GO3 Cocktail Party

My husband attended a conference this weekend – part of the GO3 Electronic Entertainment Expo (read : for GAMING GEEKS). So I got roped along to an “exclusive” cocktail party in the evening. A cocktail party for geeks!

I’m only kidding. I like geeks. Geeks make me laugh. Me and geeks – we get along well. I figured it would be fun – meeting and talking to new people is always fun.

There was definitely a buzz in the air. The crowd had an international and local flavour. There were lots of food, drinks and people mingling and chatting. I talked to heaps of really nice people. I really enjoyed myself – despite the fact that I don’t even LIKE playing computer games.

At one point, I met a some guys and we got chatting. They were trying to explain to me how freaking cool the conference speakers were. Apparently… we were mingling with the MEGA ROCKSTARS of game development. Think Spielberg. Michael Jackson. The Rolling Stones. We were in the presence of GAMING GODS.

And to see a bunch of well spoken, intelligent and not-bad-looking geeks… suddenly go all star-struck and gushy, well, it was cute.

I was told I HAD to get my picture taken with Hideo Kojima (the Metal Gear dude) and Tetsuya Mizuguchi (the Sega Rally and Rez dude). I had absolutely no idea who they are, but I walked up to them anyway and politely asked for a photo. So I hope these photos mean something to someone, because I don’t even know what Metal Gear is!

Organic Cheese and Chive Scone Recipe

Organic Cheese and Chive Scone Recipe

No added sugar. Organic. Incredibly tasty. Easy for kids to help. Quick to make. Makes about 12 – 16 medium scones.

225g (8 oz) self raising flour (organic wholemeal or white)
50g butter (organic)
1 cup cheese (organic)
¼ teaspoon of garlic salt (or regular sea salt)
1 tablespoon fresh chives, chopped
¼ cup of milk to make a soft dough

1. Rub butter into flour.

2. Add salt, cheese, chives and give it a stir.

3. Add milk and mix to make a nice soft dough. If too sticky add more flour.

4. Throw onto floured surface. Knead a bit. Press flat with hands, thickness of 1-2cms. Cut out with a scone cutter. Place on oiled baking try.

5. Bake for 10-15 minutes in 230ºC/450ºF oven, or until golden brown.

Reward Charts

These past few months, we’ve had a tough time trying to shift some “unsatisfactory behaviours” in our almost 4 year old. I wouldn’t say that they are BAD behaviours… because really, bad is more like… when kids throw a tantrum involving smashing up furniture and swearing in your face. So to his credit, my son isn’t all that bad.

They are more like… annoying habits. Habits which make us parents nag and nag and nag until our eyeballs peel and our brains implode. I don’t like to nag. I don’t like entering into the same marathon of daily negotiations. I don’t like the whining and the whinging. It spoils the love.

So after months of no success, today we’re trying the reward chart.

I’ve always avoided the reward chart system. I’ve always imagined it might make my kids NOT genuine in their actions, perhaps superficial, and maybe focused on instant gratification. Sure he has a clean room, brushed teeth and says hello to people, but might his motives be elsewhere? Does the end justified the means? I guess all that never sat right with me. Anyway – despite how I felt – I figured I would try it out as a short term learning tool.

Here’s our little masterpiece. We have a row for Eating Dinner, Afternoon Nap, and Good Playtime. When the kids collect eight stickers in one row, they get a little reward. A piece of chocolate for eating dinner, a book for sleeping, and a toy car for playing well.

I looked online for some ideas on reward charts. Unhappy with the print outs, I created my own. I made it in a collage style, getting the kids involved too. If your squint you might see little bits of paper broccoli and paper potatoes stuck to a blue plate. I made each paper “sticker” and used a bit of GluTack to stick it to the chart.

Since we started, it’s all very novel and exciting. But I’ll let you know how it goes!


Today, at 7:45am, my boys decided to lay some blankets and pillows out on the tiled foyer and play a game called, SLEEP!

It was quite funny. Then they just giggled and giggled, and shouted out things like, “Hey mum! Look at us! We’re going to SLEEP! Hehehahaheheheha!”

By the time I grabbed my camera, the game evolved, and they were taking turns to tickle each other’s head.


Art Refresher

Hey look what I got up to on the weekend! I painted! With oils!

I worked out that it’s been about 10 YEARS since I picked up a paint brush and painted a picture.

I was quite freaked out that I might have forgotten how to paint.

Light and colour, landscape tones, blending, mixing, weight and pressure of the strokes, consistency of the paint, loading brushes, working with the medium. It all came back. Everything. Even the smell of the oils. The turps. My old brushes. It all came back.

I painted a seascape (I refuse to paint fruit). It’s not really finished yet. It was just a refresher exercise for me to regain some painting confidence. And phew, I can still paint. But I’m a bit too shy to post it up! Sorry, maybe next week, after my next painting.