Back tracking

A few weeks ago, my sister came over to visit me and the kids. It was a cold, wet afternoon, and we were stuck indoors.

I decided to give her a taste of life as a stay at home mum. We played play-doh with the kids, ate lunch, read books, did puzzles, tumbled around and I even bathed Sean in the living room. It was domesticity at its finest.

On the weekend

   Sean is 5½ months. And aaakkk he’s already on the move! He gets up on his hands and knees, rocks back and forth and then does a funny little froggie jump. It’s so damn cute.

   Inspired by the very funny and ever so popular Mr Brown (and his daughter), I picked up the book “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” and couldn’t put it down! Great reading. Very entertaining. And filled with that quirky beauty that I love so much. I rate it 4 out of 5 stars.

   Went to the beach on the weekend. It was my idea… and hehe it was such a BAD one. It was SO COLD. And it rained and rained. We took a quick stroll, ended up soaked, and sat shivering in the car, munching on chips, and drying ourselves off with the heater.

   I’m addicted to the cricket. And the footy.

City Scape

It’s strange to think that the city was once my playground.
Smells of strangers. Coffee. Darkness. Music. Money.
Walking past places reeking with intimacy now grown cold.

The bench. Sitting, truanting, smoking stolen cigarettes.
The tree. Kneeling, gasping, puking hours of ingested alcohol.
The cafe. Standing, stressed, queuing for my coffee before work.
The ring shop. Leaning, lonely, wondering if I’d ever get married.

The city. Her streets. Her buildings. Her facades. Her dark alleys of colourless secrets. For years, she mocked my unhappiness. My doubt. My confusion. Obscuring me from myself. For years, she made me believe that running away was the only way.

But now I stand. I walk hand in hand. My fingers curled inside his. My lips brushing his shoulder. My hot cheeks spirited in the winter’s air. I feel strong. Firm and sure. Beyond the dizzying heights of happiness.

Life is here. The past is gone. Life is now.