I like my feet to be elegant and sexy.

So I’m loving these strappy, gladiator-inspired shoes from ASOS!