Carnivals and carrot sticks

We live walking distance from a cute little primary school, and today they were holding their spring carnival. The weather was absolutely stunning, so I took the kids for a stroll. There were rides, games, stalls, bouncy castles, food stall, tents, music, laughter, balloons, fairy floss. Parents were behind the stalls, school kids were doing face painting, teachers were selling drinks, a choir was singing songs. It had such a nice family atmosphere.

I had a warm gooey feeling in my tummy… making me feel so happy that my kids are going to grow up in a caring, community-focused environment like this.

I found the second-hand stall and I ended up with a STACK of quality bargains. Classic children’s books and toys selling for 10 cents. It was sacrilege. My pram was loaded and I only spent $5.

Callum had a great time. He won a pinwheel, a balloon and a bag of lollies. He got his face painted. Ate some ice cream. Played with other kids in the playground. And basically watched and absorbed everything around him. Haha. I believe he now thinks that this is what happens at “school”.
Oh and Sean had a good time too!

My proud parent moment : When we got home, I gave Callum the little bag of lollies that he had won. It was quite possibly the second time he has ever eaten jelly lollies. He spent ages examining a green snake and making it slither – it was really cute. He munched off its head, but quickly spat it out. “I don’t like lollies mummy. I want carrot sticks.”
Whoa. I wonder how long that will last?!?

Funny moment : Callum had spent all weekend making this weird worried grin (right pic in the top banner) I’d occassionally turn around and catch him grinning to himself. It was so odd. So finally, while he was eating his carrot sticks, I asked him why he was making that face.

He scampered off into the lounge room, rummaged through our magazine rack, and came back a few minutes later with last week’s store catalogue. He pointed to a kid wearing a halloween mask and said, “I’m being a angry red man mummy!” It was so funny, random and weird. I just laughed and laughed. And we spent the rest of the afternoon making funny angry faces at each other. Hahaha. Are all kids this weird? Or did I just get a funny one?