Doing The Karen Cheng

Doing the Karen Cheng

A few years ago, I received an email from a pair of girls.

They said they went out for dinner, saw a large mirror, and since they were all dressed up nice, they decided to take a photo of themselves doing “The Karen Cheng Pose”. Complete with head tilt.

They sent me the picture, and omg I laughed and laughed! Oh it was too funny. Big wave to Sofia and Hanaa!

Then a few weeks ago, I received another email. Again, it was another reader doing The Pose. She wasn’t sure if she should send it to me, in case I got offended, but I assured her, I’m all for making fun of myself!!

I find it utterly hilarious (and a bit tragic) that my lazy-assed, self-portraits have become my signature pose.

So I hereby officially invite everyone to my new Facebook Group called “Doing The Karen Cheng” – devoted to the crazy people, a bit (or a lot) dressed up, taking their own photograph in a mirror. Not forgetting the head tilt!

To get things started, I’ve put up about 20 photos of myself taken over the years. I’ve also included little “how to” instructions.

Haha I’m looking forward to see what people will post up. Feel free to post links back to your own blog as well!