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Daily Outfit: Leather and Cream

10 September 2010

Leather and Cream

With the weather warming up just slightly here in Australia, I’m seeing spring floral patterns and bright colours everywhere.

But I’m still in love with the autumn colours and muted neutrals.

I picked up a ruffle top and wool cardigan on sale from Country Road. Teamed it with a leather mini skirt from Urban Outfitters, a vintage belt, suede ankle boots from Betts, and a gorgeous sandy coloured leather satchel from the ASOS Collection.

I love a look that is slightly rock (leather) yet feminine and relaxed.

Here are some of my favourite details this season -

1) Long leather belts

2) Unstructured leather satchels

3) Black leather skirts and shorts

4) I’m still love with my suede ankle boots

Leather and Cream

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Daily Outfit: Runaround Work Days

13 August 2010

What to Wear: Busy Days

These last few weeks, I have been running around town – doing lots of errands, going to meetings, picking up packages, returning garments blah blah blah.

During busy days like these, the most important thing for me for how I dress – is COMFORT.

I really hate wearing tops that slide out of position when you get in and out of your car. I don’t like dresses that crease and crinkle when you sit down. Or skirts that creep up your legs when you wear them with leggings.

So this is my favourite outfit of the moment.

Dress: A stretchy jersey Quilted Sleeve Dress from HYPE Online Boutique. It’s a comfy, loose-fitting dress with quilted cap sleeves, and it has POCKETS. It’s very easy to wear.

Jacket: Another favourite of mine, a leather-look WISH jacket from  I wear this everywhere, it’s a bit embarrassing.

Shoes: Velvet-feel ankle booties from Betts.

Handbag: 15+ year old Fiorelli handbag.

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Daily Outfit: A Field Jacket and A Hair Cut

6 May 2010

Daily Outfit: A Field Jacket and A Hair Cut

After my last outfit post, I thought I’d post something that was more of an “everyday” outfit. So this is what I wear most autumn days when I go out! Skinny jeans, tank, boots.

Most people talk about an “effortless chic” style, but I call it “being lazy”!

I dug out a military-style jacket from the back of my wardrobe and remembered how much I loved it when I bought it many, many years ago! I think they call them Field Jackets over at Who What Wear.

The boots are awesome little ankle boot from Betts. Perfect for wearing with skinny jeans – when I want something with closed toes and with height.

Jeans are from Sass and Bide. I can’t be bothered to take up the hems, so I wear them scrunched, and I like it.

I also got a trim the other day. Yes it’s been months since my last haircut.

I lopped off an impressive 15cm of hair, which I know, for most people, is hardly a TRIM. I’m a bit unsure of the length. To me, it doesn’t constitute as “long hair”. It feels neither here nor there. So I think I’ll take the lazy option and just grow it longer.

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Daily Outfit: Fendi and Chicago

29 April 2010

Daily Outfit: Fendi and ChicagoI probably should title this particular outfit post “What I Dressed Up In” rather than “Daily Outfit”.

Because I certainly don’t strut around town dressed up like this!

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to see Chicago the musical. We had great seats, , and as you can see, I was a little inspired, and I thought I’d have a bit of fun dressing up.

Yep, a bit more sexy than my usual look, but hey, it was nothing compared to all the hot dancers on the stage!

A while ago I mentioned that I was looking for some white clothing to add to my wardrobe.

Since then I’ve been on an online hunt for some classic white pieces.

I found some yummy white Fendi skinny jeans on Net-A-Porter – but they were AUD$500. Ouch!

So after a little more looking around, I bought these white Fendi skinny jeans on ebay for $50!

Now I gotta find a white tuxedo style jacket and I’ll be all set.

Jacket from Cue.
Pants by Fendi.
Shoes from Betts.
Earrings from Witchery.
Hat is borrowed.

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Daily Outfit: Rick Owens and Camel

20 April 2010

Daily Outfit : Rick Owens and CamelThe cold weather is approaching and I’m suddenly reeling away from having to wear layers. I just want to live in singlet tops!

Anyway, I was at lunch the other day, and I had an amusing realisation that I was wearing a kind of theme for me – my favourites.

A simple black tank top by one of my favourite designers, Rick Owens.

Skirt by Witchery, one of my favourite high street Australian fashion stores.

One of my favourite clothing colours, camel, which is suddenly all popular now (again).

Sunglasses by Chloe, another of my favourite designer labels.

A scarf by a possibly-new-favourite-Australian-designer, Ellery, launching a very cool collection at Sportsgirl.

My favourite shoes, sling back heels by Zu Shoes. I wear them everywhere!

And lunch was most enjoyable too!

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Daily Outfit: Nicola Finetti Sheer Top

13 April 2010

Daily Outfit - Nicola Finetti Blouse

The other day I was experimenting with a slightly different style.

I wanted to look a bit quirky-gothic, but still feminine and elegant.

I’m wearing an amazing, sheer blouse with puffy shoulders by Nicola Finetti at Frockaholics. It’s supposed to be a high-collar blouse, but I’m wearing it in an open style and it falls beautifully.

The earrings are gorgeous crow feather earrings by jewellery designer and friend of mine Alister Yiap – very elegant goth!

It was lovely to wear this outfit, but my hair didn’t last long. Need more hairspray and pins next time.

Top is by Kookai
Ruffle skirt is by Forever New
Shoes by Zu Shoes

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Daily Outfit: Leather-Look Leggings

6 April 2010

Daily Outfit: Leather Look LeggingsLeather-look leggings are my latest love!

I’ve been looking for a pair for ages, but couldn’t find one that fit well. They just never seem to stretch around my legs properly.

So I took a gamble and got a pair from FashionJunkee, and they fit great!

I’ve already worn them several times, just like regular leggings.

They certainly add extra cool-points to my outfits.

I wore them with plain pieces, like a simple black dress, or a long, dark batwing top.

Can’t wait to wear a mini white dress with them.

I must admit that I broke my biggest fashion rule: Never wear leggings as PANTS!

Oh well. They looked cool.

I adored this particular outfit. One of my favourite outfits yet!

The jacket is from Cue.
Scarf from Sportsgirl.
The top was a recent purchase from Rick Owens.
Mini skirt by Wish.

Leather look leggings from

And leather peep toe shoes from Betts

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Daily Outfit: How to Wear Over the Knee Boots

30 March 2010

Over The Knee BootsI finally got a pair of Over The Knee Boots!

I did a bit of research and looked everywhere for a pair. I wasn’t too keen to spend $400+ on one, nor did I want to wear yucky, plasticky $80 ones.

So these were a very excellent, middle-ground choice, for price and quality.

And they are the convertible kind, because you can flip them up and wear them VERY SKY THIGH HIGH! Or fold them down bit lower and closer to the knee.

Obviously, the boots are pretty bold, sexy and LOOK AT ME. So they are best worn with basic outfits and simple accessories.

In fact, they look great with skinny jeans, a simple top, and a nice basic jacket. Or a soft dress, leggings and the boots.

You pretty much wear them like you would normal height boots.

Of course, you can just go with the whole BOLD SEXY look, and wear a body con, mini-skirt dress and look uber hot!

There is always a place for looking uber hot…. but I have not found that place just yet, so I thought I’d show them off in a more casual, autumn outfit.

Can’t wait for the really cold weather to set in, so I can strut around with toasty warm legs :)

I recently bought some cute linen shorts by Chloe.
Black tank by Sass and Bide.
Cashmere cardigan by Country Road.
Scarf was a gift.
Boots were from the Betts Online Shoe Store.

And I’ve actually been featured on their new blog! Eeek! Thanks guys for the kind write up!

AND if you’re interested, you can win 1 of 20 pairs of shoes here.

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Daily Outfit: Wayne Cooper Leather Jacket

26 March 2010

Wayne Cooper Leather JacketAaah, I am definitely in my element in this outfit.

I just can’t get away from the casual, rock-chick-biker-fierce look!

Ok, it’s not exactly the most edgy or fashion-forward ensemble, but damn, who cares, I feel awesome in this jacket.

AWESOME I tell you!

I must say, I’m quite fond of Wayne Cooper’s designs.

I like the image of the bold, strong, feminine and sexy woman that he designs for.

I’m loving his latest “Revolver” winter collection (see some of the range at Frockaholics).

It’s full of stand-out designs in leather, crumpled fabrics and silks. There are one-shoulder styles, lots of embellished shoulders – all great stuff.

I also thought I’d bring everyone’s attention to… my handbag.

I bought this Fiorelli handbag 16 years ago, when I was 16 years old!

I think it was the most expensive thing I had bought back then.

I had a good old laugh, when I saw that they were back in the shops.

Fashion is crazy I tell you.

Jacket: Wayne Cooper at Frockaholics
Top: Target
Jeans: Nobody Jeans
Shoes: Betts
Handbag: Fiorelli

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Daily Outfit: Harem Pants and Asian Fashion

4 March 2010

Pants from YesStyleA few weeks ago I reviewed YesStyle, a huge online shop specialising in Asian fashion from Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

I chose these cotton, drapey harem pants, and they are so, so cool.

I just love wearing them!

The other day, I wore them to a fashion related meeting, with a simple wrap top, and a twisted wool scarf.

I also twisted up my hair in a messy bun, and wrapped a silver chain necklace around my wrist, just to add to the whole twisted-drapey thing I had going.

I had dozens of compliments and everyone couldn’t believe the pants cost less than $40.


Fast forward to a few days ago, I was searching for other ideas on how to style harem pants.

In Asian countries, the style is called Saruel, and they are really popular for guys too.

I popped back to the YesStyle site, had a look lots of fashion photos, and ended up staying for an hour, browsing at all the Asian-style styling ideas!

It was very interesting to see all those Taiwanese and Korean girls wearing edgy or tricky fashion styles and STILL look so CUTE!

The last time I reviewed some of their clothes, I made a list of brands to browse by.

Here are a few categories to browse by:

2010 New Arrivals

Cocktail and Party Dresses

Jackets and Blazers

Blouses (for work)



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Daily Outfit – Multi-wear Scarf and Kookai Racerback Dress Combination

29 December 2009

A couple of weeks ago, I went to designer label Morrison’s Fashion Store Opening in Fremantle.

I would’ve loved to have worn something from the Morrison label to the event… but unfortunately I don’t yet own any of their clothes.

Having said that, I swear I would wear Morrison clothes for the rest of my life if I could afford it. Their clothes are simply beautiful. Easy fitting for winter or summer wear, easy to layer, high quality fabrics in all natural, rich tones. Absolutely everything in their range goes with everything else in their range.

So I don’t know if I unconsciously dressed myself as “inspired by Morrison”, because I threw together this outfit in a few seconds as the babysitter arrived and I RAN OUT THE DOOR.

And as I entered the party, I felt like I completely blended in with the Morrison colour scheme and the whole drapey look.

image of karen cheng wearing Kookai racerback dress to designer label Morrison women's fashion store opening

My scarf is actually a long, drapey, wool vest from Myer, which I wrapped loosely around my neck. Later in the evening, it got a bit cold, so I wore it as a shawl around my shoulders. I love multi-wear clothes!

My dress is a sporty-looking, racerback dress with rouched sides, from Kookai.

Leggings from Target, shoes from Betts, black stud earrings from Sportsgirl, and makeup by Napoleon Perdis.

