My under-aged kitchen hand

I picked up this Fruit & Vegetable Play Set from my toy library… thinking my 2yo might like recognising the different fruits + veges.

But whoa. Instead he literally sat in ONE spot on the floor – for an HOUR – just chopping them up and putting them back together.

My active, jumpy, noisy, fidgety child in one spot for an hour? It was unheard of! Who would have thought he’d be so captivated by this cutting up toy?!

A bit of whinging

Ugh I’ve caught a mild flu. Sore throat, stuffed sinuses, runny nose, headaches, the works! And it hasn’t been helping my recent sleeping problem. (Yes, I know that poor sleep is supposed to be a normal part of pregnancy.) But it just takes me HOURS to get to sleep. I’ll be in bed by 10pm. I’ll toss and turn. Go to the toilet. Toss. Turn. Toilet. Drink water. Toss some more. Turn some more. And the next thing I know, my clock says it’s 2:30am.

I don’t think it’s clinical insomnia. And I don’t like the idea of taking sleeping pills. So I’ve been taking matters into my own hands and trying all these “natural” relaxation and sleep-invoking techniques I’ve heard of (which are working) :
– not eating a large meal before bed.
– hot shower before bed.
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– hot bath before bed.
– relaxing back massage.
– a milky hot chocolate drink.
– vanilla essence on my pillow.
– reading and listening to soothing music.

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I’ve even tried the exact opposites!
– eating a huge snack before bed.
– staying up and watching trashy TV.
– a cool shower.

I figure I’ll just put up with it for a few more weeks. Then when Baby2 arrives, I’ll probably have NO PROBLEMS falling asleep. Ha!

Complete Randomness

I was flicking through some of my old pics the other day – and this photo totally cracked me up.
We were at a warehouse party organised by a bunch of my workmates. Some of them formed a pseudo rock band and played some rockin tunes all night.

This was Andrew and I PRETENDING to sing! Honest!

Watch out Matisse

In preparation of having a new baby in the house, I’ve been trying to do more indoor-at-home activities with Callum.

I don’t know whether it’s been a fault of mine, but since Callum was a bub, I’ve been taking him out of the house every single day. To the park, grocery shopping, visiting my parents, visiting friends, visiting galleries, a stroll around town, window shopping, swimming classes, gym classes, indoor play-gyms, mum’s groups, book libraries, toy libraries. So now, Callum more or less expects us to have an “outdoor adventure” everyday. Which won’t work with a new baby in the house. Not for a while anyway.

So today I introduced him to paint! He loved it! We set up a painting station under our gazebo – laying out newspapers, cartridge paper, water buckets, paint bottles and brush holders. We even had a picnic basket filled with snacks for later. Tee hee, it was so much fun.

It took him a while to understand the whole idea of painting (ie. moving paint around with a brush) as opposed to drawing with a pencil or crayon. And in the end he became a little obsessed with just squeezing paint from the bottles and watching them go SPLURT!