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What I Wore: Grana Classic Silk Camisole

20 February 2018

Grana Classic Silk Camisole

The weather in Perth has been aaaamazing these last few weeks. Not too hot, not too humid, not too cold. Perfect for stepping out in a nice strappy top, jeans and sandals!

I’ve been happily testing out a few new Grana items (gifted!) and will be featuring them over the next few weeks. I’ve noticed that they are launching updated styles, where they’ve tweaked the hem lines and improved on the overall fit. I shall let you know how I go!

For this new season, Grana has released a new Silk Classic Camisole – a new style and in new Spring colours.

Their past silk camisoles have been “round-neck” styles with a racer-back, or “v-neck” styles with a v-back.

This one is more of a straight neckline across the chest and back, with a stylish, minimal drape. I think this looks much more modern and very COS.

It sits nicely on my chest; not too low. It doesn’t flare out at the bottom. It’s a loose fit, but still flattering and slimming.

It’s sweet and simple, I really like it!

Grana Classic Silk Camisole

I liked the style so much, I picked out the top in TWO colours, that’s saying something!

I chose Off White so I could wear mix and match it with blacks and denim and this Pink Frosting colour for something different.

Funnily, I wear the Pink one more, because the colour is super sweet, a bit different to what I usually wear and it kind of brightens my complexion?

The silk is absolutely lovely. It has a slightly “matte and velvety” feel, rather than “shiny and slippery”. And I find that it’s quite similar to my Equipment silk shirts, more so than silk tops from Zara and Topshop. Basically I think it’s really affordable for the quality.

Grana Classic Silk Camisole

As for sizing, I’m wearing a Size XXS and it fits perfectly. Here’s a picture of how it sits under my arms – not too low that my bra strap shows. I love the shape of the back.

Another different thing is the lining. In the past, they have used a double lining of silk – where sometimes when the weather is wrong, the lining gets a bit staticky. But they have used a different kind of lining this time. It looks like standard lining (which is slightly see-through and a bit like satin/polyester) but it is in fact, soft, flowy, drapey, feels good on your skin and it is still 100% silk.

So this top feels very light and breezy to wear.

Would I recommend to my friends?

Yes! If you’re the kind of person who would love to wear more silk in your everyday or work outfits, this classic top is perfect. Especially at this price. But if your wardrobe is overflowing with camisoles, you probably don’t need another one haha! Maybe a white one to update your look slightly?

Special Discount Code

If you’re a new customer, you can use my code “karenxgrana” to enjoy 10% off your order and free shipping!


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What I Wore: Chinese New Year 2018

16 February 2018

Chinese New Year 2018

Hello hello, wishing everyone a Happy Lunar New Year!

This is me, heading out to a Chinese New Year Community Dinner Event.

To summarise the night: There were about 300 people at the dinner, the fire alarms went off and everyone had to evacuate the building! No fire though, just a bit of oven smoke in the kitchen.

I’m wearing Lovers and Friends Etra Dress (still on sale), Stuart Weitzman Daisy Pumps, 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Cross Body Bag.

Chinese New Year 2018

I particularly like this dress, because it’s very roomy and a loose fit… so I can eat all I want. Perfect for Chinese New Year.

(Omg I’ve been eating so much! It seems like I’ve been on a non-stop festival of eating since Christmas!)

When I stand front-on, the dress looks a bit like a sack. But the sleeves and fabric are pretty swishy, so it hides the sack-ness and it just looks like a really cute dress.

Chinese New Year 2018 - Year of the DogFor our family reunion dinner, we usually go to my grandmother’s house to celebrate with the family. But my grandma passed away last June, so this is the first year we’ve celebrated without her and we dedicated our dinner to her.

It was also the first year I helped cooked some food to share – usually I turn up with nothing (as instructed) and find that all the Aunties and Uncles have cooked a 10 course banquet dinner for everyone!

I made spring rolls and a fruit platter. My sister made a super-cute Year of The Dog Yee Sang (fish salad).

I tried to find a SUPER-LARGE platter for her to use, but I could only find a not-so-large one… so we had to split the salad into TWO plates and things got a bit crowded.

Next year we’ll be using the WHOLE tabletop in a kind of epic, grazing table Yee Sang. After all, it’ll be the year of the pig – ha!

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What I Wore: Plaid Skirt and Tee

12 February 2018

Checkered Skirt

Just a quick one today!

My work schedule has been full of fantastic freelance projects at the moment.

I call a lot of them ghost projects because they are a bit like ghostwriting, where I write and make creative content for other people — without getting any credit, just good old hard cash haha!

Personally, I love this kind of work.

There is something so satisfying in that simple exchange; delivering high quality work to someone who appreciates and values it. No need to worry about all the unnecessary and complicated details of being an influencer, personal branding, perceived fame and profile boosting. Ugh.

It’s so good to use my skills, brains, creativity and just simple hard work, to feel worthwhile!

Wearing a simple T-shirt from ​Uniqlo,
Affection Skirt by Lovers and Friends
3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Clutch Bag from Shopbop
White slingbacks from ASOS

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Isabel Marant Leo Ballet Flats

8 February 2018

Isabel Marant Leo Flats

The most perfect addition to my shoe family!

I recently bought myself these Isabel Marant Leo Ballet Flats (they are still on 60% sale!).

Yes the style is a few years old, but I’m not really bothered about that. I like the idea of building a personal wardrobe with items that I adore, not necessarily what is currently trendy.

And I loooove the chic, boho Parisian feel of these flats!

They are very different to the rest of my shoes, which is important for me. As I don’t want to own 5 classic/statement shoes that all look the same.

A lot of fashion advisors would call Ballet Flats as “a building block for a classic wardrobe”. They’re right. Ballet flats will never go out of style!

But my thinking is: I already have so many classic pieces, that my classic wardrobe is looking a bit boring and kind of looks just like everyone else’s classic wardrobe!

I wanted to go a little beyond just plain ballet flats. I wanted to add a little style and personality to my building blocks haha!

So… I whittled my selections to these three lace up flats:

Isabel Marant Leo Ballet Flats, the Aquazzura Christy Flats or the Valentino Garavani Rockstud Noir Ballerinas (not really lace ups but they look kind of laced-up). The latter two were a bit more expensive and… well, I didn’t want too many pointed toe shoes.

Besides, like I said, I love the slightly boho casual feel of these, and these won because of their price.

Isabel Marant Leo Flats

I bought them from The Outnet. They were 60% off (still on sale)!

The tan coloured ones are also on sale, as are a whole heap of Isabel Marant items.

Because they were an old style, I did find them listed for sale on pre-loved designer sale sites, but they were all slightly scuffed, or the leather was slightly different. I decided to pay a little extra to buy them brand new, as I specifically wanted the suede leather and I plan to keep and wear them for years to come.

Isabel Marant Leo Flats

They have more of an almond toe style, and they are not a completely round toe. From the side, they still look a bit pointed and tapered, so that’s another thing I like about these.

They are soooo comfortable!!

But they are pretty tricky to get on and off. If I walk through a bit of dirt or sand, omg, sand always gets flicked up into the shoe, falls deep between my toes and scratches against my skin. And it’s not easy to slip them off and clean out the dirt. That’s a down side of the lace ups, I guess.

Isabel Marant Leo Flats

I’ve seen some photos of people lacing along the edge of the shoe, not criss-crossed across the foot, so I might try that one day.