I always forget to take photos of my outfit WITH my handbag!


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Daily Outfit – Wearing Harem Pants

18 December 2009

Karen Cheng wears harem pants by designer label Zanthas and jewellery by Perth fashion label JoveebaWhat do I wear to a Style Circle Fashion Industry Christmas Event, celebrating the growing community of the Perth fashion industry?

Something by Perth fashion designers!

Here I’m wearing a vintage necklace by Perth fashion label Joveeba and harem pants by Perth designer label Zanthus.

The rest is not so local – tube top is from somewhere I can’t remember, shoes by Pierre Fontaine, and bracelet is by Diva.

I was in the mood for something casual. What I love most about the Perth lifestyle, is that it is really casual, laid back and understated, and I think that’s become my style of late.

I actually wanted to wear a jump suit. I’ve been searching all over the place for one, but I can’t find one that fits me! I’m too damn short and all the jumpsuits I’ve tried on make me look like I’ve been attacked by a parachute.

So I wore a pair of harem pants that I bought at a designer clothes sale the other week.

Harem pants are a tricky style to wear. You either have the body shape (and the inclination) to wear them, or you should just stay far, far away.

They make your thighs and butt look HUGE. So you have to pair them with a top which is preferably cropped and/or eye-catching enough to balance the outfit.

These pants are made from a soft jersey material, they are so fun to wear and I’m so in love with them. In fact, they are so comfy that I seriously feel like I was walking around in my tracksuit pants. How’s that for ultimate cool – turning up to a fashion industry event in your trackies?

At the event, I was pulled aside by a fashion editor and was photographed for the Christmas social pages – which was quite funny because… not everyone thought I looked cool.

You see, my children know that I’m interested in fashion. And my oldest son tries very hard to give constructive criticism and insightful comments on my outfits. But when he saw the harem pants, he sighed and said, “Sorry mum, you look awful. You’re wearing clown pants.”


Daily Outfit: Curtin Fashion Show

3 December 2009

Daily Outfit: Curtin Fashion ShowSo this is what I wore to the Curtin Fashion Show last week.

I originally planned the outfit without any accessories. I wanted it to be a really simple and casual, thrown-together look.

But my neck felt so bare and it looked a bit weird – so I put on the statement necklace and chunky gold chain / leather bracelet. Looked so much better, what was I thinking?

The dress is from Seduce, leggings by American Apparel, shoes from Betts, bag from Myer, necklace and bracelet were gifts.

I really enjoyed wearing this outfit. I know that’s a weird thing to say, but I did.

I felt like I was channelling my buried streak of wannabe glam-goth and rock-chick-ness (from my high school art days) to a good place. It felt very me, and I loved having it as my outer skin.

It’s a bit hard to see it here, but the dress has a shimmer of silver metallic. It’s very cool.

I was also testing out some new Napoleon Auto Pilot Pre-Foundation Skin Primer, sent to me by the lovely people at Napoleon Perdis.

Daily Outfit: Designer Clearance Sales

6 November 2009

Daily Outfit - Designer Clearance SalesThe other day I went to a designer clothes clearance sale, organised by a few friends of mine.

You know how sometimes you meet a girl who looks absolutely incredible, and then she tells you that she bought the designer dress she was wearing – on sale – for $10 and the jacket for $20… and you walk away thinking.. OMG how does she find those sales???

Anyway, I’ve recently found the answer – FACEBOOK!

So I popped over to one of those elusive clearance sales on a sunny Saturday morning.

Today’s sale was held at an old, but charming, local community hall. I turned up nice and early and joined the very long queue that had already formed.

At 10am on the dot, they opened the doors and everyone poured in. There were dozens of racks and tables covered with STUFF! Dresses, jackets, jeans, shoes, bags, accessories, you name it.

The markdown prices were REALLY incredible. From $250 down to $50. And tonnes of $20 and $10 items. It was look, grab, look, grab, LOOK, GRAB, GRAB, GRAB.

Then with arms full of clothes, people slowly made their way to the change rooms.

Now I suspect that this is a norm for these kind of sales – the temorary change rooms. It was just a room, for changing in.

In fact, it was just a big store room, with chairs and a couple of mirrors.

Everyone, with their bundles of goodies, found a corner, created a little haystack of clothes on the floor and just got on with it.

Off with their clothes – thighs, boobs, legs were flying everywhere.

The room was jam packed with women on a mission.

The room was humming with chatter. It was like being in a cloud of random girl speak – Do I look fat in this? Is this see-through? This makes me arms look huge! Can you see my bra? This would look great with jeans. I’m so wearing this to Sharon’s party! Neh it looks crap. I don’t know where I would wear this. It’s only $5 so I may as well buy it.

It was the oddest thing ever.

And I found some spectacular bargains! Can’t wait to share with you all!

Anyway, if you’re in Perth and you’re interested in finding info on any more designer clearance sales, join Tu’s Facebook Group!

Daily Outfit: A Spring Wedding

29 October 2009

Daily Outfit Spring WeddingDeciding what to wear for a wedding is always tricky – unless, of course, you are the one getting married.

It’s even more tricky when the wedding is held in a hot afternoon, following by a reception-dinner til midnight.

Trying to dress for hot and cold weather gives me such a headache.

Not to mention, my outfit had to be “nursing friendly”, as I needed to breast feed my baby.

I had to find something that could:

1) Look good as day wear and evening wear,

2) Look somewhat Spring-ish and formal,

3) Had to look good with a jacket (because I hate the cold and mosquitoes!)

This is what I came up with.

A floral top from Review. Dusky pink tulip mini skirt from Forever New. Black jacket. And some moderately fierce shoes from Betts.

I also had a white flower accessory in my hair, but it didn’t make it to the wedding, because my baby yanked it off and ate it.

So I decided to use my baby as my fashion accessory instead – it’s very trendy these days (unless you’re the one getting married!).

He was cute as can be, and very well behaved until he puked up on my jacket!!

Daily Outfit: Fur and Pearls

23 October 2009

Daily Outfit: Fur and PearlsI picked up this fabulous fur coat a few weeks ago.

I was browsing through a second hand, designer, vintage sale and spotted it. I fell in love with it and it was an absolute bargain!

I guess you can say that I’m trying to extend my wardrobe by buying more statement items.

A great fur coat goes a long way – it’s classic and timeless. It teams up wonderfully with pearls, satins, black lace, neutral silks, fire engine red, floral etc etc.

I’ve always loved the look and feel of fur – but can’t bring myself to wear REAL FUR.

It’s the eco-hippy-chick in me.

I love the idea of bamboo fabrics, vegan leathers, recycled materials, sustainable processes and no animal cruelty.

BUT THEN, I wear leather shoes.

And I love a good lamb chop.

Not to mention the countless other animals and animal by-products I eat, as an Asian person.

So I can’t hide behind the eco-chick thing. And yes, this coat is not made from real fur.

Anyway, I wore this outfit to a fashion event last month. It was a cold, wet evening, pouring with rain, windy and just horrible to be out and about – but with my fur coat… aaaahhh, I was snug as a bug.

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Daily Outfit and Hair Troubles

15 October 2009

Daily Outfit and Hair TroublesI went to a fashion event the other evening.

I seriously had to get ready in 30 minutes. It was crazy! I had kids to round up, baby food to defrost, make-up to put on, a top to iron, and I also had to DO MY HAIR!

I put my hair up in an elusive “messy pony tail”.

You see, I almost always wear my hair straight and sleek.

And if one hair is out of place, it looks WRONG – it has to go with a YANK!

Go the whole way, or none at all, I say.

So instead of the agony of making it all sleek, I bundled all my hair back with a black tie, ruffled it up a bit, and man, it felt great. Messy rocks.

When I got to the event, I felt like I had arrived on a motorbike. I felt like I was with the band. I felt like saying to people, “Do I look like I give a damn?”.

In fact, a guy spent a lot of time chatting me up that evening, and I suspect it was because of the “just been shagged” hair look.

Haha and while I don’t mind being chatted up, I guess I’m liking the whole messy hair style and I think I might keep it for a while.

Picture: I was in such a rush, I didn’t put on my accessories for the pic!

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Daily Outfit 09-10-09

9 October 2009

Daily OutfitThe other week, I met up with a good friend by the river.

We both pushed our babies in prams, while we nattered about everything and anything.

The weather was SPECTACULAR!

It was just so enjoyable and relaxing.

And it was nice to hang out, completely forget about our responsibilities, and enjoy the morning.

Not to mention, we were supposed to be “walking briskly” for some cardio exercise! Hence the very casual sporty look.

Jeans are from Country Road. Grey top from Target. Black sweater is from Esprit.

My baby is wearing jeans I bought at an op-shop for $1.50.

And a cute alien hoodie, which was a gift.

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Daily Outfit: Fashion Festival Day 2

23 September 2009

Daily Outfit: 23-09-2009I LOVE SEQUINS.

If I had the money, I’d have a LOT of sequins in my wardrobe – short dresses, long dresses, blazers, crop jackets, bomber jackets, pencil skirts, floaty top and sparkly shoes.

I’d have them in black, silver, navy, gold and heck I’d have PINK sequins.

And pants! Ohh I’d have charcoal coloured sequin pants with speckled white and silver!

But of course, I would never live it down.

I’d be THAT crazy sequin woman. Stuck in an era of revived, tragic fashion fads.

And there’s always the risk of having a bit too much sequin on your body – and looking like a lizard.

Well, the shops are full of sequins, and I found this cool dress, with a geometric sequin pattern and beading. Very cute.

This is what I wore to the VIP Launch Party for the Perth Fashion Festival.  Plus leather jacket and handbag.

I’m also wearing my favourite peep toe ankle booties.

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Daily Outfit: Fashion Festival Day 1

11 September 2009

Daily OutfitToday is the end of the Perth Fashion Festival, and man, what a week!

7 days of events, launches, VIP parties, evening fashion shows, day time functions, exhibitions, lunches. It was crazy. I am so tired.

As superficial as this may sound, I have to say it:

Dressing up, making sure you look good, having the energy to go to events, meeting people, talking to people, being friendly and charming, taking photos – EVERY DAY AND NIGHT for 7 days straight, is really, REALLY hard work.

I just want to sleep for days and DAYS.

Not to mention I’ve been playing tag with my husband on the parental duties. I haven’t seen him in a week!

I’ve taken lots of photos of what I wore to all the events. And I’ll scatter them over the next few weeks.

Here, I’m wearing a gorgeous black, silk, ruffle-collar dress I bought at 75% off, from Live. Belt by Sportsgirl. Earrings by Alister Yiap. Shoes from Zu. Handbag – I bought at a flea market in London, 10 years ago.

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Daily Outfit 29-07-09

29 July 2009

Daily OutfitOne of the things I’ve been determined to do this year is to save money on clothes.

Which means I’m revisiting some of my old outfits lurking at the bottom of my closet.

Admittedly, I’m a bit of a hoarder. I have very sentimental attachments to a lot of my clothes, and I used to keep all my old favourites in several big boxes.

But a few years ago, we moved to a smaller house, so I had to cull a lot of stuff out. And I’ve only kept my favourite of favourites.

This is a very standard office look, but it’s a look that I definitely don’t do anymore! It’s as bizarre for me as if I wore a tutu with green dots.

I shocked the socks off my office-going friends!

