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My Modern Classics

6 January 2014

Here are some of my favourite trends this season!

In fact, I see them more as my modern classics now, as I have happily adopted them into my fashion repertoire and they are here to stay.

Black and White Flat

Fedora style hats – I always try to wear a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off my face. And I have gotten very bored of my floppy straw hats, that – yes even I will admit – look a bit dorky. So, if anything, the recent trend of stylish hats has made it acceptable to wear a fancy hat ALL THE TIME. And I’m really happy about that! This hat is my favourite fancy felt hat from ASOS.

Silver Accessories – Whether they are shoes, a clutch, or a handbag… I have grown to love silver accessories and they are now my new neutrals. This clutch is my silver LouenHide Billie Clutch from Birdsnest.

Cat Eye Sunnies – Ok as a fashion trend, these are not exactly a breakthrough. Cat eye sunglasses have been around since the 1950s, made popular by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly in the 60s. But the combination of oxblood + tortoiseshell + cat eye frame + Prada… makes it a new classic to me! This pair adds an understated cool to all my outfits. They are from Sunglasses Shop.

Black and white spots – I’ve been loving this pattern on my shoes, accessories and clothes. I think they are a fresh alternative to the orange/ brown leopard print. Plus they are much more versatile, as black and white goes with anything! These sandals are from Vangoh Shoes.

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Summer in the City

23 December 2013

With the weather warming up towards an Australian Christmas, I’m not particularly inspired to dress interestingly. I just want to wear a top + shorts + thongs!

But the other day I was off to a festive meeting in the city so I thought I should put some fashiony effort into my outfit.

Ruffle Skirt + Nude Shoes

I decided on a print on print outfit.

I’m wearing a semi-sheer, print top by AL&ALICIA, and I put a knot in it to make it cropped at the waist, because hey, it’s summer.

This ruffle hem print skirt is by Korean brand, Coolhada. Ruffle hems are definitely the ‘IT’ trend at the moment… so I thought I’d give it a go, and turns out that I really like the style and it suits my petite body shape. It has a fun and flirty look that I adore. I bought the skirt from YesStyle, which has tonnes of cute ruffle hem skirts, in hundreds of colours, patterns, and sizes. Worth a look!

My felt hat is from ASOS. You might remember I wrote about felt hats a few months ago. Well this one has a more structured brim which I preferred over its floppy-brimmed cousin.

My wristwear pieces and necklace are from Wanderlust + Co.

My bag is by Alldressedup from Shopthemag.

The chair was some treasure I found, that was buried under a pile of household junk on someone’s verge.

Ruffle Skirt + Nude Shoes

And lastly, I’m wearing a new pair of shoes from Korean brand Nanning. They are genuine leather, open-toe, lace up booties… and they are divine! They are buttery soft and so so comfortable.

I chose them because the style was quite unique and I don’t own a pair of open-toe booties. Ok they were possibly a bit too bootish to wear on a hot day, but haha they matched my top, they looked great and they amped up my outfit very nicely!

I will definitely be wearing them more when the weather cools down.

Happy Festive Season everyone!

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Summer sandals to wear while eating watermelon!

17 December 2013

Scorching hot sandal weather is finally here! Time to crack open the watermelon, pineapples and mango icy poles!

Then make sure you drag out your foot cream, give yourself a splash of nail colour and show off your summery toes :)

I took a peek at the summer sandal collection at Vangoh Shoes (who are currently having an Up To 75% of shoes, bags and accessories) and these are my favourites:

Vangoh Shoes

These are the Pazia Flat Sandals, comes in black and green.

Simple, elegant and sophisticated. Perfect for everyday wear for a city girl. Plus they are on sale!

Vangoh Shoes

These are the Spring Agra Sandals, in aqua, orange, nude and black.

I love a good pair of comfy sandals. They slip on and off, no need to fuss with buckles or straps. They look great and feature a bit of bling too.

Vangoh Shoes

I like that the whole summer collection features a range of modern and sophisticated styles, that are perfect for everyday wear and don’t cost the earth.

Again, check out their sale section for some Christmas bargains and their bag section for clutches in every colour of the rainbow.

Happy shopping and I hope you find something you like!


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The Colour of Angry Accessories

9 December 2013

The Colour of Anger


Like my hat? Bright red accessories are so in!

Red Heels and Red Bag

Since the arrival of my sexy red shoes (from Styletread), I seem to be matching them with other red accessories, just for that extra punch of colour.

Same idea goes for blue shoes + blue handbag. Silver + silver. Bam, bam! Double punch!

