Karen Does Leederville

Andrew, Callum and I took a nice stroll through Leederville, today. I thought it was a little quiet for a Friday afternoon.I guess the lunch crowd hadn’t reached the streets yet.

We walked past all our old favourite cafes and restuarants.
It was fun to recall all our social antics from Leeds. Sunday coffees and BLTs at 130. Saturday night coffee and cakes at Cino’s. Sushi and crazy Jap waiters at Banzai. Delicious kebabs at a very dodgy Effie’s. Lunchtime burgers at Retro Betty’s. Late night browsing through Oxford Bookstore. Lunchtime work meetings at Cafe Villa. Weird arty movies at Luna. After movie kebab at Cosmos. Friday night Latin dancing at the Leeds hotel. It was just hillarious to have so much history in one small strip of cafes.

We ended up at Siena’s. With their special sound dampening ceiling, their indoor children’s play area and spacious seating arrangements.. it’s been our recent favourite cafe.
Even though the coffee is so-so.