The funniest thing about this outfit is: Every piece that I’m wearing is at least 10 years old.

Not to mention the black nails, for old times sake.

Ah, fashion is such fun.

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Daily Outfit 19-06-09

19 June 2009

Daily Outfit 19-06-09

The weather has been getting colder, and I’m feeling the laziness creep into my bones.

Most days I slap on some jeans, tank and a jacket. But the other day I was heading out to meet some girlfriends, so I thought I should at least dress up a little bit.

Grey jersey dress from Fashion Junkee. Smock jacket from Myer. Lace scarf from Sly. Leggings from Target. Shoes from Betts.

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Daily Outfit 01-06-09

1 June 2009

Daily Outfit 1-6-09

This weekend I joined a girlfriend for lunch and afternoon shopping at Claremont.

It was a gorgeous, sunny, Autumn day. The warm air and big, blue sky was absolutely yummy. It was just wonderful to be out and about.

We sat outside in the shade of cafe umbrellas. I had a chicken and avocado focaccia and a cup of tea.

We chatted about life, marriage, travelling, exercise and shopping. We talked so much that we ran out of time to hit the shops, so we didn’t end up buying anything.

*I heart girlfriends*

I’m wearing my belt (from Sportsgirl) again! White tulip skirt from Soon Lee (Singapore). Black top from Country Road. Shoes from Betts. Purse is borrowed from my sister.

I tried to travel light – putting only my essentials into a purse (instead of a large bag). But it didn’t work… all day I didn’t feel complete… I was missing STUFF.

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Daily Outfit 22-05-2009

22 May 2009

Daily Outfit 22-05-09

Last week I went to a ‘Cupcakes and Champagne’ event held at Tu, a boutique in Shafto Lane, Perth.

They were celebrating their 5th Anniversary!

I’m loving my new belt from Sportgirl. I’ve been wearing it everywhere. The art deco looking design seems to be a superb feature for any outfit.

Top is actually a short smock dress from Forever New (I’m wearing it like a dress here). Layered skirt from Tokito, shoes from NineWest, bag from David Jones. Stockings from Target.

I decided to go solo for this event. There was a DJ, some live musicians, a balloon making guy, a host of gorgeous girls serving yummy food and drinks.

I managed to talk to quite a few people. I even met a blog reader and an old friend, whom I haven’t seen in 10 years. I had a great time.

It was lovely to be out and about by myself. I really have to credit my husband for being so supportive and so happy to look after the 3 kids. And for practically shoving me out the door! He’s a good man. I like him a lot (obviously).

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Daily Outfit 13-05-09

13 May 2009

Daily Outfit: 13-05-09

Weekend lunch with some friends!

Vintage velvet blazer.
Singlet from Kookai.
Skirt from Country Road.
Belt from Sportsgirl.
Shoes from Charles and Keith.

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Daily Outfit – 3 weeks Post Pregnant

13 April 2009

Daily Outfit - 3 Weeks Post Pregnant

So I am about 3 weeks post-pregnant, and I am very relieved to be small again – I can walk! I can jump! I can bend over to pick something up!

And most importantly… I can fit into my skinny jeans!! (They’ve got a bit of stretch to them.)

Today is Easter Monday. It’s a public holiday here in Australia and we’re off to an afternoon lunch with family.

I’m wearing a One Teaspoon t-shirt I bought in a shop along Bondi Beach, Sydney. An old pair of jeans that I recycled and turned into skinny jeans. Red faux snakeskin flats I bought at some markets in Melbourne.

Liam wears a yummy cotton romper from Baby’s Got Style.

Daily Outfit – 36 weeks pregnant

18 March 2009

Daily Outfit - 36 weeks pregnantI took this photo a couple of weeks ago, when I was 36 weeks pregnant.

I know was whinging about having very few clothes to wear at this stage, but I managed to find an old halter top that fit perfectly!

I think I bought it years ago, on sale from Jeanswest.

I love how the fabric is long and stretchy. And the funky lines hardly make me look pregnant at all!

Yay for wearing trippy optical illusions!

My jeans are over-the-belly styled maternity jeans from Bump, Baby & Beyond.

I have been living in these jeans for a huge part of this pregnancy. I absolutely love them.

They are basically pull up jeans. With no fly, buttons, or buckles. You just pull them up, stretching the belly-band over your tummy.

It’s funny how I have gotten so used to them, and hopefully when I move back to normal jeans, I won’t forget to do up my buttons and fly!

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Daily Outfit 11-2-2009

11 February 2009

Daily Outfit 11-2-2009

The summer days in Perth have been really, REALLY hot.

Being pregnant, my body is seriously over-heating, and I spend most days around the house in a tank top and shorts, or a very big t-shirt. Very glam.

But when I DO go out, what I love most on a hot day, are light and airy dresses. Dresses with big skirts that drop from the waist and float around my legs.

The funny thing about big dresses, is that when you’re walking around, sometimes you have to quickly look down to check that you’re actually wearing a skirt!

This is me going to an evening barbecue with friends.

I bought the dress in a boutique in Adelaide. Belt was from Sportsgirl.

I’ve uploaded this photo (and some others) to my Doing the Karen Cheng Facebook Group!

Daily Outfit 11-11-2008

11 November 2008

Wearing Maternity Clothes. It begins!So I’m 6 weeks pregnant.

With all the food I’m eating (and the lack of exercise), my tummy and thighs are starting to expand! I’m starting to show a baby bump!

Well, when I say “bump” I really mean that weird tummy flab that looks a bit like a “muffin top”.

I’m not too worried about the weight gain. I’m actually looking forward to having my body change during the pregnancy. I’m a bit nostalgic about it. It’ll be the last time I’ll ever be pregnant!

However I realise that I’m fast running out of clothes to wear. All my jeans are getting a bit tight and I have to wear them low on my hips.

I guess I’m at that stage where I should be looking to wear proper maternity clothes. If I keep wearing my usual clothes, I’ll stretch and ruin them all – as I’ve discovered from the past.

This is me wearing a $30 scrunch skirt pulled up to be a tube top. Lots of room to grow in the tummy area!

Daily Outfit 15-10-08

15 October 2008

Daily Outfit 15-10-08

Today I went to a cafe to meet up with a friend who recently had a new baby. It was a lovely morning for it – sitting under umbrellas with the warm spring breeze and hot sunshine.

I’ve been eagerly waiting for the weather to warm up so I can finally wear my new white tulip skirt, which I picked up at Soon Lee, in Singapore. I love it! It’s so cute!

I’m also wearing black singlet top from Country Road. And shoes from Nine West. Blue shoes make me happy!

The Everyday Boot

30 June 2014

I’ve been looking for a pair of simple black boots with a bit of heel. Not a stiletto heel, not a wedge heel, not a platform heel.

I wanted a moderately chunky heel… that’s not TOO chunky or square.

Plus I didn’t want any buckles or straps or studs either. Just a simple, everyday boot, with a bit of height.

Vangoh Boots AW14

Say hello to my new babies from Vangoh Shoes.

They sit perfectly between looking elegant and casual. They are so comfortable and easy to wear too.

I’ve been wearing them with my skinny jeans, other times with black leggings, or with chunky grey socks. The extra bit of height makes my outfits look just that little bit more dressed up and ready to conquer my day.

Here’s to a brand new week of boot weather!

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Equipment Signature Silk Shirt and a $3 Coat

26 June 2014

My classic white shirt is a bit of a wardrobe champion. It never goes out of style!

Whether I wore it during the summer of 2003 with denim sorts and sandals, or winter of 2010 with black pants and stilettos… it’s one of my favourite wardrobe items that is always in fashion. Casual or dressed up, it always looks current, stylish and polished.

I have had many white shirts over the years. I experimented with round collars, embellishments, embroidery, epaulettes, extra pockets, fitted cuts, 3/4 sleeves… and various fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, and polyester blends.

But my favourite style has to be the plain, loose-fitting and slightly man-ish version. Much like a man’s business shirt!

I have ONE white shirt (from Korea) in this classic style. I’ve had it for ages and I wear it to death. It’s made from a mix cotton/polyester fabric (I’m not entirely sure, because the label is in Korean!), but it feels so lovely and smooth, it looks like silk and flows like silk, and if I were to fault it, I’d say that it’s a tiny weeny bit big for my petite frame.

Anyway, I finally bought myself a new, beautiful silk shirt, the very popular Equipment Signature Silk shirt to be exact.

Equipment Signature Silk Shirt

This one fits me beautifully! The length is better for me, it’s a good fit across my shoulders, and a bit slimmer in the body… yet it still has a nice loose-fitting shape. OK perhaps the sleeves are a bit long, so it bunches up at my wrist a little bit, but I always roll up my sleeves anyway. I’m soooo happy!

The silk is top quality and gorgeously luxurious! Yet it doesn’t feel too delicate and fragile, as if it will tear or pull if I walked too close to a… fence?

Equipment Signature Silk Shirt

My other purchase for the month is this AMAZING, speckled grey wool coat.

It seriously looks like a collarless coat by Balenciaga that I spied on ShopStyle a few weeks ago. But I did not buy this online…

I got it from a SECONDHAND SHOP!

It was priced at $5, but when I got to the checkout, the lady said it was on sale for $3!!

I couldn’t believe my luck, I handed her the $5 and insisted that she kept the change.

It fit me PERFECTLY across the shoulders and the length of the arms were spot on. I usually have a problem with the arm length of the coats, because I’m an in-between size. Size 4 is a bit too small, and size 6 is a bit too big. The coat is also nice and roomy in the body, so I can layer up comfortably with sweaters and shirts.

Anyway, I was SO lucky with this purchase, I don’t know which item I’m more excited about… the once-in-a-lifetime-investment silk shirt or the $3 coat haha!!

(Oh, I did have to pay $30 to dry clean the coat.)

I’m also wearing lace shorts from Stephieshop, nude heels from ASOS, gold watch from Guess and necklace by Wanderlust + Co.

You can buy Equipment shirts from Shopbop.

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4 Ways to Wear – A Tropical Print Top

17 June 2014

Tropical prints are pretty popular at the moment and will be in for a couple more seasons. Think palm leaves, palm trees, pineapples, watermelons, lemons, and other big floral prints.

These prints usually say: casual beach wear, lazy picnics, sunshine, fun and “I’m a bit quirky”.

But what if you want to look a bit more polished and sophisticated, and less like a tropical beach bum?

Here are some tips:

Tropical Top 4 ways

Wear it with white. Keep your look sharp and tailored. Pair with bottoms that are modest in length, so you don’t look like you’re going to hit the beach.

Distressed white jeans by Jcrew from The Outnet
Slip on shoes from Topshop
Straw fedora from Kmart

Sharpen the look with a crisp white skirt, white blazer or white tailored pants.

White skirt from Beauties Closet.
Shoes by Koo (Yesstyle)

Tropical Top 4 Ways

Wear with more pattern.

For a stand-out, party look with a bit of clash, I love mixing pattern on pattern :) If blue lace is not for you, then try wearing it with a black lace skirt.

Shorts by Cameo
Shoes by Koo (Yesstyle)

Try a monochrome print with a less-busy print. Then throw on a black blazer to tie it altogether.

