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What I Wore: Weekend Denim and Leather

5 August 2018

Weekend Look : Denim and Leather

Hello weekend!

Jet lag has hit me HARD this time around – maybe I’m just getting old??

I still managed to get out and about, spending time with the kids, bike riding, watching their basketball games, taking them out to sit in a cafe and go shopping for presents.

I also met up with some girlfriends for brunch and did a bit of shopping in the city, poking around little bookstores. Not to mention we had our weekly family dinner my parent’s house with homemade chicken rice – so good!

It’s my idea of a perfect weekend. Love these slow weekends.

This is what I wore!

LA Rider Leather Jacket by OAK
I spent months looking for a perfect leather jacket for my lifestyle. I considered getting one from All Saints, but they were just too bulky for my small frame and too thick and warm for Australia.

I wanted a fitted leather jacket, with cropped sleeves, that I could wear over a dress in Spring, Autumn and Winter. This one was absolutely perfect and it was on sale! It’s currently out of stock , but it’s a popular one, so it will come back into stock soon. There is also a suede version (in camel and black), which is on sale too.

Les Girls T-Shirt
I finally found a graphic tee with a scribbly writing that I like! So affordable and good quality too!

GRLFRND Denim jeans
My faves are the Candice style.

Alexander Wang Roxy Hobo Bag
Despite all the chunky silver bling, I’ve been using it as my everyday bag and I just love it! I’m such a fan of using non-boring everyday bags now.

Acne Studios Pistol Boots
Mine were bought secondhand from a private seller. But you can still buy them online directly from Acne Studios here, or try eBay!

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Shopbop Finds Under AUD $200

25 July 2018

I was talking to one of my girlfriends about Shopbop, and how it was an awesome place to buy wearable designer brands (not crazy-expensive catwalk stuff)… and how the more affordable items were sometimes quite hard to find.

She asked me to recommend “some nice and fun stuff, which are under $200!

So here are my top picks!

Shopbop Finds Under $200

Perfect summer holiday dresses!

Left: J.O.A. Polka Dot Dress – An absolute staple for summer. Polka dots will always be in style.

Right: Capulet Tabitha Mini Dress – Ok this one might be a bit trendy, but it’s sooo cute!

Shopbop Finds Under $200

Super sweet, puffy tops to wear with jeans.

Left: WAYF Puff Sleeve Top – Love the sweet style and how the colours look great with denim.

Right: Flynn Skye Tori Top – my friend bought this one!

Shopbop Finds Under $200

Floral skirts to go with everything!

Left: Yumi Kim Novella Wrap Skirt – I have my eye on this one. Yum Kim has some gorgeous floral prints and this is lovely.

Right: Valencia & Vine Miniskirt – Will go so well with all my white t-shirts haha!

Happy shopping!


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What I Wore: Silk Wrap Blouse

16 July 2018

Grana Silk

Before setting off on holiday, I had a number of client meetings where I couldn’t simply wear the old “jeans and a tee” combo.

Had to look a bit grown up and professional yo!

Anyway, I found the perfect top for the task.

This Grana Silk Wrap Front Blouse is just beautiful and in the league of “nice fancy tops” to wear out for day to night.

The style is simple, but I believe I could dress it up to the max for an evening party too.

Grana Silk

It’s a very lightweight silk, suited to warm weather, with a lovely drape and silhouette.

It’s super versatile too –  great to wear with any kind of pants or skirt. The style notes suggest you can wear the top tucked or untucked, but I prefer it tucked in, and bellowing at the waist and wrists.

The very unique cross-over wrap front has a fold at the bottom hem, which when left untucked, is a bit exposed for me. As there is only ONE button that closes the wrapped bit, and can show off your bra and belly.

You might have to peek at the product page to get more of an idea. But when it is tucked in, it is fine!

Grana Silk

I’m wearing the size XXS and it fits perfectly at the shoulders, arm length and chest. I’m usually a size AUS/UK 6.

It fits and drapes so well, that it instantly looks smart and polished – which is what I love about it.

Definitely a keeper!

Discount Code

If you’re keen to give it a go, do use my special code “karenxgrana” at the checkout to receive 10% off and free shipping. Unfortunately, it is only for new customers.

Also wearing Lovers and Friends skirt, Aquazzura heels, and Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag.

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Acne Studios Musubi Mini Bag

3 July 2018

Acne Studios Bag

YES it’s my birthday month!

I’m currently away on holiday, but before I left, as a bit of a splurgy birthday gift to myself, I picked out this gorgeous Musubi Mini Bag by Acne Studios via Shopbop.

I love that it’s a bit different and sleek with clean and minimal lines.

I also loooove the twisted knot detail, inspired by the traditional Japanese obi sash.

In fact the name itself, “musubi” means decorative knot and there are hundreds of obi knot styles out there. I tried to find the exact name of the knot used in this bag, but I couldn’t work it out. It does however, look similar to a martial art obi knot (which is a more basic/functional knot, rather than decorative, thus a bit cheeky for the designers to use), but hey I could be wrong.

Acne Studios Bag

I love how the designers use the smooth leather to create a soft, folded structure (that looks like cloth) for the handbag.

I also like using the top handle, so it can look like a bucket bag.

The large shoulder straps (which are removable) make it feel like a sturdy satchel bag, but it’s super light overall.

Karen and Acne Studios Musubi Mini Bag

It’s a great small size for me – not mini at all.

It’s dimensions are height 22cm x length 16cm x depth 16cm.

It fits my purse, phone, beauty pouch, keys and even a small book or compact camera. The leather is strong and stiff enough to hold the weight of all my stuff, without buckling or warping the shape of the bag.

I’m a big fan of Acne Studios and their minimal style, so it’s a complete win for me.

This mini black version is currently all sold out and hopefully is restocked soon. There is a Red Mini Musubi available here, and the regular size version Black Musubi Bag or Tan Musubi Bag.

(Or you could pop over to Acne Studios online to check out the whole Musubi range.)


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Review: Everlane Silk Shirt

30 June 2018

Everlane Silk Shirt Review

I first heard of Everlane yeeeears ago, when everyone was raving about the Everlane Silk Shirts and how amazing and affordable they were.

But I never bought one back then, because of their crazy shipping fee to Australia (years ago it was something like $30-$40, I’m not exactly sure anymore).

Over the years, they have reduced their international shipping fee and NOW they offer a Flat Rate of US$15 to Australia.

I know Everlane occasionally offers up free international shipping, so I waited until a promo came around and finally purchased two items!

This post isn’t sponsored or gifted by Everlane. I purchased these items on my own, because I found a gap in my wardrobe and I was curious to check out their quality.

PLUS I wanted to support a fashion brand that focused on transparent and ethical processes. I read up about all their factories around the world, it’s really interesting!

I figured that… the more I spend on these transparent brands, and less on those that are not transparent, the better.

Everlane Silk Shirt Review

My Silk Review

I’m no textile expert. I have no idea about thread count, or how to compare silk weight or weave.

I just own a lot of silk shirts haha! I own 3 Equipment Silk Shirts, 1 Isabel Marant Silk Shirt, a few silk tops by Tibi… and lots of silk items from high street brands… and so I have just a solid opinion on which silk I prefer most.

I’ve read heaps of online reviews about comparing Grana vs. Everlane vs. Equipment Silk Shirts but really, in the end, I believe it comes down to your own personal preference and what kind of silk YOU like to feel and wear.

For me, I don’t really like silk with a slippery satiny feel, because to me, the fabric looks and feels like satin or polyester. And it reminds me of tops I could buy from Zara or Witchery. But I’ve found that this satiny kind of silk is a bit more crinkle resistant.

