Now this should be interesting…

My husband is away for work. In Denmark. FOR A WEEK!
It’s the first time I will be looking after the two kids by myself.

So far so good.

The airport was a lot of fun. We wheeled luggage from the car. We watched planes speed along the runway. We sipped coffees at the cafe. And we said our goodbyes and swapped cuddles at the gate. It was all very exciting. However, I doubt the kids understand that happy dad isn’t going to be here to make them breakfast at 6:30am tomorrow morning.

So here I am. Sitting with my cup of tea. It’s 9pm. Kids are asleep. TV is off. House is quiet. And pardon for pointing out the obvious, but I really miss my husband. Part of me feels like such a wimp. He’s only been gone – what 6 hours? And I’m already wishing he was back sitting on the other side of the couch, our toes touching, him chatting about his adventures in Copenhagen, and me hassling him for the assorted Princess Mary of Denmark souvenirs I asked for.

Yes at this moment I’m finding it weird to be suddenly alone.
It’s so… lonely. Yes. I thought about giving him a call (however, I have no idea where he is right now) but I know he’d say something like,
“If you want some company, you can always wake up Callum…”

On a more serious note, I’m determined not to get bored, weary or lonely… so I’ve booked myself up with a heap of activities. Busy week ahead! Yay for activities.

Spice Magazine Launch

This evening we went to the launch of a new WA magazine, Spice. A magazine all about FOOD! With a distinct West Australian flavour and focus. It was awesome!

The launch was like a cool little fair. There were local wines. Local beers. Local breads. Even a local band! Local prawns were sizzling away, next to the local lamb chops. There were local chefs cooking up a storm, where people were allowed to wander through the kitchen, talk to the chefs and sample little portions of this and that. And outside, there were local pizza-makers making fresh pizzas in local woodfire ovens. Yummo.

There was a very warm, friendly, passionate and open atmosphere surrounding the launch, the people and the magazine. I found it wonderfully refreshing and inspiring. When I received the invite, I knew very little about the magazine itself. I didn’t know anything about the story behind it. Or the people who dreamt it. I don’t even know anything about the local food or publishing industry!

However, standing under the stars on the clear summer night, munching on a lamb chop with its juices dripping down my arm, listening to a humble man who had an idea and an ambition – made me realise something I’ve always known… that hard work, determination and a bit of faith, really does make a dream come true.

Fashion Show

My husband and I were invited to a fashion show last night.
It was Curtin’s Fashion, Textile and Jewellery Design graduation show. Actually my husband got the invite, and I – not being nearly as cool as he – had to pay for a ticket like all the other mere mortals. Ha!

500 people. Great show. Fantastic production. Very glitzy and glamorous. Lots of big wigs – I think? Not as much media as I expected though. Very cool clothes – most were amazing non-wearable garments.

I was so inspired by all the beautiful fabrics, styles and cuts. There was a wonderful mix of handmade art and glitzy fashion in all the pieces. From a design point of view, it was all very, very cool. It made me all jittery with excitement and crave to delve into fashion design!

The floor was packed with people. Like sardines. We were chit chatting to various people when I realised that we were slowly being pushed to the back. So just before the show started, I left my husband to continue chatting, I wiggled my way to the front, and stole some guy’s VIP seat right up the front. Hence the cool pics. W00t.

I had a good time after the show too. We stood around and chatted to people – I met the [very relieved] designers. I chatted to some my old lecturers. I talked to heaps of old friends who I studied with, and caught up with all the local design gossip. So fun! It was a really nice night.

Weekend Moments

We went to visit some friends on the weekend. Just a casual visit for afternoon tea. Usually, I like turning up with a plate of freshly baked cookies or something. But I didn’t have time to make anything.
So instead we snipped some gorgeous trumpet lilies from our garden and bundled them up in… newspaper – lest anyone thought we were trying too hard to impress someone.

Callum and I started our new project – restoring some cute old wooden school-yard chairs. We found them by the side of the road while we were on our daily walk through the park. They were in mint condition – but they needed a new coat of paint. We gave them a clean, a quick sand, and slapped on a base coat of white.

Callum found some empty cicada shells clinging to a tree. He poked at them with a stick and yelled “Wake up bug! Wake up!”. I picked one up for him and tried to explain how insects shed their exoskeletons, got half way, he didn’t get it, so had to explain “they’re like clothes… for bugs… but they are too small for the bugs to wear now…”

Sean is at that pre-walking stage where he’s INTO EVERYTHING. And it’s hard work trying to keep up with him. He’ll eat anything from dirty shoelaces to wisteria flowers to dried up snail shells. During our restoration painting session, he scampered over to my herb garden and yanked out six parsley plants before I managed to stop him. It’s a miracle he didn’t get any paint on him. Sean’s teeth are coming through again. Along with the high temperatures, rosy cheeks and a very grumpy disposition.


So I was actually on a shopping mission, trying to buy a totem tennis set for the kids – you know, it’s a pole… with a rope and tennis ball attached to one end… and you bash it round and round…