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A birthday of bagpipe farts

25 July 2014

For my birthday, my husband and I planned to go out for a fancy, romantic, degustation dinner. In fact, I was so organised that I booked the restaurant about 6 weeks earlier. It was at a restaurant that I have been dying to visit… and finally I had an excuse to spend hundreds of dollars on a meal there!

So on the day of my birthday, my family made me breakfast: Bacon, eggs, mushrooms and spinach.

It was just how I liked it. So much love right there.

My Birthday 2014

In the afternoon, I went out to lunch with my parents.

We shared a huge bowl of delicious nachos. I had my usual soy flat white.

My Birthday 2014

After lunch, we chatted and did a bit of shopping. Then I went to pick up my kids from school, brought them home and fed them a snack.

Since my husband and I were going out for dinner that evening, all 3 of my kids were going to have a sleep-over at my parent’s house. Yay! Like I said, I was super organised.

I grabbed their ready-packed clothes and drove over to my parents house. I dropped them off and zoomed home by 4:30pm… giving myself HEAPS of time to have a shower, wash my hair, put on my makeup, style my hair, and put together an evening outfit for a hot Friday night date with my husband.

But on the way home…I started to feel…unsettled. And the feeling grew. A sense of anxiety came over me.

By the time I reached my house, I realised I was feeling sick, and the feeling was growing fast.

There was a sudden pain in my stomach. I felt swollen with sickness. I wanted to throw up. My head was spinning. I felt so freaking bad that I had to lie down on my bed.

I curled up into a fetal position, squeezed my eyes shut and my head spun into a pit of swirling darkness.

I laid there, fully dressed and still wearing my makeup and shoes… and I blacked out.

At 5:30pm, I opened one eye.

OMG I was still in agony. I looked down at my stomach and I couldn’t believe it. It was huge, swollen and round and I looked like I was 6 months pregnant!!! WHAT THE HELL DID I EAT???

I reached behind me, my hands clumsily slapping the bed sheets, looking for my handbag. I found my phone and I called my husband.

The conversation went something like: URNGH. I’m sick. I ate something bad. I feel like shit. Not going out tonight. Cancel the restaurant booking. I’m staying bed.

I passed out again.

My husband came home, checked that I was still breathing, put a bucket next to my bedside table and left me sleeping.

At 9:30pm, I opened one eye again.

My necklaces were tangled in my hair. One earring was wedged into my ear. I smudged makeup and lipstick all over my pillow and sheets. I had one shoe off and one shoe on. My body was aching. My head was still dizzy. My stomach was still swollen, and I was still in pain.

Yeah, Happy Birthday Karen.

I got out of bed, took off all my jewellery, changed into my pajamas, washed my face… and tenderly staggered out into the lounge room where my husband was watching TV and enjoying his lonely Friday night “man” dinner – toast.

I plopped down next to him on the couch.

And then it happened.

I let out the BIGGEST FART of my life.

It started out resembling a big brass tuba blasting through the cushions of the couch. There was such a change in air pressure I think my ear drums popped. Then it became like a bagpipe belting out morse code. DOT DOT DAAAASH. It wouldn’t stop. Oh my god, I had to leave the room to try and save the last shreds of my dignity. My husband laughed as I fled, jet propelled.

(Mercifully, the pain in my stomach slowly subsided throughout the rest of the night. The “flatulence” did not. And every few minutes, I had a little wind instrument explosions from down below.)

I rang my mum to see if she was feeling ok (we both ate the bowl of nachos) and she was just fine, so it was not something that I ate. And then it hit me… my soy flat white tasted a bit different than usual. Damn it… they probably put REAL milk in my coffee! Grr.

My husband was very supportive. After his initial laughter, he didn’t mention my musical bottom at all. Bless him.

When we finally went to bed, he bravely spooned me and gave me a birthday cuddle in bed, being careful not to squeeze me too tight.

He said: “You know, Honey, even after all these years together, you are still full of surprises.”

And that is how we keep the romance alive! :P

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Hello Margaret River!

18 July 2014

Hello hello! I have just returned from two weeks of school holidays. This time we headed down to visit the beautiful South West Region of Western Australia, centered on a town called Margaret River.
Margaret River 2014

It’s the region famous for it’s wines, beaches, forests and caves.

Not surprisingly I have have hundreds of photos to be edited, so here are a few highlights of my trip.

Margaret River 2014

The coastline was just gorgeous. We went fishing off the rocks of Gracetown (near Margaret River). Well… all the boys went fishing. They didn’t catch anything, but it was fun just to be there and walk along the coast.

I spent most of my time watching all the hot local surfers, and wishing I could surf!

Margaret River 2014

The surrounding forest area was stunning! The light, the colours, the sounds, the smells – oh it was all simply breathtaking. It looked like a movie set for a blockbuster fantasy.

My husband and I (and the kids) have all vowed to return for a longer bush walking and camping trip.

Margaret River 2014

We went for several bush walks. And as we were walking along, the floor of the forest suddenly seemed to open up to reveal a HUGE cave amongst the trees! It was amazing! Like another movie set!

But seriously… the caves were well signed and we followed a clear track to find this entrance. So it wasn’t like we were going to simply fall into one.

The actual cave was only accessible by joining an accredited abseiling group. We watched a bunch of abseilers drop 45m into the bottom of the cave entrance, and that was when we realised just how big it was. It looked like so much fun. This was definitely another must do for us!

I have lots more photos to share, so do pop back next week!


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Running With My Boys

10 July 2014

I have been doing a bit of running with my boys, aged 11 and 9.

They seem to like running, and I like running. So it works for all of us.

Basically, I see it as a fun, free and easy way to entertaining the kids (and wear them out), while I get a good workout too haha!

I take them out to random and fun places to run… we call it “training”. I tell them that one day we are all going to run a marathon together in Paris or London. I don’t think they really know what that means, but they like the idea anyway.

Running 4 Feet

While running, or preparing to run, I like to talk to them about running techniques, enjoying the run, working on your own personal best times, setting goals, working towards your goals and doing a little bit more day by day. But I almost never talk about winning.

I feel that I shouldn’t fill them up with false hope or set any unrealistic dreams or expectations.

You see, my kids are short. Like, really short. With short legs. I don’t expect them to win running races.

There are SO MANY kids that are taller, stronger, fitter, and who have longer legs… which give them a huge advantage over my kids.

So when my boys say they want to try out for a running race, or join a running team. I’m so nonchalant and casual about it, I just shrug, “Oh ok. That’s cool. Have fun. Try your best.”

And that’s about all I’ll ever say to them. I don’t want them to have unreasonable expectations that get crushed.

Champion Boy Cross Country

Anyway, can you imagine my utter shock (bordering on disbelief) when my eldest son came home with this?!?

