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Daily Outfit: Leather and Cream

10 September 2010

Leather and Cream

With the weather warming up just slightly here in Australia, I’m seeing spring floral patterns and bright colours everywhere.

But I’m still in love with the autumn colours and muted neutrals.

I picked up a ruffle top and wool cardigan on sale from Country Road. Teamed it with a leather mini skirt from Urban Outfitters, a vintage belt, suede ankle boots from Betts, and a gorgeous sandy coloured leather satchel from the ASOS Collection.

I love a look that is slightly rock (leather) yet feminine and relaxed.

Here are some of my favourite details this season –

1) Long leather belts

2) Unstructured leather satchels

3) Black leather skirts and shorts

4) I’m still love with my suede ankle boots

Leather and Cream

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Daily Outfit: Runaround Work Days

13 August 2010

What to Wear: Busy Days

These last few weeks, I have been running around town – doing lots of errands, going to meetings, picking up packages, returning garments blah blah blah.

During busy days like these, the most important thing for me for how I dress – is COMFORT.

I really hate wearing tops that slide out of position when you get in and out of your car. I don’t like dresses that crease and crinkle when you sit down. Or skirts that creep up your legs when you wear them with leggings.

So this is my favourite outfit of the moment.

Dress: A stretchy jersey Quilted Sleeve Dress from HYPE Online Boutique. It’s a comfy, loose-fitting dress with quilted cap sleeves, and it has POCKETS. It’s very easy to wear.

Jacket: Another favourite of mine, a leather-look WISH jacket from  I wear this everywhere, it’s a bit embarrassing.

Shoes: Velvet-feel ankle booties from Betts.

Handbag: 15+ year old Fiorelli handbag.

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Daily Outfit: A Field Jacket and A Hair Cut

6 May 2010

Daily Outfit: A Field Jacket and A Hair Cut

After my last outfit post, I thought I’d post something that was more of an “everyday” outfit. So this is what I wear most autumn days when I go out! Skinny jeans, tank, boots.

Most people talk about an “effortless chic” style, but I call it “being lazy”!

I dug out a military-style jacket from the back of my wardrobe and remembered how much I loved it when I bought it many, many years ago! I think they call them Field Jackets over at Who What Wear.

The boots are awesome little ankle boot from Betts. Perfect for wearing with skinny jeans – when I want something with closed toes and with height.

Jeans are from Sass and Bide. I can’t be bothered to take up the hems, so I wear them scrunched, and I like it.

I also got a trim the other day. Yes it’s been months since my last haircut.

I lopped off an impressive 15cm of hair, which I know, for most people, is hardly a TRIM. I’m a bit unsure of the length. To me, it doesn’t constitute as “long hair”. It feels neither here nor there. So I think I’ll take the lazy option and just grow it longer.

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Daily Outfit: Fendi and Chicago

29 April 2010

Daily Outfit: Fendi and ChicagoI probably should title this particular outfit post “What I Dressed Up In” rather than “Daily Outfit”.

Because I certainly don’t strut around town dressed up like this!

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to see Chicago the musical. We had great seats, , and as you can see, I was a little inspired, and I thought I’d have a bit of fun dressing up.

Yep, a bit more sexy than my usual look, but hey, it was nothing compared to all the hot dancers on the stage!

A while ago I mentioned that I was looking for some white clothing to add to my wardrobe.

Since then I’ve been on an online hunt for some classic white pieces.

I found some yummy white Fendi skinny jeans on Net-A-Porter – but they were AUD$500. Ouch!

So after a little more looking around, I bought these white Fendi skinny jeans on ebay for $50!

Now I gotta find a white tuxedo style jacket and I’ll be all set.

Jacket from Cue.
Pants by Fendi.
Shoes from Betts.
Earrings from Witchery.
Hat is borrowed.

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Daily Outfit: Rick Owens and Camel

20 April 2010

Daily Outfit : Rick Owens and CamelThe cold weather is approaching and I’m suddenly reeling away from having to wear layers. I just want to live in singlet tops!

Anyway, I was at lunch the other day, and I had an amusing realisation that I was wearing a kind of theme for me – my favourites.

A simple black tank top by one of my favourite designers, Rick Owens.

