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Two wrongs don’t make a right!

23 March 2015

Nike Sneakers

I needed to buy my boys some new running shoes. So what did I do?

I took ALL THREE KIDS out to the shops with me, of course – what on earth was I thinking?!?!

The result?

Two Right Feet

When we got home, I realised that I had grabbed TWO RIGHT SHOES for Child 1.

For Child 2, we couldn’t find the exact brand/style/colour/size shoe of his liking, so he came away empty handed.

And for Child 3, I had grabbed a box with Size 11 shoes, but inside had Size 10 shoes?


Parent fail. Shopping fail. Whole day wasted.

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Battlezone Outdoor Laser Tag

15 March 2015

My second boy, Sean turned 10 this week! For his birthday, he wanted to go paintballing with his friends. I replied with a BIG FAT NO!

Instead, I found a place that does outdoor laser tag games for kids in Perth, at a place called Battlezone Laser. It is designed to be safe for 5 to 65 year olds!

No paint, no projectiles, no pain. Just “lasers” and long range sensors built into the guns. The whole experience is supervised; it includes structured battle games; there’s a hotdog and soft drink at the end; and it’s all outdoors.

It sounded pretty good!

I organised 12 boys (all aged around 10) to join the party… and they were all beyond excited!!

Perth Battlezone Outdoor Laser Tag

On the day… we arrived at the venue, got into camouflaged army coveralls and hat, got our face painted and given a briefing.

My husband and I joined in too. I was a bit reluctant. I don’t like guns, or shooting, or war, or combat strategies, or coveralls, or anything military! So when it was time to put on the war paint, I drew love hearts on my face – just to annoy my boys haha.

There were quite a few other party groups there, and everyone was split into TWO big teams.

(They put my husband and I in separate teams, and I was instructed to hunt him down haha!)

Perth Battlezone Outdoor Laser Tag

The briefing went well. The structure, organisation and flow of events was just excellent.

The operators were so down-to-earth, friendly, humourous, and had complete control of the kids. I was impressed!

Perth Battlezone Outdoor Laser Tag

Next up, we had to choose our weapons and strap on our sensors.

Guns? I had no idea which was best. I just picked up a small, lightweight one. But the kids seemed to know all the names and specs of all the big ones, long ones, medium ones and small ones. Whatever.

Perth Battlezone Outdoor Laser Tag

The first game was set on a huge, grassy field. Each team was on either end of the field and the aim was simply to shoot as many players from the other team. There were random objects dotted all over the place; planks, tires, rusty barrels, broken farm equipment, and wooden palates, all great to hide behind.

At first I just found a shady spot and hid. But I got a bit bored… so I decided to just go for a run! Just to see how many kids could hit me. Answer = NONE! *fist pump*

Then I decided to use up my ammo and hunt my husband down. But I couldn’t find him.

The second game was set in a bushy area, with lots of trees and shrubs. I think we had to shoot a VIP player for 100 points. Then there was another game where we had to find hidden codes in the bushland. The kids were absolutely loving it.

Perth Battlezone Outdoor Laser Tag

At one point, during the last game, I was tired. It was hot and I wanted to sit and chill out for a bit.

The game involved all the kids running away from zombies… it was hilarious, thrilling and so much fun for the kids.

But my husband and I found a shady tree, hid and pretended to be zombies by simply shouting -  MUHAHAHAHA we’re zombies and we’re coming to get you!!

Perth Battlezone Outdoor Laser Tag

This was my view from under the shady tree. I spotted a little dragonfly while there were kids and zombies running all around me.

Eventually the siren sounded, indicating the end of the game session. I think we were on the field for 1 hour and a bit.

I initially thought that an hour game-play wouldn’t be enough time for my son and his friends to play (I mean they are all incredibly fit and athletic kids, who play basketball and football). But by the end of it, they were all very tired! They were hungry and thirsty and all very happy to sit down and chill out.

Everyone went back to the base camp, we unloaded our weapons, sensors and got undressed. We lined up patiently for a hotdog and drink, and we sat down at the picnic tables. There was no waiting. Everything was ready to go. I also brought my own chips, dips, cups, and some other party groups brought tablecloths, party plates, and a cake.

We had a debrief, a cheer and that was the end of the party! It was awesome!

For us, we piled back into 3 cars and everyone came back to our place for a swim and ice cream cake.

Best bits:
The flow of events were very simple and organised. The base camp was decorated well and had a very charming, helter-skelter feel to it. There was a very relaxed, fun and exciting atmosphere. The staff were super friendly and helpful. The kids (especially the boys) just loved the action and games. Great price per head. The length of time for briefing, game play, eating and debriefing was perfect. We didn’t feel rushed nor did it stretch on for too long.

Kid’s Feedback:
On the way home, we interviewed all the kids to ask them what they thought of the experience. They all rated it 8/10 or 9/10 or 10/10. But they all mentioned that the guns were a bit difficult to understand some times and they didn’t know whether they hit someone. There were 2 read outs, which were simple enough – one for lives left and one for ammunition. But sometimes the guns would bleep at us, or flash numbers – and we just had to go back to the team leader to try and understand it. Maybe some stickers stuck to the back of the gun might help?

Mum Feedback:
When we assembled on the playing field – about to start, with weapons in hand – the staff took photos of the whole group (all party groups), and individual photos of the birthday kids. They also took photos of lots of kids in action, which were then uploaded into a private gallery and viewable online, with a password and username. These were fantastic! However, I didn’t get a photo of just my son, with all his friends, dressed up together in their coveralls. I should have assembled them together and taken the photo at the base camp, after getting dressed (before splitting into groups and before the briefing began). Just a tip for the mums!

Being a mum of 3 boys, I am constantly looking for cool birthday party ideas. I have done indoor playground parties, gymnastic parties, trampoline parties, rollersakting parties, pool parties, swimming centre and water slide parties, and indoor laser tag parties.

As my kids grow older and reaching the pre-teen age group, I reckon that this outdoor laser tag is definitely a winner!

Thanks for having us Battlezone!


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The Slower Lifestyle?

24 November 2014

Basketball Feet

My husband and I once made a promise that we were NOT going to become parents who crammed our children’s lives with tonnes of extra curricular activities, soccer, football, cricket, hockey, tennis, swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, music, languages, and extra tuition.

We enrolled them into ONE thing per year – and that was it.

Our plan was to… um, spend time with our kids instead??

I have to be honest… the ambitious TIGER PARENT in me found this to be very difficult.

I felt an ENORMOUS sense that I was STARVING my kids from new and important experiences. I felt that my children had so much potential and given the right environment (and lessons), they would be able to flourish, grow, and develop so much more. I felt that everyone around me had their kids in 2 or 3 or 4 extra curricular activities, and that my kids were going to be behind their peers and lack the advantage they need to succeed. I had serious FOMO. Fear Of Missing Out!

Yes, yes I know that spending time with my kids is important. But really, how many times do my kids have to follow me to the grocery store to buy apples? How many times do I have to push them on a swing? How many times do I have to explain things about the world to them – mundane things like how traffic lights work, what are the rules for wishing wells, what’s a credit card? Surely they must get bored of me and need some other kind of stimulation?? Surely kids need to be pushed and challenged so they can learn and excel?!

