Fifteen Seconds of Fame

Channel 10 News: Australian Bloggers in the Spotlight

THANKS to all who wrote to me saying hi, after my TV appearance the other day!

For those who missed it, you can watch the video here.

Lots of people have asked, “What did you think of it?”

Well at the end of the day, it was a really interesting and fun experience, plus it was great exposure for me, my website, Darren and Neerav, and for the general profile of bloggers.

I must admit, that I was a bit disappointed. After the series of questions during the interview, I had the unbelievable impression they were actually interested in the social and cultural aspect of blogging, and possibly women and blogging, which is my area of interest.

But, when I saw that they changed it to “Look at these people who make money with their blogs!!” I wasn’t surprised at all. In the end, it is commercial television news. It’s a shame, because I just know there is a great feature story waiting here for some smart journalist, an in-depth look at blogging. Anyone?

Anyway, I’m completely happy that I didn’t get more air time than the others. I know that, although my blog is popular, it doesn’t fit into that “money making” category. My blog is a lifestyle blog, and it was rather funny that I was featured at all.

Firstly, to set the record straight, I don’t earn a six figure salary! Do you think I’d be cleaning my own oven if I earned a six figure salary? The answer is, HELL NO.

Secondly, I think it is so funny that MY HUSBAND’S SPERM IS FAMOUS! Way to go little guys! However, they looked more like exploding maracas, if you asked me. Oh you should have seen us laugh.

Thirdly, thank goodness I didn’t have my “porn-star” voice when I did the interview. But then again, maybe they would have used more of me if I’d had a husky voice. After all, it is commercial television.

Fashion Boutiques in Leederville

Night Time at Oxford Street, Leederville

People who are planning to visit Perth often ask me where are the best places to visit – for a cool local experience.

Beyond any question, one of my favourite spots to hang out is Oxford Street, Leederville.

There’s a little section of Oxford St that starts from the Leederville train station that is *packed* with cool little boutiques, cafes, restaurants, book shops, music shops, an art house movie theatre, and pubs and clubs.

The street vibe, like in Fremantle, is a perfect example of what happens when you mix up a typically West Australian, laid-back kind of casualness with an unpretentious, arty cool. Added to the mix, the area draws people of ALL types – so it’s also a great place to just people watch.

Oxford Street is not usually thought of as the “fashion centre of Perth”, but it’s got a handful of absolutely delicious fashion boutiques. You know, The Ultimate Boutique – the one that every girl lusts for… where every single item is hand picked to perfection, where every corner you turn you’re faced with another gorgeous garment, more staggering jewellery and the cutest thing you’ve ever seen.

And even better, most of the boutique are open till 8pm in the evening.

Atlas Divine
This is my ultimate boutique. It’s full of incredible stuff for women, men, and kids. I love their range of Australian designer clothing brands. Every time I go into the shop, I go crazy. I literally pour over each piece of clothing, turning them on the rack like pages in a book. They also stock gorgeous jewellery and cool clothes for men.

I would describe their range as very stylish, lush, distinctive, vibrant and a bit vintage, arty and eclectic. The décor is gorgeous with chandeliers, vintage wallpaper, antique furniture and big rugs. The whole place is dripping with abundance and vintage luxury. I love it.

Harry and Gretel
My other ultimate boutique. This boutique seems to feature the most gorgeous and lust-worthy jewellery and bags I have ever seen. Each time they change their window display, I stand on the footpath with my tongue hanging out. They stock an exquisite selection of women’s clothes, jewellery, accessories, shoes, some home wares, stationery, children’s clothes and gift ideas.

The overall style of the shop looks very French and modern. But the clothes are classically stylish – minimal, slightly embellished, neutrals, simple but unique designs, and timeless fabrics.

Yo-Yo Buffalo
It may be a tiny shop, but it’s packed full of accessory goodness. The bits and pieces found here are funky, cool, colourful and crazy, while the clothes are casual, urban and funky. I’d say that the items here are a lot more affordable than the previous two shops. You can pick up a cute dress for $70 and an cool belt for $50.

Urban Records
This place has a very understated, uber-cool about it. They seems to be open all the time! It’s like a popular hang out – always full of people standing around, browsing, talking and listening to music.

The front of the shop is dedicated to music, but the back half is full of great women’s and men’s clothes, jewellery, accessories, shoes, home wares, stationery, random objects, and really funky gift ideas. They seem to change things all the time, so it’s always worth a look and there are always really cool and surprising items to be found.

This shop surprised me. It has very clean, stark white walls with lots of down lights, so the place looks like a stylish art gallery. Yet it also seemed like a trendy, men’s skate shop – packed full of shoes, men’s casual clothes, belts and other accessories. They also stock a pretty good range of women’s clothes in a modern, minimalist, urban style.

My favourite items were the range of funky printed tees. I love funky tees on my men.

I really enjoy Leederville because it’s not too big. Everything is only a short walk away. There’s lots of parking for cars. And there’s a nice, easy range of restaurants and cafes.

Best of all for a visitor to Perth, Leederville is literally one stop up the train line from Perth Central Train Station, and the train station walkway runs right on to the shops and cafes. It’s SO convenient.

Out with some old favourites

Me in a BIG cafe mirror

This is me, being dared into taking a photo of myself in this HUGE café mirror.

I’m wearing a dress that I found at the bottom of my cupboard the other day. I haven’t worn it in ages! I didn’t have the heart to toss it out, because it used to always put a smile on my face.

Tee hee, it’s so exciting to discover old favourites.

Welcome to readers from Channel Ten!

Last week I was interviewed by Channel Ten for a news feature on blogging. It was broadcasted this morning and I was told it will be on again in the evening news. It included two other bloggers, Darren Rowse and Neerav Bhatt.

I thought I’d take some time to introduce my site and show the new people around!

Snippets of Life is a personal and lifestyle blog.

I cover a wide range of topics such as parenting, women’s issues, fashion, shopping, food, health, cooking, gardening, art, design, photography – stuff that I’m really passionate about!

My main goal is to inspire others to find happiness, inspiration, purpose and laughter in the simple things in life.

Topical Threads in Snippets of Life

My site starts in 2003, with the birth of my first son.

In 2004, my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I have yet to share my private journal writings with the world, but I have summarised the ordeal here. After a year of heartache and anguish, he is now cancer free.

In 2005, my second son was born. Barely recovering from one of life’s blows, I embark on another – the daily struggle of mild post-natal depression.

Now in 2008, my husband and I have decided to have a third child, and we’re now facing a few problems – just getting pregnant is a challenge!

Throughout all this, I strive to vary my daily posts with my passion for healthy living, shopping, cooking, reading, photography, entertaining, art, design and much more.

Have a look around!

There are over 900 posts here, on a wide variety of topics – perhaps you might like to start with a selection of my Favourite Posts, or use the categories menu on the right hand side.

Feel free to read through my month by month Archives, you may like to start with this month May 2008, April 2008, February 2008. Or you might like to read some of my older adventures September 2006, August 2006, January 2005, February 2007.

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And please do say hi here! Enjoy!

Cafe Culture Love

Playing Board Games at Greens

The other day we decided throw our normal evening routine in the air and do something a little different with the kids.

We brought them to a cafe for some peppermint tea and honey joys.

I tried to teach them how to play Backgammon, but I failed miserably.

We talked about music posters, tea leaves, couch stains and rocket ships.

We walked along the busy evening streets, hand in hand with our two favourite little people. Life is grand.