Cooking with Kids : Making Wontons

Cooking with Kids

Making wontonsI had a sudden craving for beef wontons and decided that the kids could help me make them.

I didn’t really use a recipe – I just tossed together some healthy stuff in the fridge and garden. I also prefer baking my wontons, instead of deep frying them. Much healthier that way.

I ALSO decided that it was too much of a hassle for the boys to curl the wontons into a dumpling nugget shape – I’m a bit anal about folding pastry, and didn’t think I could handle munted wontons. So we left them as triangles. Ravioli, if you must.

My 4yo was excellent at putting them together. The 2yo had to be supervised, in case he ate the raw meat mixture. Here are our masterpieces.


Beef Wonton Recipe

400g lean beef mince
1 bunch of coriander leaves and stems
1 small bunch of chives
½ red onion
1 cup of chopped cabbage
Very tiny knob of ginger ( ½ cm )
Salt & freshly ground black pepper

200g packet square wonton wrappers
Vegetable oil

Throw filling ingredients into food processor, until all chopped!

Place a teaspoon of filling into the centre of a wonton wrapper. Brush the edges with a bit of water and fold in half to make a triangle. Press down to seal. Place on a lined tray. Brush a bit of oil. Bake in 200ºCoven until edge are crispy (about 10 minutes).

Filling mixture makes lots! (50+ if you’re keen)

My Art / Design Background

I attended a Special Art Programme when I was in high school.

I have worked with many art mediums : oil paints, watercolours, acrylic, inks, chalk, charcoal, textile manipulation, sewing and stitching, dyes, clay, glazing and firing, plaster, paper mache, metal work, wood work, etching, wood block printing, screen printing, graffiti, movie make up, jewellery design, stage design, technical drawing, photography.

I am in no way expert in all these areas, but I loved doing it ALL. I can’t find a favourite medium. Given the chance, I would explore every single medium again!

I studied a BA of Design in university, where I focused on advertising and graphic design.

Over the years, I have worked as a web designer, multimedia designer, art director, graphic designer, photographer and illustrator.

This will be my first art exhibiton!

Oil Painting : Confessions and Commitments

PaintingI have a little secret to share.

I’m going to be part of a group art exhibition of oil paintings in October. I’ve been working furiously at it since March, and it’s been pretty exciting.

How it all started : I discovered that a few of my girlfriends were organising an art exhibition, and they were looking for another person to join them. They asked me and I said YES! An exhibition with good friends? What a cool opportunity!

Holding an art exhibition, where I set about creating a “story” to share with the world – has always been in my Things To Do Before I Die list. Plus I’ve always loved using such a wide variety of mediums – from oil paint, inks, sculpture, textiles, photography and digital art. The possibilities were endless. And this was just the beginning.

However, I never imagined that I’d be able to hold an exhibition so SOON. Where am I going to find the time? Who’s going to look after the kids? What “story” am I going to share?

The exhibition has a theme of “Journeys”.

My allotted space requires me to produce 10-15 medium sized paintings. *Laughs crazily*

I’ll be posting up bits and pieces of my painting adventure. So stay tuned!

When Fashion Hurts

MirrorIn the last 5 years, I’ve been pretty careful with sun protection.

I wear sun cream and sunglasses everyday. When I’m in the sun for long periods, I try to wear a long sleeves and a hat.

My reasons are : Wrinkles. Skin care (skin ageing and spots). Skin cancer. To live a long life. Example to the kids.

Anyway. The other day I noticed that the whites of my eyes were not as bright as usual. There was a slight yellowing in the corners of my eyes. I freaked out a bit.

I got them checked out by an optometrist, who said that yup, it was UV damage and if I don’t change my sunglasses, I’ll have eye problems in the future (basically).

It turns out that while my sunglasses have SOME UV protection, they are still considered as “fashion sunglasses”. Which means, they don’t have ENOUGH UV protection. Ergh, I’m so damn grumpy. I’ve been wearing them for YEARS!

So this is me sporting my new sunglasses. Not the most fashionable, nor expensive pair, but I’ll live.