Grana silk shirts have a more velvety crepe kind of feel. My Isabel Marant silk shirt is also velvety, but much more sheer and delicate.

My Equipment and Tibi silk shirts are somewhere in between satiny and velvety.

And my preference is somewhere in between, but tending towards more the velvety feel.

What Do I Think of Everlane’s Silk?

I’d say that Everlane is more of the slippery, shiny kind of silk (almost no velvety feel), but it feels thick and strong, and has a kind of matte finish, so it’s quite nice.

When I rub the fabric between my fingers, it feels like a quality garment. So so soooo much better than high street stores. The cut and craftsmanship is there.

The inside stitching looks really good, the seams and edges don’t buckle. It’s great quality!

I did find two loose threads, one at the armpit and one at the cuff, but when I gave them a tug, they came away and no stitching came apart.

It was pretty creased up when I took it out of the packet. I had to give it a low/medium iron with lots of steam, which took me ages! The shirt seemed to handled the iron just fine, which is so good!

How’s the FIT?

I bought “The Relaxed Silk Shirt” in Size 00.

I’m usually a AU6 or UK6. I’m 160cm and I weigh 46kg.

The fit was absolutely perfect! Perfect across the shoulders and back. Comfortable around the chest, waist and hips. Brilliant length for body and arms. And cuffs were perfect too. I’m super happy!

How’s the STYLE?

Grana silk shirts have hidden buttons (which I don’t like) and no chest pockets.

Equipment shirts have exposed buttons and chest pockets and pocket flaps – nice style, but a bit safari looking maybe.

Everlane has exposed buttons and no chest pockets – I really like this combo!

I think I like the style of this Everlane shirt more than my Equipment Signature shirt. It’s just a bit more minimal. And it depends on my mood :)

Maybe because this is a pinstripe shirt, and maybe if I were to wear a plain coloured Everlane silk shirt, I’d feel that the style was a bit too plain?

Overall opinion?

Overall, I really like this shirt. I’m absolutely delighted that you can get such a great style of silk shirt in a high quality, with excellent wearability, for such a good price.

Except for the two loose threads I found, I can’t really fault this shirt!

I’m dying to get it in more colours now!

Unfortunately, I don’t have a discount code to share with you all.

I do have this referal link to the Everlane Website, and if you like my review and buy from them, I get a bit of credit put into my account. But no worries if you don’t use it!

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What I Wore: Pink Coat + Red Shoes

18 June 2018

Pink and Red

Hi everyone!

Are you a fan of pink? I’m not a huge fan.

I like blush/nude/dusty rose. But I’ve never worn very much “Baby Pink”, as I find it much too cute/pretty/feminine/Barbie/Hello Kitty… but hey look at me now!

I bought this coat from Zara when I was in London last year. It was on clearance sale (I think it was $50) and it was a size too big. Yes it was totally an unnecessary, impulse, holiday purchase!

It’s not really a coat, as it’s not lined. It’s shapeless and baggy. It’s more of a felt blanket with sleeves and buttons… but hey, it’s extra snuggly.

I thought I would regret the purchase, but it turns out I have been loving it!

I’ve found that it works with monochrome outfits, with an additional colour, such as a denim blue shirt, or in this case, bright red shoes.

I can’t seem to find anything online that’s similar.

Unless you count this lovely Helmet Lang Pink Coat, which is similar, but it’s a gazillion dollars and much more Barbie.

Or this ASOS Pink Wool Coat with a leopard print collar.

With pastel candy colours being on trend this season, I think a pink coat has been an awesome addition to my wardrobe.

I’m also wearing:

Heart Breaker Pumps from Shopbop (Red colour is sold out) I love these so much I want a pair in black!

Alexander Wang Roxy Hobo Handbag from Shopbop (also sold out) hopefully more stock will be coming in soon, as I waited for ages for it to be restocked twice!

Star Button Down Shirt, mine is a Korean brand, based on the original design of this Equipment shirt. But I’ve found that it’s cheaper to buy an Equipment shirt from Revolve (with free shipping) or secondhand from eBay.

Have a fantastic week!


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Wearing: Self Portrait and Cult Gaia

13 June 2018

Self Portrait and Cult Gaia

I love a good “jeans and nice top combo”!

Especially when it’s a super-fancy statement top, that’s possibly bordering on over the top :)

Shopbop is currently having a Sale On Sale Event and you might be able to get some great stuff for up to 70% – amazing! Simply use the code “SCORE18″ at the check out to score an additional 25% off your order.

I was soooo please to get this Self Portrait Top during their last Shopbop Sale.

I’m a bit obsessed about this brand. I love all their lace dresses and statement ruffle tops.

I’m slightly worried that in a few years I’d go “what was I thinking?!” but I have a good hunch that expertly ruffled and draped tops will still be in fashion, especially when worn to a cocktail function or special event.

I’d be able to wear this with black pants, mini, midi and maxi black skirts, white pants… the list goes on.

Self Portrait and Cult Gaia

This top is actually a “one shoulder” top, but I’ve dropped one shoulder to make it an “off shoulder” top.

The only issue I have is the sizing. I’m usually a Size AU 6 or UK6… which usually translates to a US 0.

This top is a UK 4 / US 0… so it’s a tiny bit squeezy for me. It fits perfectly on my body/waist and it stays put. It’s a little tight at the arm holes and shoulders… so I won’t be reaching up high to get wine glasses from a top cupboard or anything haha.

I have another Self Portrait top that is UK 6/ US 2, which is a better fit at the arm holes and shoulder, but a bit loose at the waist, so it slides up/down.

But they are still very wearable for me!

Do check out the special tops (Blouses or Tops for a Night Out) over at Shopbop if you’re keen for something similar.

Self Portrait and Cult Gaia

My bag is the Bamboo Circle Bag by Cult Gaia.

I knew this bag would be delicate when I got it! And after using it a few times, YES it is super fragile and I’m quite afraid of smashing the wood against something or snapping the string that holds it all together.

So I simply use it as I would a small clutch: holding only my phone, card case, and a small leather pouch for my lipstick and keys.

Not very practical, but sooooo pretty haha – I guess it’s a similar story if you love mini handbags.

I also like this Black Acrylic Luna Circle Bag by Cult Gaia, it’d be easy to clean and a bit more flexible (maybe?). But that one is a little more expensive.

Jeans are Karolina Jeans by GRLFRND

Shoes are by Diavolina (currently selling at Zomp).

Trumpet Pearl Earrings are by Kailis Jewellery – so stunning!

Happy shopping and hope you find something you like!


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Net-A-Porter June Sale

7 June 2018

Net-a-porter Sale June 2018

Net-a-porter Sale June 2018

Eeek, I took advantage of the Net-A-Porter Sale this morning and bought this Self Portrait One Shoulder Mini Dress that was on sale for 50% off!

It was a bit of an impulse buy. But I just ADORE all my Self Portrait dresses + tops. They are all so timeless, striking and beautiful. And I’ll definitely wear it for years to come.

A department store cocktail dress is about $250 – $500. Designer ones are $400 and above… so to get one on sale under $200 is just awesome.

Haha will you listen to me justifying it.

Btw this is not sponsored. Wished it was!

*Fingers crossed it fits!*

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Grana Boxy Silk Top Worn Two Ways

6 June 2018

Grana Blue Silk Top Worn Two Ways ​

A few weeks ago, I managed to get a few snaps of myself heading out in my new Grana Boxy Silk Shirt.

I picked out this top (courtesy of Grana) because I was looking for something a bit “summery” and still “smart”.

Plus I wanted something a bit “grown up” that I could wear to client meetings, but not be too boring and formal.