I also noticed that Isabel Marant relaunched a slightly modified Leo Ballet Flat style last year (AW17) in smooth leather, with slightly bigger eyelets and leather lacing. I guess that means people still love and buy this style, which is good to know.

I can’t wait to wear them more in the seasons ahead!

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Review: Grana Trench Coat in Camel

30 January 2018

Grana Trench Coat

The people at Grana have been very generous these last few months!

With all the Grana gear I’ve been reviewing, I feel I’m fast becoming an official reviewer haha – only kidding. I’m not getting paid to review these items! They simply suggest an item to me, I say yes or no, I pick the colour and size, they send it to me, I give it a fair go (wearing it around for two weeks or so), and I write what I think about it – the positive and negative.

I do spend some time looking for similar items at Zara, Myer, Target, Country Road and other high street stores… pondering the deep and meaningful questions: How does it compare? Why would someone buy this Grana item?

(Only jokes)

Grana Trench Coat

So! I picked out this Cotton Classic Trench in Camel (AU $259) as part of their latest Coats and Jackets range.

What I really like about it – Classic, double-breasted trench style. Minimal design. No embellishments!

There are no fancy buttons. No shoulder epaulets. No shiny buckles.

It’s really well made and has a high quality feel to it. The stitching, full inner lining, edges, cuffs, collar, the buttons,  the button stitching, button holes… are all fantastic!

The cotton fabric is smooth, soft to touch, strong, has a good weight to it and feels thick enough (to withstand a cold breeze).

It does feel a little stiff and doesn’t drape as luxuriously as I would have liked. Maybe I haven’t worn it long enough for it to soften up?

Sizing – I am a standard AU/ UK 6, so I ordered a Size XXS.

The coat length finishes below my knee.

Sleeves and shoulders are perfect, woohoo! They are not embarrassingly long, or awkwardly short!

It’s a regular fit across the chest. It’s not a slim fit.

I can easily wear a thermal singlet, a white button-down shirt, a thick knit sweater (3 layers underneath) and the coat will NOT feel tight across my chest, back or armpits. It feels perfect actually. I found it great for layering up.

However, when I try to wear as a Spring outfit, with a light top + jeans, or a dress, it feels a tiny bit big and roomy for me in the chest. But as you can see, it looks fine and it’s me being super picky. Would I really have a Winter trench and a Spring trench? Who am I?

I guess you could size down and get a slimmer fit for yourself. Or maybe you have bigger chest than me and ‘fill out’ the coat perfectly? Anyway, I’m already the smallest size, so I won’t be able to have that slimmer fit.

Be sure to check out the garment sizing, it includes body measurements and the product measurements. Very useful.

Grana Trench Coat

Colour – On the website, the coat looks like a pale light camel colour. But in real life it’s more yellowy/sand brown, so a bit more like the Burberry trench.

Quality – This coat is much better quality than what you’d find in H&M, Zara and ASOS.

It’s about the same quality as clothes from Country Road, which, it turns out, has a trench coat also selling for $299.

Basically I think it looks and feels like a really good quality coat for its price point!

Price – I guess you have to weigh up between quality vs quantity with this one. Yes $259 sounds a bit high to pay for a coat you haven’t tried on before. But then there are heaps of designer coats on, say Shopbop, between $300 – $750. So in comparison, $259 is pretty good.

Years ago I reviewed a beige trench coat from the ASOS brand and I *think* it was around $80… it looked great, but the fabric was stiff and it wasn’t very fluid. It was OK for a cheap and cheerful coat… but I gave it away after a while, because I  didn’t love it. I’m not saying everything from ASOS is bad though! I guess I’m saying, you get what you pay for.

I definitely can’t wait for winter, so I can layer up with a white shirt, cashmere jumper, jeans and long boots.

Would I recommend to my friends? Yes! Totally. The classic style is gorgeous. The perfect fit across the shoulders and arm length is worth it (for petite shorties like me!) .

And lastly, Grana have once again given me a discount to share:

Special Discount Code

If you’re a new customer, you can use my code “karenxgrana” to enjoy 10% off your order and free shipping!

No Markup Sale

Oh hey, and Grana still have their “No Markup Sale” with lots of items still for sale. You might pick up a bargain. Do check it out!



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What I Wore: Shirred Tops and Summer Silk

25 January 2018

Shirred Top from Seed

This outfit is from November! I wasn’t going to share it here, because I just snapped it for my Instagram feed. So why am I sharing it now?

You see, I tooootally fell in love with the Seed Heritage Summer Range when it was first released. They had so many great designs in such fun, pretty and wearable styles. (I find Country Road and Witchery are a bit too serious sometimes). What I like the most about Seed is their fabric. I love the fabric quality, textures, weight, colours and patterns.

Anyway, I added so many items to my cart. I whittled my list down to TWO and finally bought them.

They were cool, wearable pieces that went well with my wardrobe and the weather. Not too trendy. Good for going out in summer.

I bought this Shirred Top (sold out) and this Tie Sleeve Blouse (still on sale).

HOWEVER it’s 3 months later and these same tops are 60% off at the “End of Summer Sale” — oh man, I feel so much shopping regret! Don’t you hate that?!

Oooh I’m trying to justify my shopping.

I’m trying to buy better quality clothes… But they weren’t exactly low-quality, fast fashion clothes. They were great quality!

I’m trying to buy classic, timeless pieces… But then I get kind of bored of white t-shirts and blue jeans.

Plus I have worn them lots of times.

And, um they bring me joy, haha!

Also wearing Grana Silk Ankle Pants, Tibi Sling Back Heels, Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag.

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What I Wore: Gold Silk Slip Dress + Leather Details

20 January 2018

Grana Gold Dress

This evening I went out to dinner with some friends and enjoyed a 7 course Omasake Menu (chef’s selection) at the extremely difficult-to-book-a-seat, Marumo Japanese Restaurant.

It was such a treat. I loved it!

I wore my new Grana Silk Slip Dress (in gold!) which I bought at their End of Year / No Markup sale (which is still on here) for $48. There were some complaints on Instagram about Grana’s slow delivery during that busy period, but my parcel arrived in 7 days, which was totally fine for me. I don’t think I received special treatment from the PR department, because I purchased and ordered from my personal account?

Anyway, I crossed my fingers and hoped that the gold wasn’t too gold… and omg I love the colour! It’s more of a muted bronze/sandy beige with a soft silk shine, rather than a ‘typical metallic gold shine’. I’ll share more pics soon.

I’m wearing the XXS (I’m usually AUS Size 6) and I also have the slip dress in red.

I took my 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Clutch Bag out for a spin… and was quite pleased that it managed to fit my compact camera, along with all my other handbagy stuff.

I also kept my look clean and simple, by wearing my Tibi Kitten Heels (this style is sold out, but there are similar ones here, for a third of the price).

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


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Shopping Files: Summer Lust List

15 January 2018

After all the end of year sales, I got a bit weary of shopping and browsing, so I gave my brain a bit of a break.

Holidays + summer heat = just lazing around in my t-shirt and shorts. No time for fashion yo!

But now I’m back at work — making fashion + style edits and now absolutely lusting over a few affordable items:

Shopbop New Year Lust List

Les Girls, Les Boys Graphic T-Shirt ($55) – Still looking for a cool black and white graphic shirt. This might be it!

BB Dakota Cadence Floral Dress ($95) – Ooh I’m a sucker for pretty red dresses.

