It breaks my heart…

We need a new home for our cat, Silky. She’s a beautiful, slender, 5 year old short-haired cat. She’s mild mannered, calm, independent, extremely gentle and great around kids.

As most of you know, we recently found out that my son is allergic to cats. And we’ve been advised by several doctors to have a cat-free home. So if you live in Perth and want a cat, or know someone who wants a cat (for free), please email me!

She’s sterilised. Recently been vaccinated. Completely cat-tray trained. Completely healthy. Does not claw the furniture or carpet. I’ve trained her to not to sit on the couches and cushions. She loves being indoors and outdoors. Is not super-fussy with her food. Not overly needy, hyper or attention seeking. She comes from a very happy home and she’s a very happy cat!

We’ve already tried places like Cat Haven, but were told it is “cat season”. And everybody knows what happens during cat season. *cries*

Edit — Thanks everyone who emailed me! We managed to find a lovely new home for Silky! Yay!

Where’s the Supernanny when you need her?

One afternoon, I was racing around the house doing some chores. My 2.5 year old was playing happily with his train set. My 6 month old was sleeping. As I was pulling the wet laundry from the washing machine, I noticed the house was unusually quiet.

I walked into the kitchen and saw that Callum was stuffing something into the bin. “Callum? What are you doing buddy?” I asked. He turned around and had the GUILTIEST look on his face.

I was instantly NOT happy. I looked into the bin. He had torn two book jackets off my husband’s prized 1960’s Jacques Cousteau books and put them into the bin! Not to mention he probably did some dangerous acrobatic balancing trick to get them off the shelf. AND worse of all, he was trying to cover up what he did!!

I stood there motionless. There were dark clouds and lightning bolts booming over my head. I was horrified. I could not believe that my son could be so sneaky! I didn’t know 2.5 year olds could feel guilty enough to cover up their actions.

I was angry too. If I didn’t catch him doing it, he would have gotten away with it!! I stood fuming.

Callum stood there, looking up at me with his tearing big brown eyes, trembling in my looming shadow. I spoke slowly and carefully, restraining all my emotions and anger – like the calm before the storm.

“Callum. Do you have something to tell mummy?”

“Yes Mummy…… Stay calm….. No angry…… No shout…….. Let’s be happy!” He even said ‘Let’s be Happy’ with a semi-authoritative, hopeful, half-unsure cute grin and half-bottom-lip quiver and a squeaky little bounce in his voice.

I was torn. I completely melted and burst out laughing. Which was probably the WRONG thing to do in situations like this. But I couldn’t help it. It was just so cute. And clever. And genuinely optimistic.

So after a careful step-by-step explanation about all the wrong things that were done, he indeed was very sorry. And he was happy to sit quietly in his room for 5 minutes.

It was all rather adult-like. In fact, suspiciously TOO adult-like if you asked me. Was I just manipulated? Should I discipline him for that too?

Argh. This parenting thing is complicated I tell you.

In the end, he emerged from his room. He apologised. We made up. And then I gave him an extra big cuddle for wanting good things to happen out of bad situations. That sounds about right, right??

Weekend Rundown

Today my parents looked after both kids for 6 hours.
SIX WHOLE HOURS! That’s almost a full working day!

So my husband and I trotted off to the engagement party of some close friends. It was lunch with all you can eat dim sum. Mmmm I ate so much chicken feet and deep fried squid.

It’s quite interesting to have dim sum with someone who is trying to avoid seafood and meat. My husband had to temporarily forego his aspiration to be vegetarian. Unless he wanted to eat spring rolls and egg tarts all afternoon. I don’t think Chinese people believe in vegetarianism.

After that, we strolled over to visit the WA Art Gallery. Then we browsed lazily through bookstores. And did a bit of window shopping in the city. It was like the good old days. No rush. No agenda. Just walking around, enjoying each other’s company. We had HOURS to kill.

Now my husband usually hates shopping. But he was trying to buy a wire for our new digital tv receiver. We walked around to EVERY SINGLE BLOODY electronic shop we came across, comparing styles, types and prices. Good lord it was like shopping with a woman!

At first I swore we wouldn’t waste the afternoon by watching the football grand final. But we walked past a TV shop which was surrounded by people with their eyes glued to an – apparently “ball-tearing” – game. So I caved in. We walked around and found ourselves a pub over-flowing with balloons, streamers, and very drunk people who were singing.

Our state team lost in the end. It was indeed a great game. Everyone in the pub was crying, hugging, singing and buying more beer. We made a quick exit. And spent the rest of the day relishing in the goodness of the weekend.

I have the coolest kid…

I’m teaching my 2½ year old how to listen to grown up music. MY music. Purely for selfish reasons of course. Reasons that involve destroying a collection of The Wiggles CDs.

I’m teaching him how to bang with the drum beats, follow the bass, do beatbox, sing some words. He loves following the electric guitar sounds, NEEW NEEW NEEEEW. It’s so funny. He cracks me up.

Anyway, Callum loves Jet now. And his favourite thing in the world (at the moment) is to chill out on the couch in the late afternoons, listening to Jet on the headphones, and flicking through a mountain of books and CD covers. BY HIMSELF!

It keeps him QUIET AND STILL for ages! It’s gold, I tell you.