Skirt by Witchery, one of my favourite high street Australian fashion stores.

One of my favourite clothing colours, camel, which is suddenly all popular now (again).

Sunglasses by Chloe, another of my favourite designer labels.

A scarf by a possibly-new-favourite-Australian-designer, Ellery, launching a very cool collection at Sportsgirl.

My favourite shoes, sling back heels by Zu Shoes. I wear them everywhere!

And lunch was most enjoyable too!

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Daily Outfit: Nicola Finetti Sheer Top

13 April 2010

Daily Outfit - Nicola Finetti Blouse

The other day I was experimenting with a slightly different style.

I wanted to look a bit quirky-gothic, but still feminine and elegant.

I’m wearing an amazing, sheer blouse with puffy shoulders by Nicola Finetti at Frockaholics. It’s supposed to be a high-collar blouse, but I’m wearing it in an open style and it falls beautifully.

The earrings are gorgeous crow feather earrings by jewellery designer and friend of mine Alister Yiap – very elegant goth!

It was lovely to wear this outfit, but my hair didn’t last long. Need more hairspray and pins next time.

Top is by Kookai
Ruffle skirt is by Forever New
Shoes by Zu Shoes

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Daily Outfit: Leather-Look Leggings

6 April 2010

Daily Outfit: Leather Look LeggingsLeather-look leggings are my latest love!

I’ve been looking for a pair for ages, but couldn’t find one that fit well. They just never seem to stretch around my legs properly.

So I took a gamble and got a pair from FashionJunkee, and they fit great!

I’ve already worn them several times, just like regular leggings.

They certainly add extra cool-points to my outfits.

I wore them with plain pieces, like a simple black dress, or a long, dark batwing top.

Can’t wait to wear a mini white dress with them.

I must admit that I broke my biggest fashion rule: Never wear leggings as PANTS!

Oh well. They looked cool.

I adored this particular outfit. One of my favourite outfits yet!

The jacket is from Cue.
Scarf from Sportsgirl.
The top was a recent purchase from Rick Owens.
Mini skirt by Wish.

Leather look leggings from

And leather peep toe shoes from Betts

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Daily Outfit: How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

30 March 2010

Over The Knee BootsI finally got a pair of Over The Knee Boots!

I did a bit of research and looked everywhere for a pair. I wasn’t too keen to spend $400+ on one, nor did I want to wear yucky, plasticky $80 ones.

So these were a very excellent, middle-ground choice, for price and quality.

And they are the convertible kind, because you can flip them up and wear them VERY SKY THIGH HIGH! Or fold them down bit lower and closer to the knee.

Obviously, the boots are pretty bold, sexy and LOOK AT ME. So they are best worn with basic outfits and simple accessories.

In fact, they look great with skinny jeans, a simple top, and a nice basic jacket. Or a soft dress, leggings and the boots.

You pretty much wear them like you would normal height boots.

Of course, you can just go with the whole BOLD SEXY look, and wear a body con, mini-skirt dress and look uber hot!

There is always a place for looking uber hot…. but I have not found that place just yet, so I thought I’d show them off in a more casual, autumn outfit.

Can’t wait for the really cold weather to set in, so I can strut around with toasty warm legs :)

I recently bought some cute linen shorts by Chloe.
Black tank by Sass and Bide.
Cashmere cardigan by Country Road.
Scarf was a gift.
Boots were from the Betts Online Shoe Store.

And I’ve actually been featured on their new blog! Eeek! Thanks guys for the kind write up!

AND if you’re interested, you can win 1 of 20 pairs of shoes here.

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Daily Outfit: Wayne Cooper Leather Jacket

26 March 2010

Wayne Cooper Leather JacketAaah, I am definitely in my element in this outfit.

I just can’t get away from the casual, rock-chick-biker-fierce look!

Ok, it’s not exactly the most edgy or fashion-forward ensemble, but damn, who cares, I feel awesome in this jacket.

AWESOME I tell you!

I must say, I’m quite fond of Wayne Cooper’s designs.

I like the image of the bold, strong, feminine and sexy woman that he designs for.

I’m loving his latest “Revolver” winter collection (see some of the range at Frockaholics).

It’s full of stand-out designs in leather, crumpled fabrics and silks. There are one-shoulder styles, lots of embellished shoulders – all great stuff.