Oh god. For the last 10 years, I have been in a constant internal struggle about whether we were doing the right thing. I felt like I was just stumbling along and making things up as I go. I felt like a very mediocre parent. I felt that this “slower lifestyle” that we chose was just a lazy cop out. Did we take the easy way out?

Do they need more? Do they need less? We’ve made so many boring, long-term, conservative decisions – to live in a city where the rest of our family lives, to live in only one suburb, to not move the kids from school to school, to live within walking distance from our school and parks. No big overseas holidays, no sudden career changes, no over spending, no gaming consoles, no ipods – we are pretty strict. Perhaps too strict?  Life has been quite boring. But in a good way. Stable, safe, secure.

I guess we wanted to keep life at a slow pace, with low stress and low tech.

But my, how things are starting to change.

Both my bigger kids have interests and hobbies now. One is almost in high school too! There are volunteer meetings to attend, excursion payments to arrange, health forms to fill out, sports uniforms to buy, fundraising activities to support, music concerts, presentation assemblies, parent orientations, parent and teacher meetings…

This weekend, I had to ferry my kids to 3 basketball games, and I stayed to watch 3 hours of basketball. (My husband had to work over the weekend). The first game was at 7:45am Saturday morning and the last game finished at 7pm on a Saturday night! All the way through the first game I was thinking – I HAVE SO MUCH WORK AND HOUSEWORK TO CATCH UP ON! WHY AM I DOING THIS? AFTER ALL WE TRIED TO CUT BACK, HOW DID PARENTHOOD END UP LIKE THIS?

So during the second game, I had to consciously put away my frustrations.  I sat back and just tried to chill out and organise my thoughts. Why am I so stressed?

I realised that I’m so glad that we chose a “slower lifestyle” for their early years, because now life seems to be stepping up a notch or two now. And since I spent so much time with them as younger kids, I am feel a bit happier to “let them go” and let them start exploring the world for themselves.

For my 11 and 9 year old, we’ve gone past all the intensive care stages with them (the newborn stage, the toddler stage, and the pre-primary stage). We’re at a stage where there’s a lot more guiding, supporting, creating positive environments, discussions, making clear rules and consequences (and sticking with the consequences, even though it hurts me more than it does them) and standing back. They’re learning about themselves, their strengths and weaknesses, their peers, their society, the world, and how they fit into it all. It’s a stage that is actually really exciting and rewarding.

So when I look at my kids now, I feel they’re off to a good start.

Even though they can be a pain in the arse most times, my kids are actually pretty great. I’m so pleased and proud of how they are growing up. I really like them! And I feel privileged that I got to be their parent!

I guess we did something right, right??

By the end of the second hour of basketball, as I sat on the bench with basketballs rolling at my feet, with another hour of a basketball game ahead of me, life and parenthood didn’t feel all that bad after all.

If only I could go back 10 years and reassure myself of that we were doing the right thing!

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A Little Update on Liam

19 November 2014

Liam at 5 1/2 Years

My little Liam is growing up!

He’s 5 ½ years old now and he just loves school! He loves being at school, playing with his friends, listening to teachers, following instructions, earning stamps on his “good-work” chart, doing craft, doing new things, and learning new things. His social skills have developed so well in the past year. He does have a reputation for talking WAY too much… but that is definitely better than him not talking enough, right?

He’s also quite a bright cookie and possibly quite advanced for his age.

For example, the other day I was helping my 9 year old do his homework, which involved classifying words into nouns, verb, adjectives and adverbs. Liam was SO interested in this that he too made himself a chart and started classifying words he knew. I went one step further to teach him about building sentences and clauses (oh my god!) and helped him create more complex and interesting sentences. He was SO excited. I could see it in his eyes. They grew wide and sparkly with wonder and amazement. I seriously could not believe we were doing this for fun??

Then we do this thing… where he recites the NATO phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta…see more here) out loud, as fast as he can while I time him with my stopwatch. Again, we do this for FUN?? He does it in 45 seconds (and I can do it in 24 seconds)!

Er yeah, so I’m really happy with how Liam is coming along academically.

BUT… we’ve been having trouble with his active side.

Both my husband and I are pretty sporty and active. And my other two boys (aged 11 and 9) are VERY sporty. They will zoom through their homework after school so they can head to the park to play football, basketball, soccer, hand ball, ride their bikes, go on their scooters, climb trees, or just run! I only have to say, “There’s 1 hour before dinner time, why don’t we go…” and they will zoom out the door, grab their hats, jump on their bikes and be on their way to the park. It’s easy to be active with my big boys.

But for Liam, it is a HUGE chore to get him outside. My shoes hurt, I can’t find my socks, I’m too tired, I have a scratch on my finger, it’s too sunny outside, I don’t want to put on sun cream, I have the wrong hat, my socks don’t match, waa waa waa. Most times the battle is soooooo difficult and emotionally draining, that I just skip my exercise for the day and stay home with him. It is definitely not a good thing for either of us.

But once the kid is ON a bike, or ON a scooter, or has decided that he’ll run through the park… he is absolutely fine! He is always happy as can be to be there!

We have recently signed him up to play in a basketball team, mainly because 6 of his closest friends were also in the team. But he doesn’t like it very much. He would much rather be at home doodling in his book, playing with Lego, organising his room, or working through an online learning program on the computer.

Because he doesn’t really enjoy being active, I find that he is much more drawn to being on a computer screen (playing educational computer games, maths, spelling and puzzle apps on the tablet) than my other 2 kids. I’m not sure if that’s because he’s the youngest of 3 kids and he’s been exposed to things at a younger age. Or it’s because of his personality. Or his age, as he is much younger than my two older kids after all. Or maybe it is his interest in computer games makes him less interested in being active?? Ugh, who can know?

He’s a great sleeper. He sleeps 7:30pm at night and wakes up at 6:30am. He gets very, very cranky after school (3pm) and I sometimes force him to have a nap for 1 hour, or at least make him lie down in his room with the curtains drawn. I find that makes him a much happier member of our family.

He is definitely the most “cuddly” and most “open to showing love and affection” of all my children. He loves cuddles, he absolutely adores me, and he seeks me and my husband out daily to give us a great big hug in the morning.

I hope he doesn’t grow out of that too soon!

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A Place to Step On Alpaca Poo

3 October 2014

My kids and I spent a whole day at the Perth Royal Show and we had a fantastic time!

OK. There were a few exceptions to our “fantastic time” – like the moment I almost yelled at a ride operator because I thought my 9 year old was stuck inside a dark, mirrored maze with strobe lighting and deafening music, possibly throwing up, having a seizure, laying on the floor overcome with sensory overload. He was in there for 20 minutes! I made the ride operator stop the ride, and go inside and rescue my kid. Of course, he was absolutely fine, he just took a long time to finish the maze game and I freaked out.

Also, the whole cost going to the show is always an expensive endeavor. So I made my kids work out a “Day Trip Itinerary” ON A BUDGET. They did a pretty good job. Except they suffered a bit of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)… and their plans ended up being ambitiously tiring. We were on our feet for 7-8 hours!

But, other than those exceptions, yes we had a grand old time enjoying the farm animals, the farm technology, the fire fighters, the wood choppers, the horse riders and the ALPACAS!