He won first place in his school’s Cross Country event. And he received a Champion Boy medal for Year 6!


My other son came in 5th place for his year group, which was equally impressive!

I was *bursting* with pride for the both of them!!

They have certainly taught me a lesson… that limits are in the mind (in this case, mine), as much as in the legs. :)

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Master Presents and Masterchefs

7 July 2014

It was my birthday on the weekend and…

Here are the presents my boys gave me! In my last post, I mentioned that I was training my boys to be thoughtful and creative when buying gifts. This is because they will have to go out, find a wife, and keep her happy… so they had better be good at proving they understand her! After all, I want LOTS of grandchildren haha!

Since it was their first time buying serious presents for a woman, I gave them a LOT of hints.

First up, I asked them to buy me a scarf and it had to be a monochrome pattern. I loved their pick!

Karen's Birthday 2014

Then I gave them a wishlist of books and asked them to chose one.

Lastly, I asked for something I could grow. And got something to look at, AND something to eat! Excellent!

They were lovely gifts. I’m super happy!

However, I think my husband won the most points for thoughtfulness and romance with his gift.

Usually I’m really fussy with MY presents bought with his/my/our money. I have told him absolutely straight – don’t buy me jewellery, bags, purses, underwear, clothes. Please. Just don’t. I am so particular with what I wear and carry. And he is terrible at guessing what I want (which changes month by month, or even hour to hour) but hey, he’s fabulous in almost every other way. So I’m definitely keeping him :) But this year…

Karen's Birthday 2014

He gave me a cherry blossom tree!

I love it! I’m so excited!

I’ve always wanted one in my garden. It is currently a dead-looking twig stuck into a bag at the moment haha. But hopefully it will bloom for us this spring, which is in September in Australia.

Anyway, as well as the gifts, my boys surprised me with a secret Masterchef style, 3 course dinner!

They designed the dinner menu, bought all the ingredients, cooked everything (with help from my husband) and presented it to me in a fancy restaurant style.

Karen's Birthday 2014

This is what the table looked like at 5pm. The boys (and my husband) were all cooking up a storm in the kitchen, while I sat back with a cup of tea and painted my nails. Loved it already!

Karen's Birthday 2014

Finally dinner started at 6:30pm. I was presented with the entree, mushroom soup. My favourite! It was made entirely by my 9 year old.

It was actually delicious. I was a bit shocked at how good it was.

It was made from butter, 1 onion, 1 leek, 1L of chicken stock, 500g of mushrooms, some cream and fresh chives. So simple and soooooo yummy!

I raved about it, and my 9 yr old went all shy, “Aww mum, you’re just saying that to encourage me to cook more…”

“No, really, I mean it! It’s very yummy! Yes it was probably a good recipe, but you executed it really well. So well done buddy!”

I had two bowls of it.

Karen's Birthday 2014

For the main course, I was presented with homemade bread sticks and homemade dips. I was going to point out that bread sticks were usually served as an entree, but I kept my mouth shut instead.

I was told that one of the three dips was a pre-made dip, bought from the shop. And part of the dinner entertainment was to guess which was homemade and which was pre-made. How funny!

It was easy to guess, because the herb + cream cheese dip and the herb + oil dip were both amazing! And the shop bought humus was – well, bland by comparison.

Karen's Birthday 2014

My 11 year old was the mastermind behind the main dish and the dessert.

The dessert platter consisted of vanilla ice cream (bought) drizzled with homemade toffee + passion fruit pulp, strawberries dipped in chocolate, handmade coconut balls, and a slice of mango.

Later on, it turned out that my 11yo had planned to  make homemade churros too! The kid definitely gets points for ambition!

But it was getting late, and hubby wisely cancelled the dish. The idea of three excited kids squeezing churro dough into 4L of boiling vegetable oil at 8:45pm at night, was not very wise.

I can’t believe my husband agreed to all this craziness! Just one dessert would have been fine!

Ah, I was so loved up by the end of it all.

It was the most adorable thing ever. I am so in love with my family!!

My boys certainly impressed the socks off me for both their thoughtfulness and creativity :)

(I am the luckiest MUMMY in the world!)

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A Lesson on Gift Giving

4 July 2014

Roses from the Garden

My children asked me what I wanted for my birthday this month.

In the past, I’ve just said stuff along the lines of, “Aww, I’ll love anything you give me. Just put some thought into it!”

So I would get handmade cards, lop sided cakes, popstick craft, pasta necklaces, and bunches of hand-picked mangled flowers/weeds from the garden. Oh how I loved all those innocent, unconditional, adorable, sweet and simple acts of kindness!

But now that my two big boys are a bit older (age 11 and 9), their own ideas about what constitutes a good gift has evolved. They themselves would rather receive money, itunes gift cards, books, computer games, digital devices and gadget paraphernalia. Extremely efficient and practical gifts, but not very thoughtful. Even they would agree to that.

So as the only female in the house, I feel it’s my duty to push the whole idea of being thoughtful, creative, romantic, and generous when it comes to gift giving.

I do feel a bit sorry for them. They’ll have YEARS ahead of them where they will be stumped as to what to buy their girlfriends, wives, sister and mother in laws. Who can possibly know the way to a woman’s heart?

Haha I guess I am happy to give them a few years of training, starting with MY BIRTHDAY!

And since it’s their first year doing this… I’ve given them a few simple guidelines. A few big, fat clues.

Mum loves drinking tea. Mum loves scarves. Mum loves books. Mum loves candles. Mum loves vintage plates and cups. But most of all, mum loves flowers. It’s all about research and creativity, my boys.

It has stressed them out a little. What if you don’t like it? What if you already have that? What if you have something else in mind that you’d rather have?

So I say, once again… “Aww, I’ll love anything you give me.”

But what they need to learn is that what I actually mean: “It had better be something that shows you understand me!!!”

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New Shelves and Old School National Geographic

3 July 2014

Things have been go go GO over here in my house. We’ve embarked on a few outstanding projects, minor renovations and epic cleaning sprees! It’s all been so inspiring!

This is our latest project.

New Shelves

When we moved into our house 3 years ago, we had always planned to have a beautiful stretch of Jarrah timber wall shelves, built into our 4m wall in our main lounge room. This would match our floorboards, because we love Jarrah.

Jarrah trees are native to Western Australia, and it is a super hard wood, with the warm colours of toffee and honey. Check out those colours and grain! But Jarrah is expensive, and it is a custom job my husband wants to do himself. So that shelving project had, quite literally, been put on the shelf.

Since then we have kept ALL of our books, magazines, albums, photo frames, precious objects… stored in boxes in our shed.

And for our 4m wall, we just kept leaning random crap against it (boxes, files, folders, random bits of furniture and a spare double bed mattress?!)

So FINALLY, we have set up an interim solution.

