Cooking Mama

Cooking MamaWith old friends back in town, it’s always easy to fall back into habits from our student days.

14 of us ate 7 boxes of pizza, talked about crap and played wii games all night. It’s nice to know that some things don’t change.

After the boys exhausted all the sport and martial arts games, the girls took over the console for a Cooking Mama cook off.

It’s an amusing computer game where you have to choose a recipe, chop onions, peel potatoes, pull heads of prawns, separate eggs, whisk cream, fry and flip and decorate in a certain time, to score points.

I think I pulled muscle when I was flipping pancakes. It’s much funnier as a spectator.

Hollywood Dress Up

Dress UpOn the weekend, we went to a family friend’s 21st birthday party. It was a huge family affair, with a Hollywood dress up theme.

Initially I planned to hire Star Wars outfits for the whole family : Me as Princess Leia, my husband as Hans Solo and the kids as little Ewoks.

But I *completely* forgot about the party until the night before. So I ended up scrounging through the cupboards for ANYTHING remotely dress-up-ish.

It was easy for the kids. My 4 year old went as Batman. My 2 year old went as a penguin.

I wore my medieval bridesmaid dress and went as Galadriel (The Lord of the Rings). My husband dressed up as some random character from the 1930s. These were my favourites for the night :

Party 2

Party 3

AQWA – Perth’s Underwater Aquarium

AQWAThis weekend we joined some friends to visit AQWA – Perth’s Underwater Aquarium. It was such excellent fun for the kids and it was really educational too, prompting them to ask lots of new questions about the underwater world.

My husband and I – being keen scuba divers – also enjoyed imparting our knowledge of sea creatures and underwater ecosystems. I couldn’t believe I remembered stuff from year 9 biology. Phylum : porifera, mollusca, echinoderms! So random.

The place was well designed and full of different ways for the kids to interact with the environment. My 4 year old said he enjoyed the touch pool the most, while my 2 year old said he liked Nemo.

The tanks and pools were gorgeous to look at. All the marine life, water and colours were exquisite.

My only gripe was that the entry fee was SO EXPENSIVE, plus we bought lunch at the cafe. It was definitely worth a visit, but next time I should have sourced some discount vouchers or something.




Blossom Tea

Blossom TeaLast week I mentioned that my husband gave me some mysterious Sheep Poo Tea balls. I also asked if anyone knew the proper name for this kind of tea.

Apparently it’s a kind of blossoming tea. Green tea leaves and various flower petals, hand woven into a ball, that blossomed into a flower when infused. It was absolutely stunning, beautiful and weird at the same time!

There are various names for it – Buddha’s Eyes / Balls / Tears, Dragon Pearls or Flowers, Bouquet Tea, Artisan Tea, Performance Tea etc.

It tasted lovely. Not harsh or grassy. But light, fragrant, delicate and smooth. Plus, it looks gorgeous. It’s such a beautiful gift idea!

Anyway, thanks so much to the 70+ people who wrote to me with names, suggestions, links and anecdotes! Here are my online favourites :
Blossom Teas

Dragowater Teas (US) : (pictured left – right) Longing Heart, 3 Flower Burst, Dragon 4 Flowers

The Winter Blues

Sick Sean

Poor Sean has been sick. All morning he was completely normal. We went to visit some friends, and all the kids played and played and played.

In the afternoon, he was walking around the house and he just stopped in his tracks. He said, “I’m tired.” He lay down on a mat, in the middle of the kitchen and stared at the ceiling for half an hour.

Usually I would have rejoiced at the peace and quite, but I thought it was a little odd. You know. Perhaps it was a bit out of character for a child of mine to lie motionless for more than 2 MINUTES. I kept an eye on him.

After a while, I decided to move him to a nice quite spot in the lounge room, where he could look out the window and watch the rain. The poor guy looked miserable. I chatted to him, surrounded him with toys, tried to entertained him or make him laugh – no success.

I guess it may seem a bit cruel to take a picture of him while sick, but he just looked so adorable and grumpy.