1) Office Outfit – Ok I don’t work in an office, but I met some newish clients and I didn’t want to look too corporate, too casual or too fashiony. So this top was perfect with a plain black pencil skirt, blazer and heels for my meeting. I was running late, so I didn’t get a photo of my outfit!

2) Fun / Dressy Outfit – I wore the shirt with a ruffle skirt (omg I love this skirt!). I tied a knot, tight under my bust and it looked super cute for the photo. Then I relaxed the knot a little when I actually wore it out (to a day time soft launch in the city).

I probably could have just worn the top in a normal way, tucked into the skirt.

3) Smart Casual Outfit – And this is me, meeting up with some girlfriends for a coffee date, with jeans and flats.

I could probably wear it over a white dress, to make it look like a skirt.
Grana Blue Silk Top Worn Two Ways ​

It’s a lovely, light and breezy top. It’s super versatile and easy to wear. The quality it just amazing. I love the feel of this silk crepe de chine.

I chose a pastel blue, because 1) wanted to try more colour 2) pastels are going to be on trend this spring 3) pastel blue is easier to wear than other pastel colours like yellow or purple.

Warning though: it’s a bit cropped so it’s better suited to high waisted jeans or skirts.

The good thing about it being cropped, is that it makes my legs look longer!

I’m wearing the XXS. I’m usually a AU6 or UK6.

The Sunny Sale

Grana are also having a “Sunny Sale” with 30% off a large selection of items, summer and winter styles.

Unfortunately this Boxy Silk Shirt is not on sale.

But you can get v-neck camisoles starting at $45, silk dresses starting at $79, silk tank tops for $39, cashmere sweaters for $99 and more. It’s a great time to buy if you’ve been holding out for a clearance sale.

Or if you want to try a new season item, you can use my code “karenxgrana” to get 10% off and free shipping! Valid until the end of June.



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Wearing: Kitten-Heel Slingback Shoes

22 May 2018

Kitten Heel Slingbacks

Over the last few months, I’ve been getting lots of people asking me about my kitten heel slingback shoes.

I LOVE kitten heels for everyday wear. They are just a little bit more dressed-up, but comfy enough to wear all day.

I’ve posted about them so many times – they are Tibi Kitten Heels, but unfortunately they are sold out.

Here are some other lovely options, made from leather, that I would buy, if I didn’t already have my Tibi ones.

Shopbop Black Slingbacks



I really like these ones. They are Diane von Furstenberg Mortelle Slingback Pumps and I love the look of them paired with jeans or a midi skirt. Sometimes I scroll through the rest of the Shopbop site and I see a model wearing these shoes (with a different outfit), I think “Omg those look gorgeous!” – happened 5-6 times already. Might be a sign?


These are Sam Edelman Ludlow Slingback Pumps. They are almost exactly the same as my Tibi ones, except the shape of the toe cover. This style is probably a bit more “classic”, “timeless” and much more affordable than my Tibi ones :)


Shopbop Black Slingbacks


These Sam Edelman Raya Slingback Flats look super lovely! Comfy, practical, perfect for everyday wear, casual but still a bit dressed-up. I would definitely get these in a snap, if I didn’t have my current ones!


I have almost exactly these Steven Lourdes Slingback Flats but in white, which I bought from ASOS (not leather). I wished I bought a proper leather one in the first place, because I wear them ALL THE TIME. I won’t buy a replacement pair until my old ones break, because it’s quite silly/wasteful right?!

Happy shopping!


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What I Wore: Grana Panelled V-neck Slip Dress

18 May 2018

Grana Silk Slip Dress

Went out to dinner the other night and wore this lil number!

A Grana Panelled V-neck Slip Dress – You can’t go wrong with a classic silk dress in black.

Jut add some simple heels, simple accessories and hey presto, I can look half decent after rushing around all day!!

If you already own a Grana silk slip dress or a Grana silk v-neck camisole, you’ll love to know that this new dress features a slim fit design with a hidden zip at the waist.

It’s very fitted and flattering, hugs my waist perfectly and such a great fit for me.

Yes the neckline is extra low, which might turn some people off. But it seems to have a good firm fit across my chest, so there’s no sliding around and no need for double sided tape.

I’m wearing a size XXS and I’m a standard AUD 6 or UK 6.

If I wanted a slightly more relaxed look at the top, I would be happy to go up to a size XS.

The skirt of the dress has a more relaxed A-line style, so it’s very easy to move, walk around and sit in.

However, if you’re prone to over-eating during dinner time, um, then you probably DON’T want to get this dress, as the silk will skim nicely over your food baby and make you look 4 months pregnant haha! Or you could invest in some Spanx?

The quality is amazing. It definitely matches some of the silk dress sold by high end labels for 5 times the price. And it is fully lined with a double layer of silk.

Grana Silk Slip Dress

In terms of versatility, you could easily wear a white shirt (with a knot at the front) with this dress. Or layer with a t-shirt and knitted sweater for the colder months.

It’s too fitted for you to wear a white t-shirt underneath. But you could buy a sheer shirt with embroidery to wear over the top.

I love this simple, classic and elegant style!

If you’re a new customer, and you want to buy a full-priced item, please feel free to use my code “karenxgrana” to enjoy 10% off your order and free shipping!


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What I Wore: Ruffle Skirt and Tee

13 May 2018

Petal and Pup Skirt

Hi everyone just a quick one today :)

As I’m heading out to buy some flowers and pick up some items for photographing – more on that soon!

The weather has been stunning! It’s supposed to be Autumn and heading into Winter, but the days are still a glorious 28C and just perfect for spending all day in skirts and a tee.

As I mentioned in my last outfit post: I’ve been living in various black midi skirts.

I found this skirt from an online store called Petal and Pup, which caught my eye because it looked similar to this Self Portrait Ruffle Skirt, which is all sold out in many places.

The ruffle is super gorgeous and it seems to catch everybody’s eye, as I get so many compliments from it!

My t-shirt is from Hello Parry.

My kitten heels are by Tibi via Shopbop – I am absolutely loving kitten heels for daytime wear. I’m on the look out for more pairs!

My straw bag is from Sportsgirl, but I bought it over 15 years ago (possibly more!).

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New: Alexander Wang Roxy Hobo Bag

7 May 2018

Alexander Wang Bag

I’ve been out and about a lot lately – living the freelancer life haha – running lots of errands, quick meetings, picking up products, emailing from my phone in between meetings, writing writing writing, heading out to events, taking photos, dashing home to edit photos.

My go-to outfit right now:

1) Black midi skirt

2) T-shirt or shirt, tucked in or knotted

3) Pointy flats

4) A big, slouchy bag to fit everything!

Alexander Wang Bag

Yup I recently picked out this Alexander Wang Roxy Hobo Bag (courtesy of Shopbop) because I was looking for a big bag that I could use as an “everyday bag”, which still looked “dressy” and a bit different.

I loooove it!

I really like that I can wear the bag in different ways – 1) folded up like a little teardrop, 2) using the short strap as a shoulder bag tucked in close under my armpit, or 3) with the long cross-body strap like a regular satchel bag.

The edge of silver balls is such a cool detail. As is the silver link chain, which threads onto the handles in different ways. It’s very Alexander Wang! And it’s very integrated into the design and shape of the bag.

The pebbled leather is just amazing: soft and slouchy, yet tough and doesn’t scuff or scratch easily.

It’s tough looking, but it has some soft feminine curves too.

It’s super fun to use, as I get a lot of compliments and lots of conversations with random strangers!

Do you have an Alexander Wang bag? How good are his bags?!

Alexander Wang Bag

I’m also wearing my Equipment silk slim shirt (love this shirt!), Majorelle dress (worn as a skirt) and Zara bow flats.

Some of the other bags I considered was this Tory Burch Classic Tote – very practical, but a bit boring.

