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Shopbop’s Buy More, Save More

25 November 2015

Shopbop Buy  More Promo

Just wanted to give y’all a heads up!

Shopbop are having a Buy More, Save More Sale… and while I don’t advise you to go overboard with your spending, if you were thinking of buying something anyway, hey, you may as well top it up a little to get some extra savings ha!

Happy shopping!

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A Wishlist for Christmas and Beyond

24 November 2015

Yep, I will admit it. After buying stacks of lovely Christmas presents for my partner, my kids, my parents, my siblings, my girlfriends… I like to buy a Christmas present for myself too.

Christmas Wishlist 2015

So I often find “Christmas Gift Guides” to be quite problematic!

They often feature items that I never actually thought of owning or buying until it’s Christmas. Do I really need a celebrity branded tea cup set? Do I really need Festive Special Edition candles? Do I really need decorative lantern fairy lights? Haha probably not!

So instead of a typical Christmas gift guide, today I’m sharing a “wishlist” of things that I had wanted for aaaaaages and that I am now so, so happy that I own.

They all cost under $100.

Some of these items are classics, or brand favourites, or best sellers, or just affordable, good quality items that I have considered, tested, and acquired over some time – so they are not really a wishlist for me anymore.

I guess I hope to inspire you, during the upcoming season, to save up for things that you’ll truly love, beyond Christmas!

Christmas Wishlist 2015

A really good set of active wear pieces.

This dreamy top and bottom (how gorgeous are the spots??) are from Abi and Joseph.

They are made from a luxurious, high-quality fabric that feels amazing to wear. I’m quite a fan of their gear.

Pieces from their collection are slightly more affordable than other brands, but I think they are equal in high performance support, design and quality.

For the Spot Me High Support Bra, I wear a size XS (I’m usually a AU6) and for the Spot Me High Waisted 3/4 Tight, I also wear the XS – and they both fit perfectly.

xmaswisChristmas Wishlist 2015hlist03

Lightweight Black and White Sneakers

It’s a fact, black and white go with everything… and these sneakers are probably the most versatile and most worn sneakers in my entire collection right now.

Obviously they are great for running, going to the gym and working out, but they also look great with regular jeans, leggings and shorts too.

A most excellent purchase and wardrobe addition!

Christmas Wishlist 2015

Nars Duo Blush and Bronzer (Orgasm and Laguna)

Everyone raves about these two colours. They have been best sellers for years and are constantly in fashion and beauty magazines. Everyone, online and offline, dark skin and light skin, gives it a 4 to 5 star rating. How can it suit such a broad range of skin colours and types? I was so skeptical!

Well I recently succumbed to the hype surrounding this Duo Palette and bought one without trying it. My response? OH WOW. The blush really does give my cheeks a subtle, natural glow… without looking glittery or fake and doll-like.

And the bronzer! Sheesh, out of all the bronzers I’ve ever tried, this adds the most natural boozing warmth colour to my cheeks ever!

A Luxe SPF50+ Sun Cream

There are so many on the market these days, but I suggest you pop into a specialty, multi-brand makeup shop like Sephora or Mecca, to find one that really works with your skin and DOESN’T make you look greasy.

I have tried so many pharmacy brand SPF50+ creams that cost around $15 – $23, that say they are “oil free, non greasy, no shine, matte formula”… but really, they are not!

So I have learned, if I just pay a little more for a really good quality SPF50+ sun cream that makes my face look and feel great under my makeup, then I’ll wear it more often. Simple as that.

May as well pay for something a bit nicer that I will wear more.

Christmas Wishlist 2015

A Simple Silver Bangle

Although this bangle is just costume jewellery, I adore its simple and minimal design. I find that it goes with so many of my outfits, it’s easy to wear, it’s easy to match and I end up wearing it every day.

So I’m actually thinking I might save upfor next Christmas to get myself a real silver or white gold bangle, because I have a feeling that I’ll be wearing it for years and want it to last.

Christmas Wishlist 2015

Pointed Toe Flats

These flats are a recent purchase. Most of all my other flats are more round-toe ballet style. I don’t know why I haven’t bought a pair of pointed toe flats before, as I have so many pointed-toe heeled shoes! They add such a stylish tick to all my casual outfits – especially when wearing jeans.

I prefer this simple, classic style to the strappy, lace-up ones which are pretty popular at the moment.

These are Charles and Keith Pointed Flats $63 or these ASOS Mouse Face Flats for $40.

Christmas Wishlist 2015

Diptyque Candles

You can’t really go wrong with luxurious Parisian scented candles!

With so many other candle brands and fragrances on the market, this is still my favourite scent, followed by Figuier.

I have been buying these for years… and I know I’ll be buying them till I grow old and wrinkly!

Christmas Wishlist 2015

Lightweight Statement Sunglasses

These sunglasses are not very “statement” along the spectrum of “statement sunglasses”. 

But they enough of a statement for me! They are fun, quirky and lightweight. 

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I wear my luxe sunglasses, I find that they can be quite chunky and heavy from the weight of the glass and acetate, and I’m often left with a mark on the bridge of my nose. Sometimes the marks stays for hours and it’s really annoying.

There’s much to be said for good quality, lightweight sunglasses that don’t cost the earth. There’s a certain liberation I feel, knowing I don’t have to be so precious with them, yet they look great. 

These babies are from Hello Parry, who have a very nice collection of bold and affordable eye wear. 

Christmas Wishlist 2015

And lastly…

My Black Leather Watch

Constantly on my wrist, it feels like my second skin.

Lightweight, comfortable, simple, classic design – my watch is one of my favourite daily accessories. I also like it because it didn’t cost the earth.