Shorts by Surface to Air from ASOS
Black blazer from ClubCouture
Heels by Acne Studios

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5 Days of Winter: The School Run

30 May 2014

I received a couple emails from my readers recently, asking me a very similar thing…

“What kind of casual outfits do you wear when you do your school run?”

Well the weather is cool and wet here in Australia at the moment. It’s kind of a transition between seasons, so I wear a lot of light sweaters, cardigans and jeans. I definitely can’t wear my shorts and sandals anymore.

5 Days of Winter: The School Run

I thought it’d be fun to take a snap of myself in my studio, before leaving the house, each morning for a week (5 school days). And this is what I came up with!

5 Days of Winter: The School Run

Fur lined hooded coat – ASOS
Denim shirt – Shopbop
Grey t-shirt – Sportsgirl
Jeans – Jeanswest
White sneakers – Converse

5 Days of Winter: The School Run

Stripe cardigan – FashionJunkee
Speckled t-shirt – Sportsgirl
Faux leather jeans – Topshop
Wedge sneakers – Lee Han Na (Korea)

5 Days of Winter: The School Run

Spotty sweater – Sportsgirl
Skinny jeans – Forever New
Leather boots – Styles from The Iconic
Cap – Country Road

5 Days of Winter: The School Run

Black t-shirt – Bec & Bridge
Check shirt – Similar styles at ASOS
Black jeans – Vivienne Westwood
Boots – Vangoh Shoes
Hat – By Skylark

5 Days of Winter: The School Run

Cat sweater – Romwe
Jeans – YesStyle
Beanie – The Iconic
Plaid slip ons – Topshop

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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A basketful of pastel boyishness

26 April 2014

Basket and pastels

I’ve been running around like crazy this last week.

This is me, in the midst of moving bits of furniture here and there, and stopping because I found a pastel blue basket (filled with boy junk) that matched my outfit haha!

Basket and pastels

Even though this isn’t my usual style, I really adore dressing in this girlish yet boyish style. I feel so playful and casual.

The shorts, shoes and hat make me look like I raided my son’s wardrobe, yet the baby pink and pastel blue scream otherwise.

Pink shirt is from Mango. It has cute, little sailboat prints, and it is made from a super soft, light cotton. Can’t believe it only cost me around AUD$35. I was spying something similar from Country Road, but that was AUD$100. It’s a nice change from all the checkered shirts I’ve been wearing.

Light denim shorts are from Acne Studios. These are a little big around the waist for me (I’ve lost a bit of weight since I bought them), so they sit on my hips and I only like to wear them with long, loose tops.

The tweed fedora hat was a score from my trip to Melaka, Malaysia. You see, I forgot to take my hat out of my luggage as I arrived in the city, and found myself walking in the sun and no respite for several hours. I ducked into a little fashion store on Jonker Walk, Melaka, and immediately bought the first cute hat I saw. It was MYR 15 (AUD$5!) and I have been wearing it non stop since then!

Handbag is by Tory Burch, similar from Shopbop.

Tartan sneaker shoes are from Topshop.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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A Bit of Refurb Magic

14 April 2014

Outfit: Refurb Magic

Last month, I realised that I had quite a few clothes that I didn’t wear anymore because they “didn’t quite fit right”. For example, I have a skirt with a waist that is a bit too loose. Or the legs of some pants are a bit too long. Or the neckline of a top is too low. And so on.

So I spent a few hours going through my wardrobe and pulling out all these items… and to my embarrassment, I made a VERY BIG PILE. All these unworn clothes! Thus I began My Refurb Project, promising myself that I will spend a few hours here and there, sewing up a few of these unused clothes. I’m so glad that I’ve started, because it’s like rediscovering old favourites that fit me PERFECTLY!

I wore two of these refurbished goodies the other day.

My Sass and Bide Tank had shoulder straps that were a little *too long*, so that the neckline dipped just a touch*too low*, showing a bit *too much* cleavage for you know, a casual day time look. My boobs weren’t exactly going to pop out, but I found myself quite conscious that I had lots of skin on display. I actually find this happens with most Sass and Bide tanks that I try on. I guess Sass and Bide models are not Asian shorties like me!

I also have a pair of black JBrand Super Skinny Capri Jeans – which are so insanely comfortable, soft and snug. But they are a tiny bit loose at the waist, and since I don’t like to wear a belt with them, I find that throughout the day, they ride down and make my ass look saggy. And I have to constantly pull up the back of my pants like my 5 year old son does.

So I sewed a 1cm dart at the waist and they sit so much better. Yay!

Outfit: Refurb Magic

As for my handbag – which is not refurbished – it is a Tory Burch Thea Cross-body bag that I bought recently and I am so in love with the rose blush colour!

The size is just a little bigger than your standard cross body bag (19cm x 24cm x 9cm) so it fits everything from my rather large purse, my smart phone, compact camera and powder compact, lippie and even a packet of tissues. It’s a fantastic everyday bag, that looks refined and tailored, with an added tassle charm. It’s just adorable.

It also goes so well with my gold and my rose gold jewellery and wrist-wear.

Outfit: Refurb Magic

Lastly, I ‘m wearing my super comfy sandals from Vangoh Shoes.

My fedora hat was a gift.
My necklaces are from Wanderlust + Co.

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Crazy Hat Lady

14 March 2014

Crazy Hat Lady

There’s nothing I love more than heading out in the cool morning (after dropping my kids off at school), getting a whole lot of jobs done, then sitting back in a café, cup of tea in hand, pen and paper in the other hand… for some creative thinking time.

If you ever bump into me, you’d usually see me in this sort of get up. Sweater, shorts, oxfords, and of course, a hat.

I’m always wearing a hat these day! And I’m fast becoming the crazy hat lady around my neck of the woods.

Polka dot sweater from Sportsgirl
White cuff shorts from Zara
Citrus cross body bag by Marc Jacobs from Shopbop
Cream oxfords from Habbot Studios
Hat from Sportsgirl

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The Little Black Dress: Always Chic and Always Stylish

5 March 2014

The other night my husband and I went out on a last minute date night. And I mean LAST. MINUTE.

He ran into the room, “Quick we have babysitters, lets GO OUT NOW!”

“What? Where? What are we going to do? Watch a movie? Eat out? I haven’t booked anything.”

“Doesn’t matter, just get dressed NOW!”

“Yeah but I need to dress appropriately, like, what if we decide to go… rock climbing? What do I weeeeeaaaaar???”

“We’re not going rock climbing. Just wear something NICE!?!”

Little Black Dress

So what’s the answer to WHAT DO I WEAR? A little black dress, of course.

It’s the perfect outfit for any nice occasion! It’s always chic and always stylish. I never feel daggy or “badly put together”.

This little black dress is by FashionJunkee, and it’s one of those easy to wear, miracle dresses that hugs and fits in all the right places. It’s made from a thick fabric, which has a good, comfortable stretch to it. It feels like I’m wearing shapewear that pulls me in and helps with my posture.

It has some sheer lace at the top, a sweetheart neckline and cap sleeves. It’s cute as a button. And plus it is really affordable.

My styling notes are pretty straight forward.

I chose big, bold and colourful earrings, to add interest and sparkle. These are from Wanderlust and Co.

Black suede heels from Betts. I could walk all day in these.

Handbag is by Rebecca Minkoff from Shopbop.

And the chair? Well, I took this photo as I was heading out the door and there was all this kid stuff in my photo studio… so I just included it in my pic. I consider it to be a reflection of the reality of my life – surrounded by kids, mess and bright colours!

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Three Modern Classics

21 February 2014

Black Classics

I want to share three modern classic pieces from my wardrobe, that always make me feel fabulous whenever I wear them.

Versatile for work or play and perfect for mixing and matching, these items are wonderfully timeless… so I definitely classify them as my “wardrobe essentials”.

A black silk shirt
A real investment piece, this Isabel Marant silk shirt (from Forward by Elyse Walker) is heavenly. It is a size FR34 and it fits my arm length, body length, across the bust, neck, shoulders… perfectly! The fabric is luxurious silk, which feels, moves and falls like a delicious cloud. There are no pin-tucks, epaulettes, embroidery, shoulder details or print – it is a simple, clean-cut shirt with minimal design. A classic indeed!

A black leather skirt
This a-line, leather skirt is oh-so cool and understated. It’s soft, supple and has a raw edge along the bottom, which I really like. I bought it several years ago from Urban Outfitters. It used to sit on my waist, but I have since lost a bit of weight and it sits on my hips now. I do prefer it to sit on my waist, so I might find someone to alter it.

Black strappy sandals
These are a pretty good, quality pair of non-leather heels by high-street Korean brand Koo (from YesStyle). They were about $70, which I believe is quite affordable for good quality shoes. I purchased them about 2 years ago and I still happily reach for them whenever I want simple sandals to compliment my outfit. I wear them a lot, they are pretty comfortable and I look after them very well. I guess it proves to me, that I don’t *have* to buy leather everything for an item to last.

Building a wardrobe with key classic pieces is a whole lot of fun, especially when I see the results – that is, the ease in which I can put together a stylish outfit and feel fabulous!

Hope this inspires you too!

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Laquila from Vangoh Shoes

18 February 2014

Laquila Sandals from Vangoh Shoes

I picked up a new pair of pretty leather sandals from Vangoh Shoes :)

I was looking for a pair that would “go with everything” and these managed to win the sandal trifecta of style, comfort and quality.

These are called Laquila. It was a tough choice between this pair and this Lystra pair, as they both had a mix of black and nude leather, which I liked.

In the end I chose this design because I prefer wearing sandals with a toe-post (a bit like flip flops!) and they feel a bit more “Mediterranean summer”… especially with a name like Laquila (a city in Italy)!

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Spots and Pink

14 February 2014

Spots and PInk

Where I live, we’ve been having a sweltering heat wave for weeks… and after all, I do live in Australia, so this is not unexpected. But there has just been a nice cool break from the heat… and I’ve been dying to wear my jeans and sweaters again.

In my effort to wear (and feature) more casual and everyday outfits, I have absolutely fallen in love with my monochrome + pink formula. Black, white, grey, then add pink. It’s a bit lazy, but it makes dressing so easy :)

I adored this outfit. I had a smile on my face all day.

And having a pretty, spotty sweater that I can throw onto anything, significantly helped with my cheery smiles.

Outfit details, plus links for shopping:

Spotty jumper from Sportsgirl
White jeans by Fendi
Rose anorak jacket from AL&ALICIA
Nude heels from ASOS
Beige hat from ASOS
Silver leather clutch from Birdsnest
Jewellery from Kailis and Shopbop

Anyway, I hope you have a fun this Valentine’s Day, if you’re into that. We’re not! We’re off camping this weekend, bye!! And the rest of summer is still to be gotten through. I am looking forward to winter already!

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Everyday White Lace

7 February 2014

Everyday White

This past week, my day-to-day life has changed significantly. All my children are in fulltime school and I now *officially* work from home (instead of looking after a child). What a milestone! I’ll be writing a bit more about that soon.

Anyway since I work from home, I will no longer be hanging around all day in my pyjamas, tracksuit pants or my gym clothes! :)

I have adopted a smarter dress code, to keep me in a “at work” mindset. I call this a casual, everyday style, but also polished and on-trend.

Here are some of styling notes for today’s outfit.