Perth Royal Show 2014

If only I could exude a presence this cool and happy, my life would be complete. It was so cute and adorable, that I didn’t even mind when I stood in its poo.

Perth Royal Show 2014

Look at her beautiful shiny coat. That horse brown is amazing.

Perth Royal Show 2014

My kids thought the animals and farm stuff were “fun and educational”… but my kids are a bunch of daredevils. They live for speed, height, fast drops, tight corners, g-forces. They’ll try anything new and exciting. So we made a bee line for the rides and games.

Perth Royal Show 2014

I wasn’t thrilled.

The noise, the frantic energy, the cost, the crowd, the blaring music… It all made me so aggro!


Perth Royal Show 2014

My older kids chose a couple of crazy, gravity defying, monstrous mechanical beasts to sit on.

I had to count to 10, meditate, think of calm blue oceans… anything, to silence THE UTTER TERROR EXPLODING IN MY BRAIN BECAUSE MY CHILDREN ARE GOING TO FALL AND DIIIIIEEEE!!!

Perth Royal Show 2014

After all that… I made my older kids sit with my younger boy – who is only 5 – as he rode on some “baby rides”.

Despite their humiliation, they were very cool about it. They are such good big brothers.

It also meant that I didn’t have to ride with my 5 year old, yay! I have successfully trained my older kids to look after my younger kid.

Perth Royal Show 2014

Here’s my little cute little Angry Bird, waiting at the train station at the end of the day.

Happy but exhausted!


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Geocaching – Real-Life Treasure Hunting

24 September 2014


We’ve slipped on our gumboots and armed ourselves with a map and compass! My kids and I have recently discovered Geocaching!

What is it you ask? Because it sounds like professional mining exploration and… plain hard work :P

Geocaching is a real life, on-going treasure hunt that is happening all around the world and in your local park right now. It’s so much fun!

Basically, you download an app, sign up, turn on your location service, then you look for geocaches that are hidden in your area (or where ever you are in the world).

We were delighted to discover that there were hundreds (maybe thousands?) of geocaches hidden around our city, and at least 1 hidden in every park we visit frequently. Many are linked together with a theme, or a puzzle to solve. It’s kind of cool to know that there is a whole active community out there, making and leaving little treasure hunts for others to find.

Once you find a geocache using the coordinates and clues, you’re supposed to open up the cache, sign a log sheet (to prove that you found it) then use the app to log that you’ve found it and leave a message. Sometimes the caches are a little plastic container, a small box, or even a mint tint. My boys like to leave a little toy/surprise for the next person, usually the tiny head from a Lego man, which is their “signature”.

What I love most about this kind of treasure hunting is… that while we’re in a park, I can just log on and find out whether there is a geocache in the area. Then I can get my kids to “run off and try to look for it”. It occupies them for ages. It also gives us a great reason to visit new parks. And we are all thrilled beyond belief when we find one.

(However, a word of warning, it can get a bit addictive and frustrating at times! See how the container in the picture above has been carefuly camouflaged with tree bark?!)

Happy Caching!



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The Other Mummy

15 September 2014

The Other Mummy

To celebrate Children’s Book Week here in Australia, my eldest decided to dress up as a mummy for his school’s parade.

Of course, I had to help him with his outfit. It was 20 minutes before we had to leave for school and I was frantically trying to wrap him up in toilet paper and sticky tape. It was the stupidest idea ever. The toilet paper didn’t work because it kept tearing and falling apart. I was getting desperate and quite close to tearing up my old white bedsheets, so I could get a good wrap around my son.

But then I had an idea… I used kitchen paper towels with staples instead! I wrapped him up in 5 minutes flat!

If only the ancient Egyptians knew about staplers! And paper towels!

Getting him to school was also quite tricky. He had to lay down (almost) horizontally in the front passenger seat of the car. And he had to be absolutely still and quiet the whole time, because if he talked, his breath would soften the paper towel over his mouth and it would just fall apart. It was hilarious! He was a very well behaved, silent mummy!

I should have wrapped up my other two kids too.

I would have had a wonderfully quite morning! :P


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A Machine For Knocking Down Things

1 September 2014

Life has been going great for our family. I couldn’t be happier! We’ve all struck a wonderful balance of life, work, kids, school, fitness, friends, parties and creative projects.

But the most significant change to our routine is that we’ve amped up our involvement in our children’s learning and development, by extending what they learn in school. The only down side is that it’s really time consuming, but it’s fun and we think it’s worth it :)

My 11yo recently took up an extra-curricular unit in “engineering”. I say this loosely, because its unit outline had spun a tale about Minecraft (the computer game), mining, materials, building bridges, and engineering projects… so my son was sold on it.

The unit turned out to be great. The projects were interesting and broad enough to let imaginations run wild.

One of the projects was “Knock down a small statue (made out of paper boxes) by any means, as long as it involves a chemical reaction.”

Inspired by Mythbusters (the TV show), countless amounts of YouTube videos, and my husband’s help… my son came up with the idea of triggering a big, kicking leg with a small chemical reaction “trigger”.

The whole process took about 4 weeks of sketching ideas, testing, building, more testing, visits to the hardware store and lots of tweaking. We also had lots of exploding coke bottles!

A Machine For Knocking Down Things

Here are both my big boys testing the effectiveness of coke + mentos, coke + bicarb soda, coke + Alka-Seltzer (effervescent antacid). Then swapping the coke for vinegar. And then water.

They settled on brown vinegar and bicarb soda, because it had much more “grunt”.  I’m not sure if that is a proper engineering term, or something they picked up from my husband.

So then they had to work out how much brown vinegar and bicarb soda was needed to get a good “explosion”.

They made SUCH A HORRIBLE MESS. Bicarb soda was sprinkled everywhere. They got vinegar sprayed in their hair, clothes, roof of the patio and the outdoor furniture set. They just opened packets of this and bottles of that, and tossed it on the ground so my whole backyard looked like a dump!

I literally had to hide in the house, because 1) I wanted to give them some independence, 2) I didn’t want vinegar in my clothes.

So this is the final “Knocking Things Down Machine”.

A Machine For Knocking Down Things

My boy set up the box statue to knock over.

I love the star shaped sunglasses.

A Machine For Knocking Down Things

A small bottle was filled with brown vinegar. Bicarb soda was wrapped in a little paper capsule. The capsule was popped into the bottle. The paper wrapping slowed down the reaction to give my son time to get the lid screwed on.

A bit of garden reticulation piping with a tap was screwed onto the bottle. And a balloon was attached to the end of the pipe.

A Machine For Knocking Down Things

The balloon portion of the contraption was placed under a lever.

The tap was opened to let the gas (and froth) blow up the balloon.

(The balloon blew up very quickly!)

A Machine For Knocking Down Things
The growing balloon lifted up the lever.

Other side of the lever had a string attached to it.

The lever pulled the string.

A Machine For Knocking Down Things

The string changed direction through a pulley.

The string pulled out a little peg – made from a texta marker.

The peg held up a swinging pendulum “leg” (the horizontal bit of wood in the photo above), with a “foot” attached to it.

A Machine For Knocking Down Things

The peg came out, the “leg” swung and the “foot” kicked the statue over!

A Machine For Knocking Down Things

This was what the whole contraption looked like from a far. Actually I think this was an earlier version because there isn’t a foot attached to the swinging leg in this photo?

