And it was good

My second knitting project turned out pretty well! I borrowed Sue’s knitted flower pattern (which was really easy to do) and added a few more stitches to make it a teensy bit bigger.

It just feels so good to make something out of nothing. Ok, it isn’t much.
But I swear, the need to create must be woven into my being. I just get so restless and frustrated if I don’t have my head in some project. I figure it’s something between needing to express some kind of tangible evidence of my existence (aside from the kids)… and needing to know that I can still make things. Beautiful things.

I just love having that first vision. A vague picture in my mind of what it could be. An image blury enough for creative accidents and spontaneity. And then there’s that rush of putting everything together – the plan, the stuff, the skill and flair.

I guess I’m doing lots of creative stuff each day. It’s enough stuff to keep me sane. Playing with my kids. Tinkering with this site. Taking photos. Making up yummy recipes.

But eh. I’m struck with bigger and bigger visions, growing each day. Painting. Screen printing. Wood block printing. Exhibiting. Fashion. Textiles. Photography. Illustration. Writing. None of them focused enough for a complete business/career plan. They’re just little dreams. Just a list for the future. To check them off and go, yep done that. But I have so many. And there’s so little time.

Ah. I guess I’m still young. The kids will grow up. By then I’ll be in my prime. I’ll be wiser. And richer. I’ll have plenty of time then. Well, that’s what they tell me anyway.

Girl Things

I was invited to a mini launch party for a new online boutique.

My lovely friend Mei Ling is selling all her crafty goodies, jewellery and an exotic line of clothing at her site Ms. Cranberi.

It was really cool to catch up with her! Plus a bunch of old friends from the multimedia/design crowd. There was a really nice vibe in the place. So much yummy food! And so many new faces.

And although I was temporarily lacking the funds to buy something, I left with a tummy full of delicious lamingtons.

Lingerie Party

I went to a lingerie party this afternoon. Haha it was heaps of fun!

We locked the kids in a playroom, and spent the next couple of hours giggling like high school girls at a sleep-over. We sipped champagne. Devoured chocolate-coated strawberries. Sushi. And a table full of fancy nibbles. We all knew each other, so we spent most of the time chatting, laughing, teasing and talking secret women’s stuff.

Like, husbands and sex, boob jobs, liquid-filled push-up bras, husbands and sex, lop-sided breasts, g-string jewellery, brazilian waxes, husbands and sex, granny underwear, black pantyliners, how to teach your daughter about sex, periods and inserting tampons, and reminiscing about those old style super-sized pads that were thick as a brick. Hahaha.

The lingerie range was REALLY nice. Very similar to stuff from Victoria’s Secret. Less colours. But much cheaper.

But I couldn’t buy anything! Aaargh. I’m still breast-feeding, my size is all over the place and it’d be really stupid to buy something now. The amount of self-restraint I had to invoke gave me a headache. Grrrr. So I had to promise myself (the same way I make chocolate promises to Callum) that I’ll splurge when I finish breast-feeding.

Holiday Photo

I took a zillion photos during our trip. Way too many to post up. So I’ll probably do some random posts every now and then. When I have the time. This is Callum eating his potato-on-a-stick. He loved it! And it was very funny to watch him manoeuvre his arms and elbows in the air as it spun around.