A Blast Into The Past II

I found this baby picture of ME (on the left)! It was taken on Christmas Island when I was 6 months old. The picture on the right is Callum sitting in his car seat at 5 months. Hmm, I don’t see many similar features other than the nose and parts of the eyes. And the fact that we both look like babies.

Now this other picture made
me giggle. I don’t know how
old I was, but I was sitting
in our backyard eating
CocoPops from the box.

And I still eat my cereal
straight from the box!

From the Past : Violin Painting

Wow I was digging around my old site archives (from 1999) and I found the thumbnails of some paintings I did.

I think I was 17 when I did them. It was a simple line and form exercise. And I thought I’d explore colour with pastels, watercolours and inks at the same time.

I do play the violin i got from runthemusic.com. I just loved its sexy curves, fine features and its delicious honey coloured wood grain. I remember I had to borrow my friend’s violin who swore that he would kill me if I broke it.

I remember imagining that violins would smell of a forest in summer, and was muchly disappointed when it smelt metallic and oily.

I did have a more introspective reason for painting a musical instrument. For me, creating a picture is easy. But creating music is close to impossible. An untouchable realm. A forbidden possession.

I am in worshipful awe of people who can pick up an instrument and simply compose new music. I’ll stand next to them and say, Can I touch you?. Can you have my children? How do you just THINK UP new tunes in your head? How do you string a few chords together and MAKE UP something from nothing??

They say it’s the same as when I pick up a paintbrush. But it’s not! Painting is easy. You just push stuff around on paper. You just follow a few simple rules and hey presto! A painting! And if it looks a little weird, it’s abstract art. Or expressionism.

Anyway. I digress. I painted it because I couldn’t have it.

My Semi-Green Thumbs

Now that my rocket lettuce are glowing with life, I can finally boast about my herb garden!

I’ve been going crazy in the kitchen. Cooking up a storm of Asiany dishes. Thai noodles, steamed fish, ginger beef, malaysian curries, satays with peanut sauce… all wafting with the smell of warm fresh herbs.

Just the thought of fresh bunches of coriander, basil, chives, spring onions and mint at my doorstep makes me all giddy with excitement. The feeling of self sustenance has put a satisfied grin on my face – but has left me with wanting more! Lemon grass! Pandan plant! Cucumbers! Limes!

It brings back memories of living on Christmas Island as a kid. We had chickens and ducks. We grew our own bananas, mangoes, peanuts, potatoes, and who knows what else. We went fishing, crabbing, and looked for the occasional pigeon and bat. It was a nice way to live. Living off the earth.

But before I sound any more like a tree hugging hippy, I just want to finish off declaring my unwavering love of fried chicken and KFC.

An Update On Everything!

Oooh I’ve had such an awesome break!

  Callum stands up by himself now! He’s 11 months and he’s turning into such an easy-going, happy, funny little kid. He just makes me laugh and laugh. He salutes hello and waves goodbye to strangers and little furry animals. He sits on the cat. He picks up corn flakes off the floor and makes a little pile on the coffee table. He bounces up and down in his chair when he eats potato chips. He will eat beetles, but will spit out olives (which I’ve cut up to look like beetles). He’s ticklish on his feet and neck. And he LOVES weird new sounds – especially the sound of an empty Sprite bottle being thumped on his head.

It was my husband’s birthday the other day.
I bought him a 30 minute helicopter ride. He loved it. They flew from the Causeway across the city to Kings Park. Down the Swan River to Fremantle. Up the coast along all the beaches to Hillarys. Then back down through the city to the helipad. It was a beautiful day for it. The river was sparkling and the ocean was gorgeous! I didn’t go because it was way too expensive for both of us to go. I didn’t mind though, I’ll just wait for my birthday to come around (I’ve decided I want to swim with sharks this year). Anyway, I made him take video footage of the whole ride, because I was intensely curious to see what Perth looked like from the sky. It was very pretty!! But I got seasick after a few minutes.

  We’ve been running around like headless chooks. So many dinner parties, birthdays, lunch parties, barbecues, people in town, house warmings, farewells, picnics. And so many more people we haven’t caught up with. So little time! Summer is already over!

 My car broke down again. Same problem. We got it towed and fixed. Then it broke down AGAIN. Different problem this time. Now we’re thinking of buying a new car.

  I joined a toy library! It’s the best thing ever! $45 for the year. You get to borrow 3 toys every fortnight. 1 toy (valued over $100) and 2 toys (under $100). I grabbed a little walking thing on wheels with an electronic activity board. Callum LOVED it. Except he kept holding the buttons down. And I would hear nothing but “Cat cat cat cat cat cat cat cat” all day.

 Had a pizza and Scrabble night. Hee hee. I love board games. I’m annoyingly competitive too. I would have won, except for a couple of lucky flukes by some people who shall remain unnamed.

    During swim classes we’ve been teaching our babies how to take a breath and put their heads in the water. Now… we are supposed to let go of them while they are underwater! Freaky.

I’ll be back!

Painting sampled from Kosikose

Hi hi. I’m taking a few days offline to rest and relax, tidy up my site, gut my computer, to do a bit of research on a personal project of mine, and to basically chill in the anonymity of real life for a while. Ciao!