The Sand Between My Toes

Boys at South Perth Foreshore

Happiness is,

A spontaneous trip to the river foreshore.

Watching my boys laugh and play for hours.

Chilling out on the sand. Soaking up the warm winter sun.

Then having my boys run up to me and

plant sandy kisses on my cheeks.

FashionJunkee sponsors “Doing The Karen Cheng”

Wow. Only a few days till I go to Singapore, and “Do The Karen Cheng” with readers of this blog to raise money for those in need. I am so excited to let you know that we have already raised US$1000 for this cause.

I have previously talked about, an online fashion boutique, and when they heard about this charity event I was organising, they offered to sponsor a gift to the Singapore Red Cross of – just let me say this again – ONE THOUSAND U. S. DOLLARS!!

The check (and a couple of their latest dresses) are in an express parcel pack as I write this, to meet me at my hotel in Singapore when I arrive there on Wednesday. So, now I know what I’ll be wearing! What will you be you wearing?

I’m also glad to say that we have another sponsor as well. Carrey Hill Events Management in Singapore are very generously organizing the event (at VERY short notice) where we will be “Doing The Karen Cheng”.

I’ll publish the details of this location on Thursday or Friday here on this website, and also on the Facebook group “Doing The Karen Cheng” and the Facebook event “Doing The Karen Cheng in Singapore”.

We’re still confirming all the details. It might be in the Orchard district, or maybe somewhere else.

If you are planning to come, please indicate this with an RSVP at the Facebook “Doing The Karen Cheng in Singapore” event.

Please support and check out FashionJunkee’s latest garments at

EEEK!! So excited!

Fashion Boutique Review: Zekka, Perth

Zekka Menswear and Cafe

In my boutique travels, I was tipped off to visit a new menswear concept store and cafe on Kings Street, called Zekka.

Upon entering, it is hard not to ooh and ahh. With it’s discrete shop signage, a mysterious laneway, wall murals, eclectic mix of furniture, dramatic lighting, amazing architectural shop fittings and art sculptures – this shop is designed to uber perfection.

I managed to have a chat to the owners, Scott and Connor. They were just the loveliest guys – ambitious, fearless, warm, humble and kind.

They had previously been business partners, opening Test Tube, a designer homewares shop in Mount Lawley. After that, they wanted to try something different and not done in Perth before, combing upmarket menswear and a cafe in one space.

I love the way they talked about their business ventures: casual, humble, with understated confidence. As if they were talking about a little project they just happened to find in their garage. But to look around and see what they have created from nothing, I was in awe.

Zekka Menswear and Cafe

These guys have created an amazing shopping experience for me. Browsing through designer garments, feeling like I’m walking through an art gallery, gawking at art sculptures and quirky window displays, then sitting down and enjoying a coffee and a gourmet sandwich – it was all very cool.

Zekka stocks a range of upmarket, international designer menswear, shoes and accessories.

74 King Street, Perth Wa 6000
Phone: +618 9481 1772 (still under construction)

My Dusty Photo Album: On the Car

My Dusty Photo Album: On the Car

For my upcoming birthday party, I thought it might be cute to compile some baby photos of myself in a photo album.

As I was browsing through my hard drive, I found a couple of nice pics.

Photo above: My brother was 5 years old, I was 3, and my mother was 34. My little sister had not been born yet. Damn, my mum looks so good!

My Son the Gymnast

My 5yo son has been going to gymnastics classes.

At first I made the terrible mistake of paying for the whole term, before I introduced the idea to him. So we rocked up on the first day of term, he cried and never wanted to return.

It took him 4 weeks to get the hang of it. Now he loves it. He absolutely, completely and utterly loves it.

I’m not actually sure what kind of things he learns there, because my husband takes him to the class and stays to watch.

I get the impression they do somersaults, cartwheels, hand stands, and back-flips… BECAUSE.

EVERY TIME we are on a soft surface – grass, carpet, or a rug. My son will place his head on the floor and do some crazy acrobatic trick. It gives me a heart-attack. He is constantly leaping, flipping, tumbling and rolling around.

You know how acrobats can move and control their bodies in slow motion, moving their muscles and limbs like in a graceful performance?

Well my son will do something similar in order to perform a perfect “hand stand” – but then he’ll tip over and land with a WUMPH, flat on his back.

I grimace and smile. Then I give him a weak thumbs up from across the playground. He deserves that much for his enthusiasm.

It’s amazing what little kids can learn – so quickly and with no fear! It’s quite inspiring, in a way.