I didn’t actually wear the Angry Bird Hat with my outfit. Maybe I should have… then maybe I would have been snapped by some street style blogger? :)

Outfit Details:
Camisole top – Portmans (old)
Skater skirt – ASOS
Heels – Robert Robert heels from Styletread
Handbag – Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar at Shopbop)

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My Secret To On-The-Go Glamour

25 November 2013

Wanderlust Festive

Hi everyone!

Planning your festive party outfits yet? Nope? Me neither!

I tend to go for a more “slap things together at the last minute” kind of approach. I like to call it On-the-go glamour haha. Perfectly suited to crazy-busy people, with lives full of unglamourous activities like jobs, kids, sports, housework and gardening.

So if you’re hoping to ace this ‘on-the-go glamour’…

My secret is : Own a stack of statement jewellery.

Wear them with your tee and jeans. Sweater and shorts. Tank and pants.

I find that when I have great accessories, I can pretty much transform any outfit to a super-special one. They don’t have to cost the earth either.

Wanderlust Festive

These statement pieces are from Wanderlust + Co Jewellery.

I’m wearing The XL Multi-Gem Earrings which are sparkly, colourful and glam.

Wear with a simple black shift dress. Or white strapless dress. I’ll be wearing them to an upcoming corporate White Christmas party, with white pants, white top and white blazer… and they’ll stand out brilliantly.

Wanderlust Festive

This necklace is the Multi-Gem Box Chain Necklace in Teal.

Again, it will totally transform any everyday outfit. It has a gorgeous feminine style and it is easy to throw on top of an after-work ensemble.

Here, I’m wearing it with a silk shirt and skinny jeans. I’m hoping to wear it with a maxi dress for a weekend party. Or with a cocktail dress during the festive season.

Wanderlust Festive

This is the Multi-Spike Gold & Neon Yellow Necklace.

OK I’m not wearing it with a particularly glamourous outfit, but I think this necklace design is one of those simple yet striking styles that are perfect for everyday wear. It adds a slightly edgy touch and polish to an otherwise casual outfit. I’ve been wearing it with my graphic tees and jeans.

Check out all the new necklaces and earrings from The Statement Series at Wanderlust + Co.

The quality of the jewellery and customer services are excellent…  so are their affordable prices. They offer FREE Worldwide Shipping on orders over $50.

Hope you find something you like for the festive season! Happy shopping!

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Peek-A-Boo Pants

24 November 2013

Hey guys, what did you get up to on the weekend?

We did some pruning in the garden… see?

Ripped Jeans

I was completely unaware of my “wardrobe malfunction” because I was happily cutting back my fig tree.

My husband sneakily snapped this photo and said that I looked like a baboon on heat.


Everyone in my family had a good laugh… and dared me to post the photo on my blog.

So here we are. That’s right people!

High brow or low brow. I’m up for any fashion related story!

So. If you look very carefully, you might notice that I’m wearing Nobody jeans – oohlala!

I bought them 7-8 years ago at a clearance sale, they were priced around $239, but I got them for $70. I never buy my “expensive” jeans at full price. I always get them from clearance sales!

I don’t know about you, but when my favourite jeans start to wear out and holes appear… I’m never sure on WHAT TO DO with them.

If the hole is at the knee, should I wear them as ripped jeans for a while? Or should I cut them at the thigh and make cut-off shorts? But when the hole is at the crotch or on my bottom… should I patch them up? Or should I really just throw them out?

Sigh, I never know what to do… so I just wear them when while I’m doing the gardening!

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Giveaway: Anton Heunis earrings from Pinwheel Jewels – Winner

21 November 2013

Pinwheel Jewels
The WINNER of this giveaway is… Faith Ng from NZ!

Results were generated with

Faith, we will be contacting you shortly to get your details. For the rest of you who didn’t win, head on over to the Pinwheel Jewels Facebook Page, for an extra little surprise :)

Have a fab weekend everyone!


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Swarovski By Shourouk

17 November 2013

Shourouk for Swarovski

Parisian designer Shourouk, known for her colourful, flamboyant and statement designs, has teamed up with Swarovski to create some utterly dazzling pieces of jewellery.

Shourouk for Swarovski

I was really honoured to be able to borrow this necklace to wear to a recent fashion show.

I brought it home in a fancy bag and box with a fancy ribbon… and almost gave my husband a heart attack – “Look what I picked up from the shops today honey!!!” Hehehe.

I teamed it with a gorgeous navy Pia Gladys Perey Dress from White Runway, which I’ll show off in another post!

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Costarella + Frock Stars Exhibition at the WA Museum

15 November 2013

I was invited to the launch of TWO new exhibitions at the WA Museum.

