Sean – 22 Months

Sean 35 months

Sean speaks now. A LOT. It’s very freaky. He’s got excellent pronunciation and strings multiple-word sentences with ease. From the everyday “My name’s Sean”. To the excited “Bob the builder’s on TV!”. To the random “I like red plants mummy”.

He also loves to sing. He can actually “sing” the rhyming couplets (or whatever they’re called) to Sing a Song of Sixpence, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Jack and Jill and lots of others.

He’s almost potty trained. Since the start of this year, we’ve started Sean on a potty training routine : Every morning, we take his nappy off and let him run around in the backyard. The boys eat breakfast, play and hang out there for 1-2 hours. In that time he’s 100% successful with the potty. Last week I introduced a 2 hour (nappy-less) afternoon session too, and so far he’s doing great. Only one accident!

He doesn’t drink any milk at bedtime now. He used to have 180mL of soy milk, but we switched him to water (cold turkey!) and he didn’t seem to mind. Since then I’ve been a bit worried about his calcium intake. And I’m now stocking him up with plenty of broccoli, spinach, cheese and yoghurt. He’s an excellent eater.

I believe he has also reached his “Terrible Twos” stage. One day he woke up and started saying NO! to all my requests. Add mood swings, massive tantrums, and irritable aggression.. and you have one grumpy little kid. According to some really useless online calculator, I have 403 days, 12 hours, 13 minutes and 0 seconds until Sean is out of the terrible twos phase. I so needed to know that.

Fishing 101

This evening we took the kids to the river for a brand new adventure : fishing! We wanted to test drive the boy’s new telescoping fishing rod. And to teach the kids about fish, bait, life cycles etc. We didn’t actually plan to catch fish.

Now the humour in all this is : the last time either my husband or myself went fishing… was probably 20 years ago. We’re both fairly outdoors/active kinda people. And we would love our kids to be the same. But I’m not exactly huge on catching marine wildlife – fishing, crabbing, abalone catching, prawning etc.

In fact, I would probably consider myself to be a bit eco-friendly, with a save-the-wildlife kinda conscience. I don’t like to kill things. Why are we bothering these fish anyway? What’s the big deal? I seriously don’t understand this whole male bonding, hunter/gatherer, beer at sunset thing.

Anyway. This was a test drive. Bait went on the hook. Dad cast the line into water. Dad passed the rod to the 3½ year old kid. Kid slowly reeled in the line. Oh look! Fish on the end of the line! It was textbook.

Callum caught 3 fish. He was terribly excited. Even though all 3 were blowfish. We even made a big point to let them all go. But the last one got a hook stuck deep within its guts. I’ll save everyone the gory details, but lets just say I was overtaken by the Chinese chef in me and there was a LOT of explaining to do to the 3½ year old who saw everything.

Comet McNaught

This evening we went out for a star gazing adventure – hoping to see Comet McNaught, apparently the brightest comet to be seen in 40 years.

My husband saw it a few days ago and raved about it. I was keen to see it too. So we decided to drag the kids and a few other family members out after dinner. We drove over to a local footbridge and waited and waited.

My brother-in-law brought his brand new Canon 400D. There were heaps of people standing around with binoculars and cameras. Callum kept shouting “Hey when are we going to see the omelette?! Why is it taking so long??”

I was the first one to spot it in the twilight sky and OH MY GOD it was so cool!!! At first it looked like a small patch of wispy clouds, then as time passed, it got brighter and brighter and it just looked amazing! Its tail was so long! My husband said it looked like someone smudged a star across the sky. Which I thought was quite cute.

(Picture from Wikipedia)