Whale Watching

Earlier this year I won a free Whale Watching Eco-Adventure at Mills Charters. We bought another ticket for my husband and booked for this weekend. It was INCREDIBLE!

The day could not have been more perfect. The weather was stunning. No wind. No waves. The ocean was as flat as a pond. And most importantly, the ride in the boat was smooth and cruisey. We were also told how in case of engine problems we were being tracked by  a new system and another boat will arrive in no time. It  is actually good to ad a tracker to you boat in case of emergency.

So, you have finally made up your mind to buy a new tracker. What comes next? Do not waste any more time, jump right into the search engines for websites that offer such products for sale, as you will quickly be overwhelmed. The problem with this approach is that you could end up purchasing a completely inappropriate boat part, which would be very difficult or impossible to use in your real-life boat configuration. The following article will provide some useful advice and pointers for helping you make the right choice when it comes to buying parts for your tracker.

About 30 minutes after setting off, we found a pod of 4 whales. I ran up to the bow of the boat and took heaps of great photos! We followed them for quite a bit. Just watching them heave up and dive down. Their huge dark shadows slowly breaking the surface of the still waters. Occasionally showing a bit of tail. It was very cool.

The whole experience was exactly what you’d expect from watching whales – being filled with amazement, sense of serenity, majesty, mystery, awe and calmness. Anger towards whaling, helplessness towards global warming and environment pollution, and that’s why services as san diego whale watching are so popular, since this is one of the best services to watch whales you can find online.

My only amusing story to report – my husband and I used be regular scuba divers, and we’ve both had some pretty rough boat rides off the WA coast – (imagine 14 people crammed onto a small boat, riding through rain and storm, all throwing up and urinating onto the deck, and you, holding on with your dear life while huge waves crash into your side of the boat, drenching you with water, threatening to drag you overboard).

So we both instinctively prepared ourselves for the worst. We packed towels, spare wet weather jackets, drink bottles, dry biscuits, sea sick tablets, sun cream, wore our crappiest jeans, shoes, hats and sunnies (in case we lost them), and fastened every valuable item against our body. We looked like a ridiculous pair of seasoned sea dogs.

And lo and behold, the boat was complete luxury! The deck was carpeted! They were giving away free drinks, fruitcake and Tim Tams! There were little grannies dressed in their Sunday best. And a bunch of young woman wearing red stilettos and expensive grey skinnies. It was all very amusing. I like to think if we ended up stranded on a deserted island, my dry bisucits would most certainly make me the Alpha Woman.

New Camera

I finally bought myself a new digital camera! My old one broke in March, and I’ve been borrowing my sister’s camera since then. It took me a few months to research, save up, ask around… and I settled on a Canon Powershot A700. Basically a well priced compact camera, with full manual controls. I’m very happy.

I must admit, I was momentarily dazzled – but not overly impressed – by all the new colouring features. Are they really neccessary? Maybe I’m just a bit old school. Or too much of a Photoshop geek.

Here (above photo) you can take a black + white photograph and choose a colour to remain as it is.

The pic is a wall in our dining room. Lilies are from our garden. Picture hanging on the wall was taken by my husband during his wildlife doco days. Feel free to peek at more snap happy shots here.

Hi, I’m tired!

Today I’ve realised that I can’t keep up with my boys.

They just have too much energy. They can literally race around doing new, exciting and different activities ALL MORNING AND AFTERNOON, then beg for MORE PLAYTIME in the evening.

Their capacity for stimulation and activity is unbelievable. And I am just a woman. A 28 year old woman, who after 3 hours of relentless, immature PLAYPLAYPLAYPLAYPLAAAAAAAY, has a brain the size of a pea, and can’t talk to another human being without making robotic sound effects for objects.