1. Aurelio Costarella: A 30 Year Retrospective

2. Frock Stars: inside Australian Fashion Week

The launch event was -of course- glamorous and stylish… with a few heartfelt and tender moments during the speeches. I had a tear in my eye, which almost ruined my mascara, but thankfully I managed to dab it away delicately with my used finger-food tissue, in true fashionista style :P

Costarella + Frockstars

As the guests gathered in the beautiful Hackett Hall (pictured) I was led downstairs to have a crowd-free preview of the exhibition!

This worked out really well for me, particularly after my last disastrous visit to the museum, where um, I brought all of my 3 children to look at Egyptian mummies and one of my sons got his head stuck in a hole in a wall!

So, this evening I was thrilled to get to see everything up close, at my own pace, and have time to take nice photos.

Costarella + Frockstars

1. Aurelio Costarella: A 30 Year Retrospective

Aurelio Costarella is one of WA’s most successful fashion designers… and this exhibition celebrates the last 30 years of his career.

It is a fantastic way to see how Costarella started, how his style evolved over the years, and to see some of his intricate works up close.

If you’ve heard of Costarella, and seen his dresses in magazines or on TV, but have NEVER seen his clothes up close… you should definitely make a trip to the museum to see this exhibition.

Costarella + Frockstars

Mannequins are displayed throughout the museum’s permanent galleries – right next to the dinosaur bones, the stuffed bears, tigers and hanging with the stuffed pelicans!

My children come to the museum very often, and I’m sure they would be shocked and bemused to see “fashion” mixed up with the T-Rex bones.

Costarella + Frockstars

It was delightful and enchanting to see the garments presented in this museum format.

The exhibition is free, and the garments are spread out over 3 levels in the museum. Just grab a map and enjoy the journey through time!

(Oh and I recommend you DON’T try to see the exhibition with 3 young children!!)

The exhibition runs from 2 Nov 2013 – 2 Feb 2014

2. FROCK STARS: inside Australian Fashion Week

Created by the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, this exhibition presents a behind-the-scene look at Australian Fashion Week.

You get to learn about the history of AFW, how it actually works, who runs it, its organisational structure, the highlights and achievements.

You also get to discover some tasty bits of gossip and controversy about models, editors, designers and their shows. Of course, what is fashion week without the GOSSIP AND CONTROVERSY!

Costarella + Frockstars

There’s a display of garments (and fashion shows) that have made a significant impression on AFW.

You can also get to see what it is like to “sit front row” and listen to interviews with designers and industry insiders.

Costarella + Frockstars

There are a few interactive parts to the exhibition. There is a recreation of Nicola Finetti’s design studio, where you are invited to explore the space, and see how he develops a collection from design to manufacture.

OK it all looks a bit TOO neat and tidy at the moment. From what I know about designer’s studios, I believe they tend to be a little messier and chaotic.

I’m sure once they let a bunch of 8 year old school girls loose in here, those fabrics will be tossed all over the floor and spread out on that table in no time.

Costarella + Frockstars

Lastly there was this great “Workroom” where you get to choose a paper doll (male or female), grab some clothing templates, take two paper fabric swatches… and you can create your very own garment for a mini paper catwalk!

What an cool idea!

Costarella + Frockstars

I got a bit excited.

I wanted to pull up a chair and start snipping away at a few swatches. I didn’t care about the launch party upstairs, I wanted to do some glue sticking!

As for my 3 boys? Would I take them to this exhibition? Haha they would hate this! They would roll their eyes and make throwing up noises – “Muuuuum, enough with the faaaashuurn already…bleeerrghh.”

Oh wait, maybe I’m not being fair on them. Maybe they might surprise me and have a genuine *flair* for fabrics and colour. Some of the best fashion designers are men after all. I might just take them back… just to see what they come up with!

Frock Stars is also a free exhibition and is on from 2 Nov 2013 – 27 Jan 2014

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Mr Fox and a Few Online Sales

13 November 2013

When I’m in my lazy fashion moods, I tend to throw on a grey tee, a pair of skinny jeans… then I immediately reach for my dirty, old Converse sneakers.

But I’m quick to stop myself… I take a second to “try a little harder” at this fashion thing… And I reach for these instead!

Habbot Mr Fox

They add a really *special touch* to even the most boring of outfits (like a white t-shirt and black shorts!).

Ahh love those spots!! Love that texture!! Love those leather tassels!!

This pair is called Mr Fox. Made from ‘pony style’ Italian calf leather, full kid leather lining and buffed leather sole. Very luxe :)

These were a gift to me from the kind folk at Habbot. But I picked them out myself, because I am addicted to spotty things at the moment.

Habbot shoes are French inspired, Australian design, handmade in Italy, with Italian leathers.


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Anyone Needs Mouth-to-Mouth?

12 November 2013

Yes I went to a Firefighter Calendar Party on the weekend!