Shopbop New Year Lust List

Levi’s 501 Long Shorts ($69.50) – Yeah so there are some places where I shouldn’t wear my One Teaspoon denim shorts… because they just look waaaay too shredded, short and beachy. So I’m thinking I need some longer, more “modest” denim shorts.

Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny Jeans ($98) – This is a slightly lighter blue than the one I already have. I’m looking for a high-waist, skinny fit distressed pair of jeans. Add to cart!

Shopbop New Year Lust List

Nannacay Joana Tote ($255) – Ok so these basket bags are ridiculously cute and ridiculously priced. I probably could buy some plain baskets and DIY some pom poms and tassels. But who has time for that?!

JADEtribe Tassel Basket ($207) – Want both these bags so bad!

Shopbop New Year Lust List

Madewell Abstract Link Hoop Earrings ($34) – I know I have so many earrings, buuut these look so cool! Love the wonky double hoop thing.

Peace Sign Table Decor ($50) – Need this for my dressing table.

Happy shopping (or browsing)!


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What I Wore: My Perfect Summer Outfit

6 January 2018

Summer Denim

We’re well into summer here in Australia.

And if I had to choose my Perfect Summer Outfit: I wouldn’t go for floral fabrics, colourful skirts, or a crisp white dresses.

I’d go for this: An off-shoulder tee, denim skirt, pointed toe flats and a simple handbag.

Nice and simple!

I’d probably throw on a straw hat too.

Summer Denim

Top: I’m wearing an old season top from Forecast (bought on The Iconic), and I like it because it is fitted at the waist, so it makes me look slimmer! Also it’s made from a thick, stretchy t-shirt material so it is super comfortable.

Here are some similar “fitted” off-shoulder styles – Julii Top from MNG (only $25), Bardot Top from Superdry (only $50, but it’s a bodysuit). This style is surprisingly hard to find.

Denim skirt: I’m wearing a no brand one from Japan. But here are some similar styles – Edee Skirt by Atmos+Here ($30), Piper Skirt by Nobody ($150) and Gioh Skirt from IRO ($175).

Flats: These were a risky buy from ASOS. They are White Slingbacks by London Rebel. They looked cute but also looked a bit weird/different online, and I wasn’t 100% convinced that I would actually wear them. They were originally $73 and were discounted to $18 – which wasn’t a good sign either.

In the end, I bought them and I love wearing them everywhere now!

Bag: Eeeek I looooove my new 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Clutch bag! I have to be honest, part of me wanted to save for a Gucci bag, but I had a gift card from Shopbop and after a long decision, I decided to pick up this bag instead.

I’m so happy I did. I absolutely love that it’s a bit different. I can fit so much stuff in it, including my camera. Not many people have seen it before, yet I still get a lot of comments and conversation about it. Full review coming soon.

Sunnies: Good old classic Baby Audreys from Celine.

Have a fab weekend!


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Hello 2018! Happy New Year!

1 January 2018

New Year Eve

Happy New Year my lovely readers!

How did you celebrate the new year? Me? I went to bed at 11pm and read until 12:30am, pausing for a moment to acknowledge the faint sounds of fireworks in the distance haha!

Yesterday I went to hot yoga in the morning and I was so tired by the afternoon that I had to take a nap.

Then we went to my parent’s house for a swim and New Year’s Eve dinner. They invited their closest friends (all 50 of them!) and we had the most delicious homemade Singapore/Malaysian food ever.

All the aunties were in the kitchen, cooking, grilling, cutting, mixing, marinading, tossing, washing, for hours! In the summer heat! It was soooo much work and I admired them for their dedication… and their desire to throw a good party for their friends?!

My husband left he party early at 9pm. He took my kids to visit his dad, to eat some Scottish Black Bun and have a dram of whiskey (so Scottish!). Obviously the kids didn’t have any whiskey.

I stayed on to help with the cleaning up. Then my parents and their friends started to sing karaoke and play mahjong, at which point I left the party (about 10:30pm).

I pretty much gave all my Aunties and Uncles a goodbye hug and said, “Yeah I’m off to bed. Enjoy the countdown! Don’t get too drunk! Please don’t drink and drive! Stay hydrated! And don’t gamble too much!”

They are a bunch of party animals haha!

New Year Eve

As for my outfit, I actually wore this last week.

If you check out my last few outfits, you’ll notice that I’ve been sticking to ruffles, jeans and pumps. So boring but hey it’s a good formula!

White Ruffle Off Shoulder Top (now $11) is from ASOS. Such great buy! The top is made from a cotton, similar to  a business shirt, and the stiffness of the cotton helps hold the shape of the ruffles. But the body tends to boof out and makes me look like I have a pot belly.

Petite Candice Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans from GRLFRND.

Bailey Belt by Lovers + Friends Belts.

Mini Alix Clutch in Fawn (currently on sale!!) by 3.1 Phillip Lim. The larger version of Alix Clutch is here, also in black (which I have!) but it’s not on sale.

Marc Bale Rose Gold Mesh Watch is from The Peach Box.

Enjoy your start to the new year!

(Btw, how wonky does my eye makeup look in my top photo haha!! I have no idea what is going on there. I suspect my hair created a shadow over my eye and make it look darker and uneven. No one seemed to notice it or comment on it when I wore it (unless they were being really polite??) so I’m sure my eye shadow was even when I left the house! Haha!)


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Shopbop Boxing Day Picks: My Dress Wishlist

27 December 2017

Hi everyone!

Today I’m collborating with Shopbop to share some of my Boxing Day Sale picks.

It is a 3-day Sale on Sale : Simply use the code ‘JOY25′ to enjoy 25% Off All Sale Products!

Ends around Friday, 29th Dec 4pm (Perth time, UTC/GMT + 8)

Shopbop Boxing Day

For me, I’m still in holiday mode, enjoying the slow-paced routine that comes with this time of year.

I was going to give the Boxing Day sales a miss this year, but then I spotted the discounted price of a coffee machine and milk frother (which I have been eyeing since Mothers Day) and decided to head up into the stores after all!

I’m a real slow shopper. I make a mental list of things I want and stalk them for months, and sometimes I realise that I don’t want one thing anymore (which is a good thing!). And when I’m sure I still want something after a few months, I’ll wait for the price to drop during the sales hehe.

These are some items I had stalked for ages… and have since bought. I wore them to a Christmas lunch and didn’t spill anything on the white shirt!

Shopbop Boxing Day

I’m wearing Stylekeeper Off Shoulder Ruffle Top – on sale from approx AUD $150 to $45. I bought this a few weeks ago at a previous sale, but for Boxing Day, there’s an additional 25% off.

Stuart Weitzman Daisy 90mm Pumps again I got these a while ago, on a sale, but with the discount, they are $243, from $464.

My handbag is 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Micro Cross Body Bag in Fawn colour, but unfortunately it’s out of stock.

Jeans are by GRLFRND Denim.

Lover Dress - Shopbop Boxing Day Sale

Ahh, I know I already have a Lover Dress! But it’s so beautiful that I want another one :)

In particular, I’m looking for a Lover dress either in navy or black, with a lace design with a “tight” pattern.

I have been eyeing THIS Lover Oasis Dress for aaaages. I am so in love with it! It’s on sale for 55% off (or something crazy like that), but unfortunately it’s not in my size – ugh!

Zimmermann Dress - Shopbop Boxing Day Sale

Again I already have a silk Zimmerman dress. It is short and black. I love it, but it looks very summery and casual.