It wasn’t exactly a fine example of carpentry. My husband, who helped my son considerably, was appalled by how ugly, dodgy and wobbly it was.

The thing was so big that we thought we might have had to hire a trailer to take it to school. How embarrassing!! But we managed to borrow an SUV and fit it in the trunk, phew.

Anyway, it worked! It fitted the brief. It totally knocked the socks off his teacher and classmates! My son also seemed to like the feeling of hard work that led to achievement and going “over and beyond” expectations.

You know, my 11yo is great at school, but he hadn’t really found that “spark” that made him REALLY interested in ANY subject. He just cruised along, in middle gear, preferring to play football, computer games or read a book.

But I’m quite excited to know that we might have now planted a seed of some kind. Who knows what it might lead to.

You know how you hear from highly successful or highly driven people and how they often describe a “defining moment” in their life or career. Well my hope is that as parents, we manage to fill our children’s lives with MANY of those defining moments, however subtle or outstanding.

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Suddenly I’m back at high school

25 June 2014

Highschool Feet

The other day, my husband and I attended an orientation for my eldest son to go to high school!!

Yup. My son turns 12 next year and he’ll be in Grade 7, the first year of junior high school.

Sigh, my baby boy is all grown up!

I sat there, in the meeting room, holding a sample student’s timetable, thinking – I remember this.

I remember excitedly pouring over my new high school timetable. Comparing it with my girlfriend’s timetable. Groaning that PE class was first thing on Monday morning. Cheering that I had art class on Friday afternoons. Such great memories!

I hope he has a great time in high school.

And I hope I don’t FREAK OUT too much!

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Hi Eleven

4 June 2014

My eldest boy turned 11.

We had a fun-filled water-fight birthday party in our backyard with 12 of his closest friends. There was a soapy bouncy castle, a pool, water guns, water pumps, water balloons, a hose, pizza and soft drinks. They had so much fun!
Callum Turns 11

It was great to see kids being kids, even though they all looked like teenagers and most were taller than me!

You know, I never imagined myself as a mother to teenagers. I always saw myself as a mum rolling out playdough shapes and making paper craft on the dinner table. But I never imagined me taking my kids to exams, standing around for hours to watch them play sport, or setting up their email accounts and teaching them about avatars and appropriate online behaviour.

This teenager thing seems to be creeping up on me rather quickly. It’ll be here in no time at all.

Most people assume that I’m filled with dread and I’m reeling in denial. They assume I’m completely freaked out – my kids are growing up so fast! I’m getting so old! I remember when he was just a baby! Time is moving so fast!

However, a bigger part of me is just over all of that. I’m past all the shock and trauma. Yes, yes, life moves fast. Stop whinging about it and enjoy the journey!

I guess for me, I’m glowing with excitement.

He’s going to high school next year! He’ll tackle new friendships, new social settings, need to work harder at his studies. He’s going to be challenged by responsibility, independence, decision making and self-discipline.

He’s doing very well so far. He’s maturing into a fine young man – and I’m so so proud of him.

Here’s to a great and exciting year ahead… for me AND my first born child!

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Offerings of Peace and Manipulation

23 May 2014

My 5 year old Liam has been going through some behavioural issues lately.

Meaning, he’s been soooo UNBELIEVABLY naughty!

Hubby and I use “time out” as our method of discipline. So Liam gets removed from the room, the activity, the meal, the snack, the computer, the TV, the toys, whatever… and he has to sit in his room to cool down, until he shows me that his behaviour has changed. He’s usually pretty good at changing his behaviour, correcting the problem and saying sorry. In fact sometimes he’s so good at it, that it borders on manipulation.

What does he do while he’s waiting to come out?


Peace Offerings by Liam


Can you see how his TEARS have smudged the texta lines in the second flower, and my hair?

He often draws the person who puts him into his room (ie: me) and he draws all my favourite objects, colours, love hearts, flowers, happy suns, and himself. Obviously, it’s a kind of love letter to me. But I’m sure he does this to make himself feel better and to prove that I still love him and he still loves me.

Peace Offerings by Liam

In fact he does *so* many of these drawings, that I am getting bored with them!

I now just throw away the identical and mediocre ones.

Is that bad of me? Can you believe it? I’m *this* close to being one of those mothers who say, “This love letter is not good enough! Draw me another one!”

Peace Offerings by Liam

Here you can see that his technique and penmanship is evolving. As is his access to a wider variety of drawing mediums. And his use of different fonts.

I receive about 2 or 3 of them a day. Depending on how naughty he is per day.

He just leaves them around for me to find. They get stuck on my fridge. Left on the kitchen counter. Slipped under my door. Put on my pillow. Stuffed into my shoe.

It’s adorable and all. But I actually have to force myself to ignore them… and focus on the “behavioural issue” first.

Or else he’ll think that he can be as naughty as he wants… all he has to do is draw a cute picture for me and I’ll let him off!

So when he comes to me with big, teary, dopey, sorry eyes, and he hands me the cutest and most thoughtful picture I have ever seen, drawn with my favourite colours and omg his tears… I have to force myself to give him a BLANK look and say something like, “Ok, let’s talk about your behaviour. Do you think it was a good idea to spit on your brother?!?”

It’s very difficult to NOT crack a smile.

Bitter. Sweet. Boiling temper. Melted heart. This parenting thing is so bloody tricky.

Let’s just hope he doesn’t see this blog entry and finds out how much I totally love his drawings. Or else I’ll have no chance with his behaviour!

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The Frotes vs. The Veshterbls

28 April 2014

My little 5 year old drew this the other day.


Yes it is insanely cute, on so many levels.

Firstly, the spelling. Oh my, it’s so wrong, but so… confident, creative and unaware. It makes me NOT want to correct him and NOT force him to spell like the rest of us boring adults.

Secondly, just look at the expressions on the little characters! The frazzled strawberry! The grumpy banana! The electrocuted carrot! The eye popping out of the tomato!

And thirdly, yep, noodles and sliced bread are veshterbls.

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Liam Turns 5!

15 April 2014

My little chicken turned 5 years old and we had a kind of mini festival for him – celebrating his birthday over a few weeks, with lots of different groups of family and friends.

Liam Turns 5

For all his best friends from school, we threw him a huge party in our backyard.

We put up a bouncy castle, we had snacks and lots of play time. My older boys organised and lead some simple games for the kids, like relays, egg and spoon races, “What’s the Time Mr Wolf” chasey games. I was so proud of them, it was a fun party!

I made a two tiered cake, which Liam requested to be in the theme of Disney’s Lightning McQueen. I totally stole the idea and design off the internet, so I get no points for originality!

Liam Turns 5

I made two chocolate cakes. The bottom tier was 18cms in diameter and the top tier was 10cms.

(Unfortunately – as I found out at the end – the cake recipe I used was much too dry, stogey and it just didn’t taste very nice. Boo! So I have to find myself a new chocolate cake recipe for next time, and make sure I do a bit more testing.)

Liam Turns 5

I bought some white fondant, which I dyed, rolled out and moulded to make a desert & sky scenery for the base.

The fondant was too soft for my liking. It kept sagging and my moulded figures wouldn’t hold their shape. I had to constantly keep moving the cake in and out of the fridge to keep the fondant in place. I have to find a good quality fondant next time. From a proper cake shop! And stop buying supermarket brands!