But a few days BEFORE the event… it came to my attention that it was going to be held at a nightclub… and theme for the night was DOCTOR’S AND NURSES.

Riiiiiiight. I guess I didn’t want to stand out, or dampen the evening with a lack of enthusiasm, so I reluctantly decided that I would dress up as a nurse.

Immediately I looked online for possible costumes and ideas. And here is the range of available nurse costumes you can get.

Nurse Costume


Nurse Costume

Or even…

Nurse Costume

While the FIRST outfit was very realistic and would allow me to relive my ER days, with Dr “McDreamy” (aka Patrick Dempsey).

The THIRD one, um well… I might get a little bit cold walking from my car to the nightclub.

So I chose to go somewhere in the middle ground :P

And of course, I left it to the last minute.

The day of the event, I went to a costume hire shop and found 3 nurse outfits. Unfortunately none of them fit me, because i am so tiny winy. Argh! So hiring was not an option.

My next option was to drive across the city, hunting for a sized “Karen” nurse’s costume – ugh, no thanks. I don’t have enough time!

Then, out of desperation, I walked across the road to a second hand clothing shop to see what I could find.

A light bulb went off in my head. I decided that I was going to MAKE MY OWN NURSES COSTUME!

Nurse Costume

I bought this good old Van Heusen cotton shirt in a size XXL, for $5. It had a coffee stain on it, so I washed it and put it out in the sun. Thankfully it was a hot, sunny day and the shirt dried in 10 minutes. It looked brand new!

This DIY thing was VERY risky, because I’m not *that* great with my sewing machine. I don’t know any technical sewing terms. Nor do I know any clever sewing techniques.

I can string up a sewing machine and I can sew straight lines. That’s about it.

Oh and it was 2pm, and I had to pick up my children from school in 45 minutes.

No pressure!

Nurse Costume

I laid the big white shirt on my dinner table.

I placed a strapless dress (also white) on top of of the shirt, to be a template. Then I traced an outline of my dress, leaving a slight margin. Is that what it’s called? A margin? Sorry, that’s graphic design talk yo.

Nurse Costume

After drawing a faint line, I pinned the shirt together and I cut the sleeves off, leaving a raw edge.

Nurse Costume

Then I sewed along my drawn line – ZHOOOOP!

And again on the other side – ZHOOOOP!

(Sewing sound effects are very important when making garments. I’m sure they teach that at fashion school.)

Nurse Costume

I also bought a red t-shirt for 50 cents.

I cut out a cross.

Nurse Costume

I sewed the cross to my pocket.



Nurse Costume

So what do you reckon? You think I can start a new fashion label specialising in nurse costumes? You buy? I could even cut out a few holes here and there for those who want it to be a bit kinkier?

I also took one of the shirt sleeves (yes the arm sleeve fit over my head!) and made it into a little cap.


So there you have it, my nurses costume for the party!

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Dr Kailis’ Private Pearl Collection

8 November 2013

The other day I was invited to a very intimate soiree to celebrate the life and achievements of Dr Patricia Kailis AM OBE. It was also her 80th Birthday, which made it extra special.

It was held at the Art Gallery of WA, to a crowd of close family, friends, and a few members of the media.

There was a really lovely exhibition of photographs spanning Patricia’s life, her late husband, Michael Kailis, and her 4 children.

Dr Patricia Kailis

I have to be honest, I did not know much about Patricia Kailis. I just assumed that she was the business partner to her husband’s vast fishery empire – lobster, prawns, tuna, ship building and pearling.

I didn’t know that she was a medical doctor and a genetic counsellor for neurological and neuromuscular disorders for over 20 years. And that she was awarded an OBE and AM for her service to medicine!

She was also responsible for developing handling and processing methods to keep oyster shells disease free, and thus set standards for the rest of the pearling industry – which I found to be so so interesting. (I love how knowledge from different industries can cross over.)

The more I learned about her and her acheivements, the more my respect and admiration grew. I just stood there listening to her speech, a bit dumbstruck, conceding that yes, this here is an amazing and inspirational woman.

It made me hope that at the age of 80, I will have had a fulfilling, significant, successful, well-rounded life, surrounded by family, friends… plus with a lot of great stories to tell.

So what does the wife of a pearling tycoon have in her Private Pearl Collection?

Dr Kailis' Private Collection

A shark brooch!

It’s no surprise that when a pearling company hunts for their perfect spherical pearls, there are lots of irregular, non-spherical, shaped pearls (called baroque pearls) out there too.

So it was *such* a delight to discover these rare one-of-a-kind creations!

Dr Kailis' Private Collection

A shrimp brooch!

Apparently the little shrimp legs wiggle and move about. How utterly adorable.

Dr Kailis' Private Collection

A little pearl Australia pin.

