The sound of a melting heart

Sean is 11 months and he’s officially walking. Actually it’s more like a strut. A “been on a horse all day” cowboy strut.

He also does this cute arm waving thing as he walks. Imagine a crazy monkey puppet on strings bashing at the air in all directions. Super fast. That’s my son!

I decided that I didn’t have enough photos of Sean – compared to The First Born Child. So I slapped on a video for Callum, and had a nice photo session with Sean. He was a darling! Although, I couldn’t quite capture the essence of his crazy monkey dance.

He’s generally quite grumpy and clingy during the day. Always grizzling and grumbling. I don’t know whether it’s his normal disposition, or because his older brother is always pushing him around. He’s happiest when he’s playing in the sand pit, paddle pool or having a shower.

His saving grace is that he’s a great eater and sleeper. He sleeps 12 hours through the night. Takes two 1.5 hour naps during the day. And eats anything I wave at him. I consider myself blessed!