I have been thinking of getting a more formal Zimmermann silk dress, in a classic and simple style… very much like this Zimmermann Bow Bodice Dress.

This one is available in my size. But I was actually looking for a deep red or maroon colour!

Self-Portrait Dress - Shopbop Boxing Day Sale

Another dress on my wishlist is this Self Portrait Floral Mini Dress.

Yes I have a Self Portrait dress and a top, so I know I’m onto a good thing here.

I’ve been looking for a long sleeve dress to wear in winter. And I like the fact that it is a short mini length, so it won’t overwhelm my short-ness.

Also on the wishlist is this Self Portrait Azaelea Dress, but it’s not on sale :)

Tibia Dress - Shopbop Boxing Day Sale

I’ve been completely smitten by Tibi’s latest collection, full of voluminous shapes and dramatic forms, but still elegant and simple designs.

I have two very lovely Tibi camisoles, but none of their iconic cotton pieces.

So I was considering to buy this Tibi Midi Dress, but my size sold out pretty quickly. Probably a good thing!

Enjoy the holidays!

Hope you manage to find something you love!


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Review: Grana Silk Pyjama Camisole + Pants

14 December 2017

Grana Silk Pyjamas

Hey hey, it sure is getting festive around here!

The lovely team from Grana sent me some beeeeeautiful silk pyjama pieces to test out in the lead up to Christmas.

Do you wear fancy pyjamas to sleep? I have a few satin slips that I wear during summer, but I’m usually a soft, cotton t-shirt kind of girl.

I have never slept in silk before — that is, until 2 weeks ago!

Woohoo what a treat. It was so luxurious!

Grana Silk Pyjamas

I’m wearing the Silk Pyjama Camisole in Ruby Red in XXS here.

Like all Grana’s silk camisoles, the quality is awesome. The stitching is great, the seams and edges don’t look buckled (in that cheap-silk way), the straps, the joins, the corners… all look amazing.

The silk fabric is lovely, soft and smooth. It feels very strong like satin, but much softer. I don’t feel like the fabric will tear when I move around or sleep.

The top is also double layered, which adds to the quality feel of the garment.

The “jacquard shadow stripe” pattern silk makes it look extra special too.

I probably could wear it as a normal top too. Maybe I could tone it down with a black blazer?

While the XXS is perfect for my petite size, I found that it was a little tight across the chest when sleeping, as I’m used to wearing a much looser top in bed  – I move around and look like a running man when I sleep!

So I would have preferred to size up to a XS for sleeping.

Grana Silk Pyjamas

For the pants, these are the Silk Pyjama Pants in Ruby Red, and again I’m wearing the XXS.

Surprisingly the length of the pants fit me well. They don’t billow and drag on the ground. They just skim the ground.

If I was feeling daring, I probably could wear these pants out. I’m not sure where I would wear them, but I like to think that I could haha.

I really enjoyed sashaying around the house, lounging on the couch with a book, and sliding into bed in my silk pyjamas. They’re just soooo luxurious! I felt like such a movie star haha!

I honestly wouldn’t buy silk pyjamas for myself, but I’m over the moon that I have them now. I would definitely buy them as a gift for someone else, for their birthday or special occasion. Every girl should feel like a luxurious movie star once in her life :)

Again, while the XXS pants were perfect for wearing around the house, I wasn’t used to the firm fit around the waist while I was sleeping. So again, I would size up.

Grana offers a Silk Long Sleeve Shirt (if you don’t like wearing camisoles to sleep), a Silk Nightdress, and matching Silk Eye Masks too. I think a long sleeve silk shirt would feel lovely to sleep in, so I’m a bit bummed that I didn’t pick that one.

All these items come in a lovely Rose Blush colour. See the whole Sleepwear Collection here.

Special Discount Code

If you’re a new customer, you can use my code “karenxgrana” to enjoy 10% off your order and free shipping. It’s valid until the end of December.

No Markup Sale

Grana have also launched their “No Markup Sale” to make room in their warehouse, move along stock and free up space for next season items.

Cashmere jumpers are $55, long cashmere cardigans are $90, silk bombers are $67, silk slip dresses are $48, silk pants are $68, and silk camisoles are $25 — still lots of XXS/XS/S/M sizes, amazing sale, go check it out!

Happy shopping!


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What I Wore: Mixing Plaid + Ruffles + Easy Christmas Shopping

11 December 2017

Tularosa Payton Off Shoulder Top

I’m so pleased to have finished all my Christmas gift shopping – and it’s still early December!

I have a lot of nephews and nieces to buy presents for, but as they are all reaching their teens, they have all asked for “MONEY” or “GIFTCARDS”.

Part of me feels that this totally evaporates the magic spirit of Christmas, but hey, it’s practical and it makes it super easy for me. They’re happy, I’m happy.

I guess kids these days are saving up for big ticket items, like devices, tablets, gadgets, consoles, (which cost a fortune when you have multiple kids!), hence their wish for money.

So my tiresome shopping trip went something like this: Drive to shops at 8:45am (no need to for carpark rage at that time), buy 10 gift cards, get a manicure, drive home. Not complaining at all!

Tularosa Payton Off Shoulder Top

I wore a very un-Christmas gift shopping outfit. Looked more like I was going to a summer lunch at the pub?!


Tularosa Peyton top (super easy to wear, love the unique pattern mixed with ruffles)

Lovers + Friends Elijah mini skirt (wearing this skirt everyday, thankfully it’s black so I don’t need to wash it often haha) and…

Airflex slides (again, so easy to wear and looks so good. I kind of wish I bought the Gucci version now.)

How’s your Christmas shopping going?


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What I Wore: A Super-Sheer Top

9 December 2017

Zara Sheer Top + GRLFRND Jeans

The other day, I was wandering through Zara and spotted this embroidered sheer top.

I thought it would be great for layering and expanding my wardrobe. I could wear it UNDER a slip dress, or OVER a camisole, I could wear it with a silk blush dress, under a white shirt, maybe be a bit experimental with it?

Well, it turned out to be really tricky to wear.

It was quite boxy and I couldn’t actually wear it with many things. And I didn’t feel comfortable in most of the combinations because – honestly, I just felt a bit frumpy and a bit like an aunty.

One evening, I was going out to an event, and I was in a bit of a hurry. I planned to wear jeans, a silk black cami and this sheer top. But it looked weird + baggy.

I tried it with a different coloured camisole top. A tighter-styled singlet top. A strapless top. A bandeau bra top. A crop top.

Eventually, I just went with my black strapless bra! (I didn’t have any other nice plain black bras. Just t-shirt bras and lace bras.) In the end it looked really nice and yeah, a bit sexy.

Not “aunty” at all! Haha.

Soooo… I guess I’d only wear it with a black bra?! Which means it wasn’t as versatile as I thought. Oh well! You can’t really learn these things unless you try them, right? I guess you could learn after reading someone’s blog post about it? Ha!

As for my jeans…

They are new Petite Candice Mid-Rise Skinny Jeans from GRLFRND.

There has been so much hype about these jeans and omg, yes they are amazing.

They sell out really fast (I missed out the last time), but are always re-stocked. I love that they are thick, firm yet really stretchy and smooth. I think they are MUCH nicer than AG, Frame and Levis stretch jeans.

Unfortunately I’m short (160cm), and you can’t notice the cool knee holes until I sit down or walk.

They are so comfortable and feel amazing to wear. You’ll see me wearing it a lot!