So cute!

Dr Kailis' Private Collection

And last of all, look at that pair of beautiful pearl lovebirds.

They must be priceless.


Kind of makes me want to marry a pearl farmer too :)

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Pinwheel Jewels + Win a pair of earrings from Anton Heunis

7 November 2013

Hello my lovely readers!

I’m very excited to share with you all… my brand new sponsors: Pinwheel Jewels.

Pinwheel Jewels are e-retailers of luxury fashion jewellery in a great range of styles and prices.  They feature a lovely collection of jewellery that are elegant, stylish and sophisticated. From international labels such as Anton Heunis, Kenneth Lay Jane, Gorjana, Ben-Amun to trend setting and emerging designers such as Bounkit (USA) and WoonHung (handmade designs from Singapore).

They offer secure international shipping, free shipping to Singapore, and for a limited time, they are offering free shipping to Australia (ends 21st Nov).

You know, one way I can spot a great shopping site is… if I scroll through their collection and go… OH I WANT THAT! AND THAT! I WANT THAT TOO! OMG I WISH I HAD THAT! And that is definitely what happened when I visited this site :)

Anyway, Pinwheel Jewels and I have come together to offer all my readers an exclusive giveaway.

You can WIN a pair of these earrings from Anton Heunis (valued at SGD244)!!
Pinwheel Jewels

Aren’t they preeeeetty?!?!

Please scroll down to the bottom of this post for all the details of the giveaway.

Pinwheel Jewels

So of course I had to test out the prize :) Here I’m wearing the Anton Heunis Cluster Drop Earrings that you could win!

Gahh they are stunning!

They are made from blue, grey and clear crystals set in 18K gold plated brass. They have a wonderful weight – not too heavy that they hurt my ears, and not too light that they feel cheap. They have an amazing sparkle and the cluster design is just gorgeous and feminine. I feel like a million bucks when I wear them.

I chose these to be the prize, because, let’s just say I thought you might like them *GRIN!*

I’m also wearing a lovely Anton Heunis Clear Crystal Teardrop Pendant.

Pinwheel Jewels

For this next piece… I just *had* to feature these earrings, and you’ll see why in a second.

These earrings are by a relatively new New York designer called Bounkit. Since his launch in 2006, his handmade designs have been picked up by Oprah Winfrey, worn by Liv Tyler, Salma Hayek and seen on the sets of “Gossip Girl” and more.

The concept of his designs are “convertible earrings” that transform from simple studs to glamourous red carpet bling, by changing the drops. So clever!!

So really, you get 4 earrings in 1 – how cool!

Mind you they are a bit pricey, but they are perfect for a girl who loves quality, wants to make a statement and who can afford it!

These are the Green Multi-Drop Earrings, and as you can see from the photo above, there are 3 sections to the earrings, the stud and two drops.

Pinwheel Jewels

Here I’ve take off the bottom drop and wearing one drop + stud (left) and just the stud (right).

Here are some close up pics of the earrings…

Pinwheel Jewels

It also shows how you can mix and match drops too! Such a simple but brilliant idea :)

And you must check out the other convertible earrings from Bounkit designs available at Pinwheel Jewels – such pretty cluster designs in pretty colours (light blue, smokey topaz, amethyst, green amethyst) . Eeek!

Pinwheel Jewels

Lastly, I am pretty excited about featuring these earrings by Singapore designer, WoonHung.

She has some beautiful, feminine and delicate designs, that ooze a real sense of fine craftsmanship and sophisticated style. She hand makes her jewellery using 14K -18K gold plated pieces, and are priced at a very reasonable price point.

They are really pretty! I can just imagine wearing them with a crisp white shirt and a shorts and gold sandals. Or with a lovely dress for a special occasion.

Pinwheel Jewels

Her pieces are stocked in major department stores and niche boutiques in Singapore and Japan.

Do check out the rest of the WoonHung Collection at Pinwheel Jewels.

Pinwheel Jewels

What you will win: One pair of Blue Cluster Drop Earrings by Anton Heunis, valued at SGD244.

Who can enter: This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE. You have to be over 18 years of age.

Dates of Giveaway: Giveaway runs for 14 days. Thursday 7 Nov – Thursday 21 Nov 2013, 11:59pm (GMT +8)

How to enter:
1) Pop over to the Pinwheel Jewels Facebook Page and LIKE it.
2) Scroll to find the wall post about this giveaway (with the graphic above).
3) Leave a comment and tell us “Which is your favourite piece of jewellery from the Pinwheel Jewels Website?

That’s it! Yes this is a Facebook only giveaway, so you must have a Facebook account to enter.

When the giveaway ends, we will randomly draw a name and contact the winner via Facebook.

