The Richest People in the World (and a Capsicum)

Big CapsicumHey check out my capsicum!

Ages ago, I found the plant growing out of my compost heap. I stuck it in a pot, and it started to fruit! This is what it looked like 2 months ago.

I pointed it out to my 5yo and I tried to explain how fruits and vegetables grow. But he couldn’t contain his excitement.

He keep saying, “WOW! Can we take it to the markets and sell it? We’ll be the richest people in the world!!”

“Don’t you want to eat it?” I asked.

“No, I want to sell it.”

“What are we going to do with all that money?”

“I don’t know. Buy more stuff?”

“Hey mate. We don’t need more stuff. We ARE the richest people in the world.” Even as I said it in exaggerated mock sincerity, I heard the audience in my head roll their eyes.

“Oh. Ok then. Let’s put it on some pizza tonight!” he chirped.

We snipped the capsicum off its stalk, and my son carried it into the house, while rubbing it in his little hands like a golden lamp.

Double Trouble

Karen at Josh's 21st Birthday

This evening, we were invited to TWO 21st birthday parties!

Tee hee. Just saying that makes me giggle, as it’s been a while since I turned 21.

We dropped the kids off at my parent’s house, then made our way to the first party – a Superhero and Villain party. Happy Bithday Michelle! It was such fun! There were heaps of very cool costumes. I love themed parties, where everyone is absolutely committed to dressing up!

As for me, I was toying with the idea of going as Wonder Woman or Cat Woman. But, uh, I’d have a lot of explaining to do at the next party… so I was the party pooper who didn’t dress up in theme.

Silver DressThe other 21st was heaps of fun too. Happy Bithday Josh!

It was a dinner function at The Red Herring. I only knew a handful of people there, and worked my way around the table. I talked and talked and talked. Then I lost my voice! Or rather, my voice started to break and squawk. Then I ended up sounding like a “ditzy, husky, porn star” for the rest of the night.

All through the evening, from the other end of the table, I noticed that a gorgeous blonde woman kept eyeing me up. After dinner, she walked over to me and said, “OMG I’ve been looking at your dress all night. I just LOVE what you’re wearing. Is it Marc Jacobs? Is it Diane von Furstenberg?? You must tell me where you got it!”

I laughed in my husky porn-star voice, and said, “HEY THANKS!” Then I leaned in and said in a hushed tone, “This is just too funny: I bought it at Target for $35!!”

She also leaned in and said, “Gasp!! Oh I’m with you babe, these boots are from Kmart!”

We both giggled like school girls and made fun of designer dresses.

Ah, it was such a great night out!

Robot Bird

Callum's Robot Bird

My 5 year old was asked to make a robot in his class.

So where most kids go for the classic robot shape – rectangular cereal boxes with toilet paper arms – my kid comes up with this, a robot bird.

As I gingerly pulled it out of his bag, I was COMPLETELY FLOORED by it’s amazing sense of design – great shape. Great proportion. Great colours. Heaps of originality. Nice use of repetition. Symmetry.

It’s the seed of a strong, signature image. It’s what logo designers will absolutely kill for.

I was standing in the courtyard, staring at this thing in my hands, thinking, “OMG this is so cool”. The designer in me was trembling with pride!

I almost blurted it out to random people nearby, but ah, perhaps to share this sense of pride with strangers, was not particularly welcomed, especially those who don’t understand my neurotic peculiarities in all things visual.

I just told my son that I really liked it. Then it went straight to the pool room.

Night Light Loving

Out and About at Claisebrook

This evening my husband and I traipsed across every corner of the Perth city area, checking out venues for another function I’m organising.

Yep! I’m turning 30 in July and I’m having a big party! Yay!

This is us in East Perth, taking silly photos. The evening was gorgeous. The courtyards leading down to the river were lit up like a romantic movie set. Even the shadows were so pretty. The trees sparkled and the paving stones glowed with colour.

What is it with girls and fairy lights?