My husband and I set up some white chipboard shelves, given to us by my father in law. They are a bit old and crappy (they were stored in a garage, and have some water damage at the bottom)… but hey, they were free, and there’s nothing like crappy, old furniture to give the place a bit of charm :)

My husband gave me the option of painting them white, to make them look fresh and new. But that would mean possibly 5 coats of white paint with lots of drying time, which could take me over 2 weeks to do. That was just a bit too long for me to wait. I needed to get my books out of the wet weather! I decided to give them a good clean and leave them as they were.

I lugged out 14 BOXES OF STUFF from our shed. They were riddled with silverfish and spiders!


Look at all those boxes!

New Shelves

Ta da! It looks so cool!

But this is just the first installment. I realised that I have another 2 boxes of books and objects that need to go on the shelves, so I will have to do a book cull (do I really need my uni marketing book??) and maybe put my photo frames on the wall instead.

Anyway, as I said, this is just an temporary solution. We still want our Jarrah wall shelves. But I might have to wait another 3 years for them!

Oh and we’ve got lots of beautiful old treasures that the kids have never seen before. Look at this!

New Shelves

My husband has an old collection of especially-special-to-him National Geographic magazines, the earliest one is from 1962 (before he was even born)! They are packed with amazing pictures and stories that make my toes tingle. And this is possibly one of the most famous Nat Geo covers?

It’s like there is a whole world in our living room now, and I’m so happy that our things are finally out of storage!

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How to remove stains, and your sanity.

27 June 2014

Everyone loves a BEFORE AND AFTER shot. And everyone loves a home renovation story too.

So let me present to you what I have been doing for the past week.

I’ve been cleaning up our bathroom.

Tile Clean

Before: The grout was stained yellowed and patchy brown. It was NOT a good look.

It looked like 20 years of accumulated dirt, crusty chemical build-up and general wear and tear had seeped into the grout. Lovely right?

Tile Clean

After: Sparkling white grout! I am a genius. I know.

But, let me tell you people, it was such paaaaainful and agonisingly slow work.

This is how the whole process started -

My husband and I decided that we were NOT going to spend $7000 on a new bathroom renovation. And although he can do the tiling himself, he was unavailable. You know, the whole “I have a full time job” excuse followed by the whole “I have to be a happy parent to 3 young boys”. Yeah OK, I let him off on this one.

So if I wanted a clean looking bathroom, I had to clean it myself. Hmph.

First I tried an organic home cleaner (what a joke!), then a normal heavy duty cleaner, Jiff, bleach, sugar soap, proper grout cleaner, oxygenated whitening cleaners and cleaning acids. NOTHING worked. I was so desperate, I was going to try whitening toothpaste. But I decided that that was such a stupid idea!

Absolutely nothing removed the yellow and brown stains from the white grout. I was SO ANNOYED! All that experimenting took me 3 hours.

Then I bought a tile rake. It’s a metal scraper that grinds off the top layer of grout. Like sand paper. It took me about 3 hours to scrape all the grout back. And guess what. After digging down into the grout, I discovered that the stains were not just on the surface of the grout… they went deep.

Then I used a grout paint.

Tile Clean

That’s right. I freaking HAND PAINTED the whole grout grid, with white paint, using AN ARTIST BRUSH!!

It was a bloody masterpiece I tell you. I bet Michaelangelo didn’t have to do this crap.

All that hand painting took me about 4 hours.

The label on the paint bottle said that the dried paint could easily be rubbed off tiled surfaces. I should have tested it first. Because for my first coat, I painted the grout in big messy lines and let the paint splash up onto the tiles. Big mistake. BIG mistake. Because the excess paint on the tiles was NOT easy to remove. So now I had to scrape all the dried paint OFF the tiles, which subsequently messed up my first coat of paint IN the grout (where I actually wanted it). That took me another 4 freaking hours.

Then I painted the grout with a second coat of white paint. 2 hours.

Seal the paint with grout sealer. 2 hours.

Grand total of 18 hours, spread out over 1 week.

It looks great now, but holy freaking crap it was painful!

On the upside, I listened to my whole iphone playlist, which I’ve never done before. It turns out that I have excellent taste in music… for cleaning grout :)

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History of the Modern Calendar

20 June 2014

My son came home one day and blurted, “Did you know that the first ever calendar only had 10 months??”

(I actually didn’t know that, but I acted all cool about it…)

He wanted to know more about ancient calendars and how our modern day calendar came about… and he was very annoyed that I didn’t know the answers RIGHT NOW AND OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD.

Thanks buddy. I’m already the resident cook, house cleaner, personal taxi driver and the best person for cuddles in the whole family… and now I have to be a freaking walking encyclopaedia?!

So we jumped online and the results were so interesting, that I’ve decided to share it with you all!

Calendar Animals

(I also decided that these little critters are my favourite embodiment of a modern day calendar haha!)

Our modern day calendar is essentially the Gregorian Calendar, which is a tweak of the Julian Calendar, which in turn was a tweak of the Early Roman Calendar, which was essentially based on a lunar calendar. Of course the Mayans, Egyptians, Babylonians, Chinese had their own calendars too, also based on the lunar cycles.

It seems there were a lot of TRICKY MATHS and astronomy involved in calendar making… so over the history of time, there was a lot of calendar tweaking.

The Early Roman Calendar had 304 days in the year, with only 10 months, and the year started in March (or Martius) in honour of Mars. So there was no January or February. This is why the names of our months seem a bit off… September is our 9th month, but septem means seven; October is our 10th month, but octo means eight; November is our 11th month, but novem means nine, and December is our 12th month, but decem means ten. Now you know why!

Around 713 BC, a new Roman king shuffled things around to create a calendar year consisting of 355 days, and added two new months, January and February.

That stayed around until 46BC, then Julius Caesar created the Julian Calendar where each year has 365 days, with a leap day added to February every 4 years.

His predecessor, Augustus the emperor of Rome, changed a couple of the month names in honour of Julius (July) and himself (August).

Well the Julian Calendar sounds exactly like the modern calendar right?

Apparently, if we follow this Julian rule, then every 400 years, we would GAIN 3 DAYS…  all our seasons would be out of whack, our sun and moon would not be in the right place and our crops will fail.

So in 1582 the Gregorian Calendar added a 0.002% correction to the year… and came up with the rule:

Every year that is exactly divisible by four is a leap year, except for years that are exactly divisible by 100, but these centurial years are leap years if they are exactly divisible by 400. (from Wikipedia)

Whatever. Like I said. Tricky. Maths. Involved.

The new Gregorian calendar wasn’t widely accepted when it was first proposed. It was only until 1752, that Britain and the US adopted it, by which time they were 11 days ahead and out of sync with the seasons. So they had to correct it ALL by having the day 2 September 1752 followed by 14 September 1752. 11 days were taken away just like that! Lots of people were unhappy and against the new change, claiming the Catholic Church was stealing their days.