  1. I bought a simple, crochet lace tank (on sale!) in crisp white. It’s really girly and feminine, so to balance it out, I chose to wear it with man-ish items like, tailored cuff shorts and a fedora style hat.
  2. To keep it casual, I wore sandals. I could have worn some oxfords, to keep in with the man-ish style.
  3. But I felt that the sandals also lifted the outfit, with its splash of colour.

And here are the outfit details, with links for browsing!

Lace tank from Forever New
White cuff shorts from Zara
Peach leather sandals from Vangoh Shoes
Crossbody handbag from ECCO
Straw fedora, vintage find from London

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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Blush and Pink for the New Season

5 February 2014

Hey everyone!

I have so many new ideas and new pieces to wear, particularly centred around the new season’s hottest colour – pink.

I’m not a fan of pure, baby-girl pink PINK. But I do love soft dusky pinks, nudes and blush.

Worn with whites, blacks and grey marle… light pink tones down the formality of the neutrals and adds a soft glow of warmth and femininity. Much like a gentle blush from rosy cheeks.

I laid out a few possible outfit ideas on my studio floor for a bit of outfit inspiration. Can’t wait to wear them!

Blush Outfit 2

Spotty grey jumper from Sportsgirl
Blush pink tulip skirt from Forever New (old)
Studded white heels from BooHoo
Berkley leather clutch by Michael Kors
Felt hat from ASOS
Watch from Guess
Bracelets from Wanderlust + Co, Sportsgirl

Blush Outfit 1

Silk blouse by Isabel Marant, Forward by Elyse Walker
Black jeans by Vivian Westwood, LuisaViaRoma
Black bowler bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs, similar at Shopbop
Felt hat from ASOS
Leather lace up booties by Nanning, from YesStyle

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Run, run as fast as you can

31 January 2014

Helloooo everyone! How y’all going with your new year fitness goals?

I’ve been running and er… shopping for my running.

Active Wear

Basically I took advantage of the crazy 50-70% off sales and bought some running gear to make my life a bit easier. I mean, if I want to run everyday or alternate day, I should have at least more than one pair of running shorts, am I right?!

So I bought some shorts, a bra top and a 3/4 sleeved running top.

Active Wear

When I first started this running thing, I was quite apathetic towards all the sexy and gimmicky running tops with “mesh panels” and “peek-a-boo cut-outs”.

But I’ve changed my mind! Complete 180! OMG you guys! Tops with mesh panels and proper wicking is a MUST! Tops with a sexy back is also a must! And hey, the more cut-outs the better! The more support and padding the better too!

See, I don’t actually run *just* wearing shorts + bra top.

I wear a running top over the top. Why? Because, it’s terribly difficult to spread suncream all over your back. And um, well, it’s just not so cool to “let it all hang out” in the park for everyone to see. (Says the girl who is posting photos of herself “letting it all hang out” on the internet!)

So with the extra running top, I get really hot and sweaty during my runs. Like really hot. Sometimes I wish it would rain. Or that someone would spray me with water. Or that I could just run through someone’s garden sprinklers, like the park dogs do.

Active Wear

I found this top on the sale rack too. I wanted a very breathable top that covers me up from the sun while running. The shoulder cut outs look a bit weird. But they seem to work at cooling me down. I just hope that I don’t end up with strange tan shapes on my back!

Check out the epic range of Sportswear at The Iconic.

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A Touch of Blue and Green

19 January 2014

Summer Outfit

So this is what I WISH I was wearing to a casual lunch party at the beach – white, with a touch of blue and green.

I’ve been lusting over this exquisite ostrich feather tank by 3.1 Philip Lim. I suppose it is possible that I’d feel (and look) like a baby chicken with all that fluff on my chest… but the floaty texture and subtle colours are simply divine!

Same goes for these cute, leather sandals… the hint of the blue and green would go perfectly with the goose top and denim. Swoon!

Outfit details:

3.1 Philip Lim top from my-wardrobe
Saint Laurent Sunglasses from Shopbop
Lipstick by Tom Ford
Clare Vivier Clutch from Shopbop
Ksubi shorts from net-a-porter
Nail lacquer by Tom Ford
Laquila Mint Sandals by Vangoh Shoes

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Pretty Lace + Rock and Roll

9 January 2014

Lace Shorts by Cameo

This was one of my party outfits during the silly season.

Usually I’m not a huge fan of wearing ultra-feminine, delicate-looking lace. But the combination of bright colour, pretty lace, high-waist and short, angled, leg hems… made these shorts irresistible :)

They are so cute, so sexy, floppy, feminine and fun to wear. It feels like I’m wearing a mini, flare skirt actually… except you don’t have to hold them down when it’s windy.

Lace Shorts by Cameo

Because the shorts were so feminine, I toned them down with a graphic print tee and a structured/tailored item, a blazer.

The black blazer is a new item from Romwe. It’s one of those simple, light-weight blazers, with no lining, so you can wear them in summer.

My necklace is from The Accessory Report. Every time I browse the site, I am so tempted to buy more stuff because it’s all so affordable! Check out their latest products here.

T-shirt is by Zoe Karssen from Shopbop.

Heels are by Korean brand Koo, from YesStyle.

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My Modern Classics

6 January 2014

Here are some of my favourite trends this season!

In fact, I see them more as my modern classics now, as I have happily adopted them into my fashion repertoire and they are here to stay.

Black and White Flat

Fedora style hats – I always try to wear a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off my face. And I have gotten very bored of my floppy straw hats, that – yes even I will admit – look a bit dorky. So, if anything, the recent trend of stylish hats has made it acceptable to wear a fancy hat ALL THE TIME. And I’m really happy about that! This hat is my favourite fancy felt hat from ASOS.

Silver Accessories – Whether they are shoes, a clutch, or a handbag… I have grown to love silver accessories and they are now my new neutrals. This clutch is my silver LouenHide Billie Clutch from Birdsnest.

Cat Eye Sunnies – Ok as a fashion trend, these are not exactly a breakthrough. Cat eye sunglasses have been around since the 1950s, made popular by Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly in the 60s. But the combination of oxblood + tortoiseshell + cat eye frame + Prada… makes it a new classic to me! This pair adds an understated cool to all my outfits. They are from Sunglasses Shop.

Black and white spots – I’ve been loving this pattern on my shoes, accessories and clothes. I think they are a fresh alternative to the orange/ brown leopard print. Plus they are much more versatile, as black and white goes with anything! These sandals are from Vangoh Shoes.

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Summer in the City

23 December 2013

With the weather warming up towards an Australian Christmas, I’m not particularly inspired to dress interestingly. I just want to wear a top + shorts + thongs!

But the other day I was off to a festive meeting in the city so I thought I should put some fashiony effort into my outfit.

Ruffle Skirt + Nude Shoes

I decided on a print on print outfit.

I’m wearing a semi-sheer, print top by AL&ALICIA, and I put a knot in it to make it cropped at the waist, because hey, it’s summer.

This ruffle hem print skirt is by Korean brand, Coolhada. Ruffle hems are definitely the ‘IT’ trend at the moment… so I thought I’d give it a go, and turns out that I really like the style and it suits my petite body shape. It has a fun and flirty look that I adore. I bought the skirt from YesStyle, which has tonnes of cute ruffle hem skirts, in hundreds of colours, patterns, and sizes. Worth a look!

My felt hat is from ASOS. You might remember I wrote about felt hats a few months ago. Well this one has a more structured brim which I preferred over its floppy-brimmed cousin.

My wristwear pieces and necklace are from Wanderlust + Co.

My bag is by Alldressedup from Shopthemag.

The chair was some treasure I found, that was buried under a pile of household junk on someone’s verge.

Ruffle Skirt + Nude Shoes

And lastly, I’m wearing a new pair of shoes from Korean brand Nanning. They are genuine leather, open-toe, lace up booties… and they are divine! They are buttery soft and so so comfortable.

I chose them because the style was quite unique and I don’t own a pair of open-toe booties. Ok they were possibly a bit too bootish to wear on a hot day, but haha they matched my top, they looked great and they amped up my outfit very nicely!

I will definitely be wearing them more when the weather cools down.

Happy Festive Season everyone!

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Summer sandals to wear while eating watermelon!

17 December 2013

Scorching hot sandal weather is finally here! Time to crack open the watermelon, pineapples and mango icy poles!

Then make sure you drag out your foot cream, give yourself a splash of nail colour and show off your summery toes :)

I took a peek at the summer sandal collection at Vangoh Shoes (who are currently having an Up To 75% of shoes, bags and accessories) and these are my favourites:

Vangoh Shoes

These are the Pazia Flat Sandals, comes in black and green.

Simple, elegant and sophisticated. Perfect for everyday wear for a city girl. Plus they are on sale!

Vangoh Shoes

These are the Spring Agra Sandals, in aqua, orange, nude and black.

I love a good pair of comfy sandals. They slip on and off, no need to fuss with buckles or straps. They look great and feature a bit of bling too.

Vangoh Shoes

I like that the whole summer collection features a range of modern and sophisticated styles, that are perfect for everyday wear and don’t cost the earth.

Again, check out their sale section for some Christmas bargains and their bag section for clutches in every colour of the rainbow.

Happy shopping and I hope you find something you like!


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The Colour of Angry Accessories

9 December 2013

The Colour of Anger


Like my hat? Bright red accessories are so in!

Red Heels and Red Bag

Since the arrival of my sexy red shoes (from Styletread), I seem to be matching them with other red accessories, just for that extra punch of colour.

Same idea goes for blue shoes + blue handbag. Silver + silver. Bam, bam! Double punch!

I didn’t actually wear the Angry Bird Hat with my outfit. Maybe I should have… then maybe I would have been snapped by some street style blogger? :)

Outfit Details:
Camisole top – Portmans (old)
Skater skirt – ASOS
Heels – Robert Robert heels from Styletread
Handbag – Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar at Shopbop)

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My Secret To On-The-Go Glamour

25 November 2013

Wanderlust Festive

Hi everyone!

Planning your festive party outfits yet? Nope? Me neither!

I tend to go for a more “slap things together at the last minute” kind of approach. I like to call it On-the-go glamour haha. Perfectly suited to crazy-busy people, with lives full of unglamourous activities like jobs, kids, sports, housework and gardening.

So if you’re hoping to ace this ‘on-the-go glamour’…

My secret is : Own a stack of statement jewellery.

Wear them with your tee and jeans. Sweater and shorts. Tank and pants.

I find that when I have great accessories, I can pretty much transform any outfit to a super-special one. They don’t have to cost the earth either.

Wanderlust Festive

These statement pieces are from Wanderlust + Co Jewellery.

I’m wearing The XL Multi-Gem Earrings which are sparkly, colourful and glam.

Wear with a simple black shift dress. Or white strapless dress. I’ll be wearing them to an upcoming corporate White Christmas party, with white pants, white top and white blazer… and they’ll stand out brilliantly.

Wanderlust Festive

This necklace is the Multi-Gem Box Chain Necklace in Teal.

Again, it will totally transform any everyday outfit. It has a gorgeous feminine style and it is easy to throw on top of an after-work ensemble.

Here, I’m wearing it with a silk shirt and skinny jeans. I’m hoping to wear it with a maxi dress for a weekend party. Or with a cocktail dress during the festive season.

Wanderlust Festive

This is the Multi-Spike Gold & Neon Yellow Necklace.