And this Alexander Wang Rockie Duffle Bag, which is a style that has been around for a number of years. I think it’s cool, but a bit casual for how like my bags. Plus I imagine that if I wore it as a cross body bag, it would sit on my hip, protrude out and scrape on all kinds of things… doors, fences, bushes, walls… and I’d trash the leather.

I have been eyeing this Meli Melo Bucket Bag for a while now, which looks cool and different, but not very big.

Then this Ulla Johnson Wicker Bag, again suuuuuper cute, super different, looks like a nashi pear, but not very big at all. And probably not very practical haha!

Anyway, that’s enough of my bag wishlist!

Enjoy your week!


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Wearing: Grana French Organic Cotton

22 April 2018

Grana French Organic Cotton

Over the last few years, I’ve been trying to buy basics that are eco-friendly, sustainable, or ethically made.

Sometimes it’s so hard to meet ALL the criteria. Sometimes I can never know if the brand is really disclosing everything, or if it’s just another marketing ploy to sell to people like me?!

There is a 2018 Ethical Fashion Guide that you can download that rates brands and companies. According to the website, the guide is a “measure of the efforts undertaken by each company to mitigate the risks of forced labour, child labour and worker exploitation in their supply chains”.

I’m keen to feature it in another blog post, so I’ll talk more about it another time.

Grana French Organic Cotton

While trying to be conscious of ethics and environment, I’m quite particular with my style/fabric quality… and so I just love the effortless, casual, minimal and high quality items from Grana.

They are currently having a special Eco Sale, offering 20% off all eco-friendly styles with the code “ECO20″.

The sale features items made from French Organic Linen, Tencel (sustainably made from quick growing Eucalyptus trees, without pesticides or fertilisers) and Lenzing Modal (sustainably made from natural Beech tree forests).

I was gifted this Jersey Racerback Tank (French Organic Cotton) a few weeks back and I shared it on Instagram. But with this Eco Sale on, I wanted to share the photo on my blog too (not getting paid for this!).

I just love how it feels and it’s slouchy style. I wear it as a casual top for wearing out and about (mum duties!). I wear it to yoga / working out, over a sports bra top.

It’s a style that will last me for years. And by the feel of the material, it will definitely last me years too.

And you know what? It actually does make me feel a little proud that I’m wearing something good for the earth!

If you’re a new customer, and you want to buy a full-priced item, please feel free to use my code “karenxgrana” to enjoy 10% off your order and free shipping!


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Crushing: Pastel Floral Dresses

13 April 2018

I am TOTALLY crushing on pretty, floral dresses at the moment.

I’m currently experimenting with 1) floral/pastel colours and 2) trying to wear summer dresses in cooler weather. I’ll share what I come up with soon!

I went on a floral bender, adding tonnes of styles into my wishlist (kind of like making a mood board) and these are my top nine favourites from Shopbop’s 25% off Sale (ends 15 April 2018)…

Shopbop Spring Florals 2018

Lavendar: Ulla Johnson Penninah Dress

Pink: Rachel Zoe Jillian Dress

Yellow: Marissa Webb Kaya Silk Print Dress

Shopbop Spring Florals 2018

Pink: Nicholas Lilac Floral Frill Mini Dress

Blue: Alice + Olivia Halsey Dress

Nude: Amanda Uprichard Evalina Dress

Shopbop Spring Florals 2018

Yellow: Self Portrait Pleated Asymmetric Floral Dress

Green: Giambattista Valli Print Sheer Mini Dress with Ruffle Hem

Pale Purple: Young Fabulous & Broke Costa Maxi Dress

Yes some are ridiculously expensive (!), but hope you find some inspiration to switch things up a bit for the new season!


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Review: Self Portrait 3D Azaelea Dress

11 April 2018

Self Portrait Azaelea Dress

Hi everyone!

I’m off to a wedding later this year and I’ve already sorted out what I’m going to wear – this Self Portrait 3D Azaelea Dress :)

I am a big fan of Self Portrait dresses and every time they release a new season collection, I’m scrolling, drooling, sighing (because they are so expensive!) and wondering how many months I will have to save until I can nab something.

For years I’ve had my eye on the original Azaelea dress (Self Portrait’s most popular dress design!), and when the dress came out in Burgundy (this one), it became very high on my MUST SAVE FOR list. Unfortunately my size had sold out and I can’t seem to find it anymore.

So a couple of months ago, during a Shopbop Sale, I picked out this gorgeous 3D Azaelea Dress in Tomato colour – yippee!

It’s a lot brighter than the burgundy. It is VERY RED! And stunning!

It’s a newer version of the Azaelea style, as this dress has a slightly different “3D” flower lace pattern.

My other option was this new Azaelea Sweetheart Dress (in Navy), but I preferred the red flowers.

Self Portrait Azaelea Dress

In terms of fit. I usually am a US Size 0 for dresses.

So I ordered a Size 0, it arrived… and it didn’t quite fit me.

It fit perfectly around my waist, but I just couldn’t do up that last 5cms of the zip (the part around my middle abdomen, so it had nothing to do with my boobs being too big haha!). No amount of sucking in could make my ribcage smaller! Obviously I had the size wrong.

So I had to return the dress and get a Size 2 – which fit me great, but it’s still a tiny bit snug around my lower abdomen. There is no stretch whatsoever. And the straps are not adjustable. So if you’re a slightly bigger AUS 6, or if you have big boobs, then you should go up to US 4, just to give yourself some breathing room.

What surprises me most about this dress, is its weight. The quality is top notch. The craftsmanship, the stitching, the lining, the zip, the panels. The fabric and lace are just beeeeautiful.

The shape is classic and feminine, with it’s 1950s hourglass silhouette, full floral skirt and nipped in waist. The style will last for years to come.

In terms of longevity, I actually have another Self Portrait dress, which I bought in 2016 and which I have dry cleaned twice, and it still looks brand new.

I also love it because I can wear it as a cocktail dress, but at the same time I’d be happy to wear it with white sneakers and a denim jacket.

I’m so in love with this dress and I can’t wait to wear it to the wedding!

When I bought my Lover dress a few years ago, it cemented my decision for investing in WOW dresses.

Yes they are a bit expensive to start, but I have worn them again and again. And every time I wear one, I feel BLOODY AMAZING in it – it’s totally worth it.

Shopbop Event Sale

For 4 days, Shopbop are having an “Event of the Season” sale – You can get 20% off orders under $500 and 25% off orders over $500. Simply use the code EVENT18 at the checkout.


I wanted to share a whole heap of new season WOW dresses that I added to my wishlist. But I picked something crazy like 24 dresses, so I have to edit it down a bit and I’ll share my list real soon!

Happy shopping!


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Wearing: Daniel Wellington Petite Watch

7 April 2018

Daniel Wellington Petite Watch

Hi everyone!

I’m collaborating with Daniel Wellington to offer all my readers a 15% discount off your whole order!

And when you purchase a watch before 24 April, you also receive a free strap!

Scroll down to grab my discount code.

Daniel Wellington Petite Watch

Years ago, when I first started to look for a classic/minimal watch, I didn’t get a DW watch, because back then they only had super-large watch faces (40mm case) starting at AU$279 – where as I found a smaller-sized one, with really good quality leather for AU$170.

Since then, DW have launched smaller sizes… and ironically I was gifted some watches from other brands, with large faces (case size over 38mm – 40mm) and it turned out that I quite liked the large faces.

Anyway, this watch my first Daniel Wellington watch and this is the first time I’ve worn a Petite Watch, with a face size of 28mm.

This is the Classic Petite Melrose Watch.

With my discount code, the watch will be AU$178. Pretty awesome price for a Daniel Wellington watch!