Yep there are a few brands who have a similar design, but these are by an Australian label, The Horse and I bought it from SurfStitch when it was on sale.

Enjoy your Christmas shopping and I hope you find something that you like.


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Looking For Luxe Sandals

22 November 2015

I spied a few luxurious sandals by shoe brand RAYE (on sale with 30% off) at Revolve Clothing and wanted to share!

I haven’t shopped much at Revolve before, as I prefer to shop at Shopbop. But it turns out that Revolve has very similar brands, different stock (stuff I’ve never seen before), and also has free international shipping over US$100 – awesome!

Revolve Raye Sandals

Raye Sara Cow Hair Sandal (30% off!)

Oh I love these! So minimal and cool.

I think a couple of fashion bloggers have worn these, because they look quite familiar.

Revolve Raye Sandals

Raye Sally Sandals in Black (30% off!)

These are my second favourite style. I had a similar black stud sandal, which I wore everywhere. They matched almost all my casual outfits and they were so easy to slip on. But my sandals were jelly sandals and they broke after one season. Oops!

Revolve Raye Sandals

Raye Sally Sandals in Nude

I think this style is a lovely halfway point between a plain, nude sandal and a more decorative/embellished one. Me likey!

Revolve Raye Sandals

Raye Stella Sandals in Smoke Grey and Silver (30% off!)

Oh these look lovely! See how soft these look? The grey colour makes these sandals just a little bit different. They will look great with white shorts and top.

I know some people are not a fan of luxe sandals, as they are usually priced over $100.

These sandals I’ve listed above are priced between $125 – $178, which are pretty good in my opinion, considering how long they will last and how nice they feel.

I have been quite tired of buying cheap sandals made from poor, stiff materials, that rub into my feet, and only last one season.

Whenever I spend the whole day in gorgeous, soft leather sandals (that feel like soft gloves on my feet!), I find it hard to go back to my $15 sandals from Target. Sorry Target, I love you for the great price and fashion styles, but after too many blisters and red feet, it’s time for me to move on.

Happy shopping!

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Michael Kors Studded Selma Bag

19 November 2015

Michael Kors Selma Stud Bag

Wearing a grey sweater from UNIQLO, black skirt from Chicwish, watch from SurfStitch, Michael Kors handbag from Shopbop Sale, Monica Vinader rings from The Outnet and black flats from Charles and Keith.

I went out for a casual dinner with a girlfriend the other night.

It was a cold, windy evening and dinner was at a Chinese restaurant in the city. I didn’t want to dress down, nor did I want to look TOO out of place… so I just went with a casual, ladylike kind of outfit?

Honestly, I was just wearing my grey sweater and jeans all afternoon and I didn’t feel like changing out of my sweater… so I popped on a big boofy skirt, pointed flats and a bling-bling handbag!

Michael Kors Selma Stud Bag

Speaking of bling-bling handbags… this is my new Michael Kors Stud Selma Bag!

I was so, so fortunate to be given a Gift Voucher to use at the Shopbop Super Sale, which is still going (kind of) because there’s still so much good stuff on the site for 30% – 70% off?!

For example, this Michael Kors Large Selma Bag (which is the same as my bag, but larger and without studs) is on 30% off sale, whereas I got mine with a 25% discount!

And this Michael Kors Mini Selma Bag (a mini version of mine) is also on 30% off sale.

My version of the Selma bag is sold out on the site, but it’s very similar to this plain one – however mine has studs. I was seriously considering to get the plain Selma, because it is a bit more of a classic and understated style, and will probably match more outfits in the long run.

But I adored the striking look of the studs and I like things that look a *bit* different… so it was decided!

I did have to top up my voucher a little to pay for the Selma with the studs, but I don’t regret it – I love it!

Michael Kors Selma Stud Bag


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Super Cute, Novelty Clutches

14 November 2015

Weird, colourful, cute, novelty clutches are quite popular these days.

Yes they do look a bit childish, but I think that adds to the whole idea of fashion being whimsical and fun. Plus I think it’s great to NOT take yourself too seriously.

These are some of my favourite clutches from around the web!

Cute Clutches

Pig Wristlet by Patricia Chang

Donut Cross Body Bag by Patricia Chang

I love that these two bags by Patricia Chang are so cute, round, made from leather, look really well made and… they are a “sophisticated” dusty pink colour. They are not “12 year old hot pink” nor are they “screaming neon pink”.

Yes I know it’s a bit silly to call a pig and a donut “sophisticated” but you get what I mean right?

Cute Clutches

Dipped Strawberry Clutch by Kate Spade New York

Robot Clutch by MCM

These two clutches are perspex 3D shapes, so they are chunky and probably not very practical. I can’t believe how cute the are.

I LOVE the robot one, but it’s soooo exxy!

Maybe I can get one of my sons to make me a robot out of LEGO and have him superglue it together??

Novelty Clutches

Serpent Worship Clutch by Poppy Lissiman

Eye Heart You by Poppy Lissiman

I adore Poppy’s collection of clutches – they are so rock and roll, Japanese punk, sexy badass, colour-pop princess looking… Did that even make sense?

I like that they add a burst of colour to your outfit, while still being a good rectangular size to keep all your stuff.

Novelty Clutches

Cupid Perspex Clutch by Charlotte Olympia

Cloud brass, enamel and velvet clutch by Charlotte Olympia

OK so Charlotte Olympia came out with a whole stack of exotic clutches in a loose oriental theme. I love looking at them and tilting my head going “That’s so weird, but I kinda like it!”, but they are waaaay out of my price range.

Again, will my phone even fit in that?

