My First Burns Supper

When my brother-in-law invited us to a “burns night”, I thought it was his way of saying BARBECUE.

To my embarrassment, a Burns night was a traditional Scottish supper commemorating one of Scotland’s famous poets, Robert Burns. Apparently he was a big fan of haggis, women and whiskey. So there was lots of eating, drinking and dancing – all of which proved to be a rather volatile combination.

I’ve never seen so many men in kilts before! Not to mention all the sporrans [read : man bags] hanging strategically over their crotches. There were so many different types and they were all so cute.

I worked up the courage to ask a guy if I could take a picture of his sporran. Ha. So there I was, bent over in the low light with my digital camera pointing straight into his crotch. The picture didn’t even turn out. Not enough light. I kicked myself for not holding the camera even closer. I ended up having to take sneaky shots while standing in a group.

Apparently kilts are pretty expensive to hire. Like $200 for the night. So it was pretty funny to see some guy turn up with a red tartan picnic rug duct-taped around his waist.

It was also the first time I ate haggis! I was in Scotland in 2002, but we were too busy sight-seeing. Anyway, haggis is basically : the stomach bag of a sheep filled with the sheep’s lungs, liver and heart, beef suet, oatmeal, onions and seasoning. It was actually not that bad. A bit like meatloaf. Then again, I’m Chinese, I’d eat anything.