How funny!

So interesting right?

I wish someone would steal my days.

I want it to be summer already! (It is winter here in Australia.)

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Motivation is a Bitch

19 June 2014

I’m trying! I’m really trying to work at this exercise thing!

Most evenings I go to bed thinking, “OK! Tomorrow is the day! I’m going to run in the morning!”

I lay out my running clothes, my socks and shoes and everything.

Alarm rings at 6am, do I get out of bed? Nope. Nadda. Not happening.

It’s too cold. It’s raining. I have a meeting in the morning. My lower back is a bit sore. I stayed up too late last night.

Repeat for 5 days, and I end up feeling incredibly shitty with myself.

I know I’ll feel better after a run. I know it’ll make me happy. I just have to get up and do it!

But do I?!

Running Biatch

Well, today was finally the day.

It was 5pm in the late afternoon. It was cold, it was raining, it was windy, I had a slight headache, I spent all day in front of the computer, I was feeling stiff and sore, I had period cramps, and feeling fragile and emo. Yet somehow my self-loathing / self-motivation trumped big time and slapped me across the face. I smashed out a quick 5km while my kids were at after school sport.

Omg I felt so happy. SO SO SOOOOO happy.


I felt so good about myself. I even went home, ate really well and felt so fresh and energetic for the rest of the day.

Now if only I can do this more regularly…!

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The Herbs Are Watching

16 June 2014

I have 3 black pots that sit on my kitchen window sill, in which I usually grow spring onion, basil and mint. I look at them everyday. They make me smile. I always pluck a few leaves here and there to use in my cooking and as garnish on top of my dishes.

The other day I realised that I don’t use my mint very often AND I wanted to have chives instead.

So I asked my 9 year old son to do the job of moving the mint to a bigger pot outside, and to transplant some chives from the garden bed.

He did an OK job. He didn’t space the chives plants out very well. He didn’t put in enough soil.

But as you can see, he left me some EYES.

Herb Eyes

Why did he do this? Who knows! Just to make me laugh? To make me extra happy?

It’s pretty hilarious. And weird.

Now, every time I peek over at my herbs, I remember how much I totally love my kids and the colour they bring to my life.

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Beach Holiday vs Cleaning My House?

2 June 2014

So how do you usually spend your public holiday weekends? For us, we’re pretty boring. We usually fill it with domestic stuff like cleaning our house, mowing the lawn, doing the laundry, airing our rugs. Glamorous, no?

However, for the recent long weekend, we decided to head down to the south coast (Dunsborough) for a quick beach holiday.

Aside from our paid accommodation, we jammed in as many FREE activities as we could.

Dunsborough 2014

We went for a coastal walk, which involved scrambling over a lot of rocks.

I was wearing fashion boots (tsk tsk) which had NO grip on the rocks, so I had to take them off and climb barefoot. What a fashion fail.

Dunsborough 2014

We found rock pools with crabs and fish.

Dunsborough 2014

This is Meelup Beach. My husband taught the kids about the difference between “swell” and “waves” (otherwise known as “seas”). There was almost none of either… apparently, which is why the ocean was as flat as a pancake.

Dunsborough 2014

We saw whales and dolphins! And we explored caves, went for a beach run, ate exotic bread and ice-cream, had barbecues, toasted marshmallows, made giant sandcastles, etc etc!!

It was a fun and refreshing little trip. But now I can’t wait for this weekend, so I can mow the lawn and clean our house!!

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Feeling Frigid

29 May 2014

I woke up bright and early the other day and found that my 10 year old fridge had stopped working.

Argh! Not only did it stop cooling, it was actually HEATING everything inside it!

What a hassle. Why did it have to break down this week?! I’m so insanely busy with work and life, I don’t have time to deal with this!!

I had to take everything OUT of the fridge and freezer, THROW most of it in the bin, and borrow space in my neighbor’s fridge for the rest. Then, I had to CLEAN the fridge from top to bottom… because there was a disgusting puddle stain made from a dripping, slimy, rotten zucchini.

Fridge Died

Wow, my fridge hasn’t been this clean and empty and white since… well, since it was new.

After marvelling at my own cleverness/laziness that I have never wasted any of my life cleaning my fridge in the last 10 years, I sat down at my computer to do some research on NEW fridges. Brushed steel fridge exterior! Double French doors! Sleek modern designs! Water dispensers! LCD panels! Energy efficiency ratings! I was getting excited!

Something that has constantly nagged at me since I bought this fridge (when I was pregnant with my first kid) is that it has only a two and a half star (out of five stars maximum) energy efficiency rating. So I have always felt that it was only half as good as it could be. Was this now the opportunity to upgrade to a newer, more efficient, and more faithful fridge?

On one hand, I could have a brand new, shiny, super fancy fridge of my dreams for approximately $3000.

But on the other hand, before it stropped working, I had NO actual complaints about my fridge at all. There was nothing wrong with it. I didn’t really NEED a shiny new fridge.

So I decided to call a fridge repair company. I promised myself that *if* they said it would take more than two days for a repair man to arrive, then I would just buy the new fridge.

And the phone conversation was like this:

“What?! He can be here in 20 minutes??? Um. Ok. Yeah, sure I’ll be home…. My address? Right. It’s… ”

24 minutes later, the fridge guy turned up in a van whiter than the inside of my fridge, wearing overalls to match.  He had the cheery mood of a man who takes great joy in making people’s fridges work. In another five minutes, he had diagnosed the fridge fan was dead.

He said it would cost $200 to fix the fan (parts and labour), and it’d take 30 minutes to repair. And he could do it RIGHT NOW, because he had the spare part in his van.

There I was, suddenly *wishing* he had said the problem was going to take a WEEK TO FIX AND COST $700!! I wanted his permission to go and buy a new fridge!

So what did I do?

I decided to go cheap, and fix the fan.

Bam! And the whole fridge drama went away just like that.

I was a little bit grumpy that I don’t have a shiny new fridge, but I was SO relieved.

Did I make the right decision? In the long term, who knows.

But for now? Hell yeah!

So, here’s to putting it off, and feeling on top of the world for it!!

(And by the way… I found out during my online research that the most energy efficient fridge in the market only has three and a half out of five stars of energy efficiency. So two and a half isn’t so bad!)

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A taste of Malaysian food

28 May 2014

When I was in Malaysia, there were SO many famous dishes I wanted to try. But since I was only there for 1.5 days, I had to settle for what I could get!

I mentioned in my earlier post that I attended my sister’s wedding celebration, then after that we went out for supper til 2am. This is what we ate.