Cute Clutches

These next four Skinnydip bags are probably the most affordable of the lot. And if you check out the models wearing them, you might just fall in love with them, as I have.

You can’t go wrong with a cute black cat purse.

Nor will you be able to avoid people coming up to you saying “I love your Christmas Tree bag! It’s so cool/weird/unique!”

Cat Cross Body Bag by Skinnydip London

Christmas Tree Cross Body Bag by Skinnydip London

Cute Clutches

Lips Clutch by Skinnydip London

Zap Novelty Bag by Skinnydip London

I actually bought myself the Lips Clutch a few months ago (I wrote about it in this blog post) and I just love using it! Yep, it’s great for photos and a fun way to break the ice with strangers.

Finally, the weirdest of them all, the Ray Gun Zap bag is the quirkiest bag I’ve seen in ages! Don’t know whether to love or hate, but it certainly caught my attention and put a smile on my face!

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ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker Giveaway – WINNER!

11 November 2015

Ecco Soft 7 Sneakers

Hi everyone!

I’m finally able to announce that the winner of my ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker Giveaway is…

Catherine B from Perth, Western Australia.

She has already been contacted, she is super excited and her shoes are on the way.

Big congrats to Cathy, and a big sorry to everyone else.

I had so many entries! So many people saying hi, and so many people dying to buy them!

They are still available online on the ECCO Shoes website – the High Top Sneakers (shown below, $259.95) or Low Style Sneakers ($239.95). Sizes are limited though.

Cheers to everyone participating.

I really appreciate it and I hope to run other cool giveaways very soon!

Have an amazing day!!

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Looking for a Casual Silk Dress

2 November 2015

Casual Silk Dresses

A bumped into a girlfriend of mine the other day… and she was wearing the most loveliest silk dress I have seen in ages.

It was so simple, casual, effortless – I was instantly obsessed!

It was this dark red silk dress by US designer Rory Beca, who has a very pretty collection of drapey, silk dresses. The dresses are priced between $80 (on sale) to $360. Which is pretty good for nice silk!

Yes I already have a black strappy silk dress by Zimmermann (this one), but I’m thinking I might try to save up for a coloured one?? Am I crazy?


Left: Rory Beca Natalia Dress, Dark Red

Middle: Rory Beca Eli Dress, Navy

Right: Yumi Kim Jayne Silk Dress, Black

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Everyday Dainty Diamonds

30 October 2015

Brought to you by Zamels

Minimal, simple ring by Zamels

I’m working with Zamels Jewellery to show off some of their dainty diamond jewellery pieces they have in store.

I’m not exactly a “big diamond rock” kind of girl, mainly because I like to stack my rings, mix and match my jewellery… and well, truth is, I can’t afford big diamonds ha!

Minimal, simple ring by Zamels

I was totally smitten by this simple and very pretty 9ct gold diamond ring.

I love that it looks a bit different and it has an understated, minimal sophistication to it. It’s simple enough to wear every day on its own, or mixed with other rings on my hand too.

Now I have my eye on the Infinity version of this ring too :)

Pop over to Zamel’s Instagram for more affordable, everyday jewellery inspirations.

Have an amazing weekend xxx

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What I Wore: 3.1 Phillip Lim Miniskirt

26 October 2015

3.1 Phillip Lim Cord Frame Miniskirt

Hey hey! Did you manage to score anything cool from the Shopbop sale?

There’s still some awesome stuff up in the Sale Section, if you want to take a peek. There are button down shirts, bucket bags, luxe booties, cross body bags and more, just search for sale items.

As for me, I picked up this gorgeous 3.1 Phillip Lim Miniskirt SS15 with a discount of 60% during one of the previous sales (originally $520!).

I’m totally in love with the classic miniskirt shape, the silk, the structure, the versatile style, the neutral colour, and the fact that it fits me perfectly. I am over the moon!

I’m also wearing: Off Shoulder Top by Hello Parry and Schutz Heels, also from Shopbop.

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Philosophy’s Renewed Hope in a Jar

24 October 2015

Hope in a Jar

I have used many Philosophy products over the years and I have many favourites, including this one Hope in a Jar.

After many years, they have recently launched the brand new formula and renamed it, Renewed Hope in a Jar.

I’ve been loving it as my day time moisturiser.

It is a lightweight, whipped moisturiser that features a blend of alpha hydroxy acids and hyaluronate. It promises to refine and smooth the skin, improves pores, fine lines and provide all day hydration.

Also it is formulated without parabens or sulphates, which is great.

I have been testing lots and lots of skincare products at the moment, but it’s nice to fall back on old favourites.

I adore it because it dosn’t feel greasy, it leaves my skin feeling dewy, and I like that it has some active ingredients to work on my skin throughout the day :)

You can pick it up online from SephoraStrawberrynet, or Adore Beauty.


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Still Lusting After a Shirtdress!

23 October 2015

Shopbop Shirtdresses

Sometimes I get a bit obsessed about searching the world for one particular item… and lately this one thing is the perfect shirtdress.

I’m still dying to get one… but I’m still trying to find that perfect trifecta of style, quality and price.

These 3 shirt dresses are so, so close!

They are from the Shopbop Sale (sew styles added), search for shirtdresses.

Parker Kimmi Dress, $297 (hmm a bit expensive, but it’s so pretty!)

Pam & Gela Printed Gauze Dress, $74 (60% off)

d.Ra Prato Dress, $40.80 (70% off)

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What I Wore: That White Aelkemi Dress!

22 October 2015

Aelkemi Dress, Spet 2015

Wooohoo! Check it out! Look at me all glam and fancy! Eeep!