I am honestly super impressed with the quality and the feel of it. It definitely lives up to the hype and stylish branding that you see everywhere :)

Initially I thought the petite size would be TOO dainty on my wrist, but it’s actually lovely. I wear it all the time now and I love it.

It’s perfect to wear with dresses/skirts, where you don’t want a chunky watch/accessory to over-power your look. Plus, I like the black face, because it goes with everything I wear.

Daniel Wellington Free Strap

So the watch on the left is the one that I have, Class Petite Melrose (28mm), and you can select a free black strap valued at AU$69… and with my 15% off discount, it will be AU$178.

Daniel Wellington Free Strap

This would be my second choice. The Classic Petite Sterling (28mm) with a “St Mawes” brown leather strap  valued at  AU$69… and with my 15% off discount, it will be AU$178.

Discount Code

Simply use my code “KCXCW” at the checkout to get 15% off your total order + free strap per watch.

(Valid until 24 April 2018).

Hope you find something you like, or buy a something for your mum!

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What I Wore: Majorelle Spotty Dress

23 March 2018

Spotty Majorelle Dress

Hello hello!

I’m loving these warm evenings! How good is it to stay out the whole day and night and not bother with a jacket?

My husband and I managed to sneak out for a brunch date the other day, to celebrate our 16th Wedding Anniversary – way hey!

Hilariously… he cycled over from work to meet me at a cafe, so he was wearing fluro yellow and lycra tights, while I was wearing this! Omg we looked so funny! Typical old married couple, who don’t give a damn, right? Haha!

(Sweetly, he did ask me for permission first. In case I didn’t want to be caught being seen with someone wearing lycra.)

Spotty Majorelle Dress

I wore this Viola Dress by fabulous dress brand Majorelle. I just love the little spots and ruffle! (It’s on sale too, and possibly the same price you’d pay if you bought something from Myer or David Jones?)

I’m wearing the size XS and it fits me perfectly. The front is a little lower than I’m used to. But it doesn’t look too bad haha.

Spotty Majorelle Dress

Revolve are having a Friends and Family 20% off Discount Sale, until 1 April.

Simply head over to this page, share it with two friends, and you will get the discount code sent to you. Free shipping and free returns too.

The sale is for Australian customers only. The promotion ends on April 1st at 11:59 PM (Sydney time). All coupons are valid until April 8th, 11:59pm (Sydney time). Some brands don’t apply, so you’ll have to check this page.

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Shopbop’s So Extra Sale

21 March 2018

I am super excited about this recent Shopbop So Extra Sale, because I’ve been wanting to pick up a few small bits and pieces. I put my order in last night, so I will share my goodies soon!

I’ve put together a few more of my favourites from the sale too.

I have been crazy about dark dresses with a hint of red, so these two dresses caught my eye. Then I found a whole bunch of cool earrings, handbags and a pair of shoes to match.

Shopbop So Extra Sale

Alice + Olivia Annabeth Off Shoulder Dress – Alice + Olivia is such a great brand with so much great pieces. Yes they are pretty pricey, so it’s handy to buy during a sale. How cute is this dress? Love the little hearts!

Gorjana Chloe Crescent Hoop Earrings – Yup I bought these! No thinking required at $37.

Furla Metropolis Arabesque Mini Bag – I have been umming and ahhing about getting a small Furla crossbody bag. But I’m thinking that the plain black one is just a bit too plain and I should go with something a bit edgier.

Schutz Lori Lace Up Sandals – I love these heels and they remind me of a similar pair of lace up heels by Aquazzura. I love the furry details. I believe they end up to be about $94 after all the discounts.

Shopbop So Extra Sale

WAYF Roland Long Sleeve Dress – Bought this one too! After all the sales and extra sales, the dress ends up being $53.10, so good.

Amber Sceats Ora Necklace – I’m obsessed with coin jewellery – but it has to be the right kind of coin design. I’m liking these. They are 24k gold-plated rhodium, which makes them extra special.

Sahshi Coin Hoop Earrings – These are 18k gold-plated, which is what I prefer for my everyday jewellery. These are awesome and a perfect mini score at $38.50.

Gedebe Mini Clicky Gold Bag – I’m very keen for a small clutch that stands out, but will still go with everything. Gold bling seems to be the answer here!

The Sale Section offers up to 75% off original prices, simply use the code “SOEXTRA” at the checkout. The sale ends Wednesday, 23rd March, 2:59 pm, Western Australia time (GMT +8).

Hope you find something you like too!


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What I Wore: Tularosa Lily Dress (with Friends + Family Discount)

19 March 2018

Tularosa Lily Dress

Hello everyone! This is me heading out on a dinner date for my husband’s birthday.

We decided to stick to small birthday presents this year… because we just paid for airfares (seat price x 5!) for our overseas family holiday and let me tell you, I felt sick in my stomach as I clicked the “Process Payment” at the 5 figure total – akkk! Oh well, big family holidays only happens once a year.

So… it’s instant noodles, BYO coffee, and SALE ONLY clothing purchases for while now haha.

Tularosa Lily Dress

Speaking of sales: Revolve are having a Friends and Family 20% off Discount Sale, until 1 April.

Simply head over to this page, share it with two friends, and you will get the discount code sent to you. Free shipping and free returns too.

It’s probably the best and safest kind of discount sale – browse, add items to cart, share with your friends, get the code, then revise what’s in your cart, before you actually buy!

There’s a nice time delay. So no impulse buying here :)

The sale is for Australian customers only. The promotion ends on April 1st at 11:59 PM (Sydney time). All coupons are valid until April 8th, 11:59pm (Sydney time). Some brands don’t apply, so you’ll have to check this page.

Tularosa Lily Dress

As for me, I’m wearing a Tularosa Lily Dress.

I was pretty lucky to get this dress, as it’s just so simple, so gorgeous… and it sold out very quickly. But I think they will restock it soon, just click on “Can’t Find Your Size?” and they will email you when it comes back in stock.

I’m wearing Size XS (I’m usually Size AU 6), and it fits me perfectly. Even the length is perfect for me – yay!

I love that it’s mid-legth. I would absolutely buy this dress in different colours and patterns, if they offered it.

I also picked up this Marjorelle Viola Dress, which is on sale, so there would be another 20% off it with the code.

Also on my wishlist:

This Majorelle Berkshire Dress – ok this was a bit crazy expensive because it’s silk.

Privacy Please Hibiscus Midi – Lovely pale blue dress with front tie.

Privacy Please Clinton Midi – Very cute, pale yellow stripe dress.

Privacy Please Wilmar Dress – Cute red spotty dress

Tularosa Chrissy Dress – Cute, short, ruffle white dress.

Privacy Please Lomax Dress – I’ve had my eye on this dress for ages! Another flattering midi dress.

Hope you find something you like. It’s a great sale to pick up a new dress.

Happy shopping or browsing!


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What I Wore: White Boots from 2005

16 March 2018

White Boots

​OK guys, cute / funny /somewhat tragic story here.

These boots are soooooo hot right now with ALL the uber-fashiony style-makers: white leather, pointed toe, kitten heel. They are exactly what you need to be wearing next season!

Kendall + Kylie have a version here.
Acne Studios have these cute kitten heel booties, better get in fast as they are almost sold out of all sizes in the white, but lots of sizes left in the black?!
Rab & Bone have these super sleek ones, but still kitten heels. Only one size left!
Or maybe you have a spare $890 for these Helmut Lang booties?!
These boots from Free People are a lot more affordable.
Or these sexy booties from Tibi (with a roundish heel).

The funny part is: I actually bought these boots in 2005!! That makes them 13 years old.

They are by an Australian brand called Zu, full leather inside and outside. They are such good quality and at the time they were around $150, but I bought them on a clearance sale for something like $37. I remember it was such a huge shopping win for me haha.