We will announce the winner on the Pinwheel Jewels Facebook Page, and we will send the winner a personal message too, so please check your messages on the 22nd November!


And happy shopping!!


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Red Robert Robert

4 November 2013

Robert Robert Red

Hello gorgeous!!

I received a new pair of shoes in the mail a few weeks ago, and they are finally making a debut on my blog.

These hot mamas are from Styletread, by designer Robert Robert.

I seriously can’t get enough of them… I want to wear them with everything, with every colour and every pattern!

I’ll be rocking them with skinny jeans, slouchy pants, cocktail dresses and a-line skirts.

I got them on the Up to 50% Styletread Sale here.

Happy shopping!


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The Accessory Report – Necklaces

29 October 2013

Hi everyone!

I’d love to introduce you all to my new blog sponsors, The Accessory Report.

With FREE international shipping, an AMAZING collection of drool-worthy jewellery, all at super-affordable prices (Around US$20-35)… I really hope you like their stuff as much as I do!

They asked me to pick out a few to try… and eeks, I didn’t know where to start! There were so many to choose from.

I had a good think about what I already have in my wardrobe. I have lots of statement necklaces that are better suited to wearing with cocktails dresses and evening gowns.

What I have been lacking… were necklaces that would go with “everyday outfits”… like a crisp white shirt, a grey t-shirt, a white tank top and jeans, a blue denim shirt. But the necklace would still have to look stunning and stylish.

The Accessory Report

So I picked out these two, and I can’t stop wearing them! They are fantastic! They seem to go with everything. And it’s funny, because I would have never thought of buying styles like these in a shop.

Left is the Victoria Necklace in Navy (it is currently sold out, but you can put yourself on a waiting list for when they are restocked). The Grey version is still available though.

On the right is the Odelia Necklace.

If you follow my Instagram and Facebook, you may have seen me wearing them in the last couple of weeks. They are just soooo easy to wear and add a fantastic pop to my outfits.

The Accessory Report

The is me wearing smart casual outfits with the Odelia Necklace. See? It doesn’t look too over-the-top or too blingy!

It looks great and add a finished and polished touch to my outfits.

The Accessory Report

These two outfits are very simple and just a little more dressed up for a night time occasion.

Once again the Victoria Necklace adds the perfect finishing touch.

These are some other necklaces that caught my eye… and have made me very tempted to buy :)

The Accessory Report

This is the Collette Necklace and the Emili Necklace.

The Accessory Report

This is the Monroe Necklace and the Eleanor Necklace.

The Accessory Report

And yes, these are a lot more sparkly, statement and stunning!!

Left is the Petite Kaleidoscope Necklace and the Ruxena Necklace (approx US$30-40).

As for the quality, they match the costume jewellery sold in Diva, Lovisa, Collette, and high street fashion stores like Forever New, Zara, Topshop, and Sportsgirl.

They also stock pretty earrings, bracelets and clutches.

Free international shipping on all orders makes online shopping very sweet indeed :)

Hope you find something you like!

Happy shopping xxx

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Holster Hotness in Turquoise

27 October 2013

I’m a big fan of Holster Sandals!

I already own one pair of “glam” Holsters. I wore them whilst holidaying in Singapore and spent up to 8 hours in them, walking around Sentosa, with no pain to complain of at all.

Holster Sandals

I was sent a new pair from Holster’s latest collection to try out – these Seychelles Jelly Wedge in Turquoise.

I love LOVE the sparkly bling!

I also love that they can get wet and dirty, and you can just wash them lightly and they still look amazing.

I used to dislike “jelly sandals”. I owned a Melissa pair, but when I walked on hot pavement, they would get sooo hot and sticky and felt gross on the soles of my feet.

Holster Sandals

But these are super comfy, they don’t get sticky or make my feet feel gross. They are SO much more affordable. Plus they look fantastic :)

Head on over to The Iconic to check out the latest Holster range, and feel free to use my special discount code!

Use this code at your checkout: ZAN15KQ
15% off full priced items (excluding G-star and Jets)
Expires: Nov 5th. 2013

Happy shopping!

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My Secret To Buying Swimwear

25 October 2013

Buying swimwear is a bitch.

I love shopping, but I find buying swimwear to be such a hassle and it’s just sooo annoying!

For me, it’s hard to find a style that I like, in my size, at a good price.

When I go shopping for swimwear, I have to strip down to my undies in the change room… so I only want to do the “stripping down bit” JUST ONCE THANKS. But it never happens that way. I always find myself changing in and out of my clothes, getting in and out of the change rooms, calling for the store person to help with sizing, waiting, standing there getting cold, looking funny in the change room lights. I always find there are none of the styles in my size. None in the colour I want. None on sale. And I always end up with my third preference swimsuit, the one I didn’t *actually* like as much, but it was the only one available :P

It takes up soooooo much time. One shopping trip took 3 HOURS of trying on swimwear and I came away with NOTHING.

