Christmas Day Adventures

Our Christmas was great!
I woke up early and squirreled around the kitchen – glazing ham, making salads, chopping this and that, preparing for the evening.
We headed off to church, ate a huge Christmas lunch, exchanged a zillion presents. Came home for an afternoon snooze, then sat around relaxing and drinking fruity cocktails.
Christmas dinner was at our place this year – for all of my family AND my husband’s family. Everyone brought a dish and it was all so yummy. The table was laden with roast turkey, glazed ham, roast duck, chicken curry, prawn noodles, fried rice, chilli mussles, gourmet salad, potato salad, fruit salad, rice and breads. We popped Christmas bonbons, wore silly paper hats, opened presents around the Christmas tree, and sat around chit chatting over cups of Chinese tea and beer.

Funniest moment of the day : Early in the evening, while the adults weren’t looking, the little kids (all 3 of them, including Callum) decided to entertain themselves by opening ALL the presents under the Christmas tree. They didn’t care who the present was for or from, they just started ripping apart anything they could reach, with boxes and toys spilling all over the floor. They got half way until they got caught. So naughty!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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I’d like to wish everyone an absolutely wonderful Christmas!!

Hope your weekend is filled with scrumptious food, fruity cocktails, rocking conversations, cuddles from a loved one,
a trip to church, xmas crackers and silly hats.

(The image above was my online Christmas card I sent out this year. Designed by me, pics from Getty.)

Pregnancy Gripe #1426

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One thing that really sucks about pregnancy and post-pregnancy is the maternity bra. There’s probably no other thing that makes a woman feel 10 years older than a double-stitched, full cushion-covered, wide-strapped, grandma-laced, four-station buckle bra in BEIGE.

Sexy reds, french frills, sheer florals, two-toned lace, lush velvety blacks, little embroided gems, shimmery animal skins, tropical hibiscus ink prints, sleek thin straps? Ha. No way. You won’t find anything sexy in a maternity size 32DD.

Exciting maternity bra colours range from Apricot Pink to Cardboard Cream. Woohoo.

Some may argue the practicality factors – milk leakages, baby puke, blocked ducts, engorgement. And that we need the comfort and support. And really, what kind of animal skin print could put up with all that bleaching anyway?

I know it really is important to look after your breasts when you’re preggers – mastitis is an evil thing indeed. But damnit, I just want to wear a singlet top in this hot weather.

Sunday Morning Bliss

Sunday morning we invited a bunch of friends over for a Christmassy breakfast. We sat in our backyard under the gazebo where it was leafy, cool and where we could feel the morning breeze. I made a huge plate of fresh scones and we ate them with margarine, whipped cream and strawberries. Yuuummm. I also made a fruit salad, a date and walnut loaf AND triple-choc muffins. I was a baking machine from 6am! Ugh, I wished I remembered to take a photo of all the food.

It was a really really nice start to the day. I wished more of my friends were early morning people. I’d love to have more social breakfasts – with bacon and eggs! But to tell the truth, I’m actually a terrible morning person. I only wake up at 6am everyday because I’ve got a kid. Give me a choice and I’d happily stay in bed until 11am.

Supermart Art Exhibition

Went to an exhibition opening in Northbridge, followed by an end of year Xmas bash held by Artrage. The exhibition was GREAT! Called Supermart, it was “a place where art meets consumerism and where purchasing becomes an art”.

Such a cute idea! The whole gallery space was set up to look like a supermarket, with aisles and checkout stations and shopping baskets. And you got to walk around buy the art as you would your groceries.

It was PACKED when we arrived. There were bouncers at the door stopping us from entering. There was a huge queue spilling out onto the pavement. It was an impressive turnout!

There was a cute supermarket catalogue with all the products and prices of stuff you could buy.

My favourites items were the “Knitted Sausages” and the “Knitted Ice Donuts” by Rebecca Baumann & Jane Bandurski. Very cute!