Why did I keep them?

Um. I’m not sure?! I think I only wore them once or twice. It’s not like I pull them out every winter and wear them.

Honestly I keep them in a tall shoe box (the one they came in), and they sit at the very bottom of my “tall boot box” stack. I give them a nod of acknowledgement every winter, when I pull out all the other boots that I wear. So the answer to why I keep them: laziness.

But look at me now. I totally look like an uber-fashiony style-maker HAHA.

White Boots

I’m also wearing:

Grana Boxy Pima Cotton Tee

Medium Rider Bag by Loeffler Randal

Lovers and Friends Elijah Mini Skirt

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What I Wore: Loving My Denim Skirts

13 March 2018

Denim Skirts

Just a quick one today!

I was heading out to a cafe with my girlfriends (and our kids) and managed to take a snap of my outfit.

I had a bit of a giggle, because I’m always wearing denim skirts – I just change my top and shoes.

Denim skirts have been my true summer staple this year!

They are so much more wearable and versatile than denim shorts, because they look dressier and are slightly more modest.

These babies are from Boohoo (40% 0ff everything + free shipping!) and thy are the Paislee Denim Skirt.

They are so stretchy and soft against my skin, they feel like they were made of jersey or a soft lycra. Super comfy too. (Pretty darn good for a cheap and cheerful item!)

Denim Skirts

I’m Wearing:

Winnie Top by Tularosa from Revolve (still available in Size XS and S, also comes in a black and spotted red)

Paislee Denim Skirt

Cadey Lee Heels from Schutz

Ulu The Label Bag from Kinilush

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Review: Grana Tencel Skirt

5 March 2018

Grana Tencel Skirt

Mid-length wrap skirts, ruffle skirts and patterned skirts are currently an awesome way to update your style.

They are easy to wear with a t-shirt or camisole, and easy to wear with heels, flats and even sneakers.

For today’s post, I was sent a Grana Tencel Skirt to try out. As always, I’m not getting paid for this, and I’m pretty honest and reasonable with my reviews and sharing what I think. The folks at Grana just send me the item, they don’t tell me to “please say this” or “please mention that”… they just leave it up to me to say whatever the hell I want!

Firstly, I was quite amazed when I read up about TENCEL (I thought it was a daggy 90s thing?).

Grana’s version is a 100% biodegradable fabric that is made of wood pulp from sustainably managed Eucalyptus tree plantations that focus on minimising environmental impact. Apparently Eucalyptus trees grow fast, without fertilisers, chemicals or irrigation.

(I can vouch for that, because I’ve been to the middle of the Australian dessert and there is LITERALLY NOTHING out there… and a shit load of Eucalyptus trees haha!)

I find it so impressive that it is completely biodegradable, it looks pretty good, and it doesn’t cost $330 or something ridiculous like that.


Omg it is super soft, yet robust. It has a lovely weight and a really nice, luxurious drape.

It has a slightly denim look to it, in texture and thickness. But it’s much, much softer than cotton/denim. It kind of feels like a mix between jersey and slinky rayon. (Am I making sense here??)

I’ve turned down the contrast in the photos so you can see that there is a bit of a fuzzy texture, like velvetly suede, but not really. It’s not a pure “black” colour, it’s more of a dark grey.

I am such a fan of this fabric! I want more! I love it!

Grana Tencel Skirt


Ok here is where it gets a bit tricky.

I am usually a size XXS for Grana dresses, shirts, pants and camisoles. When trying to decide which size to get, I checked the sizing and measurements on the product page… and my measurements were somewhere in between the XXS and XS.

I was a bit confused and unsure. So I emailed the customer service and they replied and said that: from my measurements, I should get the XXS .

The XXS skirt arrived and it fits me PERFECTLY around the waist and hips. You can probably tell it is a good fit from my photos – yay!

A few issues:

The garment description says “Wear true to size for a loose fit

It is my true and usual size… but honestly I wouldn’t call it a loose fit.

I would say: It is pretty fitted! Don’t eat a large meal in this one!

(The fabric has no stretch.)

So if I wanted a looser fit, personally I’d go ONE size up and wear it lower on my hips.


The garment description says “Style intended as a modern work skirt

I totally get that the style is long, minimal and versatile and thus good for work.

But for this XXS size, the split actually goes up REALLY HIGH on me – like, party, sexy kind of high. So I don’t think I would wear it to work!

When I take a larger-than-normal-step, the skirt split opens up to *just* under my underwear. Not work appropriate.

Again, perhaps this would have been avoided if I just ordered a size XS and worn the skirt lower on my hips.

If you look at the image on the product page, the model is wearing the skirt on her hips, the split is much lower, and it looks pretty relaxed and effortless on her.

Grana Tencel Skirt

Overall opinion:

Personally, the two issues I mentioned, aren’t really big issues for me. They are more of a potential sizing issue for someone who is actually looking for a loose-fitted, work skirt.

Truth is, the skirt fits me perfectly. I absolutely adore it! I have pretty much worn it with every t-shirt that I own already and it looks so good. I’ve worn it for day (with sneakers) to night (with a singlet and heels).

I like that it’s a bit sexy, and I don’t mind that it reveals some leg when I walk. I like that it’s fitted, hugs my curves and makes me look slim. I think it suits my petite frame.

I can’t wait for the temperature to drop, so I can wear it with boots!

And it’s 100% biodegradable! Amazing!

Special Discount Code

If you’re a new customer, please feel free to use my code “karenxgrana” to enjoy 10% off your order and free shipping!

(I’ve tried to ask them for a discount code for existing customers, but they can’t do that at the moment! Oh well!)


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Go Big with These Styles For The New Season

27 February 2018

Yippee – who doesn’t love a big sale?!

In collaboration with Shopbop, I’ve curated a selection of fantastic items from their Go Big Spring Sale, keeping in mind, wardrobe longevity, versatility, and style hints for an updated look.

Enjoy 15% off orders over $200, 20% off orders over $500 and 25% off orders over $800. Simply use the code “GOBIG18″ at the checkout!

Shopbop Spring Sale

Cocktail Dresses

The other day I had a cocktail party to go to and I had a panic attack. Most of my dresses are cotton summer dresses and I only have 2-3 really nice cocktail dresses… which I have worn soooo many times already (it was starting to look a bit embarrassing), that I actually uttered the words “OMG I have nothing to wear!”.

I really believe in choosing and buying dresses that you can wear again and again. And these two are definite winners.

Lover Ingenue Slip Dress – This dusty rose colour will always be in style. Adjustable straps, easy length, you’ll definitely get lots of wears for weddings, cocktail parties, garden tea parties, horse races and more.

Self Portrait 3D Floral Azaelea Dress – Such a gorgeous dress for this new season. The red colour and 3D lace  just is stunning. You definitely can’t go wrong with this one.

Shopbop Spring Sale

Statement Kitten Heels

OK yes I know these are a tad expensive, but this is a Go Big sale after all! If you’re in the market for a statement splurge, kitten heels are the go.

Aquazzura Powder Puff 45 Sling Pumps – I’m love! I was seriously so tempted to buy these, but thankfully they are sold out in my size. Easy to wear kitten heel, with a fun pompom, pointed toe, cute AF. They’d be so perfect to wear with a simple dress or jeans and a tee. 25% off too.

Aquazzura Kisha 45 Pumps – White pointed-toe shoes are super popular this season. These have been sitting in my Shopping Cart for a while. You see, I have a pair of cheap & cheerful white ASOS pointed toe flats and have been considering to upgrade to something more luxe. I know these will be a classic for my wardrobe. Will last me years. Will go with everything.

Shopbop Spring Sale

Cute dress alert!