My lovely photographer pal, Manny Tamayo took this snap of me at the Closing Night of the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.

Aaaaand, I’m wearing an amazing gown by one of Perth’s top fashion label, Aelkemi.

You know how they say that real style is all about the person, and confidence, not the clothes blah blah blah.

Well in this case, THIS dress was everything haha! For realz!

It was the end of fashion week. I had been going to fashion events for 5 days in a row, I had little sleep all week, I had been juggling my kids, work, wife and mummy duties. Then before this final event, I ran around making dinner and helped kids with homework, jumped in and out of the shower, brushed my hair hastily, slapped on some makeup, slipped on the dress… then omg I stopped in my tracks and felt like I was transformed!

My shoulders arched back, my posture straightened out, my tummy tucked in, my chin lifted up, my neck felt elongated, I walked taller, and stood more confidently, I suddenly felt that I could conquer the world and party all night!!

The dress was so comfortable to wear and so easy to move in. It sat and skimmed off my curves rather than hug and squeeze like a body con dress. The slight folds, the drape, the cut — ahh it was perfect.

I’m so in love with it that I might see if I can get a custom length made up, possibly a mid calf length? In dark blue?

The Aelkemi online shop has a small selection of dresses to buy, but if you want to see the good stuff, you’ll have to go instore. So if ever you’re in Claremont, do pop by to check it out!

Time Square Center
22/337-339 Stirling Hwy
Claremont WA 6010

*Outfit: I’m also wearing Nude Schutz Heels and Zac Posen Clutch.

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ECCO Soft 7 Sneaker Giveaway

19 October 2015

Brought to you by Ecco Shoes Australia

ECCO Soft 7 Sneakers

Do you remember… back in 2011, I was given the opportunity to fly to Denmark (courtesy of ECCO Shoes) to attend Copenhagen Fashion Week and also given a tour of the ECCO shoes headquarters?

Well I’m working with ECCO Shoes once again, this time we are offering one of my readers a chance to win a pair of ECCO shoes sneakers from their latest Soft 7 collection!

Please scroll to the bottom of this post to check it out!

ECCO Shoes Soft 7 Sneakers

This is me, on my street, showing off my new Soft 7 Sneakers.

YES! They are amazing! They are sooooo soft, comfortable, light weight, and super flexible. The quality of the leather, uppers, inlay and sole… IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!

I’ve never owned super-duper luxurious leather sneakers before – eeep!

Although the Soft 7 Low Sneakers are bestsellers and that “tennis shoe” sneaker style is phenomenally popular these days….

I chose the Soft 7 High Top Sneakers, because they are a bit different, I already have low-style sneakers, and I have always wanted white high tops. They are simply amazing to wear!

Most high tops tend to feel restrictive for your ankle; you can’t really turn your foot very well, and sometimes the shoe rubs at the back of your ankle. But on these Soft 7 shoes, there is a little groove in the lip of the shoe at the back of the ankle (see the product photos here), which makes the shoes really comfortable to walk in and rotate your foot.

ECCO Soft 7 Sneakers

I styled up the shoes in 3 different ways that I would wear them.

First is a clean, simple everyday style – white silk shirt (from Equipment), blue skinny jeans (from Jeanswest), silver earring studs… covered up by my hair (by Rebecca Minkoff from Shopbop).

ECCO Soft 7 Sneakers


The other day I drove around town doing a bunch of errands, wearing this simple get up.

It was cold and rainy, and I needed a hat to hide my unwashed hair!

Grey Tee (from Country Road), black jeans (from Nobody), long grey coat (from Shein), fedora hat (from ASOS) and black bag by Alldressedup.

ECCO Soft 7 Sneakers

And lastly, the weather turned all glorious and summery, so I tested the shoes to see how well they would hold up during the warm day. Basically I wanted to see if they would make my feet hot, sticky and yucky.

Nope! They were lovely and light! Loved them!

Dove grey tee (from Sportsgirl), denim shorts (from One Teaspoon) and Ray-bans (from SunglassesShop).

Win Win! A Karen Cheng x ECCO Shoes Soft 7 Giveaway!

ECCO Soft 7 Sneakers

So to celebrate the launch of Ecco Shoe’s Soft 7 Range, I’m giving my readers a chance to win one pair of sneakers!

You get to choose which of the four styles that you like (shown above). Low style sneakers are valued at $239.95 and high tops are $259.95. Of course you get to choose whether you want low-style or high top style, choose your size and colour.

This giveaway is only open to my Australian readers over 18 years old, sorry!

1) Pop over to the ECCO Shoes Australia Facebook page and LIKE it.

2) Email me at, let me know that you’ve liked the page, tell me your best contact email address, and tell me what outfit you would MOST wear with your new Soft 7 Sneakers?

If you want, you can also tell me which pair you would like, your shoe size and colour preference too. That’ll make things much quicker if you win! You can say hello too, if you like!?

This giveaway will run from Monday, 19 October 2015 – Friday, 6 November 2015, 11:59pm (GMT+8)

The winner will be chosen at random. I’ll contact the winner before announcing on my Facebook page (you can like that too if you want!). No asking for cash instead or anything silly like that.

Good luck!


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The Shopbop Friends & Family Sale

13 October 2015

Shopbop 25% Off Sale

Yeeeew! I have some exciting news, The Shopbop Friends & Family Sale is on again and they are offering 25% OFF your whole order!

Use the code “INTHEFAM25″

(There are a few brand exclusions, mainly the super expensive, high end designer labels, but almost all of the site will be eligible for the 25% exclusive discount!)

Happy shopping!


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Loving: Korean Facial Sheet Masks

12 October 2015

Brought to you by Aniqa

I’ve never been a face mask kind of girl.

