Sunday Shenanigans

It was wet and stormy today. Dark grey clouds rumbled in the sky all afternoon. It was a pretty miserable spring day.

I spent most of the morning finishing my tax return.
I found out by accident that the government gives you money when you have a baby, money to help raise a child and a monthly allowance if you’re a single income family. I can’t *believe* I didn’t do any research on government benefits earlier. I feel so stupid.

So I didn’t get out of the house all day.
Callum slept for 3 hours in the morning.
My sister came over to visit.
We talked about nail polish and hairy backs.
We ate the last of the sticky date pudding I made on Friday.

My husband and his brother spent all day doing renovation stuff. Buying a door. Hanging a door. And painting the door. (Our front bedroom didn’t have a door.)

Later in the afternoon, our happy little family drove 30 minutes up to Trigg beach to watch the sun go down. It was pissing down with rain, the wind was howling, and it was sooo cooooold. We found a car park behind a sand dune that was hidden from the main road.

We stayed rugged up in the car where it was warm and cosy — watching the huge angry waves churn up the beach, the clouds exploding with rain on the horizon, and a couple making out in the car next to us. Just kidding, I think they were just eating fish and chips.

^ Andrew pointing out Mettam’s Pool, a little reef off the beach. Callum examining the hand brake.

Our car was swaying in the wind. Bits of trees were flying across the beach. It was awesome to watch nature in action, from a nice warm place where it couldn’t touch you.

^ There was a break in the weather as the sun went down.
Our little Sunday adventure turned out rather well.

Rug shopping is a bit like dress shopping

You know, I must’ve scanned my way through ALL the rug stores in Perth, and found nothing but the most loudly inappropriate, disgustingly textured, and horrendously coloured “modern” designs for rugs.

You might have thought that tasteful graphic design managed to seep it’s way into all facets of modern living… But no, it seems that hyperactive 5 year olds were let loose at the design department of all rug factories. Big white daisies on bright blue backgrounds? Purple sea horses on checker board patterns? Even contemporary stripes in 3 tones of grey will find no place in my living room!

Sigh, I’m just grumpy about how long (2 weeks) it took me to find one that I liked, good price, good weight, nice texture, nice pattern and nice combination of colours.

They match my dark red curtains and stone couch! *happy*