OK I’m not wearing it with a particularly glamourous outfit, but I think this necklace design is one of those simple yet striking styles that are perfect for everyday wear. It adds a slightly edgy touch and polish to an otherwise casual outfit. I’ve been wearing it with my graphic tees and jeans.

Check out all the new necklaces and earrings from The Statement Series at Wanderlust + Co.

The quality of the jewellery and customer services are excellent…  so are their affordable prices. They offer FREE Worldwide Shipping on orders over $50.

Hope you find something you like for the festive season! Happy shopping!

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Swarovski By Shourouk

17 November 2013

Shourouk for Swarovski

Parisian designer Shourouk, known for her colourful, flamboyant and statement designs, has teamed up with Swarovski to create some utterly dazzling pieces of jewellery.

Shourouk for Swarovski

I was really honoured to be able to borrow this necklace to wear to a recent fashion show.

I brought it home in a fancy bag and box with a fancy ribbon… and almost gave my husband a heart attack – “Look what I picked up from the shops today honey!!!” Hehehe.

I teamed it with a gorgeous navy Pia Gladys Perey Dress from White Runway, which I’ll show off in another post!

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Mr Fox and a Few Online Sales

13 November 2013

When I’m in my lazy fashion moods, I tend to throw on a grey tee, a pair of skinny jeans… then I immediately reach for my dirty, old Converse sneakers.

But I’m quick to stop myself… I take a second to “try a little harder” at this fashion thing… And I reach for these instead!

Habbot Mr Fox

They add a really *special touch* to even the most boring of outfits (like a white t-shirt and black shorts!).

Ahh love those spots!! Love that texture!! Love those leather tassels!!

This pair is called Mr Fox. Made from ‘pony style’ Italian calf leather, full kid leather lining and buffed leather sole. Very luxe :)

These were a gift to me from the kind folk at Habbot. But I picked them out myself, because I am addicted to spotty things at the moment.

Habbot shoes are French inspired, Australian design, handmade in Italy, with Italian leathers.


Pinwheel Jewels + Win a pair of earrings from Anton Heunis

7 November 2013

Hello my lovely readers!

I’m very excited to share with you all… my brand new sponsors: Pinwheel Jewels.

Pinwheel Jewels are e-retailers of luxury fashion jewellery in a great range of styles and prices.  They feature a lovely collection of jewellery that are elegant, stylish and sophisticated. From international labels such as Anton Heunis, Kenneth Lay Jane, Gorjana, Ben-Amun to trend setting and emerging designers such as Bounkit (USA) and WoonHung (handmade designs from Singapore).

They offer secure international shipping, free shipping to Singapore, and for a limited time, they are offering free shipping to Australia (ends 21st Nov).

You know, one way I can spot a great shopping site is… if I scroll through their collection and go… OH I WANT THAT! AND THAT! I WANT THAT TOO! OMG I WISH I HAD THAT! And that is definitely what happened when I visited this site :)

Anyway, Pinwheel Jewels and I have come together to offer all my readers an exclusive giveaway.

You can WIN a pair of these earrings from Anton Heunis (valued at SGD244)!!
Pinwheel Jewels

Aren’t they preeeeetty?!?!

Please scroll down to the bottom of this post for all the details of the giveaway.

Pinwheel Jewels

So of course I had to test out the prize :) Here I’m wearing the Anton Heunis Cluster Drop Earrings that you could win!

Gahh they are stunning!

They are made from blue, grey and clear crystals set in 18K gold plated brass. They have a wonderful weight – not too heavy that they hurt my ears, and not too light that they feel cheap. They have an amazing sparkle and the cluster design is just gorgeous and feminine. I feel like a million bucks when I wear them.

I chose these to be the prize, because, let’s just say I thought you might like them *GRIN!*

I’m also wearing a lovely Anton Heunis Clear Crystal Teardrop Pendant.

Pinwheel Jewels

For this next piece… I just *had* to feature these earrings, and you’ll see why in a second.

These earrings are by a relatively new New York designer called Bounkit. Since his launch in 2006, his handmade designs have been picked up by Oprah Winfrey, worn by Liv Tyler, Salma Hayek and seen on the sets of “Gossip Girl” and more.

The concept of his designs are “convertible earrings” that transform from simple studs to glamourous red carpet bling, by changing the drops. So clever!!

So really, you get 4 earrings in 1 – how cool!

Mind you they are a bit pricey, but they are perfect for a girl who loves quality, wants to make a statement and who can afford it!

These are the Green Multi-Drop Earrings, and as you can see from the photo above, there are 3 sections to the earrings, the stud and two drops.

Pinwheel Jewels

Here I’ve take off the bottom drop and wearing one drop + stud (left) and just the stud (right).

Here are some close up pics of the earrings…

Pinwheel Jewels

It also shows how you can mix and match drops too! Such a simple but brilliant idea :)

And you must check out the other convertible earrings from Bounkit designs available at Pinwheel Jewels – such pretty cluster designs in pretty colours (light blue, smokey topaz, amethyst, green amethyst) . Eeek!

Pinwheel Jewels

Lastly, I am pretty excited about featuring these earrings by Singapore designer, WoonHung.

She has some beautiful, feminine and delicate designs, that ooze a real sense of fine craftsmanship and sophisticated style. She hand makes her jewellery using 14K -18K gold plated pieces, and are priced at a very reasonable price point.

They are really pretty! I can just imagine wearing them with a crisp white shirt and a shorts and gold sandals. Or with a lovely dress for a special occasion.

Pinwheel Jewels

Her pieces are stocked in major department stores and niche boutiques in Singapore and Japan.

Do check out the rest of the WoonHung Collection at Pinwheel Jewels.

Pinwheel Jewels

What you will win: One pair of Blue Cluster Drop Earrings by Anton Heunis, valued at SGD244.

Who can enter: This giveaway is open WORLDWIDE. You have to be over 18 years of age.

Dates of Giveaway: Giveaway runs for 14 days. Thursday 7 Nov – Thursday 21 Nov 2013, 11:59pm (GMT +8)

How to enter:
1) Pop over to the Pinwheel Jewels Facebook Page and LIKE it.
2) Scroll to find the wall post about this giveaway (with the graphic above).
3) Leave a comment and tell us “Which is your favourite piece of jewellery from the Pinwheel Jewels Website?

That’s it! Yes this is a Facebook only giveaway, so you must have a Facebook account to enter.

When the giveaway ends, we will randomly draw a name and contact the winner via Facebook.

We will announce the winner on the Pinwheel Jewels Facebook Page, and we will send the winner a personal message too, so please check your messages on the 22nd November!


And happy shopping!!


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Red Robert Robert

4 November 2013

Robert Robert Red

Hello gorgeous!!

I received a new pair of shoes in the mail a few weeks ago, and they are finally making a debut on my blog.

These hot mamas are from Styletread, by designer Robert Robert.

I seriously can’t get enough of them… I want to wear them with everything, with every colour and every pattern!

I’ll be rocking them with skinny jeans, slouchy pants, cocktail dresses and a-line skirts.

I got them on the Up to 50% Styletread Sale here.

Happy shopping!


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The Accessory Report – Necklaces

29 October 2013

Hi everyone!

I’d love to introduce you all to my new blog sponsors, The Accessory Report.

With FREE international shipping, an AMAZING collection of drool-worthy jewellery, all at super-affordable prices (Around US$20-35)… I really hope you like their stuff as much as I do!

They asked me to pick out a few to try… and eeks, I didn’t know where to start! There were so many to choose from.

I had a good think about what I already have in my wardrobe. I have lots of statement necklaces that are better suited to wearing with cocktails dresses and evening gowns.

What I have been lacking… were necklaces that would go with “everyday outfits”… like a crisp white shirt, a grey t-shirt, a white tank top and jeans, a blue denim shirt. But the necklace would still have to look stunning and stylish.

The Accessory Report

So I picked out these two, and I can’t stop wearing them! They are fantastic! They seem to go with everything. And it’s funny, because I would have never thought of buying styles like these in a shop.

Left is the Victoria Necklace in Navy (it is currently sold out, but you can put yourself on a waiting list for when they are restocked). The Grey version is still available though.

On the right is the Odelia Necklace.

If you follow my Instagram and Facebook, you may have seen me wearing them in the last couple of weeks. They are just soooo easy to wear and add a fantastic pop to my outfits.

The Accessory Report

The is me wearing smart casual outfits with the Odelia Necklace. See? It doesn’t look too over-the-top or too blingy!

It looks great and add a finished and polished touch to my outfits.

The Accessory Report

These two outfits are very simple and just a little more dressed up for a night time occasion.

Once again the Victoria Necklace adds the perfect finishing touch.

These are some other necklaces that caught my eye… and have made me very tempted to buy :)

The Accessory Report

This is the Collette Necklace and the Emili Necklace.

The Accessory Report

This is the Monroe Necklace and the Eleanor Necklace.

The Accessory Report

And yes, these are a lot more sparkly, statement and stunning!!

Left is the Petite Kaleidoscope Necklace and the Ruxena Necklace (approx US$30-40).

As for the quality, they match the costume jewellery sold in Diva, Lovisa, Collette, and high street fashion stores like Forever New, Zara, Topshop, and Sportsgirl.

They also stock pretty earrings, bracelets and clutches.

Free international shipping on all orders makes online shopping very sweet indeed :)

Hope you find something you like!

Happy shopping xxx

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Holster Hotness in Turquoise

27 October 2013

I’m a big fan of Holster Sandals!

I already own one pair of “glam” Holsters. I wore them whilst holidaying in Singapore and spent up to 8 hours in them, walking around Sentosa, with no pain to complain of at all.

Holster Sandals

I was sent a new pair from Holster’s latest collection to try out – these Seychelles Jelly Wedge in Turquoise.

I love LOVE the sparkly bling!

I also love that they can get wet and dirty, and you can just wash them lightly and they still look amazing.

I used to dislike “jelly sandals”. I owned a Melissa pair, but when I walked on hot pavement, they would get sooo hot and sticky and felt gross on the soles of my feet.

Holster Sandals

But these are super comfy, they don’t get sticky or make my feet feel gross. They are SO much more affordable. Plus they look fantastic :)

Head on over to The Iconic to check out the latest Holster range, and feel free to use my special discount code!

Use this code at your checkout: ZAN15KQ
15% off full priced items (excluding G-star and Jets)
Expires: Nov 5th. 2013

Happy shopping!

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My Secret To Buying Swimwear

25 October 2013

Buying swimwear is a bitch.

I love shopping, but I find buying swimwear to be such a hassle and it’s just sooo annoying!

For me, it’s hard to find a style that I like, in my size, at a good price.

When I go shopping for swimwear, I have to strip down to my undies in the change room… so I only want to do the “stripping down bit” JUST ONCE THANKS. But it never happens that way. I always find myself changing in and out of my clothes, getting in and out of the change rooms, calling for the store person to help with sizing, waiting, standing there getting cold, looking funny in the change room lights. I always find there are none of the styles in my size. None in the colour I want. None on sale. And I always end up with my third preference swimsuit, the one I didn’t *actually* like as much, but it was the only one available :P

It takes up soooooo much time. One shopping trip took 3 HOURS of trying on swimwear and I came away with NOTHING.

So I guess, I was keen to try buying swimwear online. I buy almost all my clothes online, why should swimwear be any different?