I’ve never liked using clay or mud face masks at home. I find the whole process to be messy, yucky and labourious. I hate the feeling of my face tightening under the mud, the way the clay gets hard and crusty, then having to wash up the semi-dried up gunk off my face! Ugh!

However over the last few years, I’ve discovered facial sheet masks and I realised how easy, refreshing, soothing, and hydrating they are. So I now LOVE giving myself a weekly face mask.

Mizon Face Sheet Masks

(A sample of the Mizon range from Aniqa with flowers from my garden!)

Sheet masks are great because they deliver essence and concentrated active ingredients straight to your face, and the sheet stops the essence from evaporating, which allows your skin to get the maximum hydration and absorption.

I find sheet masks to be such a quick, easy and affordable way to give my skin a boost. They are an excellent alternative to going to a spa or beauty salon.

And at $4 a pop, there’s no contest really!

Mizon Face Sheet Masks

Aniqa have a really impressive range of facial sheet masks, with prices ranging from $3 to $9 each.

They gave me a stack to try out and I thought I’d share how I use my favourite mask, the Mizon Firming Mask.

Now I can’t give you a precise scientific assessment on the results, but I can tell you that my skin feels super hydrated, soft, smooth, and looks lovely for the next two days!

Mizon Face Sheet Masks

Ok this whole step by step thing is probably unnecessary and pretty self explanatory, but I do have a few tips!

Plus these photos were fun to take, so bear with me :)

Mizon Face Sheet Masks

Take the face sheet mask out of the packet, but don’t toss the packet yet!

Keep it upright, lean it up against your toothbrush holder and save it for later.

Mizon Face Sheet Masks

Unfold and open up the face mask completely, until it looks like a creepy dude.

Make sure you have the two eye-holes on top!

Mizon Face Sheet Masks

Thwack it onto your face!

Stretch it around to position it correctly on your face. Smooth it all out and press it all down to get rid of air bubbles.

Keep your mouth closed, try not to smile.

Oh and make sure the nose flap thing is not covering your nostrils. Make sure you can breathe!

See? I told you my tips are gold.

Mizon Face Sheet Masks

Once it’s on your face, pick up the mask packet, tip the remaining contents onto your hands and smooth the essence all over your neck, upper chest, and hands.

Heck use it on your feet and legs too, just don’t let it go to waste!

Leave the mask on for the recommended time, usually it’s about 10 – 20 minutes.

When the time is up, take off the mask; you’ll find that it’s still drenched with essence, so I like to rub it on my arms and legs. Leave the residue on your face. Don’t wash it off.

As for when to use a face sheet mask in your beauty regime: Remove makeup, cleanse, tone, use essence, then use sheet mask. You don’t have to use serum, eye cream or moisturiser after that. You can just head to bed!

Do take a peek at all the available face masks from Aniqa :)

Enjoy the pampering!



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What I Wore: Relaxed Chambray Jacket

11 October 2015

Summer Casuals

With the school holidays finishing up, I’ve been heading out with my kids for a series of chilled-out outings, play dates, fitting in a few errands and basically enjoying the glorious weather.

In terms of my daily outfits, I’ve just been keeping things casual, relaxed and polished.

My basics are high quality. My accessories are high street brands. I’m not exactly reinventing the wheel.

Oh but I am utterly in love with this light chambray jacket (on sale)!

I’ve been throwing it onto every outfit before I head out the door. The colour, quality and feel of it is just great!

It pretty much replaces my light khaki jacket and adds a bit of double-denim cool, if I’m wearing blue denim jeans.

Summer Casuals

Chambray jacket from Jeanswest (On sale)
White Tee by Sacha Drake (from Ciao Bella Travel)
Shorts by Alice and Olivia
Schutz Sandals from Shopbop
Sunglasses from Hello Parry
Handbag from Witchery
Hat from Sportsgirl

Have an amazing Sunday!

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Soft Bamboo Clothes for Spring

6 October 2015

I am a long-time fan of bamboo clothing. I love its luxurious feel, its lovely drape, and the way it holds it shape and softness after hundreds of washes!

I already have quite a few basic tops and one pair of 3/4 length leggings that I wear on high rotation throughout the year.

A few months ago, I tested out some beautiful, light-weight knitwear from Bamboo Body and utterly fell in love with their range. This new season, Bamboo Body have launched a stack of new styles and have re-stocked a lot of their best sellers too.

I also have a special 15% off discount code for all my readers – which lasts all Spring (till the end of November)! Scroll down to the end for details.

BambooBody SS15

Today I’m showing off some pieces that – ordinarily – I wouldn’t have chosen. To my surprise, I really adored them and am so happy that they are part of my wardrobe now!

First up: Bamboo Pocket Pants

Being a skinny jeans lover, I never took well to wearing wide leg pants, palazzo pants or drop-crotch pants . Heck I don’t even wear tracksuit pants out of the house. But these bamboo pants are soft, relaxed, breathable and so comfortable to wear!

I love that you can adjust the height of them and they fall so nicely. When they are full length, they swish and sway so elegantly and kind of elongate my legs. I really like them!

I can’t wait to wear them in warmer weather with a little white lace camisole and flat tan sandals.

BambooBody SS15

I picked out this Taylor turtleneck top and I thought it would be good to layer under jackets or knits. They are!

But I have ALSO been wearing it on its own, with a skirt or jeans. I really like it because it looks elegant, stylish and a bit different to all the other tops that I wear. It’s nice to have a change.

Plus it feels absolutely lovely next to my skin and it’s actually rated to be SPF50.