I also thought I’d bring everyone’s attention to… my handbag.

I bought this Fiorelli handbag 16 years ago, when I was 16 years old!

I think it was the most expensive thing I had bought back then.

I had a good old laugh, when I saw that they were back in the shops.

Fashion is crazy I tell you.

Jacket: Wayne Cooper at Frockaholics
Top: Target
Jeans: Nobody Jeans
Shoes: Betts
Handbag: Fiorelli

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Daily Outfit: Harem Pants and Asian Fashion

4 March 2010

Pants from YesStyleA few weeks ago I reviewed YesStyle, a huge online shop specialising in Asian fashion from Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

I chose these cotton, drapey harem pants, and they are so, so cool.

I just love wearing them!

The other day, I wore them to a fashion related meeting, with a simple wrap top, and a twisted wool scarf.

I also twisted up my hair in a messy bun, and wrapped a silver chain necklace around my wrist, just to add to the whole twisted-drapey thing I had going.

I had dozens of compliments and everyone couldn’t believe the pants cost less than $40.


Fast forward to a few days ago, I was searching for other ideas on how to style harem pants.

In Asian countries, the style is called Saruel, and they are really popular for guys too.

I popped back to the YesStyle site, had a look lots of fashion photos, and ended up staying for an hour, browsing at all the Asian-style styling ideas!

It was very interesting to see all those Taiwanese and Korean girls wearing edgy or tricky fashion styles and STILL look so CUTE!

The last time I reviewed some of their clothes, I made a list of brands to browse by.

Here are a few categories to browse by:

2010 New Arrivals

Cocktail and Party Dresses

Jackets and Blazers

Blouses (for work)



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Daily Outfit – Multi-wear Scarf and Kookai Racerback Dress Combination

29 December 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I went to designer label Morrison’s Fashion Store Opening in Fremantle.

I would’ve loved to have worn something from the Morrison label to the event… but unfortunately I don’t yet own any of their clothes.

Having said that, I swear I would wear Morrison clothes for the rest of my life if I could afford it. Their clothes are simply beautiful. Easy fitting for winter or summer wear, easy to layer, high quality fabrics in all natural, rich tones. Absolutely everything in their range goes with everything else in their range.

So I don’t know if I unconsciously dressed myself as “inspired by Morrison”, because I threw together this outfit in a few seconds as the babysitter arrived and I RAN OUT THE DOOR.

And as I entered the party, I felt like I completely blended in with the Morrison colour scheme and the whole drapey look.

image of karen cheng wearing Kookai racerback dress to designer label Morrison women's fashion store opening

My scarf is actually a long, drapey, wool vest from Myer, which I wrapped loosely around my neck. Later in the evening, it got a bit cold, so I wore it as a shawl around my shoulders. I love multi-wear clothes!

My dress is a sporty-looking, racerback dress with rouched sides, from Kookai.

Leggings from Target, shoes from Betts, black stud earrings from Sportsgirl, and makeup by Napoleon Perdis.

I always forget to take photos of my outfit WITH my handbag!


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Daily Outfit – Wearing Harem Pants

18 December 2009

Karen Cheng wears harem pants by designer label Zanthas and jewellery by Perth fashion label JoveebaWhat do I wear to a Style Circle Fashion Industry Christmas Event, celebrating the growing community of the Perth fashion industry?

Something by Perth fashion designers!

Here I’m wearing a vintage necklace by Perth fashion label Joveeba and harem pants by Perth designer label Zanthus.

The rest is not so local – tube top is from somewhere I can’t remember, shoes by Pierre Fontaine, and bracelet is by Diva.

I was in the mood for something casual. What I love most about the Perth lifestyle, is that it is really casual, laid back and understated, and I think that’s become my style of late.

I actually wanted to wear a jump suit. I’ve been searching all over the place for one, but I can’t find one that fits me! I’m too damn short and all the jumpsuits I’ve tried on make me look like I’ve been attacked by a parachute.

So I wore a pair of harem pants that I bought at a designer clothes sale the other week.

Harem pants are a tricky style to wear. You either have the body shape (and the inclination) to wear them, or you should just stay far, far away.