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Gorgeous Gifts from The Daily Edited

8 December 2017

The Daily Edited - Pouches

This year I was pretty organised with my Christmas gifts!

I wanted to get a few of my girlfriends something extra special.

And I have been spying these monogramed pouches from The Daily Edited for ages — so when I looked into them, I realised they were really lovely, meaningful, good-quality, long-lasting gifts for someone special or significant.

So yup, I got a few for my girlfriends and I had to get one for myself too.

The Daily Edited - Pouches

Initially I was going to surprise my girlfriends and buy ALL BLACK pouches for everyone, but I hesitated and decided to ask my girlfriends which they wanted – in case they wanted another colour!?

I actually had my eye on this Taupe Leather Pouch – which is so so pretty.

Buuuut it turned out that everyone (except one) wanted black! We’re so boring haha!

(One of my girlfriends chose a navy pouch, which is not pictured, because it made the photo look weird hehe).

The Daily Edited - Pouches

I chose the Black Leather Pouch with gold hardware and gold lettering.

It is 16cm x 22cm, with fabric lining.

The pouches come in different kinds of textured leather – pebbled, patent, smooth, mock croc, mock ostrich, perforated, vegan leather… but I chose the Saffiano leather, which I like best, because it’s really scratch/scuff resistant.

You can choose gold, rose gold or silver hardware.

You can choose the size, font, colour and position of your lettering. You can even choose from a selection of emojis.

It’s a great service and an excellent product.

The Daily Edited - Pouches

I bought them last week and they arrived in 7 days, beautifully and perfectly boxed with a stylish little card inside too.

If you order before 17th Dec, they will arrive before Christmas!

However, if you’re in Perth, you’d probably don’t want to bet on AusPost and give yourself a few extra days allowance.

Oh hey and the rest of their bag collection is pretty tempting too. Especially this Burgundy Cross Body Bag and Black Cylinder Bag. And the Men’s Collection has so many great gift ideas for men.

If you sign up to their newsletter, you can get 10% off your whole order!

(This post isn’t sponsored! I bought them all myself. Loved the product and wanted to share!)

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Wearing Jeans and a Nice Top + FWRD Sale

5 December 2017

Self Portrait Top - FWRD Sale

I’ve been trying to add a few more NICE tops into my wardrobe lately.

It makes a lot of sense to invest in a nice going-out top (instead of a dress), because you can wear the top many more times than a dress – with jeans, pants, mini skirt, max skirt, culottes and more.

But yep, nice tops are hard to find!

Today I’m collaborating with FWRD to feature a few of my picks from their new Sale on Sale event.

Basically you get extra 20% off sale items for the next 3 days!

That’s pretty good, if you’r into designer labels :)

Simply use the code “TREAT4U” at the checkout. Sale ends Friday, 8 Dec 2017 at 12:59am (WA time).

Self Portrait Top - FWRD Sale

I picked out this gorgeous Self-Portrait Filcoupe Top, which worked out to be 50% off in the end — woohoo!

Initially I had my eye on the yellow version, but it was already sold out. This blue version is just as pretty, and it was probably the more sensible choice for my wardrobe.

I am totally in love with it!

I picked the Size 2, because I have a Self-Portrait dress in Size 0 and it’s um, very snug. I have to suck my tummy in the whole time I wear it, haha. So I was looking for a looser fit with the Size 2. Besides, the sizing for both Size 0 and 2, indicates that the top’s length and sleeve length were exactly the same.

What do you think about the sleeve length on me? A bit long? I can’t decide if it looks a bit wrong, because my judgement is heavily clouded by how pretty it is – haha.

It has a flare hem and the ruffle continues across my body, so it was a little tricky to tuck into my jeans, but I kind of liked the boofy-ness. Maybe it will tuck in better when I wear a higher cut jeans.

Self Portrait Top from FWRD

This is what it looks like when it is untucked.

You can notice how sheer it is when it’s over my black jeans, but it still looks soooo nice! I loooove it! I’m so biased!

I’m wearing my black skinny jeans from Frame Jeans, Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Bag (also from FWRD) and Alexander Wang Heels (that I bought from FWRD about 3 years ago).

OK so to further inspire you, here are some tops I picked out from their Sale on Sale section:

FWRD Clearance Sale 2017

SELF-PORTRAIT Filcoupe Top – oh no, the same top is now sold out, sorry guys.

TIBI Off Shoulder Top – Tibi does some pretty nice tops, in luxurious fabrics. Definitely a top investment with this one. So versatile!

FWRD Clearance Sale 2017

T BY ALEXANDER WANG Cold Shoulder Top – I picked this top because it’s so slinky, versatile… and $100 (after discount) is pretty sweet for an Alexander Wang piece.

TIBI V Neck Top – Again, I love me some Tibi silk. I love the buckles on the back. I added this one to my cart, but it was 2 sizes too big, oops.

FWRD Clearance Sale 2017

RACHEL COMEY Euphora Top – I really like unique looking necklines, especially mixed with statement ruffles. It’s a perfect summer piece and great for a day time look.

TANYA TAYLOR Edie Top – This deep magenta colour is so pretty. Especially when it’s 100% silk with delicate ruffles.

FWRD Clearance Sale 2017

ZIMMERMANN Gingham Frill Top – Can’t go wrong with Zimmermann. Their pieces are often very delicate and floral, but this top is a little different. It has a casual beachy look to it, but still versatile for day and night.

TIBI One Shoulder Bell Sleeve Top – I also had my eye on this top, as it’s sweet and simple twist to the classic white cotton top.

Hope you enjoy my picks!

Happy shopping! xx

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What I Wore: Tularosa Mel Dress X Cyber Monday Sales

27 November 2017

Tularosa x Revolve Yellow Dress

Hey everyone, happy Monday!

We had a stunning weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the glorious sunny weather. We had lots of outings with our kids, a swim with the cousins, dinner with my parents, birthday celebrations and my husband and I even went on a double date too (cheap and cheerful Vietnamese dinner – the beeeest!).

Today I’m sharing an outfit that I was was planning to wear to a fashion event.

Usually I’m not so organised. But as it turned out, I didn’t feel 100% on the day and didn’t end up going. So I’m going to keep this dress for the New Year or Chinese New Year.

It’s the Mel Dress by Tularosa, with a cowl neck, a fitted waist and pleated skirt.

I love the warm, mustard yellow colour of this dress. It looks a bit like a warm gold.

Tularosa x Revolve Yellow Dress

I probably could have paired the dress with some minimal, strappy, heeled sandals. But I decided to go a bit fierce with my shoes and try something a bit more unusual with these Aquazzura Belgravia Lace up pumps.

The exact style (with studs) is not on sale anymore, but the Belgravia Suede Lace Up Pumps (plain black) is currently selling at FWRD and is currently 56% off at their Cyber Monday sale.

Do check the rest of the FWRD Cyber Monday Sale, there are heaps of designer items that are up to 70% off.

Tularosa x Revolve Yellow Dress

And Revolve are also having their Cyber Monday Sale, which involves 20% off Final Sale Items, making some items around 75% off. Such  great time to grab a bargain!

Have a lovely week!

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What I Wore: Silver Mesh Watch

25 November 2017

The Peach Box, Marc Bale Silver Watch

When I wear watches, I usually prefer leather straps for a classic, old-school look. I never used to like the mesh strap watches because they look too blingy, and too much like jewellery.