Tis true, I’m always on the lookout for sweet and simple dresses with a cute print.

Cupcakes and Cashmere Dezzi Spring Bouquet Floral Dress – Easy to wear, lovely colour and print. Not too bright and floral. Perfect for days you want to wear floral without looking TOO FLORAL – happens to me all the time.

re:named Ruffle Wrap Dress – This cutie is AUD$75. Again, another floral dress that is not IN YOUR FACE floral.


Shopbop Spring Sale

Mid Heel Magic

Ok perhaps this comes with age, but I’ve been loving my kitten heels lately. And when I wore my high heel stiletto shoes one night to a party, I almost cried. My feet were so sore! I’m tossing out my cheap heels, keeping my luxe ones, and I’m now slowly trying to buy a couple of good quality mid-heeled shoes so I can have more comfortable options.

Loeffler Randall Emi City Sandals – Lovely light nude colour to go with everything. Sleek and minimal design, with a stylish wave detail. Loafer Randall has the loveliest leathers, this will surely be nice and comfy.

Stuart Weitzman Nearlynude Sandals – Mr Weitzman is a master shoe maker and all his shoes seem like wardrobe classics. These are just gorgeous!


Shopbop Spring Sale

Square-neck Necklines

Square or straight necklines are fast becoming popular again. These work well with tank tops or dresses (I’m not a fan of the cap sleeve with a square neck look). I just adore these casual dresses because they are fun and flirty, yet their style and colours keep them versatile and wearable.

Bec & Bridge Under Eave Mini Dress – Perfect for a getaway or just the weekend. Denim and navy will always be a classic wardrobe colour. Love the hugging and flattering shape of this dress!

Steele Estate Dress – Another good-looking casual dress! I’m obsessed! This white and pinstripe pattern will last for many seasons.

Shopbop Spring Sale

Everyday Sling Back Heels

Ok you probably get the idea that low heels are back in fashion, especially sling backs. I love mine. So easy to slip on and off. A bit like flip flops, but much more stylish. Choosing shoes from a more affordable brand, still made from leather, in a classic, minimal look, will ensure they last you years.

Sam Edelman Ludlow Slingback Pumps – These are a more affordable version of kitten heels I bought a few months ago (reviewed here).

Steven Lourdes Slingback Flats – Go the white shoe! I hear you saying, “Um I don’t know about white shoes”… But if you are used to wearing white sneakers with jeans/pants/everything… you’ll probably be surprised how these white shoes will just go with everything, then you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Hope you find something you love!

Happy shopping!


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What I Wore: Grana Classic Silk Camisole

20 February 2018

Grana Classic Silk Camisole

The weather in Perth has been aaaamazing these last few weeks. Not too hot, not too humid, not too cold. Perfect for stepping out in a nice strappy top, jeans and sandals!

I’ve been happily testing out a few new Grana items (gifted!) and will be featuring them over the next few weeks. I’ve noticed that they are launching updated styles, where they’ve tweaked the hem lines and improved on the overall fit. I shall let you know how I go!

For this new season, Grana has released a new Silk Classic Camisole – a new style and in new Spring colours.

Their past silk camisoles have been “round-neck” styles with a racer-back, or “v-neck” styles with a v-back.

This one is more of a straight neckline across the chest and back, with a stylish, minimal drape. I think this looks much more modern and very COS.

It sits nicely on my chest; not too low. It doesn’t flare out at the bottom. It’s a loose fit, but still flattering and slimming.

It’s sweet and simple, I really like it!

Grana Classic Silk Camisole

I liked the style so much, I picked out the top in TWO colours, that’s saying something!

I chose Off White so I could wear mix and match it with blacks and denim and this Pink Frosting colour for something different.

Funnily, I wear the Pink one more, because the colour is super sweet, a bit different to what I usually wear and it kind of brightens my complexion?

The silk is absolutely lovely. It has a slightly “matte and velvety” feel, rather than “shiny and slippery”. And I find that it’s quite similar to my Equipment silk shirts, more so than silk tops from Zara and Topshop. Basically I think it’s really affordable for the quality.

Grana Classic Silk Camisole

As for sizing, I’m wearing a Size XXS and it fits perfectly. Here’s a picture of how it sits under my arms – not too low that my bra strap shows. I love the shape of the back.

Another different thing is the lining. In the past, they have used a double lining of silk – where sometimes when the weather is wrong, the lining gets a bit staticky. But they have used a different kind of lining this time. It looks like standard lining (which is slightly see-through and a bit like satin/polyester) but it is in fact, soft, flowy, drapey, feels good on your skin and it is still 100% silk.

So this top feels very light and breezy to wear.

Would I recommend to my friends?

Yes! If you’re the kind of person who would love to wear more silk in your everyday or work outfits, this classic top is perfect. Especially at this price. But if your wardrobe is overflowing with camisoles, you probably don’t need another one haha! Maybe a white one to update your look slightly?

Special Discount Code

If you’re a new customer, you can use my code “karenxgrana” to enjoy 10% off your order and free shipping!


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What I Wore: Chinese New Year 2018

16 February 2018

Chinese New Year 2018

Hello hello, wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

This is me, heading out to a Chinese New Year Community Dinner Event.

To summarise the night: There were about 300 people at the dinner, the fire alarms went off and everyone had to evacuate the building! No fire though, just a bit of oven smoke in the kitchen.

I’m wearing Lovers and Friends Etra Dress (still on sale), Stuart Weitzman Daisy Pumps, 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Cross Body Bag.

Chinese New Year 2018

I particularly like this dress, because it’s very roomy and a loose fit… so I can eat all I want. Perfect for Chinese New Year.

(Omg I’ve been eating so much! It seems like I’ve been on a non-stop festival of eating since Christmas!)

When I stand front-on, the dress looks a bit like a sack. But the sleeves and fabric are pretty swishy, so it hides the sack-ness and it just looks like a really cute dress.

Chinese New Year 2018 - Year of the DogFor our family reunion dinner, we usually go to my grandmother’s house to celebrate with the family. But my grandma passed away last June, so this is the first year we’ve celebrated without her and we dedicated our dinner to her.

It was also the first year I helped cooked some food to share – usually I turn up with nothing (as instructed) and find that all the Aunties and Uncles have cooked a 10 course banquet dinner for everyone!

I made spring rolls and a fruit platter. My sister made a super-cute Year of The Dog Yee Sang (fish salad).

I tried to find a SUPER-LARGE platter for her to use, but I could only find a not-so-large one… so we had to split the salad into TWO plates and things got a bit crowded.

Next year we’ll be using the WHOLE tabletop in a kind of epic, grazing table Yee Sang. After all, it’ll be the year of the pig – ha!

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What I Wore: Plaid Skirt and Tee

12 February 2018

Checkered Skirt

Just a quick one today!

My work schedule has been full of fantastic freelance projects at the moment.

I call a lot of them ghost projects because they are a bit like ghostwriting, where I write and make creative content for other people — without getting any credit, just good old hard cash haha!

Personally, I love this kind of work.

There is something so satisfying in that simple exchange; delivering high quality work to someone who appreciates and values it. No need to worry about all the unnecessary and complicated details of being an influencer, personal branding, perceived fame and profile boosting. Ugh.

It’s so good to use my skills, brains, creativity and just simple hard work, to feel worthwhile!

Wearing a simple T-shirt from ​Uniqlo,
Affection Skirt by Lovers and Friends
3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Clutch Bag from Shopbop
White slingbacks from ASOS

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Isabel Marant Leo Ballet Flats

8 February 2018

Isabel Marant Leo Flats

The most perfect addition to my shoe family!

I recently bought myself these Isabel Marant Leo Ballet Flats (they are still on 60% sale!).

