We had Christmas Eve dinner at our place. It was just a small gathering for my side of the family – 7 adults and 2 kids. It was cosy, fun, relaxed and REALLY low stress. Just the way I like it.

I managed to inflict some of our “healthiness” into the standard Christmas dinner fare. On the menu was turkey, roast pork, homemade gravy and a few of my own recipes of “healthy” sides – Roasted tomato + onion + garlic + egg plant, tossed with spinach + balsamic vinegar + nuts. A salad style couscous with spiced yoghurt. And some roasted veges + fresh herbs. Oh, and followed by copious amounts of gelato ice cream. Mmm, I ate soOooO much.

The boys were pretty grumpy about waiting to open their presents. I figured that while they were still young, I’ll let them open presents during our Christmas Eve “party” instead on Christmas morning. Which turned out to be a really bad idea, considering the kind of presents they received…

My parents left early (9pm) to go to another Christmas party. We put the kids to bed. My sister and her boyfriend stayed, and we all played Scrabble till late. Great fun, and I won!