However ThePeachBox sent me one of these Silver Mesh Strap, watches… and I’m so obsessed about it now.

I love wearing mine (1 week straight and counting), mainly because it looks like jewellery!

They are currently offering 30% off your total order, simply use the code CYBER-30 at the checkout.

If you’re looking for a lovely gift for a girlfriend, this is a total winner.

This was me getting dressed up for dinner, wearing black GRLFRND Jeans, Alexander Wang heels, Style Mafia Lace Top.

Enjoy your weekend!


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What I Wore: Tularosa Dress (with Revolve and FWRD Black Friday Sale Picks)

24 November 2017

Tularosa x Revolve Dress

Happy Friday!

Wow did your email inbox EXPLODE from all the Black Friday Sales messages this morning?!?

I had been quite unprepared for the avalanche of sales, but I’m soooo glad because it’s such a great time to save on things I was planning to buy anyway, such as homewares, Christmas presents and stuff I’ve had my eye on for the loooongest time.

I’m so excited to share that both Revolve and FWRD are having their Black Friday Sales, with up to 65% Off + Free Shipping over $100 from 24 – 26 November.

A lot of the items I have featured on my site are currently on sale, including this Tularosa Marty Dress, which is 40% off. I’ve had it for about 5 months and it’s still one of my favourite weekend dresses.

Tularosa x Revolve Dress

I always feel that Revolve is best for buying dresses, tops and denim. Their items are usually a bit higher in price than high-street brands, but their quality is usually much better and their styles are a little more unique too.

Here are some of my picks!

Revolv Black Friday Sale 2017

These dresses are all on sale, priced under AU$50.

One is $40 and still so many sizes from XS through to L. So good!

See them here – Dresses on Sale. They really do have such a droll worthy selection.

Revolv Black Friday Sale 2017

And these tops are under AU$60!

See all Off-Shoulder Tops on sale here.


FWRD has always been one of my favourite online stores for discounted designer items. I’ve been shopping here for years. I’m completely thrilled to be working with them!

They are also having an Up to 65% Off Sale + Free Shipping over $100 from 24 – 26 November.

I feel that FWRD is best for designer bag, shoes and accessories, so here are my picks.

FWRD Black Friday Sale 2017

Yep there are high-end designer brands such as Givenchy, 3.1 Phillip Lim, YSL, Valentino, Proenza Schouler, Saint Laurent, all with major discounts.

All these pictured here are on 30% – 50% off sale, making them approximately from AU$270 – AU$1800.

Eeek I’m so tempted by that PS1 Mini Cross Body in Red (bottom left)!

See all Designer Bags on sale at FWRD.


FWRD Black Friday Sale 2017

And for shoes and accessories, you can find Isabel Marant, Sophia Webster, K Jacques, Aquazzura, Acne Studios and more.

Shop Designer Accessories or shop Designer Shoes here.

Happy shopping!


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New Love for Mini Bags + Shopbop’s Buy More, Save More Sale

21 November 2017

Mini Bags from Shopbop

Hi everyone!

When my children were babies + toddlers, I used to carry a HUGE NAPPY BAG to fit all their nappies, bottles, food, bibs, snacks, toys and more…. omg there was so much stuff!

The moment I no longer had to carry all that crap (when my youngest kid was 5 and started full time school) was a day of celebration! In fact, my youngest kid is now 8 and I’m still celebrating.

I’ve recently started to be a bit obsessed about MINI BAGS.

Sometimes I just have to dash out to grab something, deliver something, drop one of my kids off somewhere, stop for a coffee. So sometimes I just need a bag just big enough for my phone, keys and some money.

Mini Bags from Shopbop

I recently picked out this 3.1 Phillip Lim Alix Micro Bag (in Fawn) courtesy of Shopbop.

The leather is so SOOOO lovely and soft. I love the small, minimal and cute look to it. And yep, it fits everything I need and a few extras (like a lip gloss stick and a coin purse).

This MICRO style also comes in a Alix Micro BlackAlix Micro Navy and Alix Micro Cement Grey. But unfortunately some have sold out since I’ve written this post – because they are all currently 25% off!

Here are some other styles that I’m swooning over, which are a little less pricey too.

Mini Bags from Shopbop

These Furla Metropolis Mini Bags are such a simple and classic style.

I love that they are so minimal, featuring a little bit of gold hardware.

I’ve been eying one for ages. I just don’t know which to get. Black is a bit boring, but I’ll use it the most. I love the idea of white, but I guarantee I’ll get dirty. Navy is a nice because it’s a bit different.

They are 12.5cm x 17cm – so it fits my phone!

They come in Onyx (Black) , Petalo (White), and Navy.


Mini Bags from Shopbop

I think these Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bags are very cool too. These are 20% off at the moment.

These are 11cm x 19cm. I love the thick, patterned straps. And I kind of love that pink sequin one.

They come in Gold, Pink, and Black.


Mini Bags from Shopbop

These Zac Posen Eartha Mini Chain Bags are a lot more feminine and cute. Perfect for adding a pop of fun to my everyday wear.

They are 13cm x 20cm and they are also 20% off.

They come in Black Chain, Black Floral Appliqué and Geranium Floral Chain.

Pop over to check out the SHOPBOP Buy More, Save More Sale

Sale runs from 21 Nov – 26 Nov 2017.
20% off orders of $200+
25% off orders of $500+
30% off orders of $800+
Simply use promotion code “MORE17″ at the checkout.

Woohoo have fun!

Can’t wait to share what I picked up too :)


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What I Wore: Sunshine and Rainbows

19 November 2017

Hello Parry Tee

Personally, I find t-shirt shopping to be incredibly boring. I’d much rather wear a silk top, or a shirt, or a camisole.

But lately, I’ve become a bit obsessed about finding a good tee.

I’ve tossed out a lot of my old ones (with holes and stains) and here I am… on the hunt for “the perfect tee”.

I bought two from Uniqlo. They were OK. I didn’t like the material. They just felt thick and weird. I found them too stretchy and they warped after a few washes. I still wear them though!

I bought one from Grana. It felt really lovely and had a nice shape, but it was too see-through. It’d be fine in a different colour, but not white.

I actually like the kids “Organic Cotton” range from Best and Less (which I’ve bought for my kids), but it seems a bit wrong to pay $4 for a t-shirt?? Something is not quite right with that pricing structure!

In the meantime, I picked up this super cute Sunshine & Rainbow Tee from Hello Parry, with embroidered text (not print). The cotton is lovely, thick, has a nice shape and much better quality than the Uniqlo tee. But the cotton is not as smooth/soft as the Uniqlo one.

Denim skirt by Lovers + Friends (omg I’m obsessed about this skirt! I’m wearing it everywhere!), Acne Studios Jensen Booties, APC Handbag, Celine Sunnies and Jeanswest denim jacket.

Have a great week!

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Red Ruffle Dress + Click Frenzy

13 November 2017

Brought to you by Revolve

Heads up everyone! Revolve are having their Click Frenzy Sale right now, meaning there’s Up to 60% Off all sale items.

They also have free shipping to Australia (over $100) and free returns from Australia… so they are making it pretty darn easy to get into the whole clicking spirit.

I guess it’s a perfect time to pick out a few outfits for the festive season!

I made a little edit of “Dresses on Sale That You Have To Check Out” below, so do scroll down for some inspo, or just make a mad dash over to the Dress Sale section yourself for a head start.