Taste of Malaysian food

Top left is a pink drink called, bandung. My mother used to make this for us when we were kids! It is made from rose syrup, condensed milk and ice.

Top right is Teh terik, a hot, sweet, milky tea drink. It’s made from black tea and condensed milk, which has been “pulled” or poured back and forth, from jug to jug in order to froth up the drink.

Bottom left is Roti Tissue, a paper thin and flaky flatbread, sprinkled with sugar and served in a cone shape. Sooo yummy!

Bottom right is Roti Planta, which is the same as Roti Canai but it is stuffed with margarine and sugar. It’s sooo bad, but sooo goood.

Taste of Malaysian food

The next morning, after only 4 hours of sleep, I woke up with a sore head and staggered downstairs for the buffet breakfast. I ate noodles in a fish ball soup, with deep fried tofu, vegetables and fried onions. The broth was so delicious and comforting.

In my early morning haze, I didn’t catch the proper name of this, so could someone help me out? Unless it’s called, Fish Ball Noodle Soup?

Taste of Malaysian food

For lunch, my sister’s Malaysian family took us out to Big Nyonya, a restaurant specialising in authentic Peranakan cuisine, or nyonya food.

During the 15-17th centuries, traders and immigrants from China came to the Malay peninsular (Melaka being the most prominent trading port) and inter-married with the local Malays in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Their descendants are called Peranakans. On of my uncles is Peranakan!

Peranakan cuisine is often called Nyonya food and is a unique blend of Chinese and Malay cusine. It’s pretty hard to find authentic nyonya food in Australia, so I was licking my lips with excitement.

Going anti-clockwise from the top. I ate… Pongteh (a chicken and potato stew), Ikan Cili Garam (fried fish with chili), Telur Cincalok (an omelete with shrimp) and Udang Lemak Nanas (a pineapple prawn curry). It was all so delicious and tasty!

Taste of Malaysian food

But this was my favourite. Nyonya Cendol is a dessert made from finely shaved ice, gula melaka (palm sugar), coconut cream, jelly bits and beans.

Oh my god, I was having multiple foodie orgasms. The ice shavings were sooo unbelievably soft, like snow, but creamy and smooth, the taste was mind blowing, the gula melaka was amazing. Oooh, it was heavenly.

I ordered another bowl, because I’m that kinda girl.

Back Scratcher

Lastly, this isn’t really food related. But it does show a cute picture of me and 9 of my aunties and uncles, in the Nyonya restaurant, crammed together, Asian style, waiting patiently for our lunch to arrive.

While we were waiting I entertained my table with hilarious stories of me (the day before, while touring Melaka’s streets) being chased out of antique shops by a lady with a feather duster, me almost being knocked over by a truck… and how I found the coolest souvenir for my boys!

A retractable metal back scratcher!! My boys have been stealing my salad forks from my kitchen drawer to scratch their backs at night… and I never know if they have washed it before putting it back (very unlikely). So now they can have their own back scratcher, that even comes with a little side pen clip.

Randomness aside.

I didn’t get to taste these dishes I was hoping to try out.

Asam Laksa (spicy curry noodle soup), Otak Otak (steamed fish with spices wrapped in a banana leaf), and Har Mee (Prawn noodle soup).

Oh well, maybe next time. Thanks for having me Melaka! That cendol was the bomb, I’ll definitely be back for more :)

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A Quick Weekend Chop

25 May 2014

I’ve been really busy with some minor house renovations these last few weeks. And unfortunately, I’ve been too busy to look after my hair properly. (The shininess of my hair is just not *that* important sometimes!)

As a result, my hair felt like thick, heavy, clogged-up, dry straw. I felt like I was carrying around a shaggy sheep dog on my head!

And so after weeks of BAD HAIR DAYS, I finally managed to head over to my favourite Asian hair salon for a quick cut, colour and treatment. I was in and out in 2 hours. It was brilliant.

It’s funny how a simple trim and fresh colour can make me feel… like new!

Curi Hair Salon

Big thanks to Curi Korean Hair Salon for having me at such short notice!


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I know how many times you’ve had sex…

14 May 2014

Yep. That’s what my youngest son told me at breakfast this morning. He said…

“Mummy, I know how many times you’ve had sex!”

I double blinked. I looked suspiciously at my husband. He shrugged – meaning he was not to blame. I flicked my eyes over to one of my older sons, who looked away quickly. Aha! Guilty!

“And how do you know that, my dear?” I innocently asked my youngest.

So, it turns out that the night before, my husband and all three boys were watching TV, and some characters in the TV show were talking about sex.

My older boys giggled at the joke on TV.

But, at five years old, Liam didn’t know what was so funny, so he asked “Hey, what’s sex?”

My older boy answered, “Sex is when a man and a woman have a special kind of cuddle… to make a baby.”

Good answer! Not the whole truth, but accurate, and a good place for your five year old brother to start. Well done kid.

So apparently Liam nodded and went back to eating his apple and wiping his runny nose on the couch cushions.

However, during the night, he must have calculated how many times I have had sex, based on the number of kids in the family! *Eye roll* Well done to you too Liam.

So, there you go, my secret is out. I’ve had sex three times. What about you? :P

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Mother’s Day: And I feel like S#*T!!

11 May 2014

I haven’t been feeling 100% these last few weeks. In fact, I’ve been feeling like total sh*t. And it’s not even that time of month for me.

Life is sh*t. Exercise is sh*t. Waking up in the morning, omg it’s been giving me the total sh*ts.

So it was with zero enthusiasm and total disdain, I agreed to play at my 5 year old son’s football match this weekend.

You see, my children’s football club have an annual tradition, where the mums play against the kids in a special Mother’s Day Footy Match.

No breakfast in bed. No sleep in. No special brunch meal at some fabulously expensive organic café. I had to wake up at 6:30am and put on my freaking sneakers, my gym clothes and had to run around on wet grass in the freezing cold.

So there I was. Mother’s Day morning. Standing on the football field. 40 kids. 40 mothers.

My older son snapped a photo of me and my 5 year old.

Mother's Day 2014

Look how bored I look! Look at my forced smile. Can you see how I’m dreaming about maple syrup waffles, a snuggly blanket and a cup of tea?

I began to warm up. I forced myself to get into the spirit of playing sport. I called out encouraging things to the kids. I caught and passed the ball a few times. I pretended to stumble with the ball while actually passing it to someone else’s kid next to me so he could kick a goal and feel like a winner. It was kind of fun.

But I still felt like an uncoordinated rhinoceros, stomping through the grass with ungraceful strides. I still felt like a sick and cranky camel, with a long face and body language that said that I’d rather be somewhere else.

But guess what? By the end of the game, the coaches chose me to win the “Best Mum on the Field” award! What the? How did that happen?

