Blah blah Christmas blah

We had a great Christmas!
Lots of family, fun and food.
But I was ready to collapse by the end of it!

We had a quiet Christmas Eve at home.
I glazed ham and made a yummy potato salad.

Went to Church on Christmas morning.
Had a BIG Christmas lunch there.
Went to our relative’s house in the afternoon.
Played boulle in the backyard.
Paddled in the inflatable pool.
Ate an even bigger Christmas dinner.
Plus Christmas desserts.
Pulled crackers.
Exchanged presents.
Knocked apart a Santa piƱata.
Ate chocolate and other sugary shite.
I was terribly full and tired by the time we left.

Now, I have 4kgs of ham leftover.

Callum 8 months (with 6 teeth!)

Callum and I had a pretty awful weekend.Callum’s 5th and 6th teeth cut through, and he was the grumpiest and crankiest little kid ever!

Usually he’s pretty independent. He would spend hours just crawling and climbing all over the place. He likes to explore the shelves, cupboards, rooms, behind couches and tables. He likes following the cat, shuffling through the junk mail, sliding the chairs around. And as long as I’m in the same room keeping an eye on him, we’re both having a pleasant day doing whatever we need to do.

He also sleeps about 2-3 hours in the late morning. And 1 hour in the late afternoon. So I get heaps done during the day!

But good lord, since Friday, he was in so much pain – poor thing. He didn’t sleep at all during the day. He whinged and blubbered and cried all day. He wouldn’t let me out of his sight. He wouldn’t even let me stand up to get something. He just wanted to cling onto my leg. Or sit in my lap. Or have me cuddle him. Or hold him. Or bounce him up and down while he grizzled and grumbled. All day!

My husband was on a scuba diver rescue course all weekend. So it was really hard work on my own. I was pretty down.

By Monday – just like that – things were back to normal. I was very relieved. I took him out to Nedlands for lunch and he was the happy little kid bouncing on everyone’s knee again. Thank God!!

Farewell 45

Mike, Wes and Christian had a party to bid farewell to their groovy house in Kensington. There were lots of people, food, alcohol and second hand furniture for sale. I bought Mike’s food processor for $20. What a bargain.

It was great fun – even though I didn’t get totally trashed like everyone else. I spent the night drinking girly drinks (ie. cranberry juice) and found myself with a red-cordial kind of jittery hyperactiveness.

^ Mike made a bunch of us jump up and down like loonies in the kitchen. I am jumping in the photo – just not very high.

Web Industry Christmas Party

Port 80 (Web Industry Association) Xmas Party at the Velvet Room.

^ Me looking very drunk between James and Mike. (I’m not).

I had fun! My baby was with my mum, and my other [big] baby was at a meeting.

I knew 8 people. And I met 4 new people. It was nice to catch up with old buddies too. We talked about facial hair, star gazing with telescopes, and the effects of washing your hair with lite beer vs. full strength beer.