Picture Header Gallery

Since January 2004, I’ve been designing little headers for some of my daily posts. This is a collection of my favourite ones from over the years.

3 May 2004
I caught my son spending most of his morning under the dinner table. I wasn’t sure what he was doing… (read)

22 January 2004
Our Australian version of the Chinese New Year’s Eve Banquet resembled something not far from a barbecue…. (read)

1 March 2004
I’m taking a few days offline to rest and relax…. (read)

16 January 2004
I’ve been feeling a little empty lately… (read)

23 March 2004
Callum stands up by himself now! He’s 11 months and he’s turning into such an easy-going, happy, funny little kid… (read)

11 February 2004
I really enjoy my morning jogs. So far I’m doing it 3 days a week…. (read)

4 January 2005
I thought since it was the beginning of a new year, I’d start by sharing something …a little closer to my heart. (read)

Photos stolen from all over the web

26 January 2005
I have to admit, I didn’t have a very typical Australia Day… (read)

14 August 2004
Sigh. My little sister is off to Japan for a couple of years… (read)

23 August 2005
It’s strange to think that the city was once my playground.
Smells of strangers. Coffee. Darkness. Music. Money.
Walking past moments reeking with intimacy now grown cold.

9 February 2005
Happy Lunar New Year everyone!! I swear I’m going to burst with all this food + baby in my tummy… (read)

22 April 2005
My sister tells a very funny story where she’s driving in her car, by herself, to a friend’s picnic. Sitting next to her on the passenger seat is her contribution to the picnic fare. A huge watermelon and a knife… (read)

Images stolen from all over the web

8 June 2005
I would see him every Tuesday night. 7pm. At the petrol station.
As I filled up my car on the way home from work.
He would recognise my car as I drove in. He’d always walk over.

22 July 2005
We’re going on a little holiday next week! Yay!
Ok it’s not camping proper. But we are having a campfire.

26 January 2004
There’s something really cool about celebrating Australia Day just a few days after the Chinese New Year… (read)

15 April 2004
Kicked off my bunny slippers and went gallivanting around town today. Ok not really… (read)

Next he’ll want the car keys

Yesterday, my husband took Callum’s trainer wheels off his bike. They practiced for about an hour.

Today. He can ride his bike!! He can ride for about 20m, then he gets bored because he’s all by himself, he stops, steps down gracefully and shouts out “Hurry up dad!!”.

We managed to catch it on video. And you can hear the stunned silence of both my husband and I… shocked, astonished, euphoric and exploding with a pride, happiness and terror that is parenthood.

Chilling in Good Company

I’m thoroughly enjoying the company of our house guest. It’s been excellent. She has slotted [most superbly] into our lives – in our daily domestic grind, our social outings and our quirky marital antics.

I guess the truth is, I’ve never had a housemate before. I lived at home until the day I got married. Driving my parents crazy. And vice versa.

I’ve never lived with friends; I’ve never lived with strangers. I’ve never had to put up with someone who finds stray animals on the street and nurses them back to health in a shoebox; and I’ve definitely never had to section off corners in the fridge to then make sworn enemies over half eaten ice cream.

The picture is us at Gino’s late one evening. Having a swell time chatting about everything under the sun and nothing in particular.

Catwalks and Shipwrecks

Last night my husband and I went to a fashion + textile show. There were lots of weird arty lingerie. Vintage victorian corsets. Ruffly pin cushion things. Curvy, smiling models and a pumping nightclub atmosphere. It was fun!

We met a friend. Chatted to a few people we knew. Had a few drinks. We even went out for coffee and cake after. But by the end I was feeling a bit ill. Because.

Earlier. We went to Cicerello’s for dinner. I scoffed a huge platter of deep fried, battered seafood. All by myself. It was greasy and disgusting. But I was soooo hungry. It was 9pm and I hadn’t eaten since 3pm. Because.

Earlier. We went to a talk by Hugh Edwards. Who wrote about the mutiny and shipwreck of the Batavia. It was a really interesting talk! He had lots of amazing shipwreck photos. Crazy scuba diving stories. Stories of sunken treasure, pieces of eight, pirates, and great white sharks.

My husband is a bit of a historical maritime buff. He read the book when he was a kid, so Hugh is a bit of a childhood hero to him. However, the average age of the audience was something like 50-60 years! It was lovely to see all these grandpas and grandmas out and about on a Friday night. There were about 200 of them. All wearing fleecy tracksuits jumpers or respectable navy blue wool blazers with big gold pins.

And I? Ah. Never have I felt so out of place. I was the youngest, only Asian, female with too much make up, wearing a fake fur coat and stilettos. (Hey I was going to a fashion gig later!). I thought they were going to refuse my entry pass, or point me to the brothel next door. I felt like such a skank. Particularly because.

Earlier. In the afternoon. I went for a swim. I did 20 laps. Quick shower. Rushed to pick up the kids. And didn’t have time to wash my hair properly. Mmm. Warm crusty chlorine residue. OK I’m exaggerating.

How was your weekend?