So I guess, I was keen to try buying swimwear online. I buy almost all my clothes online, why should swimwear be any different?

I decided to test out Zodee, a huge online store that sells swimwear, bras, underwear and more. They have big name brands like Elle Macpherson, Pleasure State, Triumph, Bonds, Berlei. They have lots of styles, stock, and sizes.

They are based in Australia, but they offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on orders over $50. That’s pretty damn cool.

Plus they have a free returns policy, so you can buy LOTS of items in different sizes, try them all in the comfort of your home, and then send back the ones you don’t want, you get a refund no questions asked. Omg how good is that? I’m totally converted now.

So there’s my big secret…

1) Buy Swimwear Online.

Zodee Swimwear

My second secret is more of a tip…

2) Buy a larger size up!

Ok I’m being a bit presumptuous, so this may not apply to everyone – as everyone has a different body shape and proportions.

I’m a standard size 6. And by that, I mean, I can buy Size 6 (XS or Size 0) regular clothes from lots of big name brands, and the items will fit 95% of the time.

But with swimwear? I buy size 10. Crazy huh?

If I try on Size 6 swimwear, it’s as if I’m trying on a child’s swimsuit. It’s so tight, so small and so wrong for me.

If you look above at the navy blue swimsuit, I’m trying on a Size 8. It looks ok, but it still feels a bit tight on me.

It’s a lovely and flattering swimsuit (by Moontide), with high quality materials and gorgeous rouching, but it’s just the wrong size. It is pinching me at my shoulders and my thighs. The length of it is squeezing like an accordion… so it feels like my boobs might pop out at any minute :P

It’s NOT just THIS swimsuit. Every single Size 8 swimsuit I’ve tried on is too tight for me, digs into my skin and gives me fleshy lumps!

Zodee Swimwear

Now this is another Moontide swimsuit, called the Moontide Contours Overlay, featuring a nice criss-cross detail at the front. (The brand does some nice one-piece designs, see here).

I’m wearing a Size 10 and I’m MUCH happier in this one. It’s not tight or squeezey. It doesn’t dig into my skin. The material feels gorgeous, strong and it’s so comfortable to wear.

I feel reeeeally relaxed and confident in this one. I feel like I could sit around in this all day, dipping in and out of the pool and lounge around comfortably by the pool side.

Great colour too!

Zodee Swimwear

This is the Heaven Botanical One Piece swimsuit, also a Size 10 and is much more affordable.

Don’t know if you can tell by the smile on my face, but I really, really adore this one!! I feel super relaxed, confident, young and flirty in this one haha!

Again, it is super comfortable and a great fit for me. It doesn’t feel suffocating nor is it squeezing me too tight under my arms or thighs.

I just love the bright colours and the print. This is the winner for me.

See more One Piece Swimsuits here.

Zodee Swimwear

Yup I also tried a two piece! And here’s me showing off my one-pack all in the name of fashion reviewing.

This one is by Baku, the bikini top is a Size 10, but the bottom is a Size 8.

The bikini top is the Amalfi Moulded Bra Top with a bit of padding and an underwire for support. I prefer this kind of bikini top, because it gives me a bit more “shape”. Whereas halter swimsuit tops have a very “flattening” effect on me.

I also thought the polka-dot pattern was super cute, and that I could wear it under a regular tank top.

Lastly, as I mentioned before, my next secret to buying swimwear, is to…

3) Buy several sizes at once.

Find a website that does free shipping and free returns. Find a style that you like, buy a few pieces, in several sizes up. And then return the ones you don’t need. The initial cost may look scary (like 3 times scary!), but it will save you time in the end, AND you get that extra cost back in the end.

Anyway, I hope that helped and has inspired you to get out there and try on a new swimsuit for the new season!

Happy shopping and have a great weekend!!


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1000 Dresses For under $100

23 October 2013

Hey everyone!

After *all that* cycling, I’m back to reviewing new season fashion goodies YAY.

Birdsnest Online continues to be one of my favourite online stores… offering a huge range of women’s clothes.

There are like… THOUSANDS of dresses under $100. Most of them are familiar brands like Wish, Fate, Esprit, Ladakh, Mink Pink, Sacha Drake, and even Collette by Collette Dinnigan.

Dress from Birdsnest Online

This is a Mink Pink coral dress that I picked out.

I have 2 or 3 simple, short, summer dresses from Birdsnest (see my old post here) and over the years, I have been surprised by how often I wear them. Going out to lunch with girlfriends, day time play dates, lunching with my parents… going to casual places where I don’t need to dress up too much, but I still like to look like I’ve put in some effort :)

This coral dress is not your average plain jersey skater dress, as it has a soft cotton lace overlay, giving it some texture and a nice feel.

