Fashion and Life is a blog-format women’s lifestyle magazine about living a balanced and fulfilling life. It explores all aspects of being a modern woman who is optimistic, passionate, fashionable, motivated, productive, creative, down to earth, and always learning and growing.

A major topic in Fashion and Life is fashion and online shopping, as well as health, family, parenting, children, food, art, design and photography.


I am keen to write reviews on products. However, I will only advertise products that I have actually used, tried and tested, that I genuinely like, and that I would confidently recommend to a good friend – which is how I think of all my readers. I particularly look for products that offer some special combination of value, uniqueness, style and quality.

A suitable product will usually be presented in the following three different places in Fashion and Life, all of which allow readers to link directly to an advertiser’s website.

1. Review

I write a review of a product that I have used, tried, loved and feel positive about sharing with others! This appears as one of my daily posts on the main page, so everyone who reads Fashion and Life sees it, producing a “burst” of click-thrus to an advertiser’s website. This review slowly shuffles down the page as other daily posts are added.

2. Side Banners

These small graphic banner ads are displayed in the top right corner of Fashion and Life for a few days at a time, and are rotated with others to keep them fresh to the eyes of my readers. My readers value Fashion and Life for its uncluttered, open, clean look, and I personally convert advertiser’s logos into these graphic banner ads to ensure they work well.

3. Karen’s Online Fashion Shopping Guide

Karen’s Online Fashion Shopping Guide is a simple listing of products and online stores that I have reviewed and shared with my readers. The advertiser’s graphic banner ad appears here permanently. This directory produces a steady stream of click-thrus to an advertiser’s website.


Rather than charging a flat rate for advertising in Fashion and Life, I charge only for the clicks that actually come to an advertiser’s website.

This system makes me confident that I am not over or under-charging, and also allows advertisers to be confident that it is in my own best interests to present their products in a meaningful way over the long term.

Of course, each product, service and business has different needs and presents different opportunities, and I am very keen to work on a case by case basis with my advertisers, including detailed feedback about how the campaign went – and how it might go better in future.

If you have a product or service that you think might be a match for Fashion and Life, or if you just have some questions, I’d be delighted if you would contact me, and I can send you more details.

Please include the words “advertising/media enquiry” in the subject line.