Elle Makes Me Happy

Aaahhh, there’s nothing like a good dose of shopping with the girlfriends to brighten my day. Especially during a lingerie sale.

I’m a complete sucker for Elle Macpherson’s Lingerie collection. There’s no other way to describe it – I’m a girl and they’re just so preeeeeeeety.

Photo is of a model from Indulge Fashion. Not me.

Play Doh Confessions

My 4 year old made a cute little scene of mum and dad playing soccer, obviously inspired from our soccer game the other week.

Upon further inspection, I noticed a CAR kicking the ball. I chuckled and blurted, “Callum! Cars don’t play soccer! Couldn’t you find the dog-shaped cutter?”

He started to explain to me that ACTUALLY MUM, cars DO play soccer.

After a loooong, drawn out conversation, I discover… that when I leave my 4 year old and husband alone in the house, they stay up and watch Top Gear together.

And apparently they watched an episode where a bunch of pro racing drivers play football with real cars!


My girlfriend came over for a cup of tea – turns out she hasn’t been to our place since we put down the new flooring and painted the walls.

She walked around noticing this and that. She loved my photo wall. And admired my choice of frames. It’s always so nice to have someone notice the details of my work.

As we paced around, I was re-examining my house with fresh eyes – and I was rather amused. Our home doesn’t boast of super trendy interiors, expensive furniture and the latest entertainment systems. It’s got nice personal touches here and there, but most of it’s quite modest and eclectic.

I’m not saying we’re poor. I’m just not interested in creating a stylish designer house for my family and keeping up with the latest lifestyle magazines. All that lifestyle stuff just gets in the way of LIFE.

I got this photo frame idea from my aunty. She lives in an old, teeny tiny house in a rougher part of town. Yet every time I step through her front door, I’m struck with the most amazing and astonishing sense of warmth, security, happiness and love.

I can’t put my finger on how she did it – but I’m inspired – I want my home to have that effect on people too.