I decided to test out Zodee, a huge online store that sells swimwear, bras, underwear and more. They have big name brands like Elle Macpherson, Pleasure State, Triumph, Bonds, Berlei. They have lots of styles, stock, and sizes.

They are based in Australia, but they offer FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING on orders over $50. That’s pretty damn cool.

Plus they have a free returns policy, so you can buy LOTS of items in different sizes, try them all in the comfort of your home, and then send back the ones you don’t want, you get a refund no questions asked. Omg how good is that? I’m totally converted now.

So there’s my big secret…

1) Buy Swimwear Online.

Zodee Swimwear

My second secret is more of a tip…

2) Buy a larger size up!

Ok I’m being a bit presumptuous, so this may not apply to everyone – as everyone has a different body shape and proportions.

I’m a standard size 6. And by that, I mean, I can buy Size 6 (XS or Size 0) regular clothes from lots of big name brands, and the items will fit 95% of the time.

But with swimwear? I buy size 10. Crazy huh?

If I try on Size 6 swimwear, it’s as if I’m trying on a child’s swimsuit. It’s so tight, so small and so wrong for me.

If you look above at the navy blue swimsuit, I’m trying on a Size 8. It looks ok, but it still feels a bit tight on me.

It’s a lovely and flattering swimsuit (by Moontide), with high quality materials and gorgeous rouching, but it’s just the wrong size. It is pinching me at my shoulders and my thighs. The length of it is squeezing like an accordion… so it feels like my boobs might pop out at any minute :P

It’s NOT just THIS swimsuit. Every single Size 8 swimsuit I’ve tried on is too tight for me, digs into my skin and gives me fleshy lumps!

Zodee Swimwear

Now this is another Moontide swimsuit, called the Moontide Contours Overlay, featuring a nice criss-cross detail at the front. (The brand does some nice one-piece designs, see here).

I’m wearing a Size 10 and I’m MUCH happier in this one. It’s not tight or squeezey. It doesn’t dig into my skin. The material feels gorgeous, strong and it’s so comfortable to wear.

I feel reeeeally relaxed and confident in this one. I feel like I could sit around in this all day, dipping in and out of the pool and lounge around comfortably by the pool side.

Great colour too!

Zodee Swimwear

This is the Heaven Botanical One Piece swimsuit, also a Size 10 and is much more affordable.

Don’t know if you can tell by the smile on my face, but I really, really adore this one!! I feel super relaxed, confident, young and flirty in this one haha!

Again, it is super comfortable and a great fit for me. It doesn’t feel suffocating nor is it squeezing me too tight under my arms or thighs.

I just love the bright colours and the print. This is the winner for me.

See more One Piece Swimsuits here.

Zodee Swimwear

Yup I also tried a two piece! And here’s me showing off my one-pack all in the name of fashion reviewing.

This one is by Baku, the bikini top is a Size 10, but the bottom is a Size 8.

The bikini top is the Amalfi Moulded Bra Top with a bit of padding and an underwire for support. I prefer this kind of bikini top, because it gives me a bit more “shape”. Whereas halter swimsuit tops have a very “flattening” effect on me.

I also thought the polka-dot pattern was super cute, and that I could wear it under a regular tank top.

Lastly, as I mentioned before, my next secret to buying swimwear, is to…

3) Buy several sizes at once.

Find a website that does free shipping and free returns. Find a style that you like, buy a few pieces, in several sizes up. And then return the ones you don’t need. The initial cost may look scary (like 3 times scary!), but it will save you time in the end, AND you get that extra cost back in the end.

Anyway, I hope that helped and has inspired you to get out there and try on a new swimsuit for the new season!

Happy shopping and have a great weekend!!


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1000 Dresses For under $100

23 October 2013

Hey everyone!

After *all that* cycling, I’m back to reviewing new season fashion goodies YAY.

Birdsnest Online continues to be one of my favourite online stores… offering a huge range of women’s clothes.

There are like… THOUSANDS of dresses under $100. Most of them are familiar brands like Wish, Fate, Esprit, Ladakh, Mink Pink, Sacha Drake, and even Collette by Collette Dinnigan.

Dress from Birdsnest Online

This is a Mink Pink coral dress that I picked out.

I have 2 or 3 simple, short, summer dresses from Birdsnest (see my old post here) and over the years, I have been surprised by how often I wear them. Going out to lunch with girlfriends, day time play dates, lunching with my parents… going to casual places where I don’t need to dress up too much, but I still like to look like I’ve put in some effort :)

This coral dress is not your average plain jersey skater dress, as it has a soft cotton lace overlay, giving it some texture and a nice feel.

It’s super cute, bright, soft, fun, summery, and needs no ironing! WIN!

Dress from Birdsnest Online

Birdsnest have also launched their own label called, “That Bird Label”… and wanted me to try out one of their styles. The collection features 20 spring dresses, specially designed in-house, after significant surveys and research on what modern Australian women love to wear.

They cater to all shapes and sizes, and flatter lots of different body shapes. Their sizes go from 8 – 16. The dresses don’t come in size 6, which was a bit tricky, because I’m a size 6!

Nonetheless, I chose this pretty Maggie Wrap Dress and it still fit quite nicely. However a part of me thinks that the dress would have looked much nicer if I had a few more curves and was fuller in the bust. I had to wear my super-push-up bra to “fill it out” haha.

It has a lovely, ladylike shape, accentuating the hour-glass figure, and features a fun pattern and vibrant colours. It is made from very nice and soft cotton material too. Very nice dress!

Top from Birdsnest Online

Lastly, I chose this loose fitting cotton tunic with contrast embroidery detail, called the “Moroccan Magic Top”.

It’s light, comfy and a bit see through… which is perfect for wearing this summer, over your swimwear. I’m wearing a size 8.

And if you need more shopping or styling inspiration, check out this massive gallery of outfits!

Happy shopping!


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Boyfriend Jeans and Checks

19 October 2013

Ripped up boyfriend jeans are very cool at the moment.

Do you have a pair? They are really comfy and they absolutely point to the effortless, slouchy, off-duty, street-cool look (which I totally dig).

I love the look of my slouchy black pants… so wearing slouchy boyfriend jeans was an obvious appeal to me.

But I wouldn’t pay $250+ for a pair of NEWLY ripped jeans, no matter who designed them. In fact I’m firmly against it!

Please slash up a pair of old jeans from the bottom of your drawer, or buy one for $5 from an op shop.

Speaking of old jeans, look at these!

Boyfriend Jeans and Checks

These are my comfy as hell, 10 year old Lee jeans. But now they are old, dirty, and they have a few rips in them.

They are so crappy that a few years ago I down-graded them to my “C” team jeans.

Yep they are my gardening jeans. They are the pair I wear while I’m pulling out weeds!

I gave them a good wash before wearing them out in this outfit. And all the stains and dirt came out surprisingly well.

I wear them out with a huge smile on my face thinking about how many litres of worm compost and sheep manure I have shovelled while wearing these jeans. Haha!

Oh and I thought the farmer-flannel, check shirt around my waist was a nice touch.

Fashion is such fun!

Boyfriend Jeans and Checks

Red Top by In Good Company
Check Shirt from YesStyle
Bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs, similar at
Sandals by Vangoh Shoes

Have a great weekend everyone!

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3 Ways To Wear a Crop Top

15 October 2013

(This is part of my 3 Ways To Wear Series… but yes, there are 4 outfits today!)

So apparently a couple of 90’s fashion trends have arrived into recent fashion circulation – think crop tops, overalls, and flat platform (flatform) shoes.

Now, I am erring with caution, because used to wear all those things as a teenager!

But I do believe it is possible to wear those items in a tasteful and grown-up way.

Firstly, the crop top! It’s not for everyone. Sure you have to have a nice tummy to pull it off. But hey, if you have the goods then go for it girlfriend!

3 Ways Crop Tops

This white crop top is from ASOS, featuring a cute sweetheart neckline.

The best way to look a bit more grown-up is to pair it with a modest, tailored piece to add some polish to the outfit. A good pair of pants, or a pencil skirt is a good start.

Wear it with high-waisted bottoms… and it’ll look like a fitted top that has been tucked into your pants. A bit like a bodysuit.

Left Outfit:
Pants are from Portmans (old)
Shoes from Vangoh Shoes
Bracelets by Samantha Wills from Frockaholics

Right Outfit:
Origami Peplum Skirt by Marni Skillings
Shoes by Koo

3 Ways Crop Tops

Here’s me being a bit more playful with my styling and showing off a bit more skin!

Basically, I’ve styled the outfit so that the crop top is “secondary”. It is already 1) low cut 2) figure hugging 3) and cropped short… so I didn’t want to give it any more focus. Therefore I chose bottoms that are extra eye-catching.

Left outfit:
Printed Pants from Sportsgirl
Mirror Silver shoes from ASOS
I wore this out with a black blazer.

Right outfit:
Printed Stylestalker Skirt from Beginning Boutique
Nine West Wedges from The Iconic

Have fun xxx

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Seriously. Cool. Sandals.

11 October 2013

Oooh lookie what I came home with the other day!

Luxe leather, white leopard print, ankle strap sandals… designed to perfection!

Vangoh Shoes Collection 24

I was invited to check out the latest Spring / Summer Collection at Vangoh Shoes, called Collection 24, because there are only 24 exclusive pairs of each shoe style available.

I stepped into the Subiaco store and these Lexi sandals (White Leopard) jumped out at me and screamed PICK ME PICK ME!!

Yep, just like that. They flew across the room, wrestled me to the ground and magically slipped onto my feet and wouldn’t come off. Stuck. Forever. Till the end of summer.

Vangoh Shoes Collection 24

This is the black Lexi sandal.

Vangoh Shoes Collection 24

Then I saw these Laurenzi loafers and I thought… Oh geez, these Vangoh people are making it hard for me :P

Vangoh Shoes Collection 24

I wandered around a bit more and spotted these peachy / coral coloured Lela Sandals and I knew they’d go really well with all white summer outfits.

Sweet and simple, with a pop of colour. And most of all, comfortable.

Vangoh Shoes Collection 24

These Lydia wedges were also very comfortable and wearable. But I was looking for flat sandals :)

Vangoh Shoes Collection 24

So after dragging every shoe off the shelf, trying everything on and turning the shoe shop upside down… I settled on the Lexi sandals in White Leopard.

Vangoh Shoes Collection 24

And the Lela Sandals in Peach!

They matched my nails, so it was meant to be.

Which do you like?

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Watercolours For A Sunny Day

6 October 2013

Freez Clothing

There’s nothing quite like waking up in the morning and seeing the sun filter through my window. A sunny day is always my mood changer. And I’m always reminded of how blessed we are with beautiful weather.

I was so happy to reach for my colours and prints the other day. I had a girly catch-up by the beach and wore this lovely watercolour dress.

Floaty, silky, a little ruffle and drape. It has a relaxed and effortless yet polished feel to it.

I found at Freez, an online store offering affordable and clothing.

Lots of nice dresses, in nice prints, nice styles and nice colours!

Watercolours are my weakness. I love painterly prints. As simple as it sounds, the connection comes from my art background – all the years of sloshing paints and colours around on paper.

Enjoy the sunshine everyone!


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Tropical Sunsets Around Your Neck

4 October 2013

AlibiOnline Necklaces

I spotted some super-cute rainbow necklaces over at AlibiOnline.