They make your thighs and butt look HUGE. So you have to pair them with a top which is preferably cropped and/or eye-catching enough to balance the outfit.

These pants are made from a soft jersey material, they are so fun to wear and I’m so in love with them. In fact, they are so comfy that I seriously feel like I was walking around in my tracksuit pants. How’s that for ultimate cool – turning up to a fashion industry event in your trackies?

At the event, I was pulled aside by a fashion editor and was photographed for the Christmas social pages – which was quite funny because… not everyone thought I looked cool.

You see, my children know that I’m interested in fashion. And my oldest son tries very hard to give constructive criticism and insightful comments on my outfits. But when he saw the harem pants, he sighed and said, “Sorry mum, you look awful. You’re wearing clown pants.”


Daily Outfit: Curtin Fashion Show

3 December 2009

Daily Outfit: Curtin Fashion ShowSo this is what I wore to the Curtin Fashion Show last week.

I originally planned the outfit without any accessories. I wanted it to be a really simple and casual, thrown-together look.

But my neck felt so bare and it looked a bit weird – so I put on the statement necklace and chunky gold chain / leather bracelet. Looked so much better, what was I thinking?

The dress is from Seduce, leggings by American Apparel, shoes from Betts, bag from Myer, necklace and bracelet were gifts.

I really enjoyed wearing this outfit. I know that’s a weird thing to say, but I did.

I felt like I was channelling my buried streak of wannabe glam-goth and rock-chick-ness (from my high school art days) to a good place. It felt very me, and I loved having it as my outer skin.

It’s a bit hard to see it here, but the dress has a shimmer of silver metallic. It’s very cool.

I was also testing out some new Napoleon Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer, sent to me by the lovely people at Napoleon Perdis.

Daily Outfit: Designer Clearance Sales

6 November 2009

Daily Outfit - Designer Clearance SalesThe other day I went to a designer clothes clearance sale, organised by a few friends of mine.

You know how sometimes you meet a girl who looks absolutely incredible, and then she tells you that she bought the designer dress she was wearing – on sale – for $10 and the jacket for $20… and you walk away thinking.. OMG how does she find those sales???

Anyway, I’ve recently found the answer – FACEBOOK!

So I popped over to one of those elusive clearance sales on a sunny Saturday morning.

Today’s sale was held at an old, but charming, local community hall. I turned up nice and early and joined the very long queue that had already formed.

At 10am on the dot, they opened the doors and everyone poured in. There were dozens of racks and tables covered with STUFF! Dresses, jackets, jeans, shoes, bags, accessories, you name it.

The markdown prices were REALLY incredible. From $250 down to $50. And tonnes of $20 and $10 items. It was look, grab, look, grab, LOOK, GRAB, GRAB, GRAB.

Then with arms full of clothes, people slowly made their way to the change rooms.

Now I suspect that this is a norm for these kind of sales – the temorary change rooms. It was just a room, for changing in.

In fact, it was just a big store room, with chairs and a couple of mirrors.

Everyone, with their bundles of goodies, found a corner, created a little haystack of clothes on the floor and just got on with it.

Off with their clothes – thighs, boobs, legs were flying everywhere.

The room was jam packed with women on a mission.

The room was humming with chatter. It was like being in a cloud of random girl speak – Do I look fat in this? Is this see-through? This makes me arms look huge! Can you see my bra? This would look great with jeans. I’m so wearing this to Sharon’s party! Neh it looks crap. I don’t know where I would wear this. It’s only $5 so I may as well buy it.

It was the oddest thing ever.

And I found some spectacular bargains! Can’t wait to share with you all!

Anyway, if you’re in Perth and you’re interested in finding info on any more designer clearance sales, join Tu’s Facebook Group!

Daily Outfit: A Spring Wedding

29 October 2009

Daily Outfit Spring WeddingDeciding what to wear for a wedding is always tricky – unless, of course, you are the one getting married.

It’s even more tricky when the wedding is held in a hot afternoon, following by a reception-dinner til midnight.

Trying to dress for hot and cold weather gives me such a headache.

Not to mention, my outfit had to be “nursing friendly”, as I needed to breast feed my baby.

I had to find something that could:

1) Look good as day wear and evening wear,

2) Look somewhat Spring-ish and formal,

3) Had to look good with a jacket (because I hate the cold and mosquitoes!)

