Picnic at Kings Park

On Sunday we caught up with family members for a picnic at Kings Park. There was plenty of yummy food, chit chatting, fun ball games, and general running around like silly buggers. It was fun!

Usually during mid-afternoon outings, Sean gets really grumpy. We often think it’s because he needs a sleep. But recently we discovered his eyes are really sensitive to bright sunlight!

So everytime we’re outside, we slap a pair of sunnies on his face and he’s instantly quiet, and takes on a zoned “Whoa man, look at how green those trees are!” disposition.

He doesn’t even reach up to pull them off his face. And everyone thinks I train my kids so well! They nod with approval, but I assure them his retinas will burn to a crisp if he takes them off.

Wheels and Doll Baby

This week the city is buzzing from the Perth Fashion Festival. I so badly wanted to go the Wheels and Doll Baby event. And it turned out that my housemate knew a few designers who were showcasing their work and scooped up 2 passes to both the event and after party. Weeeeeeee!

However… at rather late notice, I found out that I had to be present for a wedding rehearsal. With kids. I was heartbroken. So I sent my husband instead. And they both had a smashing time!

I got a full report. But here’s short version : SO many people. Great rock and roll sound track. Models were too skinny. Clothes were cool and very wearable. Free alcohol. Everyone was pissed. Went on for a bit longer than necessary. And here’s the official report from The West.

Busy Busy BUSY

Wedding this weekend. In-laws are in town. People staying with us. Rehearsal tomorrow night. Meet the other family on Saturday. Champagne breakfast on Sunday.

I’m one of the two bridesmaids. Got my “medieval” dress. And shoes. And underwear. Still have to find earrings.

All the men in my husband’s family (4 of them) will be turning up in traditional Scottish kilts!

So I made matching kilts for my boys. And bought them knee-high socks. It’s all going to look so cute.


My dear husband let me sleep in on Saturday morning. No limit. To my heart’s content. But I couldn’t seem to sleep past 8:30am. It was tragic.

Was invited to a friend’s church concert on Saturday night. Huge production. Heaps of people. Nice atmosphere. Plus there were more glow-in-the-dark bangles!

Sunday afternoon, I couldn’t get a babysitter. So I missed out on a “Clothes Swap Party” organised by a couple of girlfriends. Basically you bring all the clothes you don’t wear anymore, show, swap and leftovers get donated to the salvos. While eating sushi and quiche. *I’m so disappointed I missed out*

Sunday night, our housemate looked after the kids. My husband and I headed off to our favourite evening walk spot – the South Perth foreshore, overlooking the city skyline. It’s simply breathtaking at night.

Hen’s Night : Pole Dancing & Pubbing

Sister in law’s hen’s night tonight. First up on the agenda : Pole dancing. Given the option, I would have skipped it, because it all sounded really cheesey. But it was a hen’s night so…

The plan was : Everyone meets at the hen’s place, then share a cab to the pole dancing studio. However, her place is really far away. And I live closer to the studio, so I drove directly there. Besides, I always prefer driving at night. I don’t drink much. And I hate being stuck in the city, in the cold, amidst drunken juveniles, waiting for a cab at 2 in the morning.

I rush over to the studio, thinking I was late. Music was pumping. I was the only one there. I engaged in some polite chit chat with our instructor (the owner). She was gorgeous! Tall, stunning, leggy, busty and really fit. Time passes. She shows me around her studio. Her amazing shoe collection. Her rack of dancing clothes and costumes. She pulls out a little policewoman “number” and insists I’d look great in it. Rightio.

More time passes. I start asking her about her business. How’s it going. How long has it been running. Her dancing career. Her workout routine. I get a phone call. The hen’s party is running late! They can’t get a cab. They’re going to be 30 minutes late.

We crack open the champagne and continue talking, chatting, giggling and sharing life stories like two girls on a coffee date. She was so lovely to talk to! Then she suggested she show me a few moves while we wait. So begins my private one and one pole dancing lessons. Haha!

I got the hang of it really quick. But it was hard work. All that spinning and lifting. I have new found respect for pole dancers. No wonder her muscles were so defined. Like a circus acrobat. She also said I was really good for a first timer! Haha!

She showed me some of her more complicated stuff – where she tossed her legs over her head, hung upside down and swung around the pole whilst only holding on with her knees or something like that. It was most impressive.

I had to call for a break. I was really dizzy! So we giggled, posed and took photos of each other instead. Anyway. Eventually. It turned out that the hen’s party were STILL waiting for a cab, and they weren’t going to make it after all. I had to meet them at their next destination, 45 minutes from now. Ugh.

I felt really bad for the instructor, and tried to pay for my lesson. She wouldn’t let me. I thanked her, grabbed a few flyers and left.

Next up : Pubbing and clubbing till late. The rest of the night was all fun and crazy. I had a good time. Not much else to report. Highlights : Big football game that evening. Perth team lost. The pubs were crawling with very sad, but very hot footballer types.

BTW. I got my braces off today!