BambooBody SS15

This Grey Ruched Skirt is such a simple and lovely piece. I think it suits me quite well.

It has a modest length, the ruching is nice, it is soft and comfortable, not too tight, a versatile style, and it also comes in black, grey stripes, tangerine.

I’ll be wearing this a lot through the warmer weather.


BambooBody SS15

This Navy Gemma Dress is incredibly soft, comfortable and drapes very nicely. But I thought it was a bit too long and loose for me, even though the dress was a XS.

So I hitched up the waist, with the matching belt, and wore it as a short dress. I thought it looked much better on me and it suited my style more.

70’s fashion styles are very popular this season, so the classic A-line shape is very in vogue. It looks a bit like a playsuit, I like it!

BambooBody SS15

Lastly, I can’t go past good old basics for the new season.

The Bamboo Scoop Singlet comes in khaki, grey, grey marle, black, white, navy and taupe. They are such good quality singlets, soft, comfortable, not hard, stiff or scratchy, doesn’t have a weird sheen to it (as most brands tend to have).

The fabric is a blend of organic bamboo, organic cotton and a bit of spandex for that extra stretch. They are the best!

These Soft Bamboo Leggings are also the best everyday leggings ever! They are great for layering in cold weather, wearing them with boots, wearing for light activity, or just wearing them around the house. I’m wearing them right now, with a t-shirt, a light knit cardigan and sneakers!

** Special Discount Code **

strong>Bamboo Body are offering all my readers 15% off your whole order (including sale items).

Just enter the code “KCSpring” at the checkout to get your discount.

The promotion expire at the end of Spring (30 November 2015).

Enjoy the great value!


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Looking for a Shirt Dress

2 October 2015

A reader emailed me last week (hi Sue!), asking me if I had any suggestions for a casual dress that was a bit more “modest” than a typical summer dress, BUT not frumpy or daggy.

Yes! Sometimes I don’t feel like wearing strappy, low-cut dresses, that make me look like I spent all day at the beach… yet it’s hard to find a dress that is casual and flattering…

I spotted some of these super cute shirt dresses and I’m now obsessed!

Shirt Dresses fro ASOS

Eeep, all three of these dresses are just adorable, stylish and look so flattering!

If I had to choose between them, I’d choose from left to right:

Sessun Pinted Dress in Ivory (Ok it’s a bit pricey)

Yumi Belted Dress in Tile Print (On sale!)

Ganni Shirt Dress in Rose Smoke Print (Hmm yep again a bit pricey)

Shirt Dresses fro ASOS

Or if you’re not into print dresses, these plain shirt dresses focus a bit more on the tailoring and the fall of the fabric, so it’s best to pay a bit extra for better quality.

Warehouse Utility Shirt Dress (Excellent price for good quality)

ASOS Shirt Dress (Very affordable!)

Oasis Military Shirt Dress (Very reasonable!)

Happy shopping!


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Black Lace Up Sandals by Schutz

27 September 2015

Schutz Sandals Black

Eager to have criss-cross tan lines on my feet this summer, I finally took the plunge and picked up these Erlina Suede Sandals by popular shoe brand Schutz.

THINKING they might make me feel like I’ve tangled my toes in a fishing net…

or stepped into a crocheted-hanging-pot-plant…

I expected the leathery ropes to feel quite bondage-y?


The laces are a bit of a pain to do up, but once they are on, they are so, so, SO soft and amazingly comfortable. I don’t think I’ve ever worn such lovely gladiator-style sandals before.

It was a heart-breaking decision between the tan and black sandals – but alas!

It had to be black, because they went much better with the rest of my monochrome/neutral wardrobe… and my strawberry smoothie!

Have a fab week everyone!


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That Pretty Cotton Cami

25 September 2015

I’m flying over to Singapore for a Girl’s Trip next month – YAY!!

I’m expecting hot, humid, tropical weather…so I’m still obsessing over this look:

A pretty, white, cotton camisole, worn with denim shorts and tan sandals.

Yep it’s simple, girly, casual, effortless… and I’m scratching my head as to why I don’t own a white cotton cami already?!

I absolutely LOVE these!

Pretty Cotton Camis from Shopbop

Left: d.Ra Sparrow Top. I think this one is my favourite because of the mix of embroidery and crochet, the adjustable straps, and the front has a slight sweetheart neckline. So pretty!

Right: Love Sam Sleeveless Lace Blouse. This one is also nice because it has a higher neckline, a very nice shape that looks a bit polished and could be worn for both day and night time.

Pretty Cotton Camis from Shopbop

Left: Ella Moss Blanca Camisole (on sale). This one looks very similar to the one above (with a prettier crochet design), but its neckline and shoulder straps are slightly wider apart and it looks a bit sheer.

Right: Raga Zuma Tunic (on sale). This top is so lovely and floaty! I love the tassels, but it’s a bit longer in length.

I’m thinking I might go for the first one?

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What I Wore: Camel and Denim

24 September 2015

Camel and Denim
Wearing Hello Parry off shoulder top, Jeanswest jeans, Betts sandals, ECCO bag, GAP coat.

Ahhh, with fashion week over, life has settled back to normal… and casual dressing can resume!

I actually wore this outfit and took this photo a few weeks ago, but I wasn’t going to post it because I thought it was too simple.

Turns out I’m still loving the camel, white + denim vibe weeks later – so it made the blog after all!

Other reasons I wanted to share it…

It’s such a great colour combination, the mix-and-match-ability is endless.

Camel brings a bit of colour and warmth to all the monochrome and neutral outfits I’ve been wearing.

There’s something simple, polished, yet everyday about the outfit. I guess simplicity wins!