This is what I came up with.

A floral top from Review. Dusky pink tulip mini skirt from Forever New. Black jacket. And some moderately fierce shoes from Betts.

I also had a white flower accessory in my hair, but it didn’t make it to the wedding, because my baby yanked it off and ate it.

So I decided to use my baby as my fashion accessory instead – it’s very trendy these days (unless you’re the one getting married!).

He was cute as can be, and very well behaved until he puked up on my jacket!!

Daily Outfit: Fur and Pearls

23 October 2009

Daily Outfit: Fur and PearlsI picked up this fabulous fur coat a few weeks ago.

I was browsing through a second hand, designer, vintage sale and spotted it. I fell in love with it and it was an absolute bargain!

I guess you can say that I’m trying to extend my wardrobe by buying more statement items.

A great fur coat goes a long way – it’s classic and timeless. It teams up wonderfully with pearls, satins, black lace, neutral silks, fire engine red, floral etc etc.

I’ve always loved the look and feel of fur – but can’t bring myself to wear REAL FUR.

It’s the eco-hippy-chick in me.

I love the idea of bamboo fabrics, vegan leathers, recycled materials, sustainable processes and no animal cruelty.

BUT THEN, I wear leather shoes.

And I love a good lamb chop.

Not to mention the countless other animals and animal by-products I eat, as an Asian person.

So I can’t hide behind the eco-chick thing. And yes, this coat is not made from real fur.

Anyway, I wore this outfit to a fashion event last month. It was a cold, wet evening, pouring with rain, windy and just horrible to be out and about – but with my fur coat… aaaahhh, I was snug as a bug.

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Daily Outfit and Hair Troubles

15 October 2009

Daily Outfit and Hair TroublesI went to a fashion event the other evening.

I seriously had to get ready in 30 minutes. It was crazy! I had kids to round up, baby food to defrost, make-up to put on, a top to iron, and I also had to DO MY HAIR!

I put my hair up in an elusive “messy pony tail”.

You see, I almost always wear my hair straight and sleek.

And if one hair is out of place, it looks WRONG – it has to go with a YANK!

Go the whole way, or none at all, I say.

So instead of the agony of making it all sleek, I bundled all my hair back with a black tie, ruffled it up a bit, and man, it felt great. Messy rocks.

When I got to the event, I felt like I had arrived on a motorbike. I felt like I was with the band. I felt like saying to people, “Do I look like I give a damn?”.

In fact, a guy spent a lot of time chatting me up that evening, and I suspect it was because of the “just been shagged” hair look.

Haha and while I don’t mind being chatted up, I guess I’m liking the whole messy hair style and I think I might keep it for a while.

Picture: I was in such a rush, I didn’t put on my accessories for the pic!

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Daily Outfit 09-10-09

9 October 2009

Daily OutfitThe other week, I met up with a good friend by the river.

We both pushed our babies in prams, while we nattered about everything and anything.

The weather was SPECTACULAR!

It was just so enjoyable and relaxing.

And it was nice to hang out, completely forget about our responsibilities, and enjoy the morning.

Not to mention, we were supposed to be “walking briskly” for some cardio exercise! Hence the very casual sporty look.

Jeans are from Country Road. Grey top from Target. Black sweater is from Esprit.

My baby is wearing jeans I bought at an op-shop for $1.50.

And a cute alien hoodie, which was a gift.

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Daily Outfit: Fashion Festival Day 2

23 September 2009

Daily Outfit: 23-09-2009I LOVE SEQUINS.

If I had the money, I’d have a LOT of sequins in my wardrobe – short dresses, long dresses, blazers, crop jackets, bomber jackets, pencil skirts, floaty top and sparkly shoes.

I’d have them in black, silver, navy, gold and heck I’d have PINK sequins.

And pants! Ohh I’d have charcoal coloured sequin pants with speckled white and silver!

But of course, I would never live it down.

I’d be THAT crazy sequin woman. Stuck in an era of revived, tragic fashion fads.

And there’s always the risk of having a bit too much sequin on your body – and looking like a lizard.

Well, the shops are full of sequins, and I found this cool dress, with a geometric sequin pattern and beading. Very cute.