It’s super cute, bright, soft, fun, summery, and needs no ironing! WIN!

Dress from Birdsnest Online

Birdsnest have also launched their own label called, “That Bird Label”… and wanted me to try out one of their styles. The collection features 20 spring dresses, specially designed in-house, after significant surveys and research on what modern Australian women love to wear.

They cater to all shapes and sizes, and flatter lots of different body shapes. Their sizes go from 8 – 16. The dresses don’t come in size 6, which was a bit tricky, because I’m a size 6!

Nonetheless, I chose this pretty Maggie Wrap Dress and it still fit quite nicely. However a part of me thinks that the dress would have looked much nicer if I had a few more curves and was fuller in the bust. I had to wear my super-push-up bra to “fill it out” haha.

It has a lovely, ladylike shape, accentuating the hour-glass figure, and features a fun pattern and vibrant colours. It is made from very nice and soft cotton material too. Very nice dress!

Top from Birdsnest Online

Lastly, I chose this loose fitting cotton tunic with contrast embroidery detail, called the “Moroccan Magic Top”.

It’s light, comfy and a bit see through… which is perfect for wearing this summer, over your swimwear. I’m wearing a size 8.

And if you need more shopping or styling inspiration, check out this massive gallery of outfits!

Happy shopping!


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Boyfriend Jeans and Checks

19 October 2013

Ripped up boyfriend jeans are very cool at the moment.

Do you have a pair? They are really comfy and they absolutely point to the effortless, slouchy, off-duty, street-cool look (which I totally dig).

I love the look of my slouchy black pants… so wearing slouchy boyfriend jeans was an obvious appeal to me.

But I wouldn’t pay $250+ for a pair of NEWLY ripped jeans, no matter who designed them. In fact I’m firmly against it!

Please slash up a pair of old jeans from the bottom of your drawer, or buy one for $5 from an op shop.

Speaking of old jeans, look at these!

Boyfriend Jeans and Checks

These are my comfy as hell, 10 year old Lee jeans. But now they are old, dirty, and they have a few rips in them.

They are so crappy that a few years ago I down-graded them to my “C” team jeans.

Yep they are my gardening jeans. They are the pair I wear while I’m pulling out weeds!

I gave them a good wash before wearing them out in this outfit. And all the stains and dirt came out surprisingly well.

I wear them out with a huge smile on my face thinking about how many litres of worm compost and sheep manure I have shovelled while wearing these jeans. Haha!

Oh and I thought the farmer-flannel, check shirt around my waist was a nice touch.

Fashion is such fun!

Boyfriend Jeans and Checks

Red Top by In Good Company
Check Shirt from YesStyle
Bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs, similar at
Sandals by Vangoh Shoes

Have a great weekend everyone!

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3 Ways To Wear a Crop Top

15 October 2013

(This is part of my 3 Ways To Wear Series… but yes, there are 4 outfits today!)

So apparently a couple of 90’s fashion trends have arrived into recent fashion circulation – think crop tops, overalls, and flat platform (flatform) shoes.

Now, I am erring with caution, because used to wear all those things as a teenager!

But I do believe it is possible to wear those items in a tasteful and grown-up way.

Firstly, the crop top! It’s not for everyone. Sure you have to have a nice tummy to pull it off. But hey, if you have the goods then go for it girlfriend!

3 Ways Crop Tops

This white crop top is from ASOS, featuring a cute sweetheart neckline.

The best way to look a bit more grown-up is to pair it with a modest, tailored piece to add some polish to the outfit. A good pair of pants, or a pencil skirt is a good start.

Wear it with high-waisted bottoms… and it’ll look like a fitted top that has been tucked into your pants. A bit like a bodysuit.

Left Outfit:
Pants are from Portmans (old)
Shoes from Vangoh Shoes
Bracelets by Samantha Wills from Frockaholics

Right Outfit:
Origami Peplum Skirt by Marni Skillings
Shoes by Koo

3 Ways Crop Tops

Here’s me being a bit more playful with my styling and showing off a bit more skin!

Basically, I’ve styled the outfit so that the crop top is “secondary”. It is already 1) low cut 2) figure hugging 3) and cropped short… so I didn’t want to give it any more focus. Therefore I chose bottoms that are extra eye-catching.

Left outfit:
Printed Pants from Sportsgirl
Mirror Silver shoes from ASOS
I wore this out with a black blazer.

Right outfit:
Printed Stylestalker Skirt from Beginning Boutique
Nine West Wedges from The Iconic

Have fun xxx

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