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Here’s a list of some of my favourite posts from my site, and why.

No Place Higher
2004 was a hard year. My husband was diagnosed with cancer and we went through months of painful moments. As the new year approached, I decided that I wanted to write something about the ordeal. I wanted to write it in a way that inspired, rather than to dampen hearts. It was probably the hardest post I’ve ever written.

Some women would eat ice cream
Every time I read this post, a pang of familiarity starts to bubble in my veins. Sizzling meat = happiness.

Hey dude, want some pizza?
This incident still makes me laugh.

The 3 Year Old Genius
It’s very amusing to see what goes on inside a kid’s head.

Surrounded By Crazy People
Everyone always asks me whether this actually happened! Yes! My kid is a nutter!

Hen’s Night Out
This was definitely an evening to remember. Full of crazy randomness. I laugh every time I read it.

Parenting Is
A list that sums up everything about what parenting is to me.

City Scape
Lots of my readers liked this post. It’s pretty moody and poetic. I’m sure my English Lit teacher would have been proud.

Reflections on Death
A good friend of mine passed away. He was 29. I didn’t know what to write, or how to express myself. But I came up with these 9 lines. And they feel so perfect for me. Thus I make myself re-read it every so often.

Chinese Soup
I love being in a mixed race marriage. Dinner time is always such fun.

Braces : Trying not to feel like a teenager
It’s probably only funny if you’ve worn braces.

Tree is up
I always enjoy writing about something really mundane in a way that’s very me.

Amongst The Weeds
I feel this post really captures the everyday oddities that seem to fill my life.

Warning : Parents Only Post
When I go back to read this post, even I AM shocked by the realities of parenthood. I can’t believe how and where we managed to find the patience to cope!

I adore the photo in this post. Everything from the expression on Sean’s face, the blurry whir of Callum’s legs, and the way he’s not actually sitting in the seat because his legs are too short. It all captures the moment so beautifully.

Understatement of the year…
After the birth of Sean, I suffered from some mild depression. Post-natal blues, call it what you want. This was probably the moment that struck me the hardest. It kinda woke me up and made me realise that I needed some help.

Confessions of the Black Haired Chick
My list of natural alternatives for shampoo and conditioner.

Journeys – The Exhibition
My first ever group art exhibition! I wrote quite a few posts about it and you can find all the links here.

Thoughts on Parenting


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