We went to an exhibition opening this evening. It was a retrospective of works by Anne Farren, a textile artist/designer (and friend of ours) doing amazing things in the textile industry here in Perth.

Her fabrics and lace pieces were breathtaking. There were beautiful and ghostly lace kimonos hanging from the ceiling. And a strange fabric sculpture garden thing.

There was also this dress made out of tape measures draped on this stunning naked model – obviously some witty commentary about fashion, clothes and notions of beauty… but it was too difficult to work out because she was just TOO stunning and TOO naked, and it was all just a little TOO distracting…

Southern Project Studio, 391 Canning Hwy, Melville. 2-4 May 2006.

A Calvin and Hobbes Moment

My 3 year old will do anything to stay awake at night. This includes : completely freaking out the babysitters.

My poor aunty. It was her first time she put Callum to bed. And the first time she’s been in our house, at night, all alone.

Apparently during the evening, Callum crept out of his room and said to her, “Help help! I hear men talking outside my window! They’re going to catch me. I’m so scared. Please go outside and tell them to go away.”

Ordinarily she would have dismissed it. But it was delivered with such gusto and passion [he even had a bottom-lip quiver]. It was truly an Oscar performance. And she was truly. freaked. out.

Fashion Week 2006

The Mercedes Australian Fashion Week has started in Sydney. And I just love the way these fashion festivals have become visual spectacles of crazy artistic non wearable garments, skimpy circus acts, extravagant stage shows and inflated hero worshipping. It’s so wild and outrageous and extreme. But don’t get me wrong, I love it!

I’m no hardcore fashionista, but I really enjoy ogling at beautiful clothes, and looking at how colours, styles, textures, and moods arrive from the “fashion” world and then permeates into the rest of the “design” world to define what’s visually cool and fashionable in popular culture. Ha, who am I kidding. I like clothes.

Photographs from Six6 Photography and SMH.

Healthy Bread

Ever since my husband survived cancer, we’ve been experimenting with “healthier” kinds of breads.

We looked into spelt (dinkelbrot) – an alternative to wheat, organically grown, super nutritional, easily digestible and tastes amazing. We fell in love with wholemeal spelt loaves, especially the mixes with sunflower, linseed, poppy and sesame seeds. Sean loves it too and will eat it like cake – however he doesn’t digest the poppy seeds (eww).

We also tried gluten free breads. Bread with no wheat. Bread made out of maize flour, rice flour, soy flour and potato flour. It was bizarre! We tried heaps of different products and mixes. Some resembled cake. Some scones. While others just looked like industrial cleaning sponges.

The bread in the picture was a maize and rice loaf. And I must admit, it was the best looking gluten free loaf we made. It smelt sooooo good. When I lifted it out of the bread maker, my kids hovered around like hungry sharks. It had great shape, colour, texture. It felt awesome under the knife. But, too bad it tasted like a styrofoam hash brown.