This is what I wore to the VIP Launch Party for the Perth Fashion Festival.  Plus leather jacket and handbag.

I’m also wearing my favourite peep toe ankle booties.

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Daily Outfit: Fashion Festival Day 1

11 September 2009

Daily OutfitToday is the end of the Perth Fashion Festival, and man, what a week!

7 days of events, launches, VIP parties, evening fashion shows, day time functions, exhibitions, lunches. It was crazy. I am so tired.

As superficial as this may sound, I have to say it:

Dressing up, making sure you look good, having the energy to go to events, meeting people, talking to people, being friendly and charming, taking photos – EVERY DAY AND NIGHT for 7 days straight, is really, REALLY hard work.

I just want to sleep for days and DAYS.

Not to mention I’ve been playing tag with my husband on the parental duties. I haven’t seen him in a week!

I’ve taken lots of photos of what I wore to all the events. And I’ll scatter them over the next few weeks.

Here, I’m wearing a gorgeous black, silk, ruffle-collar dress I bought at 75% off, from Live. Belt by Sportsgirl. Earrings by Alister Yiap. Shoes from Zu. Handbag – I bought at a flea market in London, 10 years ago.

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Daily Outfit 29-07-09

29 July 2009

Daily OutfitOne of the things I’ve been determined to do this year is to save money on clothes.

Which means I’m revisiting some of my old outfits lurking at the bottom of my closet.

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a hoarder. I have very sentimental attachments to a lot of my clothes, and I used to keep all my old favourites in several big boxes.

But a few years ago, we moved to a smaller house, so I had to cull a lot of stuff out. And I’ve only kept my favourite of favourites.

This is a very standard office look, but it’s a look that I definitely don’t do anymore! It’s as bizarre for me as if I wore a tutu with green dots.

I shocked the socks off my office-going friends!

The funniest thing about this outfit is: Every piece that I’m wearing is at least 10 years old.

Not to mention the black nails, for old times sake.

Ah, fashion is such fun.

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Daily Outfit 19-06-09

19 June 2009

Daily Outfit 19-06-09

The weather has been getting colder, and I’m feeling the laziness creep into my bones.

Most days I slap on some jeans, tank and a jacket. But the other day I was heading out to meet some girlfriends, so I thought I should at least dress up a little bit.

Grey jersey dress from Fashion Junkee. Smock jacket from Myer. Lace scarf from Sly. Leggings from Target. Shoes from Betts.

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Daily Outfit 01-06-09

1 June 2009

Daily Outfit 1-6-09

This weekend I joined a girlfriend for lunch and afternoon shopping at Claremont.

It was a gorgeous, sunny, Autumn day. The warm air and big, blue sky was absolutely yummy. It was just wonderful to be out and about.

We sat outside in the shade of cafe umbrellas. I had a chicken and avocado focaccia and a cup of tea.

We chatted about life, marriage, travelling, exercise and shopping. We talked so much that we ran out of time to hit the shops, so we didn’t end up buying anything.

*I heart girlfriends*

I’m wearing my belt (from Sportsgirl) again! White tulip skirt from Soon Lee (Singapore). Black top from Country Road. Shoes from Betts. Purse is borrowed from my sister.

I tried to travel light – putting only my essentials into a purse (instead of a large bag). But it didn’t work… all day I didn’t feel complete… I was missing STUFF.

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Daily Outfit 22-05-2009

22 May 2009

Daily Outfit 22-05-09

Last week I went to a ‘Cupcakes and Champagne’ event held at Tu, a boutique in Shafto Lane, Perth.

They were celebrating their 5th Anniversary!

I’m loving my new belt from Sportgirl. I’ve been wearing it everywhere. The art deco looking design seems to be a superb feature for any outfit.

Top is actually a short smock dress from Forever New (I’m wearing it like a dress here). Layered skirt from Tokito, shoes from NineWest, bag from David Jones. Stockings from Target.

I decided to go solo for this event. There was a DJ, some live musicians, a balloon making guy, a host of gorgeous girls serving yummy food and drinks.

I managed to talk to quite a few people. I even met a blog reader and an old friend, whom I haven’t seen in 10 years. I had a great time.

It was lovely to be out and about by myself. I really have to credit my husband for being so supportive and so happy to look after the 3 kids. And for practically shoving me out the door! He’s a good man. I like him a lot (obviously).

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Daily Outfit 13-05-09

13 May 2009

Daily Outfit: 13-05-09

Weekend lunch with some friends!

Vintage velvet blazer.
Singlet from Kookai.
Skirt from Country Road.
Belt from Sportsgirl.
Shoes from Charles and Keith.

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Daily Outfit – 3 weeks Post Pregnant

13 April 2009

Daily Outfit - 3 Weeks Post Pregnant

So I am about 3 weeks post-pregnant, and I am very relieved to be small again – I can walk! I can jump! I can bend over to pick something up!

And most importantly… I can fit into my skinny jeans!! (They’ve got a bit of stretch to them.)

Today is Easter Monday. It’s a public holiday here in Australia and we’re off to an afternoon lunch with family.

I’m wearing a One Teaspoon t-shirt I bought in a shop along Bondi Beach, Sydney. An old pair of jeans that I recycled and turned into skinny jeans. Red faux snakeskin flats I bought at some markets in Melbourne.

Liam wears a yummy cotton romper from Baby’s Got Style.

Daily Outfit – 36 weeks pregnant

18 March 2009

Daily Outfit - 36 weeks pregnantI took this photo a couple of weeks ago, when I was 36 weeks pregnant.

I know was whinging about having very few clothes to wear at this stage, but I managed to find an old halter top that fit perfectly!

I think I bought it years ago, on sale from Jeanswest.

I love how the fabric is long and stretchy. And the funky lines hardly make me look pregnant at all!

Yay for wearing trippy optical illusions!

My jeans are over-the-belly styled maternity jeans from Bump, Baby & Beyond.

I have been living in these jeans for a huge part of this pregnancy. I absolutely love them.

They are basically pull up jeans. With no fly, buttons, or buckles. You just pull them up, stretching the belly-band over your tummy.

It’s funny how I have gotten so used to them, and hopefully when I move back to normal jeans, I won’t forget to do up my buttons and fly!

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Daily Outfit 11-2-2009

11 February 2009

Daily Outfit 11-2-2009

The summer days in Perth have been really, REALLY hot.

Being pregnant, my body is seriously over-heating, and I spend most days around the house in a tank top and shorts, or a very big t-shirt. Very glam.

But when I DO go out, what I love most on a hot day, are light and airy dresses. Dresses with big skirts that drop from the waist and float around my legs.

The funny thing about big dresses, is that when you’re walking around, sometimes you have to quickly look down to check that you’re actually wearing a skirt!

This is me going to an evening barbecue with friends.

I bought the dress in a boutique in Adelaide. Belt was from Sportsgirl.

I’ve uploaded this photo (and some others) to my Doing the Karen Cheng Facebook Group!

Daily Outfit 11-11-2008

11 November 2008

Wearing Maternity Clothes. It begins!So I’m 6 weeks pregnant.

With all the food I’m eating (and the lack of exercise), my tummy and thighs are starting to expand! I’m starting to show a baby bump!

Well, when I say “bump” I really mean that weird tummy flab that looks a bit like a “muffin top”.

I’m not too worried about the weight gain. I’m actually looking forward to having my body change during the pregnancy. I’m a bit nostalgic about it. It’ll be the last time I’ll ever be pregnant!

However I realise that I’m fast running out of clothes to wear. All my jeans are getting a bit tight and I have to wear them low on my hips.

I guess I’m at that stage where I should be looking to wear proper maternity clothes. If I keep wearing my usual clothes, I’ll stretch and ruin them all – as I’ve discovered from the past.

This is me wearing a $30 scrunch skirt pulled up to be a tube top. Lots of room to grow in the tummy area!

Daily Outfit 15-10-08

15 October 2008

Daily Outfit 15-10-08

Today I went to a cafe to meet up with a friend who recently had a new baby. It was a lovely morning for it – sitting under umbrellas with the warm spring breeze and hot sunshine.

I’ve been eagerly waiting for the weather to warm up so I can finally wear my new white tulip skirt, which I picked up at Soon Lee, in Singapore. I love it! It’s so cute!

I’m also wearing black singlet top from Country Road. And shoes from Nine West. Blue shoes make me happy!