It also turns out that you guys have been asking for me to post more “real and everyday” outfits. So I’ll remember to take a snap of what I’m wearing before I head out the door!

Have a gorgeous day!


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Fashion Week Day 1 – Outfit, Makeup, Hair

22 September 2015

TPFF Day 1 - Wearing 33Poets

During the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, I was given some pretty amazing media tickets to many of the big shows. I felt quite honoured, nervous, thrilled, grateful and entrusted… that they chose me as one of the local bloggers to cover the shows. Eeeep!

So to show my support for the designers, producers and organisers, I figured that I’d try a bit harder and organise my outfit, hair and makeup! I rarely do that!

The first show for the festival was by Dilettante, featuring Yang Li, 33Poets and Toni Maticevski.

I have admired the label 33Poets and Rebecca Paterson’s textile work for a number of years, and I have previously borrowed a 3-way Japanese Shibori Silk Dress from her, which I reviewed here. So it was a no-brainer who I was going to contact – I literally begged Rebecca to wear something from her old collection!

She was so happy that I asked (although a bit busy prepping for her show). I popped into Tu Boutique (who stocks 33Poets) and I came away with this stunning dress you see above. It doesn’t really have a name, but it is made from the same Japanese Shibori Silk as the 3-way dress. It was amazing to wear. It was so grand and unique. I felt like a dark princess.

TPFF Day 1 - Pamper package at Generics

Next, I contacted the team at Generics, who have a brand new shop in Northbridge (corner of William St and Aberdeen St). They have expanded their products to include vegan beauty and lifestyle products, gorgeous fragrances, marble decor, express facials, and pamper packages (with a team of hair artists and makeup artists).

I booked myself in for makeup, sent them a photo of my dress and told them I wanted something DRAMATIC!

I had the ever so lovely Hanh Ngo, a professional makeup artist (who also works for MAC), do my makeup. She did a wonderful job!

I actually wanted a “Very smokey eye, with nude lips” look. But at the end, we thought I looked a bit “flat”, so Hahn gave me RED LIPS instead – which totally transformed my look for the better!

TPFF Day 1 - Hair by Game of Braids

I also booked to have my hair braided by Bec of Game of Braids.

You can get a single side braid for $35 or a full blown quadruple braid for $120! Check out the link. It is SO. COOL.

Can you believe that I’ve never had my hair braided before? My mum was never the hair braiding type. And I’ve always had such thick, long hair that no one would even attempt to braid it.

I asked Bec for my hair to be up, and for the braid to come down to one side. She did a great job, and the most amazing bit – it stayed up for the whole night!

Lisa from Generics styled me with some colourful bling earrings (I didn’t even THINK about my jewellery. I was just going to wear nothing!) which matched my red lips, my red clutch and (incidentally) my dark pink toe nails. They gave me some fragrance, organic body glow cream… all the finishing touches and more… and my goodness, I looked and felt so complete!

By the end of it, I was in a HUGE RUSH (which was my fault because I arrived 30 minutes late). I only had 15 minutes to get to the show, and I was so so SO thankful to all of them for making me look great!!

TPFF Day 1 - Sitting Front Row Yo!

I arrived and found myself a seat on the front row WOAH!

TPFF2015 Day 1 - Silly Photos with the Fash Squad

(Two photos by Ryan Ammon)

As I wrote before, the Dilettante show was stunning and one of the best I’ve seen.

After the show, I found a stack of my fashion friends and we took so many silly photos. You can have a peak on my Facebook Page.

TPFF2015 Day 1 - At home with makeup

This is me back at home. It was around 11:30pm and I was feeling tired, hungry but super pumped for another day of fashion!

(My hair came out because when I drove home, the pony tail bit rubbed against the head rest. But my makeup didn’t smudge or sweat off at all. I was so pleased with the result! Thank you so much guys!)

I have 5 more days of grooming and outfits, so keep popping by for more updates!


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Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2015: Jaime Lee

19 September 2015

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2015 - Jaime Lee

Continuing on with my love for fashion details, I was pretty much blown away by the visual spectacle of Jaime Lee‘s Runway show for the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival.

Inspired by Japanese theme parks and the famous Robot Restaurant Shows in Tokyo, the show was a dazzling display of glittery unicorns, rainbows, dragon heads, purple fur, hyper-coloured prints, feathers and sequins!

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2015 - Jaime Lee

It was easy to dismiss all the visual kapow as a runway gimmick, but even a layperson could see the strong creative concept and the hours of handiwork that went into making these amazing garments.

It was so impressive!

The clothes were fun, cheeky, sexy and ranged from hilarious, weird, stunning and breathtaking. With the electric soundtrack, the psychedelic video loop as a backdrop and the glitter fireworks at the end, I looked around the audience and saw every face smiling.

It was a fantastic show, one that I’ll never forget!

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2015 - Jaime Lee

Well done to Jaimee Lee and her team for putting on such a great show.

If you ever get a chance to buy tickets to see one of her future shows, do it, you won’t regret it!


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Skinny Dip Lips Clutch

18 September 2015

Skinny Dip Lips Clutch

Tee hee! Do you like my new Skinny Dip Lips Clutch?

I bought it for my shenanigans during fashion week. And for this photo, I laid it on the rose petal covered catwalk (after the fashion show) for a bit of American Beauty action, and because the lips matched the petals so nicely!

Yes the clutch is not exactly practical or “classic”… but it screams fun and it aligns nicely with my sense of humour.

I actually knew of the brand Skinny Dip, because they do super cute and crazy clutches and iphone cases – think clutches in shapes of pussycats, Care Bear stars, baseballs, mermaid shells, fried egg and cartoon ray guns.