Yes the style is a few years old, but I’m not really bothered about that. I like the idea of building a personal wardrobe with items that I adore, not necessarily what is currently trendy.

And I loooove the chic, boho Parisian feel of these flats!

They are very different to the rest of my shoes, which is important for me. As I don’t want to own 5 classic/statement shoes that all look the same.

A lot of fashion advisors would call Ballet Flats as “a building block for a classic wardrobe”. They’re right. Ballet flats will never go out of style!

But my thinking is: I already have so many classic pieces, that my classic wardrobe is looking a bit boring and kind of looks just like everyone else’s classic wardrobe!

I wanted to go a little beyond just plain ballet flats. I wanted to add a little style and personality to my building blocks haha!

So… I whittled my selections to these three lace up flats:

Isabel Marant Leo Ballet Flats, the Aquazzura Christy Flats or the Valentino Garavani Rockstud Noir Ballerinas (not really lace ups but they look kind of laced-up). The latter two were a bit more expensive and… well, I didn’t want too many pointed toe shoes.

Besides, like I said, I love the slightly boho casual feel of these, and these won because of their price.

Isabel Marant Leo Flats

I bought them from The Outnet. They were 60% off (still on sale)!

The tan coloured ones are also on sale, as are a whole heap of Isabel Marant items.

Because they were an old style, I did find them listed for sale on pre-loved designer sale sites, but they were all slightly scuffed, or the leather was slightly different. I decided to pay a little extra to buy them brand new, as I specifically wanted the suede leather and I plan to keep and wear them for years to come.

Isabel Marant Leo Flats

They have more of an almond toe style, and they are not a completely round toe. From the side, they still look a bit pointed and tapered, so that’s another thing I like about these.

They are soooo comfortable!!

But they are pretty tricky to get on and off. If I walk through a bit of dirt or sand, omg, sand always gets flicked up into the shoe, falls deep between my toes and scratches against my skin. And it’s not easy to slip them off and clean out the dirt. That’s a down side of the lace ups, I guess.

Isabel Marant Leo Flats

I’ve seen some photos of people lacing along the edge of the shoe, not criss-crossed across the foot, so I might try that one day.

I also noticed that Isabel Marant relaunched a slightly modified Leo Ballet Flat style last year (AW17) in smooth leather, with slightly bigger eyelets and leather lacing. I guess that means people still love and buy this style, which is good to know.

I can’t wait to wear them more in the seasons ahead!

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Review: Grana Trench Coat in Camel

30 January 2018

Grana Trench Coat

The people at Grana have been very generous these last few months!

With all the Grana gear I’ve been reviewing, I feel I’m fast becoming an official reviewer haha – only kidding. I’m not getting paid to review these items! They simply suggest an item to me, I say yes or no, I pick the colour and size, they send it to me, I give it a fair go (wearing it around for two weeks or so), and I write what I think about it – the positive and negative.

I do spend some time looking for similar items at Zara, Myer, Target, Country Road and other high street stores… pondering the deep and meaningful questions: How does it compare? Why would someone buy this Grana item?

(Only jokes)

Grana Trench Coat

So! I picked out this Cotton Classic Trench in Camel (AU $259) as part of their latest Coats and Jackets range.

What I really like about it – Classic, double-breasted trench style. Minimal design. No embellishments!

There are no fancy buttons. No shoulder epaulets. No shiny buckles.

It’s really well made and has a high quality feel to it. The stitching, full inner lining, edges, cuffs, collar, the buttons,  the button stitching, button holes… are all fantastic!

The cotton fabric is smooth, soft to touch, strong, has a good weight to it and feels thick enough (to withstand a cold breeze).

It does feel a little stiff and doesn’t drape as luxuriously as I would have liked. Maybe I haven’t worn it long enough for it to soften up?

Sizing – I am a standard AU/ UK 6, so I ordered a Size XXS.

The coat length finishes below my knee.

Sleeves and shoulders are perfect, woohoo! They are not embarrassingly long, or awkwardly short!

It’s a regular fit across the chest. It’s not a slim fit.

I can easily wear a thermal singlet, a white button-down shirt, a thick knit sweater (3 layers underneath) and the coat will NOT feel tight across my chest, back or armpits. It feels perfect actually. I found it great for layering up.

However, when I try to wear as a Spring outfit, with a light top + jeans, or a dress, it feels a tiny bit big and roomy for me in the chest. But as you can see, it looks fine and it’s me being super picky. Would I really have a Winter trench and a Spring trench? Who am I?

I guess you could size down and get a slimmer fit for yourself. Or maybe you have bigger chest than me and ‘fill out’ the coat perfectly? Anyway, I’m already the smallest size, so I won’t be able to have that slimmer fit.

Be sure to check out the garment sizing, it includes body measurements and the product measurements. Very useful.

Grana Trench Coat

Colour – On the website, the coat looks like a pale light camel colour. But in real life it’s more yellowy/sand brown, so a bit more like the Burberry trench.

Quality – This coat is much better quality than what you’d find in H&M, Zara and ASOS.

It’s about the same quality as clothes from Country Road, which, it turns out, has a trench coat also selling for $299.

Basically I think it looks and feels like a really good quality coat for its price point!

Price – I guess you have to weigh up between quality vs quantity with this one. Yes $259 sounds a bit high to pay for a coat you haven’t tried on before. But then there are heaps of designer coats on, say Shopbop, between $300 – $750. So in comparison, $259 is pretty good.

Years ago I reviewed a beige trench coat from the ASOS brand and I *think* it was around $80… it looked great, but the fabric was stiff and it wasn’t very fluid. It was OK for a cheap and cheerful coat… but I gave it away after a while, because I  didn’t love it. I’m not saying everything from ASOS is bad though! I guess I’m saying, you get what you pay for.

I definitely can’t wait for winter, so I can layer up with a white shirt, cashmere jumper, jeans and long boots.

Would I recommend to my friends? Yes! Totally. The classic style is gorgeous. The perfect fit across the shoulders and arm length is worth it (for petite shorties like me!) .

And lastly, Grana have once again given me a discount to share:

Special Discount Code

If you’re a new customer, you can use my code “karenxgrana” to enjoy 10% off your order and free shipping!

No Markup Sale

Oh hey, and Grana still have their “No Markup Sale” with lots of items still for sale. You might pick up a bargain. Do check it out!



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What I Wore: Shirred Tops and Summer Silk

25 January 2018

Shirred Top from Seed

This outfit is from November! I wasn’t going to share it here, because I just snapped it for my Instagram feed. So why am I sharing it now?

You see, I tooootally fell in love with the Seed Heritage Summer Range when it was first released. They had so many great designs in such fun, pretty and wearable styles. (I find Country Road and Witchery are a bit too serious sometimes). What I like the most about Seed is their fabric. I love the fabric quality, textures, weight, colours and patterns.

Anyway, I added so many items to my cart. I whittled my list down to TWO and finally bought them.

They were cool, wearable pieces that went well with my wardrobe and the weather. Not too trendy. Good for going out in summer.

I bought this Shirred Top (sold out) and this Tie Sleeve Blouse (still on sale).

HOWEVER it’s 3 months later and these same tops are 60% off at the “End of Summer Sale” — oh man, I feel so much shopping regret! Don’t you hate that?!

Oooh I’m trying to justify my shopping.

I’m trying to buy better quality clothes… But they weren’t exactly low-quality, fast fashion clothes. They were great quality!

I’m trying to buy classic, timeless pieces… But then I get kind of bored of white t-shirts and blue jeans.

Plus I have worn them lots of times.

And, um they bring me joy, haha!

Also wearing Grana Silk Ankle Pants, Tibi Sling Back Heels, Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag.