Fitness Beginnings

Five years ago I used to do kickboxing training, nothing professional, just for fun and fitness. My instructor taught me a combination of boxing, kickboxing, Thai and Jiujitsu moves, and it was AWESOME.

I felt SO good, strong, energetic and fit. All that punching and kicking was surprisingly very satisfying – even though I’m not a very angry or intense person, and I’m definitely not one to describe myself as “needing to let off some steam”. Anyway, I also played socially in a mixed netball and soccer team, scuba dived and danced. So I guess I was pretty fit back then.

Now? Haha, I’d be lucky if I went for a walk each day.

Anyway, with my 27th birthday approaching and reminding me that I’m creeping towards the big 3-0… I decided that I want to feel good, strong and fit again.

I haven’t been able to find a kickboxing training course, so in the meantime I’ve been going to a kickboxing aerobics workout.
Ha, I thought it was going to be a nice easy introduction back into the world of fitness.

But oooh maaaan, 30 minutes in, and I felt like I was going to puke. My muscles were burning. I wanted to crawl into a hole and die from implosion, like a lamb casserole in a microwave.

I sit here, my whole body aching and groaning, as if I’ve been bashed and left in a gutter by the side of the road. Walking is torturous. Holding my head straight is hard work. Even clicking my mouse is painful. And I thought having a baby was bad.

The End of Innocence

At times, Callum can both amaze me and freak me out. And he’s only 2 years old!

Basically… he stole two coins from his grandpa’s bedside table on the weekend. He brought them home and hid them in his treasure box under his bed. Then today as we were getting ready to do our weekly grocery shopping, he took the coins out and put them in his pocket.

He waited till the end of the whole grocery expedition, then as we walked back to the car, past the Thomas the Tank Engine ride, he said “Mummy! Thomas ride please! Look I got Gong Gong money!”

It all started the moment he first sat on one of those $2 shopping centre kiddy rides – yeah, the kind that takes money. His face and eyes sparkled with a childlike happiness that made me all weepy and want to have SEVEN children.

Of course, I would never put any money into them. It was enough entertainment as a climbing thing. Whether it was a dolphin, horse, jeep, truck, or train… he danced with excitement, bounced with joy, and wiggled with glee. He’d spend ages climbing around, up and down, poking and prodding, turning steering wheels, pushing pedals, exploring, sitting and there was always lots of bouncing.

But of course, it all ended the moment Gong Gong (Grandpa) taught him how to put money into the ride. Suddenly a new dimension had unfolded. There were lights, music, sounds, and movement! Who needed an imagination? Every trace of active and creative playtime was gone. It was replaced by the delicious, reckless, short-lived thrill of insatiable two year old exhilaration.

Now Callum climbs up into a ride and demands money. Even before he KNEW HOW TO SPEAK, he would point at my purse and jam his fingers into the coin slot.

Thus began the “Oh dear, mummy doesn’t have any money!”

Which slowly turned into “Only Gong Gong can make it work!”

And until today, it was “Sorry, we can only use Gong Gong’s money!”

Too bad he only stole 30 cents.

Already a busy weekend

We went to a gorgeous engagement party this evening. It was held in this stunningly old, renovated character home in the heart of old Fremantle. It was so pretty and oozing swankiness. It was a great party! I knew so many people! I was happily floating around to different groups all night, talking, chit-chatting, catching up with some old faces and taking silly pictures. It was fuuun.

Conversations ranged from baby mice rice wine, to the over-rated home renovation experience, the joys of a commercial aquarium in your lounge room, filipino fruit salads, and why on earth does Han’s Cafe put bamboo shoots in their fried rice??

I may have insulted the barman. Who was (kinda cute) and frantically taking orders for cocktails, juggling bottles, ice, cups, straws and 5 varieties of fruit. First I asked for beer. He gave me a half smile and a list of cocktails I could choose from. So I asked for a non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri with cranberry juice and crushed pineapple. I could just see him rolling his eyes on the inside and going “Good lord, she’s one of THOSE girls.” And I was so going to say, Hey buddy you’re the one with no beer.

I had a busy morning too. I rushed off to get a haircut. I sat in a cafe, glowing from my head massage, reading my novel and eating a bowl of curry laksa. Then did some grocery shopping, and arrived back to a house in busy mode. My inlaws are in transit from Scotland and are staying with us for a couple of days. But we had a party to go to in the evening. And babysitting needed to be arranged. Eeep! Anyway, everything turned out superb in the end!