And so I was delighted that they were stocked on ASOS, because it meant free shipping and 5 days delivery for me.

Such a win!

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Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2015: Dilettante – Beauty In The Details

17 September 2015

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2015 - Yang Li

Ah how quickly it comes around… fashion week season is upon us again! New York has just finished up, London is underway, soon it will be followed by Milan and then Paris.

On the other side of the world, thrown into the mix is the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival. Yes the city in which I live! We have a fashion week too.

Sure there’s no Ralph Lauren, Gucci, or Chanel, so why should the world take notice?

What’s to be gained? Aside from being told that 70’s and boho is back in fashion?

Well, I wanted to bring to you a slightly different look at my local fashion festival.

These people are creatives, who work really hard so they can keep being creative. They really are no different to traditional artists, musicians, photographers, designers, film makers, authors, floral artists, ice sculptors, chefs, or digital creatives (like me).

And if you stop and look a little closer, you’ll be able to find beauty in the details.

So sit up in your chair, come a little closer to the screen, pretend you are at an art gallery and check out the details I managed to capture on the catwalk!

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2015 - Opening Night Dilettante

Luxurious WA boutique Dilettante opened the fashion festival with a magnificent showcase of 3 labels from their range of international, Australian and West Australian designers. It was compelling, sublime and one of the best I’ve seen.

Yang Li is a Chinese-born, Australian-bred (in Perth!), London-based designer, who shows at Paris Fashion Week, and stocks his clothes internationally and online.

Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2015 - Opening Night Dilettante


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Running Like A Colourful Blur!

13 September 2015

Leggings from Ciao Bella Travel

This weekend, I managed to squeeze in a 12km run!

I’m getting so much better at juggling my time, work, mummy duties and fitness these day.

I say no to a lot of things. And I make time for the things that truly matter.

I’m one happy runner!

This is the first time I’ve worn my colourful leggings out running in full daylight. They looked amazing :)

I got them from Ciao Bella Travel (my reivew here) and remember there’s a 15% Off sitewide discount which ends on the 20th September!


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What I Wore: Trans-Seasonal Black and White

11 September 2015

Boohoo Jacket | Country Road Tee | Isabel Marant Skirt | Tony Bianco Heels | Rebecca Minkoff Bag

When the weather is neither a scorching hot Summer day or a blistering cold Winter day, I’ve found that a leather jacket is pretty much the perfect layering solution for those in-between kind of days.

It’s just warm enough for the frosty mornings and not too warm for a bit of afternoon sunshine.

I like to pop it over a summery dress, a plain tank dress or even just over a tee and jeans. Sometimes I also wear a light knitted cardigan under the jacket too. I’m a wuss when it’s cold!


My jacket is non-genuine leather (from Boohoo) but it’s still buttery soft and has a great structure and shape.

I’m pretty fickle with leather jackets; my preference for styles change every season, so I’m unable to decide on ONE and commit to it as an investment. Oh and I don’t have $600 handy!

Even the well-priced, genuine leather jackets from various high street stores ($150 – $250) don’t seem to look all that great. The ones I’ve seen, look a bit plasticky, a bit wrinkled and they don’t even look like genuine leather!

So I much prefer to hunt down vegan leathers or leather-look styles, that actually look amazing.

This one has been pretty awesome. It has lasted me all winter and it’s still on high rotation!

What about you? Where did you buy your favourite leather or faux leather jacket from?

Have a wonderful weekend!


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This Lace Dress!

10 September 2015

White Lace Dress From ASOS

I spotted this Petite Lace Dress With High Neck on ASOS a while ago and I absolutely fell in love with it!

I saved it in my wishlist but then I forgot all about it.

However, it turned out that my sister, who is in the UK, actually bought it but decided she wanted the black one instead. So she sent over the white one to me as a birthday present.

So much sister love!

So blessed to have a sister who’s the exact same clothes and shoe size as me! With similar taste in clothes too tee hee!

Thanks sis, love you to the moon and back! Maybe when we are finally on the same side of the earth, we can be twinsies and wear black and white.

White Lace Dress From ASOS

These were a few other white lace dresses that are in my wishlist.

From Left to Right:

Vila Premium Crochet Waisted Dress

Crochet Dress with Waist Tie

Hazel Lace Midi Dress

What do you think?

Happy shopping!

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Wearing Aelkemi (With Video on Snapchat!)

9 September 2015

Aelkemi Dress

Ok so this just happened!

I popped into the Aelkemi store in Claremont to pick up dress for the upcoming show at the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (happening next week!).

And I just snapchatted a video of me being a bit of a noob in this Aelkemi dress haha.

Aaak! The dress was amazing!

It was a bit tight to put on though. There was no zip. So I had to slip the whole thing over my head and get my head and shoulders through the circumference of the waist. I was in such a contorted tangle. I thought I would have to dislocate my shoulder to get myself out.

Now I know how babies feel. Just follow the light! Pop! Hello world!

Are you on Snapchat? I kinda just started! There’s video on my Story! Eeep!

Add me: heykarencheng


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Kate Spade Lip Stud Earrings

8 September 2015

Kate Spade Lips Earrings

I am just loving Kate Spade’s accessories at the moment!

From glittery phone cases, to little polka-dot pouches, to spotty umbrellas, to gorgeous little stud earrings…. they are all so cute and whimsical, yet so polished and stylish.

Kate Spade Lips Earrings

I picked out these Lip Stud Earrings from her jewellery collection over at Shopbop and have been wearing them non stop with my boring casual tees, knits and jeans.

Simplest way to add a bit of fun to my daily outfit!