Liam Turns 5

I made a checkered flag design for the top tier. I made some stars from yellow fondant. I printed out a Disney Cars logo and super imposed my son’s name in the middle. I decorated the cake with Cars characters which made the whole cake looks so lively and happy.

The result was awesome! I was really happy with the end result and Liam just LOVED the cake!

Happy Birthday Liam, we loved making a fuss of you!

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To Stay In Luve

2 April 2014

My youngest son Liam turned five last week. As the baby in the family, he has gotten away with bad behavior for longer than anyone else. My fault, I have to admit… he is my LAST baby.

So, I have been going all “Tiger Mom meets Super Nanny” on him recently, to get him to stop his anti-social behavior. He is often sent to his room to ponder the error of his ways, and calm his red hair down.

Often, he emerges with a note he has written as a peace offering.

And this is my favorite one so far.

Scroll down to the bottom of the note, where I have translated it from Liam-speak into a human-readable form.

To Stay In Luve

“I need to remember not to kick, punch or hit my brothers. Especially, don’t say swear words. This will all help to maintain the love in our family.”

Well, he is getting the message, but obviously, I need to work with him on his spelling, letter formation, grammar an general neatness. Some lined paper wouldn’t hurt either.

Damn, I Luve that kid so much.

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This is how we row

21 March 2014

Kayaking at Moore River

I took this photo a few weeks ago. We were camping with friends in Guilderton, next to the Moore River.

We were kayaking, swimming, sand boarding, and building sand castles with friends… all day!

I took Liam out for a paddle and we sang “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” at the top of our lungs, to the other side of the river and back.

I just love this photo. I’m so thankful that I made the effort to reach into my bag to grab my camera and made us pose in the glaring sun.

Liam and I look so happy, so content, so utterly delighted to be alive.

Would you believe that today – 21 March – Liam turns 5 year old?

Happy birthday little buddy! We’ll be celebrating your birthday with a party next week!

(For those who have been following my blog for the last 5 years, join me for a trip down memory lane!)

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The Making of The Candy Cane Coffin

20 December 2013

It seems like my life as a parent has inadvertently turned into my life as an amateur costume designer.

Like the time I had to build a Lego man’s head for my son. Or when I helped my kids make zombie costumes for Halloween. And my most recent task of sewing up a sexy nurse costume (for myself) in 45 minutes.

Well, for my next adventure… I had to help my 10 year old son make a candy cane costume for his end-of-year school play!

Candy Cane Craft

He drew up some ideas, which were fantastic.

I helped him through some factors that we had to take into consideration. For example, we had to make sure it wasn’t too top-heavy, that he could wear it comfortably for 10 minutes, that he could run in it, that he could breathe in it, that it would stay rigid and upright etc.

Candy Cane Craft

I don’t know about you, but 10 year old boys with cutting tools make me nervous.

I showed him how to use a cutting knife, how to be safe with it, and how NOT to cut with it… then I sat back to let him work out the rest.

I believe in letting kids just get on with the task on hand, without hovering over them like pain in the ass.

I held my breath throughout his cutting process and almost passed out from the stress. Can you say JITTERY and JUMPY?!?

Candy Cane Craft

But… look at our two beautiful and identical J pieces!

Candy Cane Craft

Then I taught him how to use a hot glue gun.

Guns and glue. There were so many ways this could go wrong.

Candy Cane Craft

But again I sat back.

And I watched him glue his fingers together. Of course!

Candy Cane Craft

We moulded the sides and glued everything together.

As it took shape, I was a little horrified that our candy cane looked like a strange coffin.

Candy Cane Craft

I cut up a canvas shopping bag and stuck the handles on the inside to act as shoulder straps.

We cut arm holes and lastly a face hole.

Oh gosh, I was so proud of our creation. Even though it looked like… a coffin.

candy Cane

But, once it was painted, it looked a lot less like a coffin, thankfully.

The kid’s play was a Christmas adaptation of “The Gingerbread Man”, where my son had to run around in costume shouting “Run, run as fast as you can! You can’t catch me I’m the CANDY CANE MAN!!”

Oh boy, I had a strange mixture of pride and embarrassment as I watched him on stage.

In my primary school days, I was so shy and awkward that I would have been paralysed by embarrassment and UTTERLY MORTIFIED if my parents made me a candy cane costume and I had to be on stage, wearing it in front of people!!

But my son seemed to have NO problems with being on stage, wearing an oversized candy cane, being like a hyperactive confectionery, and speaking in a false, high pitched voice. I guess the difference is that it was all HIS idea…

So I guess I’m very pleased and proud that I have such a cool kid.

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Nothing Gets Me Going Like…

20 November 2013

Liam had his very first Disco Event. It was held after school, in the primary school hall, and it went from 4-6pm.

For weeks, he was so excited!

However, because the kid was only 4 years old, he didn’t know what a DISCO was.

Never fear my son! Mummy shall teach you all the truly important DISCO DANCE MOVES!

We practiced the classics – The Saturday Night Fever hustle! The funky chicken dance! The bus stop! The moonwalk! The twist! The swim! The mash potato! The robot!

And my personal favourite – because I am a child of the 80s and 90s – The Running Man. Oh yeah baby!

(Come on, tell me you don’t want to stand up right now and try it out, just for old time’s sake?)

Liam's Disco 2013

Anyway, when the big night of the disco finally arrived… we stepped into the big hall and he saw the kids running wild and jumping around to the loud music… he simply said, “This isn’t a disco. This sucks!”

He was so unhappy and grouchy.

He spent a whole hour clinging to my leg, drawing circles on my skirt, growling and demanding that we go home.

Liam's Disco 2013

Bah, all the other kids were having a fabulous time.


The Wriggly Jellyfish Dance!

Oooh I so wanted to get down there on the floor and boogie with them.

Liam's Disco 2013

Eventually, Liam cheered up.

Gangnam Style came on, and he dashed to the middle and did his thing.

Meh. I don’t know if Gangnam Style constitutes as a “truly important” disco dance move :P

Do you remember The Running Man?

What about the MC Hammer move? The Worm? The Macarena? The Locomotion? Bananarama Venus?

What’s YOUR best move? What’s YOUR legendary disco dance? I’m having a discussion over at my Facebook Page, join me over there!

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Mum, We’ve Lost The Plastic Poo

24 October 2013

Trashed Car

This is the backseat of my car, after I took my children to the Perth Royal Show.

The kids bought a few showbags with their pocket money and they received a lot of free goodies too.

Somewhere in there, I was guaranteed to find – two sticky eye balls, some fake vomit, plastic ants, a toy toilet and one lump of plastic poo. How lovely.

Oh ho ho. My kids bought a disgusting joke set and were enjoying the sheer pleasure of upsetting their mother.

When I saw this explosion, I laughed out loud.

It surprised me. I thought I would have groaned with despair. Or screamed with irritation.

But nope.

I was completely amused and somehow I was – strangely – happy.

It was like stumbling across the happiness of Christmas morning. Minus the fake poo.

It seemed to capture the essence of a child’s experience of a carnival. Buzzing with stories, delight, exhaustion and bliss.

People don’t say this much these days… but I think we had the best school holidays yet.

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17 October 2013

So I recently bought a little electric shaver thingy, for ladies.

It’s not very exciting. It’s just a delicate trimmer for sensitive areas like your eyebrows, legs, armpits, bikini line or any kind of face or body hair.

For when you need a trim, like NOW.


But it came with all this extra crap, like washable cutting heads in 2 different sizes, a precision cutter, a brush, a protective cap, a little drawstring bag… I was quite annoyed with the unnecessary “accessories” … and these stickers! WTF is going on with these stickers??

I was so innocent (and stupid) that I thought – Why on earth did they include stickers, OBVIOUSLY FOR LITTLE GIRLS, in a shaving pack obviously for women with body hair issues??

I was going to toss them into the bin, but I thought my son would like them instead (he loves stickers).

So I gave them to my 4 year old and he loved them… and stuck them all over his door.

That night I put him to bed, and I walked passed his door.

I thought, What an odd selection of sticker shapes… A heart? A crown? Lips? A keyhole? A pussycat? – OH.  HANG ON A MINUTE.  SHIT! I gave my son pubic hair shaving stickers!! OMG! OMG!

The next morning, I had to convince my 4 year old that he can’t have the stickers on his door anymore.

I tried to put together a compelling case, without you know, using the words ‘Pubic Hair’ -

1) Because they are actually rubbish and rubbish needs to be in the bin.
2) Because they are pink and pink things are for girls.
3) Because they actually belonged to someone else and I have to give it back to them?
4) Because if your friends come over they will laugh at you, because you know, the stickers are pink. And like, you’re a boy?

But they all sounded like “stupid parent lies” and I knew he would not accept such statements, he’d become angry, rebellious and he’d refuse to give them up. And worse, he’d cause such a commotion that my older children will want to know what they are. Then I’ll really have some explaining to do. Good grief.

So I decided to tell this lie instead, which I knew he would accept -

5) Because the stickers were actually mine. I’ve changed my mind. I liked them so much that I want them on MY bathroom mirror where I can see them everyday and enjoy them!

Straight to the heart! What a lie!

My brilliant parental wit has saved the day!



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Raising An Army of Slaves

7 October 2013

(Ok so I’m totally boasting here.)

What I love about having children aged 8 and 10… is that they are now capable of doing significant jobs around the house.

And you know how I’m trying to bring up solid, reliable, well-grounded, capable gentlemen?

Well my boys can do things like vacuuming! Washing dishes! Cooking dinner! Cleaning windows! Cleaning toilets! Pulling weeds! Like – ALL OF IT – in one day! Young boys have so much energy! I just have to keep shovelling food into their mouths!

Triple Choc Brownie

The other morning was the start of the school holidays. It was 8am and I set my boys to work.

By 10am, my sons had washed the dishes, vacuumed the whole house, cleaned the toilets and made triple chocolate brownies for morning tea.

OMG people. Go get yourselves knocked up right now. You too can breed an army of mini slaves. The benefits are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

I love my boys!! I am one happy mother!!

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Going Bush

27 September 2013

This weekend, we’re going camping.

And I mean CAMPING camping.

We’re going with some friends, and we’re driving 4 hours out of the city to a “place” between Perth and Kalgoorlie.

It’s not a caravan park. It’s not an official campsite. It’s just a “little spot on the map” in the middle of the bush.

There’s no electricity, no running water, no showers, no toilets.

Just bush.

Lots of beautiful, Australian bush.

Australian Bush Sky

I told my 4 year old, “YAY we are going on a little holiday!”

And because we holidayed in Singapore a few months ago, he replied, “Oh cool! Is there going to be a swimming pool and buffet breakfast again?”

Uh. No.

It will be a very interesting trip indeed!

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Secrets of the Afterlife

26 September 2013

Last weekend, it was a wet, cold, rainy weekend. The kind where you wake up in the morning and think – Oh god, how am I going to entertain these kids today?!?!

Well, that morning, a crazy part of me thought – Oh why don’t we go to the WA Museum today?! That’s indoors. I have been meaning to catch the most recent exhibition about Ancient Egypt.

So I bundled my three kids into the car and off we went.

What was I thinking?!

Ancient Egypt Exhibition 2013

The exhibition was called, The Secrets of the Afterlife, in collaboration with the British Museum. I say “was” because this day turned out to be THE LAST day of the exhibition. I was lucky to see it!

It was a journey into the ancient Egyptian world of magic, mummies and mystery.

The artifacts were AMAZING!

Ancient Egypt Exhibition 2013

The preservation of the materials. The ritualistic decoration. The intricate beading. The craftsmanship. It was jaw-dropping.

Ancient Egypt Exhibition 2013

This is the surface of one coffin. The paintings were so detailed, clear, precise, and vibrant. I was in design heaven.

If you consider that most of these items are dated back to 1500 BC… that’s over 3000 years old!

It was completely mind boggling. And I was filled with spine-tingling awe.

Ancient Egypt Exhibition 2013

Then came the jewellery and I almost lost it. I was so excited.

The lizards symbolised the renewal of life (based on the creature’s ability to re-grow new limbs or tail). The beads on the left necklace are shaped as poppy seed heads.

These pieces are over 2000 years old. Made from gold, carnelian gemstone, glass. Gaah how beautiful!

Ancient Egypt Exhibition 2013

On the right is a heart-scarab amulet, with spells from The Book of the Dead inscribed at the base.

On the right are a collection of make-up containers. The tube-like containers are kohl eye paint holder, and the little semi-circle box is for storing cosmetics. How beautiful!

These items are dated between 1500 – 1069 BC.

Yup, so all this was very lovely, but what REALLY happened during the outing?

I wish I could say that I had a wonderful experience soaking up and appreciating history and the creativity of our ancient ancestors… but in reality, I had to RACE through the exhibition. I only had 2 seconds to look each item. I literally just stopped at each piece, went WOW, took a photo of it, took a photo of the information plate, then rushed on to the next piece. Literally. It was shameful.


Because my 4 year old was shouting things like “If these are the mummies, WHERE ARE THE DADDIES?? BWAHAHAHA!!!” over and over again.

He was knocking things over. Jumping around. Falling to the ground. Banging on the glass. Banging into other people. Shouting really loud. Licking the glass. Putting his hands over the information panels when people were trying to read them. Ripping up the brochures and sprinkling the paper all over the floor.

He was holding my hand, but jumping and pulling in all directions, so I was jerking around, and being pulled to the ground at random times. I was constantly scolding him, warning him, punishing him, and of course, trying to engage him in the exhibition to no avail.

Ooooh it was hard work. I was pretty pissed off that I couldn’t enjoy the exhibition, but really, it was my own fault! Why did I do this to myself? I was swearing inside. And shaking my head at the whole BITTERSWEET EXISTENCE OF PARENTHOOD! I was close to tears.

That is…

Until right at the end… we reached the last little nook.

I wanted to take a photo of the last exhibition piece… so I asked my kids to wait against a wall. It was actually a wall with a connected partition that created a 20cm gap. My 4 year old giggled naughtily, “Tee hee, I’m going to squeeze through this gap and I’ll see you on the other side mum!!”

(I thought what he said was quite witty and profound, since this was an exhibition about the afterlife…)

I bent down to him and said very sternly, “DO NOT put your head through that gap. You are NOT to squeeze through to the other side, do you understand?!”

He said yes.

I turned away. I was about to snap my photo, when I heard him say, “Er, help!”.

Oh god no.

Ancient Egypt Exhibition 2013

Yep. He put his head between the wall partition.

My son got his head stuck in the wall!


And yes. Since I had a camera in my hand, I took a photo of him.

Oooooooh, dear internet. Do forgive me, because I could not stop myself from laughing. I had to press my lips together and bend my head into my chest to hide my smile. It was a serious and dangerous situation for my child, yet I giggle uncontrollably. I had pangs of guilt but oh my, it was sooooooo funny.

He was saying things like, “Um, mum. I think my head is stuck. Can you help me?”

Sigh. Ok.

I put my camera away. And began to think. How to get my son’s head out?

I held his head and tried to pull him out gently. Nope, stuck.

I pressed his ears tightly against his head, then pulled. Nope. Hmm, definitely stuck.

I smooshed his temple/cheeks/face/ears together in my hands (oh god I was trying not to laugh!) and pulled a little harder… then he started to scream in pain! Good grief, now everyone was looking at us.

I asked my other boys to find an attendant for help. Maybe they could move the wall partition?

But my boys started to have an argument about WHO was going to do the asking. They were going back and forth with their bickering, while my little one cried louder and louder. I turned to them and growled, “WILL YOU STOP ARGUING!! I NEED SOME HELP AND I NEED YOU TO GO FIND SOMEONE WITH A BADGE!!”

In that moment, Liam seemed to have twisted and turned, and -POP- out came his head. He was free.

Thank goodness!!

I certainly calmed down after that. And I wasn’t so grumpy any more.

I smiled knowing that I had great photos of the exhibition (and my son with his head stuck in a wall). And that I could soak up the creativity of our ancient ancestors (and my son)… forever.

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It Also Cooks Peabrains!

19 September 2013

One day I was having a casual conversation with my 8 year old son… when he said something like…

“Well our microwave is so advanced that it can cook: rice, pasta, chicken, beef, soup, vegetables, children…”

“Say what?”

“Children. Our microwave knows how to cook children.”

“Dude. It doesn’t.”

“Ye-es. It even SAYS SO!”

So he takes me over to the microwave. He presses a few buttons and LOOK AT THAT MUM BOOYAH YOU’RE WRONG AND I’M RIGHT!!!

Microwavable Child

Turns out he just activated the CHILD LOCK.

I kept a very straight face. But inside, omg I was rolling around with laughter!!


A few days later, I wanted to take a photo of the “CHILD” message on the microwave … so I could write this blog post.

I tried everything, and I just COULD NOT activate the child lock. So in the end I had to call him over and sheepishly ask him to activate it!

(Hmm, is that irony? Or just good design? Or perhaps bad design?)

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Mop Head

18 September 2013

Liam Cake Pop, Sept 2013

This is Liam, at the shopping centre, about to get a haircut and showing off his SIT STILL bribe.

I prefer his hair length to be a little longer (than my other boys), and I have been trying to convince him to use a bit of gel or mousse to style it up. Ah he would look sooo cute with spiky hair! But he completely refuses to have his hair styled… and so it just looks messy and unkempt.

So we decided to just buzz-cut it all off!

Oh well. Hair grows back.

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You can lead a horse to water

4 September 2013

**I have to warn you about this post. It’s a bit long, detailed and emotional, but I really wanted to capture a snippet of all the mind-numbing crap that parents have to go through every single day!

One morning, my husband took ONE of our children out to play football, then for a trip to the hardware store, then to hang out at a café… basically, they enjoyed some rare one-on-one time together.

I was left at home with the other two kids – which is usually excellent. A change in dynamics is always good for everyone.

However, this day, there was a mountain of laundry and chores that needed to be done at home, toilets to be cleaned, floors to be vacuumed… and frankly I couldn’t be assed.

It was such a gorgeous day outside!

South Perth

I decided to go for a spontaneous outing and take my two kids to the river. I was excited!

My idea was to take scooters for my boys, so they could scoot along on the long, smooth path, while I ran alongside them. I was so proud of my decision. They get to do something outdoorsy and energetic and yes I get to run! I’m always happy when I exercise!

Then I would buy myself a takeaway coffee, and ice cream and cookies for the kids. And we’ll hang around the large playground and sand pit. The boys thought it was a great idea too.

Perfect, easy morning right?

BUT. As we arrived at the river, my big boy developed a really shitty attitude.

He was grumpy, irritable and aggressive towards his little brother. He was having a kind of passive-aggressive tantrum… and he was saying random, crabby things and not making any sense.

I was very gentle and reasonable with him, at first. Asking what’s wrong, how does he feel and why, talking about ways he can make himself feel better, maybe he needs to sit alone for a few minutes to calm down before his feelings come out in the wrong way? I suggested that he take a walk to the edge of the river by himself, look at the water and then come back, while I took the scooters out of the car.

He did not want to be at the river. He wanted to be at home playing computer games.

I lightly reminded him that we were supposed to be washing toilets at home, so JUST CHEER THE F**K UP.

(Ok I didn’t actually say that to him.)

He immediately got into a hitting fight with his little brother, pushing him out of the way, grabbing a hat and throwing it into his brother’s face, who then got poked in the eye.

Trouble Number 1.

So I had to deal with a tantruming boy (with a big long lecture and a time out) and a crying boy (with a cuddle).

South Perth

My little boy (Liam) quickly settled down, and had NO PROBLEM being cheerful again.

While my older boy moaned unpleasantly on the grass (because he was in time out), my little boy and I spelt our names out with body poses (see the L, I, A and M in the pics?) and rolled around laughing. He was so cute and funny and so UNCOMPLICATED. I guess it just comes with that age. He was just happy to hang out, chat about birds, look at simple stuff and just enjoy being alive.

Trouble Number 2.

My older boy started to shout out nasty insults and negative comments towards us about our letter spelling. I had to scold him again and gave him another warning that there would be consequences for any more unacceptable behaviour.

I figured that his mood might change once we started to burn some energy. So we started our walk and my little boy scooted off happily.

But my big boy was being very uncooperative again.

Trouble 3 and 4.

He decided that he didn’t want to be on the scooter. He wanted to walk. So he started to drag his scooter angrily across the path. It ruins the metal finish of the scooter and makes it susceptible to rust. I firmly pointed out to him NOT to drag his scooter. If he didn’t want to ride his scooter, he can put it back into the car himself. I gave him the car keys, with instructions to put it carefully into the boot of the car, then to come back to where we were standing. He refused to do that and threw my car keys into the grass.

I made him pick it up and give it to me. Which he did. I was near boiling point. I very calmly told him that he was displaying poor behaviour AGAIN, and now he was not going to have any screen time for 3 days. I gave him suggestions on how to make things better from this point on, and another warning for even more consequences if he didn’t change his behaviour.

I also reminded him that I had promised everyone ice cream and cookies, and he didn’t actually have to DO ANYTHING to earn it – EXCEPT TO BE FREAKING HAPPY!!

He calmed down a bit, but he was still in a bad-temper.

I decided to give him yet another chance.

(I was PRETTY PISSED OFF, but I just wanted to get some freaking exercise!)