I had to stand in front of everyone, while they all looked at me and clapped. I was so embarrassed and shocked! I felt so awkward, unworthy, and confused! I felt very undeserving of such a thoughtful and cute prize – an official little league coffee travel mug, filled with chocolates! Aww thanks guys!

Mother's Day 2014

Later in the day, I confessed to my older boy… that I didn’t think I played very well, I totally didn’t deserve the prize, there were other mums who played so much better than me, maybe they made a mistake, and I really didn’t feel worthy of the prize.

But he said simply, “Well Mum, someone else thinks you’re worth it… so just get over it… and eat the chocolates.”

And just like that, I think I may have emerged out of my rut.

Some appreciation from strangers, a clumsy validation from my son, and permission to eat chocolate.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mums out there. SOMEONE thinks you’re worth it, so just get over it!

And eat chocolate! :)

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Exploring Jonker Walk, Melaka

9 May 2014

My sister (and her new husband) recently held their second wedding celebration in Melaka, Malaysia.

I have heard so much about the port city, but I’ve never been there before. It is about 2 hours away from Malaysia’s capital city Kuala Lumpur, and it is famous for its rich culture, historical buildings and amazing food.

Unfortunately I was only in Melaka for 1.5 days and I only had 2 hours to do some sight seeing.

Exploring Jonker Walk, Melaka

My tour guide dropped us off at one end of Jonker Walk – a long street lined on both sides with 17th Century heritages buildings, which are now a bustling jumble of shops selling antiques, trinkets, souvenirs, textiles, food, local crafts, textiles, drinks, snacks, toys, clothes and more.

It felt like one big crazy marketplace!

Exploring Jonker Walk, Melaka

The street is narrow, full of cars, rickshaw bikes and parked motorcycles. The pedestrian path is also crowded, cluttered and a bit of a nightmare (not stroller friendly at all!) and sometimes you just have to walk on the road and get beeped by cars.

I almost stepped in front of a moving truck! The truck driver rolled his eyes at me, but gave me a sympethic smile, as if I was a stupid tourist. Oh yeah, I _was_ a stupid tourist!

Apparently on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, the street is closed off to traffic and becomes a “weekly night market” full of hawker stalls and shops.

I wish I had enough time to visit and try all the food.

Exploring Jonker Walk, Melaka

I found so many cool antique shops. I wanted to take a photo of one particular, beautiful ceramic vase, but the shop lady chased me away (with a feather duster!) when I pulled out my camera and asked her for permission to take a photo.

Sigh. So I crossed the road and took a photo of myself in their mirror. Not quite the same.

Doesn’t the outside of the antique shop so quaint and full of treasure hunting promise?!

Exploring Jonker Walk, Melaka

I started to get hungry.

Apparently THE thing to eat at Jonker Walk is the famous Chicken Rice Balls.

But the queues to Chicken Rice Ball shops were really long and I suspected that the shops offered a very touristy version of the delicacy, so I settled for some fresh wonton noodles made by a kind uncle, who was very patient with my fumbling for the correct change.

It was so fresh and yummmmy!

Exploring Jonker Walk, Melaka

There were heaps of shops with random plastic toys. I knew my kids are a bit old for these sort of toys, but I took this photo to show them the crazy jumble of colours and objects hanging from the ceilings. And to point out… “Look at the plastic eggs!”

My boys would have been in hysterics over such random juxtaposition.

Exploring Jonker Walk, Melaka

I found some gorgeous tiled verandas!

Outside each building was a mishmash of old and new building surfaces. There were old mosaic tiles, crumbling dragon columns and polished concrete slabs! Beautiful!

Exploring Jonker Walk, Melaka

Jonker Walk is definitely worth a visit. I wish I had more time to explore and enjoy the delicious mix of old and new world sights.

And I wish I had a ride in a Hello Kitty rickshaw! Missed out!

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Taste of Perth Food Festival 2014

6 May 2014

Warning: Contains explicit images of amazing food!

On Friday night, I went to check out the Taste of Perth, a 3 day food festival happening in the city.

Originating 10 years ago in London, the Taste Festival has made its way around the world with the simple concept: they choose the city’s best and hottest restaurants to create 4 signature dishes in “taste” sized portions, allowing festival goers to pick and choose their own ideal degustation menu.

You have to pay an entry fee to enter the festival ($40), which featured cooking demonstrations, cooking masterclasses, cocktail making classes, and non-stop live music.  Then in order to purchase the “Taste dishes” and drinks, you have to buy “Crowns” -  the currency at the festival. $1 = 1 Crown.

I was invited as a “media guest” so I was given a complimentary ticket to the event, but I purchased $40 worth of Crowns for me to eat my way through the menu.

Taste of Perth 2014

Apparently I didn’t read the invitation properly – it was an outdoor event, and it was 7°C outside. So of course, I wore knee high stiletto boots with leather shorts, Isabel Marant silk and a Witchery blazer. What was I thinking?! Yes, I was a bit cold. and I was making holes in the grass with my stiletto heels, stumbling around like a drunk girl at the horse races.

Plus I went to the event by myself, so I was hanging around like a loser loner.

This year, 10 of Perth’s top restaurants participated in the festival: Bib & Tucker, Bistro Guillaume, Co-Op Dining, El Publico, Greenhouse, Lalla Rookh, No 4 Blake, Nobu, Print Hall and Silks. All big-name, popular restaurants, and I have only eaten at a few of them. So it was an excellent opportunity to browse!

Taste of Perth 2014

This was the scene at the stall by Bistro Guillaume Restaurant, well known in Perth for amazing, classic French dishes.

On the menu was Chicken Liver Parfait with pear chutney, croutons ($8) and Amelia Park Lamb Cutlets Ratatouille ($12).

Taste of Perth 2014

Decorated like a fancy Chinese restaurant, the Silks stall charmed the socks off me. It looked like a set of a Hong Kong ganster film, with dramatic back-lighting and two huge pots of water pumping steam into the air, making the atmosphere mysterious and seedy.

Taste of Perth 2014

However the food was far from mysterious and seedy. This is the Braised Pork Belly with lohan fruit and a steamed hollow bun ($12).

The queue was pretty long for this stall. There were 10 or so people waiting in the line. So I wiggled to the front of the queue (with my big camera in hand) and I found a lady who ordered this pork belly dish and I asked if I could take a photo of it.

It looked amazing. I could see the hot, juicy layers of fat sitting in the syrupy sauce. She poured the contents of the cup into the hollow bun, picked it up in her fingers and took a bite. I gave off a little gasp of envy, obviously it was my stomach speaking.

Taste of Perth 2014

I wiggled my way to the Nobu Restaurant stall, again the queue was very long. And again, I stalked a young guy, “Can I take I a photo of your pork belly?”

Yes, those were my exact words. And yes, he knew exactly what I was talking about.

Pork Belly, Spicy Miso Caramel ($12).

Taste of Perth 2014

Eventually I got tired of taking photos of OTHER PEOPLE’S MEALS, so I hoped into the queue at No.4 Blake Street and ordered a plate of Lamb Belly with pomegranate glaze, charred eggplant, fava bean tofu ($10).

Can you see a trend in the photos I’ve been taking? I was craving some belly in my belly!

The lamb was exquisite. It was soft and succulent, bursting with the smooth, sweet flavour of the lamb infused with herbs.

I was very inspired to try making some slow cooked lamb belly in my slow cooker now.

Taste of Perth 2014

This was another dish from No.4 Blake Street, the Chocolate Garden made with edible soil, macadamia rocks, salted caramel and peanut dacquoise, ($16)

It looked so cute. Lots of people were walking around, eating from their ceramic pots. I didn’t order it, because I didn’t want to eat dessert yet.

But again, I really wanted to try making this at home!

Taste of Perth 2014

I think the most popular stall for the night was Bib & Tucker (I did a review of their restaurant last year). I was itching to try their iconic dish (pictured above) Charcoal Roasted Fremantle Octopus, with Kipfler potatoes, ajo blanco, witlof and roasted almonds ($22).

But the queue was soooo long, and when I came back after 15 minutes, it was still long. So I huffed a bit and attached myself to the end of the line. I counted how many people were in front of me. Answer: 24. I pulled out my phone and after about 2 minutes of finger pecking, I looked up and hey, I was at the front of the line. It all moved along faster than I imagined.

Alas, they had just sold out of the octopus dish… noooooo! I gave the lady my sad face :( If I had tried this on my husband, he would have immediately, somehow, produced the octopus dish. But, in the rough and tumble of the food festival, I was just another hungry foodie… waah!

But she did noticed that I had a camera around my neck, so she let me take a photo of the last roasted octopus dish for the night (pictured above), before it went off to its lucky eater. I guess I’ll have to go back to Bib & Tucker to try the chargrilled octopus.

She also suggested that I could try the trout and I reluctantly agreed, only because I had lined up (for a grand total of 2 minutes), and I was really hungry.

Taste of Perth 2014

This is my Ocean Trout Tartare with harissa aioli, sourdough wafer, and crunchy capers ($12)

It was actually really delicious! The trout was so fresh and soft and juicy. The aioli was wonderfully tangy and smooth. And again I was quite inspired to try cooking this at home. Try, is the key word here.

Taste of Perth 2014

I wandered over to the Greenhouse stall, and made my third order.

Black Valley Beef Cheek with malbec braised beef cheek, bush tomato chutney, and saltbush leaves ($10). It was yummy, but not as soft, juicy or tender as the lamb belly. I was a bit disappointed. I probably should have chosen a dish that was “lighter” and more “salady” after eating the lamb and trout.

Truth is, this was actually a food purchase made based on cost. I had $18 of Crowns left on my card… I chose this Beef Cheek dish only because it was $10, BECAUSE I wanted to save my last $8 for…

Taste of Perth 2014

…this epic Salted Caramel Macaroon with salted caramel filling ($8)!

I walked back to the Bistro Guillaume stall and prayed that they didn’t run out of their dessert. Thankfully they had a lot stocked up! It was sooo large and soooo goood. It was delicious, even though I had to NOT think about all the sugar and butter I was ingesting.

As I walked towards the exit, full of good food, munching on my macaroon, I had a big smile on my face, and I concluded that yes, I had a great and fun time – even though I was by myself.

The food was fantastic! I loved trying the new and modern dishes from local chefs, knowing that I could try out more of their dishes at any time. For me it was a very culinary and artistic appreciation which inspired me to be more experimental with my own cooking.

For the total cost of the experience (it would have been $80), I think it was worth the money. I will definitely come back next year. But I’ll organise to go during the day, try out a cooking masterclass, sample a few more offerings at other stalls, and I’ll go with girlfriends who share my love for good food!

It’s also inspired me to book a table for dinner at some of the restaurants that I haven’t been to. And I suspect that might have been their marketing plan all along :)

If you check out the Taste Festival website, you might find out when the festival is coming to your city.



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The Mother of All Toilet Predicaments

30 April 2014

Yes I am one of those parents who take their kids out to do the grocery shopping.

I’ve trained them pretty well over the years, especially my 5 year old, Liam. As long as he has a little treat (a cheese bun, for example) and is allowed to sit in the shopping trolley… he doesn’t nag me to buy things, he doesn’t tear open packets or boxes, and he doesn’t cause any fuss at all. Plus he’s patient enough to wait until we have paid for the items before he asks to eat anything.

However there are days where I want to RIP ALL OF MY HAIR OUT AND STAB MYSELF IN THE EYE because I am so frustrated by Liam’s supermarket antics.

And that day was Saturday. It was the mother of all bad days.

We were on a holiday weekend in a small country town. We were staying with friends. I wanted to thank our hosts for letting us stay with them, so I planned to cook them a big delicious meal.

I took my 5 year old to the country supermarket. Of course, it was completely different to our usual supermarket. The aisles were different. The trolleys were different. The checkouts were different. It didn’t phase me at all, but my 5 year old was very disorientated. It was as if I had taken him to a new fun park. He completely forgot how he was supposed to “Behave In Supermarkets”.

The first problem. There were no trolleys for him to sit in! I had to use a basket. So while I was stacking items into my basket, he was roaming wild and free like a bored and hungry shark.

Second problem. He started to sample things. He opened a packet of fruit cake to nibble on the pastry, he peeled back the cling wrap and licked a watermelon, he played slamming games with the freezer doors, he rearranged the honey jars but they fell to the ground (they were plastic)… oooh it was so annoying! I was constantly growling at him and pulling him away from the shelves.

Eventually I finished selecting my items and I walked to the checkouts to pay. Being the holiday weekend, the shop was really, really busy. The queues were soooooo loooong and we had to stand and wait. I stood at the end of the line with SEVEN people in front of me. Grrr.

After what felt like an eternity, it was FINALLY my turn… I loaded ALL my shopping items onto the checkout belt, then my 5 year old shouted, “Mum, I have to go to the toilet!”

“Aww, babe, are you sure? Can you hold on for 5 minutes?”

“No mum I have to go RIGHT NOW!” He jumped about with his legs twisted in a knot.

Argh. DAMN! Ok. This is all part of being a parent right? I had waited close to 15 minutes in the queue, and now I had to put ALL my items back into my basket, and start again. The queue had built up behind me, and was now seven people deep again. They all looked at me with shock. They were all openly sorry for me. One young guy directly behind me, who was maybe nineteen and probably had NO experience with kids, was utterly gobsmacked, going, “WHOA! How shit is that? Kids suck big time hey? Poor you!” I just shrugged at him, but inside I wanted to explain to him (ie. SCREAM IN HIS FACE) that in these circumstances, the appropriate response is to shut the f*$# up, and not draw more attention to the embarrassment and pain of the parent of the kid thank you very much.

The checkout person quickly explained to me where the toilets were. Thank you!

I raced to the toilets with my child, who was hopping along holding his crotch like a Michael Jackson impersonator. There were only two unisex toilets and both were locked. So I had to race back to the cashier counter to get the toilet key, only to be told that the toilets didn’t need a key! So we ran BACK to the toilets with one of the staff, to find that the toilets were not locked, just occupied, and we just had to wait.

We also found that while I was trying to get the non-existent key, a queue had formed for the toilets. But after seeing my 5 year old’s Oscar-worthy performance of wee-holding, everyone in the queue decided that they could “hold on a little bit” and let us jump to the front of the queue. Thank you! They all thought Liam was very cute, and commented on his unusual red hair. Usually, when people comment on Liam’s hair, he grins like an attention hungry celebrity, but his time, he ignored everyone. That is when I realised he was REALLY in need of a toilet.

FINALLY when one toilet was free, my kid and I dashed in, I tore off his pants and threw him on the toilet. Then to my surprise, I discovered that not only did he need to do a wee, he also had to do a NUMBER TWO! Number One and Number Twos came out at the same time, closely followed by Numbers Three and Four and Five, all with slightly different sound effects, which must have been audible from outside.

Thankfully he didn’t explode all over his underwear and shorts!! My mind flashed back to the days of having a new born. Exploding dihorrea, leaking nappies, soiled clothing, watery poo all over the baby’s clothes, pram and ME! So I was able to console myself at that moment – things were not that bad. I began to relax.

I looked around the toilet room. It was a huge, empty, white room with a single toilet, a sink, and a toilet paper dispenser, but… there was NO TOILET PAPER! ARGH!

I peeked my head out of the toilet… and asked the sympathetic queue waiters (about 6 of them)… Did anyone have tissues in their handbags?

Nope, no luck. So I quickly asked the lady who was first in the queue to watch my kid on the toilet while I ran to the service counter to get some toilet paper. I left the door wide open! Poor Liam. He was in this huge, empty room, sitting on an unflushed toilet, with no pants, with 6 people looking at him.

While I was sprinting to the counter, I COULDN’T BELIEVE that I had just left my child, alone, on a toilet, with no pants, in a care of a total stranger!! I was wondering what was the chance of someone kidnapping a pooing, red-haired child? What if he started to scream? His cries would echo in that big empty room and reverberate through the whole shopping centre! What if he panicked and fell INTO the toilet and… oh god I just couldn’t think.

I reached the service counter, and I half screamed and half spluttered “TOILET PAPER!!!?!?”  The man at the counter smiled and pointed me to “Aisle 11″.

NO NO! I had to explain my whole story to the staff member. Which went a bit like… MY CHILD! ON THE TOILET! THE SHOP TOILET! THERE IS NO TOILET PAPER! HELP! With big, simple, sign language, hand actions that communicated the sheer gravity of it all.

He slowly pulled out a roll of paper from under the counter, giving me a lazy smile, and passed it to me slowly and ceremoniously like it was the freaking Olympic torch. I snatched it and ran, calling out behind me THANK YOU!! Perhaps that was a tiny bit rude of me.

I arrived back at the toilet. Phew. Liam was still there, and he seemed to have been happily and un-embarrassed-ly chatting with the nice lady who was watching him. Thank You!

Liam cleaned his bottom. I flushed the toilet. We washed our hands. And we got a cheer from the waiting toilet queue. I smiled weakly.

And so we recovered our basket of groceries, and got in the queue for the checkout.

Liam seemed completely unaffected, and nagged me to buy him chocolates that the supermarkets purposely put at child-eye-height in the checkout entrance, so kids will nag their parents to buy them chocolates. I was so shattered that I gave in. By the time we got to paying, the checkout person didn’t give any indication that she had ever seen me before. Perhaps they witness this kind of drama everyday, like doctors, nurses and police officers. No big deal. Life had already moved on, even while my heart rate was still pounding.

And then we went home to cook dinner in someone else’s kitchen.

Note to self: I must remember to carry tissue paper in my bag!

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Why is the sky blue?

23 April 2014

Blue Sky

My 9 year old son and I were running through the park. I was helping him train towards running his first 5kms, and he was doing quite well so far.

The weather was amazing. The air was crisp and cool. The sky was bright and blue. There was not a cloud in the sky.

All was going fine until we took a 20 second break.

Between puffs, my son asked me, “Mum, why is the sky BLUE? If the earth is in space, and space is black, shouldn’t the sky look BLACK?”

I rolled my eyes. Is this kid for real? Deep, complicated questions while we are sweating?

I rustled through a rolodex of “Quick Answers” in my brain… but nope, I found nothing.

I had no idea WHY the sky was blue.

His question was a good one. Why isn’t the sky a depressingly black colour?

I blurted, “I dunno, let’s look it up when we get home.” And sprinted off the last 2kms.

So here it is, after an hour or so on the Internet… the answer (as I understand it) to the very good question:  “Why is the sky BLUE, not black?”

The earth’s atmosphere is made up of zillions of tiny molecules, mainly nitrogen and oxygen. These have no colour of their own. But when sunlight goes through the atmosphere, the oxygen and nitrogen molecules get very excited (lucky them!),which makes them turn into a kind of one-molecule antenna that radiates and scatters the sunlight in all different directions.  But sunlight looks white, and so the sky should look white, right? And that would just be too plain!

But NO. White sunlight is actually a combination of all the colours of the rainbow. If you look at the colours of the rainbow on a spectrum, red light has a slow frequency, green has a fast frequency and blue and violet have very fast frequencies. ALL the colours of the rainbow are scattered by the atmospheric molecules. But the size of the molecules produces an antenna that is BETTER at scattering high frequency colours – blue and purple light – not red, yellow or green light.

Therefore the sky should actually look blueish purple! Now, that would be quite garish and trippy if you ask me.

BUT (and this is my favorite bit) because human eyes are more sensitive and receptive to blue light (our eye receptors are made up of red cones, green cones and blue cones)… the sky LOOKS BLUE TO US , but not necessarily to other animals.

And THAT is why the sky is blue, not black, or white, or a funky rainbow, or disco lurid purple.

I really liked that answer. It was simple and elegant… much like most of the mysteries of life.

My son was rather unimpressed. He wanted an answer involving aliens and laser beams.

But I was actually pretty impressed.

The sky looks so beautifully and cheerfully blue because, after however many millions of years of evolution… that’s how we like to see it.

Beauty IS in the eye of the beholder.