Marking the end of a wonderful year

We were sitting in our lounge room, when suddenly the light outside turned soupy, goldeny and sparkly. We rushed outside, sat on our driveway, watched the sun set and took funny family photos. Felt like we were transported to the time of yellowed photographs. We saw a whole 180 degrees rainbow too! Hoping this is a good sign for everyone’s new year!

The Christmas Madness

Our Christmas week was lovely. Despite all the activity, it was all low stress. We figured that everything didn’t have to fit into our usual routine – that it was ok if the kids went to bed at 10pm every night; or if the only thing Callum ate for lunch was a bread roll; or that we converted the car into a change table / wardrobe / pantry / rubbish bin because we were driving around so often.

On Boxing Day, we went to a small house party held by one of my husband’s colleagues. Gorgeous renovated house. Full of people we’ve never met. While we were socialising in the backyard, Callum decided to go into the house by himself, make himself comfortable at the buffet table and eat ALL the soft cheeses and crackers while watching the drunk party-goers dance to Neil Diamond. Oh and on the way out, I found a cool mirror in the hallway and took the picture above.

The day after, we went to Fremantle for lunch. We took a peek at the Clippers. Paddled at the beach. Ate ice cream. It was a beautiful day. Then we headed off to dinner at friend’s house. Callum got into a full on shouting argument with another kid, about who touched the garden wall first. It stopped the entire party. Everyone thought it was very entertaining.

The day after that, a couple of my web designer mates came over for a late breakfast. We cleaned the grease, grime and cockroach eggs (just kidding) off the BBQ and had a delicious cook up of bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, salads and orange juice, while lazing around in our backyard. Oh come on I was kidding about the cockroach eggs ok!

Blahdy blah. Yeah, it’s been pretty much day after day after day of something happening. I’m so over it. I need a real holiday.

Christmas Eve

We hosted a dinner for my side of the family. I made the whole roast turkey dinner with trimmings, but on a very small scale. My mum is on a holiday. And my sister is in Japan. So it was just my dad, my brother, his wife and the four of us.

My typical-Chinese, mafia-leader dad [slight exaggeration], who never, ever cooked a meal for us as kids, who I was suspicious couldn’t cook 2 minutes noddles, turned up with a plate of scrumptiously grilled frankfurters, carefully skewered and wrapped in bacon – that he made HIMSELF. Very funny to see my dad, in the absence of my mother’s kitchen tyranny, bud into quite the culinary genius. Scary too.

I figured I’d mess with tradition and let the kids open one present. It didn’t seem to make sense that they couldn’t enjoy their gifts during the whole party/celebration. No surprise Callum opened the biggest present – a very large cement truck. Man, he was SO HAPPY AND EXCITED. He, cement truck, instant best friends. The last time he was glued to a toy, was when I bought him that rake.

(Note for photograph – Notice the SCREAMING PINK WALLS? I can’t believe we lived with them for 2 years. Well, they are no longer!!)

Sean – 9 Months

Sean has this new trick.


Currently, 7 seconds is his record. I try not to encourage him, but he knows there’s something special about the air up there.

He’ll stand with a huge goofy grin and break out into chuckles.

Actually, I think the word “standing” is a bit too… irrevocable. It’s more like, well. A flukey balancing trick. Yeah that’s it. Can you tell I’m in denial?

Yes, I am completely freaked out. I’m amazed by how quickly he’s developing. How quickly time flies. How in a blink of an eye, my second little baby is becoming a BOY.

The other day he learnt how to wave BYE. And then he said “Buh buh”. But I think that was a bit flukey too. Because other than “Ma ma”, that’s all he can say.

He seems to be keeping up with his big brother too. They play really well together. It makes me so happy. I often see Sean copying Callum, or Callum copying Sean, and the both of them will make each other laugh and laugh.

There have been lots of tears, fights and accidents too. Especially when Callum means no harm, he’s just experimenting with how to play with Sean. For example, when he decides to wrap a balloon string around Sean’s neck. Or draw on Sean with the pen. Or make Sean eat the mud cake.

The weirdest moment I’ve had recently was when I dressed Sean up in Callum’s old clothes. Sean is much bigger than when Callum was 9 months old. Most of the hand-me-downs don’t fit, or are from the wrong season.

But for the few items that did fit…
It was a mix of : OMG, you’re my second little person to wear this.
And, OMG time is evaporating before my eyes. Where is it going??
And, these clothes are drenched with such happy memories, is it possible that even more can be made??

It was a lovely moment. Frightening. Beautiful. Bitter. Sweet. And most definitely sappy.

Christmas Craftiness

Callum and I spent the afternoon making Christmas cards.
I was surprised at how keen he was – especially since our last attempt, which ended in Callum curled up in a ball and throwing up chunks of glue and coloured paper – oh I didn’t mention that one? Well. There you go. He was banned from glue for a while.

So yes. I had a lovely afternoon cutting out silly little shapes, passing them to the glue master, giving him a few hints on where to paste things, bursting out randomly “AARGH! DON’T SNIP YOUR FINGERS WITH THOSE SCISSORS!!!”, and secretly adjusting a few gluey stars. Callum did a great job. He wasn’t too steady with the scissors, being left-handed and all. But I was impressed!

I suspect they’ll arrive in letterboxes around the world a little late. But at least someone – ie. you – will get to see them before Christmas!