It took all of my willpower to decide that *I* would scoot on *his* scooter, and he could walk. I kind of made a deal – I’ll do this for you, only if you’re going to cheer up.

After internalising it for a few minutes, he agreed.

I reached out to take the scooter from him, but he didn’t pass the scooter to me nicely. He suddenly tossed it to the ground *just* before it was near my hand. Then he ran off after his little brother, pushed his little brother roughly off his scooter onto the ground and decided that he wanted to ride the LITTLE SCOOTER NOW. WHAT THE HELL??

Trouble 5, 6 and 7!

OMG I totally lost it!

I shouted at him from across the park (yes like one of THOSE mothers!) I huffed over to him, grabbed him by the arm and pulled him off the path, into the middle of the grassy field (so no one had to listen to me yell at my kid!).


And yep. I swore at him. I really wanted to wrap the scooter around his head. Instead I listed out a zillion punishments for him to enjoy over the next week.

Seriously what was up with this kid?!

I had absolutely no idea what to do now. I was FURIOUS!!

If I was at home, I would confine him to his room for the rest of the day so I didn’t have to look at him or talk to him!

But I SOOOOOO DID NOT WANT GO HOME. Because that’s what HE WANTED. WHICH MEANS HE WON RIGHT?? He gets what HE wants by behaving like a shit head to me?? NO DEAL!!

Grrrrrrrrr. The anger!

I could feel the grey hairs of stress and anxiety popping out of my skull.

Blood booooooiling in my veins. Fingernails growing into pointy claws.

AAARGH! I could not believe that we had only been out of the house for 45 minutes!

And here we were. Standing in this beautiful grassy field, over-looking the sparkling river, with the sun was blazing down on us… I was dying for a run, dying to have a good time, dying for the kids to just be happy… and I was very aware that my whole day could be totally ruined by this!


After a whole lot of deep breathing and counting to 10. I cooled down a bit thought of a way to salvage this.

I decided to skip the whole scooter and run, and head to the café to buy myself a coffee and my little boy a cookie. My big boy would just miss out. HE CAN WATCH US ENJOY OUR TREAT HA!

South Perth

Coffee and treats in hand, we gingerly sat on the edge of the river, and watched the waves roll in.

Look at that. My little boy is dancing around in the water being happy as a puppy dog, while my big boy sulks and refuses to “have fun”.

The waves calmed me down. I felt like a mad, feral monster with wild crazy hair, warts and fangs… slowly turning back into a human being.

South Perth

My little boy – bless his 4 year old heart – found a HEART SHAPED rock for me. He even washed the sand of it and told me it was “to make me happy again”. Gosh what a sweetie.

I teared a little because I was so touched by his little gesture. Kids aren’t that bad after all.

He and I went for a walk on the jetty and took photos of sea gulls, jelly fish and we even took silly pictures of ourselves. I warmed up and I dare say that I managed to find my happy spark again.

South Perth

Ha look at that! I actually look quite happy!

My big boy calmed down a lot. But he remained very sheepish and quiet. He probably realised how much trouble he was in. I felt a bit sorry for him. I had laid on the punishments real thick.

So as my little gesture to him, I broke off a piece of my cookie and handed it to him, saying, “You drive me crazy, but I still love you ok?”

And just like that he snapped back into his usual happy, easy-going self again. And the two boys played happily – joking and laughing – in the sand and water for an hour.

WHAT THE HELL was all that about??? Why are kids so psycho???

One day I know I’ll look back and laugh.

One day I’ll be surrounded by my boys, their wives, my grandchildren, we’ll be laughing over Christmas dinner, enjoying a simple meal, and glowing in each other’s company.

(At least, that’s the plan that keeps me sane!)

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No Flash!

26 August 2013

After going to visit the S.E.A. Aquarium in Singapore, I sat down with my 4 year old to help him fill in his travel journal.

We lay on our tummies on the hotel room floor, facing each other with his book between us, and started to draw things we saw.

Aquarium Drawing by Liam

First, I drew a jellyfish and he drew a shark.

(The next time you write the word SHARK, you too must decorate the letters with teeth!)

Aquarium Drawing by Liam

Then I drew a dolphin and he drew a clam.

Aquarium Drawing by Liam

Then yeah, my son drew a NO FLASH sign.

Obviously he was very struck by them at the jellyfish tanks?

How funny!

Oh the things that kids remember!

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One of These Things is Not Like The Other

7 August 2013

One of these things...


While on holiday.

When you’re stuck on a tour bus… which is stuck in a traffic jam…

When you gotta go. YOU GOTTA GO.

In situations like these, I thank god I have boy-children.

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My Little Chicken

6 August 2013

Do you have pet names for your kids?

Liam July 2013

For my 4 year old, I call him my Little Chicken.

And when I do, he responds with a “Bok bok!”

Haha it’s so cute.

Liam at 8 months

The name came about when he was about 8 months old. About the time when this photo was taken.

He used to sit in this funny (and brooding) kind of way.

Ok he didn’t look so much like a LIVING chicken… but more like an upright RAW chicken?! But with a big head?!

Anyway, the name stuck.

(My 10 year old and 8 would kill me if I shared their “official” pet names on my blog. So I might just have to save them for their 21st birthdays.)

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My Red Headed Flying Fox

18 July 2013

Liam on Flying Fox
I wanted to share this photo of my little 4 year old… because it makes me a little fuzzy inside.

And I need a bit of that right now.

You see, as I write this, the kid has been a horrible little monster.

And I just need to reassure myself (and the internet) that I don’t actually want to sell him to the local childcare as a permanent child helper, who lives in a box in the shed. Did I really say that? Maybe.

Here he is in the photo… sitting on a flying fox, 2 metres up in the air. He’s terrified, frozen with fear, yet putting on a brave face. He wants to be just like his big brothers.

As he whizzed past me (taking a picture of him) on the flying fox, he mouthed out to me – I LOVE YOU MUM, followed by a theatrical and crazy-eyed AAAAHHHHHH!

I love you too, you crazy little red-headed boy.

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Best Playdough Recipe

15 July 2013

The school holidays are still here and I was talked into making a fresh batch of playdough.

I almost forgot the joy of sinking my fingers into hot, fresh, squishy, springy playdough on a cold winter day.

Here’s the recipe -

2 cups of plain flour
½ cup of salt
4 tablespoons of cream of tartar
1 tablespoons of vegetable oil
2 cups of water
Some drops of food colouring

1) Put all the ingredients into a pot and stir well!

Playdough _ Yellow

2) Heat on a medium/low heat until mixture thickens, stirring continuously.

My 4 year old’s favourite colour is now yellow. So the playdough looks like custard.

Playdough _ Yellow

3) It takes about 10 minutes to turn into a thick sticky mess. Keep stirring to heat the dough evenly.

Playdough _ Yellow

4) Once it sticks together, roll it into a ball in the pot. Press the ball with your fingers, it should be spongy, not sticky.

Take it off the heat and leave it for 5 minutes to cool down.

Hey presto, perfect playdough that is smooth, elastic, soft, malleable, holds its shape, does not smell of chemicals.

It can last up to 3 months when placed in the fridge in a sealed container. When I reuse it, I like to put it into my microwave for 60seconds to warm and soften it up again.

Playdough _ Yellow

Playdough _ Yellow

Playdough _ Yellow