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Now… I don’t know how RIGHT it is… for me to make my sons wear brooches… but these beauties are just TOO CUTE!

I stumbled across, an online community where you can buy and sell independent designer goods, plus join a thriving community of Australian independent designers. Great stuff!

Sean’s Eczema Story

SeanOver the years, I have received lots of emails from people with suggestions, stories, questions and friendly advice about kids and eczema. If you’re one of them, thanks!

I thought I’d write out the whole story in one post, so it all reads in chronological order.

But I must state – that overall – Sean’s eczema is not all THAT BAD. The little guy is happy and healthy, so I ain’t complaining!

Ever since Sean was a little baby, he always had rashes on his face, back, body, neck and legs.

They started off as dry patches of flaky skin, but when he got stressed or too hot, they would itch. He would scratch them into red scabs, bubbly with swelling and blood. And usually they were concentrated in the folds of his skin, behind knees, and behind ears.

First we tried regular moisturising. And quickly realised NOT to use stuff with perfumes, colour or harsh chemicals.

We also stopped using baby soaps and baby bubble baths, which were too harsh for his skin.

I read that I should avoid using anything with SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) a harsh detergent that usually leads to skin irritation. My goodness, SLS was in EVERYTHING at the supermarket.

I did some research, read lots of arguments for and against – and decided I may as well stick with organic products. So I tried a number of different organic baby herbal soaps and lotions.

I took Sean to my GP, who gave us some steroid cream, to use sparingly. Apparently it thins the skin after a while. Then we tried another prescription cream. And another.

I started to look for a more long term solution. I was still breast feeding at this stage and thought he might be allergic to something I was eating?

So when Sean was 6 months old, I took him to see an allergy specialist in Perth.

It turned out that he was allergic to our cat!

So after all that, his rashes calmed down a fair bit.

But his eczema flares up :

  • In winter – when we rug him up to sleep, or put too many layers on him after a hot bath.
  • When he is sick – his body heats up and his skin gets really dry and sensitive.
  • And when he’s having a bad day!

At the moment, I use Ego QV Skin Lotion. It smells a bit bleh, but it’s affordable and it seems to keep him happy. And Papaw Ointment.

We’ve learnt to dress him in lighter clothes, put cream on him 4 times a day, and manage his temperature. And I have a feeling that he’ll be managing eczema his whole life!

Mid-Autumn Lantern Festival


Growing up as an Asian person in a Western society, I am the first to admit that I have very little understanding about Chinese traditions.

The mid-autumn festival is the one that boggles me the most.

Apparently our Chinese ancestors gathered family and friends together and celebrated the plentiful summer’s harvest by eating lots of food, eating mooncakes, and carrying lanterns.

For me, it’s just a nice way to theme a dinner party – a few families, a potluck dinner, glowing paper lanterns in the backyard, mooncakes for dessert, then a video for the kids, while the adults chat.

Sean’s Aussie Accent

My 2.5yo has been going through a rather peculiar development in his language. He has somehow picked up a broad Australian accent. Which is hilarious, because no one talks like that around here.

“Hey look at the skoy, it’s noight toime!”

“OI loike Choinese food!”

“Whoy is moy loight off?”

I’ve been told that all kids go through this stage where they just experiment with the sound of words.

I just break out into giggles. I try to join in, but I can’t stand myself sounding like Kath and Kim (colourful icons of an Australian TV series).

I LOVE My Palettes

As much as I DREAM of disappearing into my bathroom – surrounding myself with unspeakably expensive coloured makeup powders, shadows, primers and brushes; individually opening up every single eye shadow pot; spending HOURS mixing, blending, sweeping, sprinkling, sashaying to my heart’s content –

I face the reality of my life – I’m a mother and there are children banging on the door.

However, it’s not an excuse to turn up to an event looking crap!

These are my favourite of favourites makeup colour palettes –

Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown Velvet Plum Metallics

MAC Smoking

MAC Smoking Eyes : Shadow X 4


Revlon ColorStay Quads – Nude Elements


Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Duo

Fresh Bloom Allover Colour

Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura Golden Summer Pressed Eye Shadow Palette