However, first of all I just wanted to share this Lovers + Friends Gigi Wrap Dress

Lovers + Friends Red Dress

Ahh I’m totally in love with it.

The rich, deep red colour is so lush and unique, that it has pretty much sky rocketed to be one of my favourite dresses.

I look like the dancing emoji lady in this dress. I instantly feel all swirly and flamboyant as I walk around in it.

They say style and confidence should come from within. But hey, sometimes you need a winning dress that fits, flatters and falls so nicely on you that you feel comfortable, confident and makes you feel like dancing!

Lovers + Friends Red Dress

So I have a few wrap dresses, but this one is much more silky and ruffly than I’m used to.

It has a semi-open back and semi-halter shoe string shoulders. It’s a bit tricky to wear, as you have to thread your arms through a few shoestrings, in the right order haha.

The midi length makes it very wearable. The silky fabric makes it look gorgeous and luxe.

My only problem with it is… it’s too sexy/revealing. The wrap skirt doesn’t actually close up, so if a wind blows, or if I walk too fast, my skirt will lift up. I’d feel more comfortable with a button or stitch to preserve my modesty. It’s something I can easily do myself, so no biggie.

It also comes in black. I’m wearing Size XS.

Lovers + Friends Red Dress

Unfortunately this dress isn’t on sale. However these dresses are under AU$100… and I am pretty tempted to nab a bargain.

Privacy Please Inwood Dress – I have this dress in a slightly different style. It’s perfect for easy and effortless summer errands.

JOA Floral Wrap Dress – Lovely pink floral wrap dress. Lady like and perfect for an outdoor garden party.

Privacy Please Pink Delta Dress – I have two wrap dresses in this style. Love wearing them. This pink is very cute.

Lovers + Friends Off Shoulder Cotton Dress – This pale blue dress with little pink dots is really cute too.

Tularosa Smocked Dress – Simple, white, beachy dress with tiny cut-outs. Very cute. I’ve had my eye on this one for ages.

Hope you find something you like!

Happy shopping!


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Going Lighter for Summer

7 November 2017

After months of procrastinating, I finally decided it was time for a hair change.

I’ve been wanting lighter hair for a while – light, but NOT TOO LIGHT!

I had balayage years ago, and I’ve lightened my whole head of hair before too. I wanted something in between. But I didn’t really know how to explain it to my hair stylist.

And at the same time I didn’t want to walk away with an expensive hair treatment, but look like I had nothing done?!

I also want to point out that I have quiet a few strands of grey coming through, so I go into the salon every 4 weeks to get my roots done. So the new hair colour will have to work with that.

Lighter hair by Curi Hair

I went to the team at Curi Hair in Subiaco, and very inarticulately explained what I wanted.

My hair stylist said they were going to give me a semi-balayage with some spread-out highlights, with a bit of medium brown colour for my roots, and an intense ash toner to keep it a warm brown, not a bright orange.

The whole process took about 3 hours in the chair.

Lighter hair by Curi Hair

The result was gorgeous! I’m so happy with it!

I love that there are light bits and dark bits, and it’s all scattered around and a bit uneven.

I was told that I have to come in again in 3-4 weeks to get more ash-coloured toner (colour) put in, or the colour will fade and my hair will look orangey. I’ll probably do a hair oil treatment, or keratin treatment to keep my hair soft, shiny and smooth too.

Nothing like a new hairdo to welcome the new season!

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What I Wore: Stud boots, which need upgrading

4 November 2017

Change in Weather

A couple of years ago, Chloe released these Susanna Stud Boots (link goes to FWRD), which I really liked, but I thought they were a bit too over-the-top to be everyday boots.

So instead of buying them, I got some good quality, leather, “inspired” boots from a Korean brand instead. All the high street stores like Zara and Topshop had versions of them (not in leather).

But just because everyone is copying it, doesn’t make it right. Part of me thinks that “inspired versions” are ok, but “exact replicas” are not? None the less, I feel quite bad for getting them.

Anyway, guilt aside. 4 years later, I still wear these boots ALL. The. Time.

They turn out to be very cool everyday boots. And they instantly up the vibe of any boring and everyday outfit!

So I think I’ll buy some real ones for next winter :)

Change in Weather

I’m wearing my Grana silk camisole, which I had previously said was slightly too small, but that doesn’t stop me from wearing it! It’s such a fab everyday top.

Lovers + Friends Black Denim Skirt, yep a bit expensive, but it doesn’t curl up at the hem!

Acne Studios Raya Cardigan, this cardigan was so itchy when I first got it. Thankfully it has softened up and it is just lovely to wear on cold mornings. It’s an XS, which on hindsight is a bit big for me. I should have got the XXS.

A.P.C. Half Moon Bag is definitely one of my favourite and most used bags. Small, cute, sturdy and structured, it fits all my essentials.

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Fancy Sliding

31 October 2017

Hi everyone!

I’ve been crazy about fancy slides. I love mine because they go nicely with blue jeans, black jeans and black pants – which is pretty much what I wear 80% of the time!

They add a nice hint of colour to my very BLACK + WHITE + GREY + DENIM wardrobe.

They’ll be around for a few more seasons, so I’ve got my eye on a few “affordable” styles.

I checked out Zara the other day, their slides are still about $60-$80 and the quality were OK. Anything cheaper (under $50) didn’t feel very nice to wear. So I found a few fancy slides from Shopbop, between AU$110 – AU$160 to share:

Fancy Slides from Shopbop

Steven Valent Mules (A$143.05) – Oooh I like these so much. They will be perfect with my blue denim + white t-shirts. A very versatile colour combination, without being “too colourful”.

Fancy Slides from Shopbop

Jeffrey Campbell Jena2 Pom Pom Mules (A$164.05) – These are a bit special! They are pretty much a more affordable version of Aquazzura’s flats with pom poms. However these cost um… 6 times less and these have a cute heel.

Being silver makes it a bit more versatile, as it’s a “neutral colour”.

Fancy Slides from Shopbop

The Fix Fay 2 Mules (A$111.55) – These are super pretty! I love the hint of red and pinks. Once again, they’ll be perfect for casual wear (that is, white t-shirt and blue denim).

Fancy Slides from Shopbop

Jeffrey Campbell Claes Mules (A$131.24) – These are a little more fancy! The blue is super striking, but they will go perfectly with a monochrome outfit.

Happy browsing or shopping!


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What I Wore: Grab and Go Red Dress

25 October 2017

Lovers & Friends Dress

I’ve been trying to wear more bright and vibrant colours in my everyday going-out outfits.

If you scroll through my “Fashion & Shopping” section, you’ll see that I tend to wear the same old black, white, denim, grey pieces, sometimes blush. And it has only been in the last month or so that I’ve been experimenting with wearing some red styles.

I picked out this Lovers + Friends Etra Dress because I was looking for something that could be worn to both day and night events (courtesy of Revolve).

The fabric is a floaty, silky texture, without the delicate and high-maintenence nature of silk.

It is really a lovely, effortless dress, that HIDES EVERYTHING, but still looks bold and feminine.

I like it because it’s now one of my “grab and go” dresses. It is easy, no fuss, hangs in my wardrobe, all ready to go when I’m stuck for something nice to wear RIGHT NOW. I’m wearing Size XS.

Lovers + Friends have quite a few dresses made from this material.

Some are not as “grab and go” though, but are equally bold and pretty!

Red Dresses from Revolve

Left to Right:

Gigi Wrap Dress – I’ve ordered this one! It’s so pretty!

Haven Dress – One shoulder + nice ruffles.

Flynn Mini Dress – Long sleeve, wrap style + nice ruffles.

Sur Mini Dress – not pictured. This one is deep green, but same fabric.

Red Dresses from The Iconic

On the same note, I found some other easy-to-wear red dresses on The Iconic, which I’m also quite obsessed about. I haven’t bought them though, I just have them in my wishlist / shopping cart haha.

MNG Vivian Dress – also red with a floral print. Love the simple/ vintage style of this dress! This one is my favourite.

Atmos + Here Bambi Swing Dress – also red with a small floral print.

MLM Noah Dress – floral print with a little lace detail. MLM do gorgeous dresses!

Happy shopping!


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Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Bucket Bag and FWRD’s 3-Day Designer Sale

24 October 2017

Brought to you by FWRD

FWRD Spring Sale

Ahhh you all know I love a good sale!

One of my favourite online stores FWRD is having a 3-Day Sale, offering 20% off all sale items.

Simply use the code “20MORE” at the checkout. Only on for 3 days, so do pop over to take a peek.

I managed to snap up this gorgeous Mansur Gavriel Mini Mini Bucket Bag! Unfortunately it’s sold out now. Gotta get in quick.

It’s such a gorgeous bag!

I just LOVE this Mini Mini Bag size. I thought it might be too small and that I’d need a Mini Bag Size to fit all my stuff. But it’s such a great size for a little everyday bag.

I can fit my purse, phone, compact camera, keys and a few beauty items. The essentials!

FWRD Spring Sale

In the past I have bought quite a few items during their sale periods (they have one of the best sales for designer items, in my opinion!) such as these Acne Studios pumps (pictured), an Isabel Marant silk shirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim sandals, Alexander Wang heels… all from around 40% – 60% off.

So I went through the whole sale list and picked out some brands with some great items to share:

3.1 Phillip Lim – Great statement basics

Acne Studios – More great statement basics

Alexander Wang – Cool accessories!

Ancient Greek Sandals – Lovely leather sandals

Aquazzura – lots of beautiful shoes on sale

Citizens of Humanity – great jeans

Comme De Garcons Play – cute tees!

Erdem – floral statement pieces

Frame – best jeans

K.Jacques – love these sandals

Tibi – so many great tops for sale!

Zimmermann – Ruffle tops anyone?

Have shopping!


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What I Wore: Dinner Date

19 October 2017

Dinner Date

When our kids were much younger, my husband and I used to go out for regular “date nights”.

The kids used to consume our entire world and we desperately needed to have a few hours to ourselves where we could feel like adults.

Now that our kids are much older (14, 12 and 8) they are still our entire worlds – but we don’t feel like we’re drowning in it.

Now, my husband and I spend a lot of time with each other. We go for evening walks every night and leave the kids at home. We sit in the front lounge room and chat quietly over a cup of tea, while the kids are at the other side of the house. Or we catch up for coffee and brunch during our lunch breaks. So we’ve had less date nights these last few years.

The other night was our first in a while.

Drinks. Dinner. Movie. Walk along the river. Simple, but perfect night out!

We even stopped by a late night secondhand bookstore (this guy knows the way to my heart haha!).

I’m wearing:

Lovers + Friends Top from Revolve – such a pretty and easy-to-wear top, with lots of wow. I absolutely love their range of tops, because I’m always stuck saying, “Omg I need a nice going-out top”… check these out here.

Isabel Marant Skirt from The Outnet – an oldie but a goodie. A black mini is always in fashion!

Tibi Slingback Heels from Shopbop – These are just kitten heels, but my legs look really long here. It must be my pose and camera angle. They don’t really look this long in real life.

Whistles Clutch from ASOS – I love how this cute clutch adds a bit of fun to any outfit. Ever though it’s a weird light grey purple, it really does go with anything!

I’m actually wearing some bracelets on my wrist, but you can’t see them. Maybe I should have worn some earrings to add some bling to my outfit. Whatever.


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Beauty Favourites from Bobbi Brown

18 October 2017

Bobbi Brown Updates

This post isn’t sponsored! I bought all these products myself and no one’s asking me to write about anything in particular. I’m just super happy with these purchases!

In terms of beauty products, I think the older I get, I just want to buy something really good, that WORKS.

So I want to share a few of my favourite Bobbi Brown goodies that I have been using for the last 9 months.

They have been my go-to brand for all my makeup essentials. I haven’t had much luck with foundations, concealers and powders from Nars, Mac and a few others.

Long Wear Gel Eyeliner

I struggle with oily eyelids (it’s real ok?). Meaning if I wear eyeliner, it transfers to my upper eye lid within a few hours. I have to constantly wipe my upper eye lids with my fingers (which smudges into a smoky look by the end of the day) or constantly dust powder on my eyelids every few hours.

The staying power of this gel has been pretty impressive.

Eye Liner Brush

Omg you’d think $43 for a brush is a bit over the top? But this little beauty hasn’t failed me yet.

It’s surprisingly easy to use, considering I’ve been using ink eyeliner pens for years.

Long-Wear Eye Base

I was convinced by a Bobbi Brown sales lady to try this. I was a bit skeptical. But when I use this base, my eye shadow and eye liner stays put for longer and looks fab!

I wear shade: Medium

BB Cream SPF30+

My sister has used this BB Cream for years and I finally gave it a go. It is brilliant! Such beautiful texture and cover-up. It’s a little exxy, but it just feels amazing and the colour blends so nicely into my skin. Hands down the best BB Cream I’ve tried to date.

I guess you could say it’s a kind of lightweight foundation, with sheer to medium coverage (covers redness), with SPF 30+ and super moisturising.

Sometimes I wear it on its own, sometimes I use it as a base.

My shade is: Natural

I’ve placed an order for a couple of other Best Seller products and can’t wait to share!

(Btw, my links use an affiliate link, so if you do buy, I do get a little commission. However, if you’re a first time Bobbi brown buyer, don’t buy online, you should probably buy from in a real store first, so you can test out the products.)

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What I Wore: Weekend Vibes

15 October 2017

Weekend Vibes

Hello hello!

Today I’m sharing a few of my fashion goals for Spring —

1) Reach for my red lipstick!

I always buy more reds, hoping I’ll find the perfect red and hoping I’ll wear them more. But alas, I keep reaching for my nudes.

2) Reach for my fun/interesting/different shoes.

Flip flops are out.

3) Denim denim denim.

Not going to win any fashion awards here. I’m going to try to DIY some of my old denim pieces.

4) Reach for more colour and patterns.

I’m trying to wear at least one colour item. I think this includes the red lipstick.

5) Try not to buy so much fast fashion

I’m trying to buy better quality, timeless styles that I can wear season after season.

Weekend Vibes

As for today, it’s the weekend and I’m wearing red lipstick, denim, and quirky shoes:

White One Shoulder Top from ASOS Sale – Lovely, simple top. It’s cotton, so it needs a good iron before I wear it. Light, breezy and versatile, it’s such a great top for summer!

Candice GRLFRND Jeans from Revolve – Love these jeans!

Tibi Slingback Heels from Shopbop – Aaah these feel so amazing on my feet! More affordable version here and here, both from ASOS, but I don’t know about comfort.

Round Straw Bali Bag from Kinilush – I first saw this bag while I was in Bali last year. Should have bought it then! This one is handmade in Indonesia, with a leather strap. Super cute!

Have a fab week ahead!