They remind me of tropical flowers, underwater corals and resort cocktails by the pool! Colourful and fun!

The bright, vibrant colours will go great with a white t-shirt and jeans, a slouchy grey tee, a monochrome outfit… or my favourite blue denim shirt.

AlibiOnline Necklaces

AlibiOnline Necklaces

Prices are around $30 – $45 with free standard shipping in Australia.

Hope your weekend is filled with sunshine and colour xxx

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3 Ways to Wear a Silk Print Top

3 October 2013

3 Ways to Wear Silk Print Top

Here’s an idea for a great wardrobe investment - a silk print top.

It is a JAG Hi-Lo Silk Tunic (Size 8) from Birdsnest Online Boutique.

Because it’s 100% silk, the top looks and feels luxurious, and it is easy to layer and tuck… therefore making it really versatile.

The top has a colourful, vibrant print, so it’s easy to wear with neutrals and mix with a splash colour.

It also looks great with a blazer or suit jacket, making it good for work.

Plus, in the first outfit, I’m wearing a black singlet underneath for some added warmth, so I can wear it out at night without getting too cold.

I’m surprised the Size 8 fit me so well! I liked that it was a bit loose and roomy, creating a relaxed and flowing look. My wardrobe is happy!

Outfit 1
Necklace from Colette Hayman
Earrings from Shopbop
Black jeans by Nobody Jeans
Black heels from The Iconic

Outfit 2
Felt Hat from ASOS
Leatherette Shorts from YesStyle
Leather sandals from Vangoh Shoes

Outfit 3
Yellow Necklace from The Iconic
White jeans by Fendi
Yellow Heels from ASOS

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Classsic White

30 September 2013

Yesstyle Feature - Sarah

Sometimes I love going back to fashion basics. Especially during these trans-seasonal months.

I do get a bit bored of examining trends and experimenting with fashion. There’s just so much weird and crazy stuff out there! It’s never-ending!

You just can’t go wrong with a white silk shirt, skinny jeans and pointy heels.

I always feel comfortable, effortless and stylish in a simple, classic outfit.

Yesstyle Feature - Sarah

I picked the shirt and jeans from Korean brand Sarah, from YesStyle.

And I also found this amazing Chanel style handbag. It’s so pretty and it feels lovely.

Unfortunately this size has since been sold out. And there is a slightly smaller handbag size here.

My silver shoes are from The Iconic.
My necklace is from Kailis Jewellery.
Watch from Guess.
Earrings from Shopbop.

By the way, I’m showing off my new curls here (I had my hair permed the other week) and I just looooove it!

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Wearing Gold and Feeling Like Oscar

11 September 2013

Once again the gorgeous team at ClubCouture asked me to pick out two dresses to test out for the new season.

I selected both dresses from their Premium Range and I am so impressed with the cut, style, material and overall quality of each piece.

Club Couture Dress

Wayhey! Check it out, this is the Gold Banded Bodycon Dress… and it’s GOLD!

On the website photo, it looked pale gold and almost beige. But nope it’s more of a bright yellow gold in real life. When I took it out of the box, I was a bit shocked and I wasn’t sure if I would actually wear something SO GOLD. It looked a bit garish and gaudy, a bit like an all-over sequin dress. One of those bold textures you just have to COMMIT TO! :)

But of course, after wearing it, I seriously feel like a million bucks :P

I absolutely loved it. (Yes, it also made me feel like the golden “Oscar” statue!)

The material is strong, firm and stretchy. It feels like I am wearing a corset, hugging and tucking in all the right places.

I reviewed a similar dress a few months ago (the Patterned Banded Bodycon Dress – which is still available in the shop) … and I said a similar thing about that dress too (you can read the post here).

I’m wearing the UK6 – and it was a little tight for me to zip up – I had to “suck it in” a bit. If I had bigger boobs, I’d probably want to to go a size up!

Anyway, once the dress was on, it felt perfect. That shoulder strap is really comfortable.

Club Couture Dress

I took a few close up snaps of the dress so you can get a better idea of the texture and colour. The base material is a light brown, which has been “painted” over with gold fabric paint, which is metallic, stretchy and flexible. It doesn’t look homemade or tacky. it just looks like a cool splatter pattern!

But where would I wear it? Probably to a fancy cocktail party. I’d wear it with strappy heels and minimal accessories.

Club Couture Dress

The second dress I chose is this beautiful Elise white lace dress, with a good lining and a matching belt.

The lace is a soft cotton and it not scratchy or stiff at all. The cap sleeves and the key-hole neckline is delicate, pretty and modest.

I was a little afraid that it would look and feel like a wedding dress, and that I wouldn’t want to wear it out. But nope, the pencil skirt and the belt makes it a bit more like a stylish regular dress!

I’d wear it to a garden party, afternoon tea party, an award ceremony, a formal dinner, maybe even a cocktail party – but not to someone’s wedding!

I’m wearing a size UK6 which fits perfectly. I’m also wearing nude coloured underwear and strapless bra… which are not visible.

Anyway, I hope you manage to have a bit of a browse of the store and hopefully you’ll find something you like?

Happy shopping!


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Mah Swag For Mah Stuff

9 September 2013

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pearl Satchel

I’ve found my perfect carry bag – yay!

I’ve been looking for a large, stylish, carry bag to hold ALL MY STUFF when I’m out and about. Cameras, lenses, laptop, ipad, makeup… everything!

I’ve accumulated so much stuff that been using my gym bag, which was just… silly really.

The bag that I was looking for, had to have a flat base, it had to be large and practical, it had to be stylish and classic… and it had to go with any outfit for whatever occasion (so it had to be black).

Marc by Marc Jacobs Pearl Satchel

It’s a Marc Jacobs Leather Pearl Satchel… I’ve been stalking similar ones on Shopbop, and net-a-porter for a while now. I was considering a tan or dark brown leather too.

But this one came up on a super-special Designer Bag Sale on YesStyle. So I nabbed it on sale.

Very, very happy!

Enjoy your week!

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Frocks, Frocks and more Frocks

6 September 2013

I’ve been borrowing a few dresses from online boutique, Frockaholics, to show off their new season items. There’s a lot of new stuff!

Here are another two stunning dresses that caught my eye… and made their way to my lucky paws.

They are perfect for special evening functions or as wedding dinner dazzlers.


This indigo floral lace dress by Collette Dinnigan is gorgeous! I am so in love with the colour. I am actually surprised that its price tag is quite reasonable too.

The cotton lace is pretty and flattering. The cut is fitted and curve-skimming, but still loose and comfortable to move around in. It is definitely one of the nicest lace dresses I have worn.

My only issue is that the straps are really long on me. The neckline droops quite low on my bust. So I had to pin up both shoulder straps – an inch on both sides. Once that was done, it looked so preeeeety :)

I’m wearing the size XXS.

Also wearing earrings from Swarovski, vintage clutch, ring by Samantha Wills, nude heels from ASOS.


Ah and this Blair dress is by Rachel Gilbert. She always makes such stunning and striking dresses and this is no exception.

Nude, silvery, and perfect for any glamourous occasion. The beading has a good weight to it, making the dress feel really luxurious. I’m wearing size 0, it fits wonderfully and the length is nice on me too.

I feel like a Hollywood diva in this dress! However that photo of me cracking up

Do check out the whole amazing dress collection from Frockaholics! Prices start at $120 onwards.

Hope you find something you like, happy shopping!

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The Fedora Felt Hat

1 September 2013

Mirror Gordon St Garage

I took a quick mirror pic while I was at Gordon St Garage the other day and posted it to Instagram – then I had lots of people asking me about my hat!

This one was a floppy felt hat from Sportsgirl. I bought it a few weeks ago on a whim. Now that I’m wearing it around, I’m not that happy with it, as it’s a bit TOO floppy for my liking. I would have liked one with a bit more structure, a wider brim and of a higher quality.

I’ve seen some utterly gorgeous felt hats made from luxurious materials for $200+ but that’s just too expensive for me. Especially since my kids have flattened my hat twice *rolls eyes*.

Felt Fedora Hat

This Classic Fedora Hat is by Italian brand Catarzi made from 100% wool… and is stocked at ASOS – really like this one!

Felt Fedora Hat

This is a Felt Hat from Beginning Boutique, it’s very similar to the one I have. Cute, simple and affordable.

Felt Fedora Hat

And this felt hat is by G-Star Raw from The Iconic and it’s on sale!

This one has a gorgeous shape and structure… but I was looking for a black one.

Were you thinking to try a fedora hat this season?

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Suiting Up with Bec & Bridge

28 August 2013

Suiting Up

Another outfit from my wonderful blog sponsors, Frockaholics. Thank you guys! I’m so grateful!

Aussie designers around the country have dropped a tonne of new stock in stores, just in time for the new season. Look out for fab monochrome items, bold graphics, and floral prints.

Here I’m wearing a super-duper cute jacket and shorts from Bec and Bridge. I love the print! I’ve never worn a matching floral suit. I feel busy, like a newspaper. Yet effortlessly cool, as I sashay around in a camouflage blur of black and white.

They are fab investment pieces, as you can wear both the shorts and jacket separately, again and again. Both are standout, eye-catching, tailored pieces, and both are versatile for polished styling.

There are also a dress and  a pair of pants (in the same print) on sale, but I thought I would get more out of the jacket and shorts.

Top is from In Good Company

Strappy heels are from ASOS.

Felt hat from Sportsgirl

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25 August 2013

I have a new mirror! Yeah another one!

This time I have it set up in my bedroom, so I can take a quick outfit snap before I head out the door. It’s awesome. How did I ever live without it? My potential for vanity will now know no bounds!

The only problem is that I have to tidy my bedside BEFORE I take a photo. And under my bed too! Pfffft who cleans under their bed?!

Me, now! Old bed slippers, fuzzy socks with holes, bits of tissue paper, balls of dust, piles of hair… it’s not a good look. I guess it’s incentive for me to sweep more :P

The other problem is that our jarrah floors seem to emit an orange colour tone EVERYWHERE… so I look like I have a killer tandoori tan. And my legs seem to blend into the floor boards. Oh well. I’ll work something out.

Camilla and Marc Dress

So this is me AFTER attending a fashion event the other night. It’s about 10:30pm and god knows how I managed to look so fresh and smiley. Lots of makeup?

I’m wearing a new Camilla and Marc “Night Flute” Dress from Frockaholics. Eeeeek omg omg it’s such a gorgeous dress!

I wasn’t too sure about the print at first. I thought it looked a bit too “retro 60s print” for me? But it’s so quirky and unique. The pattern is actually an African inspired print. And the cut hints at the 50s with its sweetheart bustline, nipped waist and big circle skirt. Love it!

I moderned up the dress a bit, with a white snakeskin biker jacket and some rock stud heels. I didn’t wear too much jewellery. Just some jewelled studs. And a silver clutch.

Jacket from YesStyle
Heels from BooHoo
Earrings from Shopbop

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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Holographic and Floral

21 August 2013

Floral & Holographic

A few weeks ago I received this new Arctic Queen dress from Alibi Online – featuring a gorgeous kaleidoscope floral print.

I still can’t get over how pretty and vibrant it is! Like a flower shop exploded on it!

Anyway, I wore the dress BACK TO FRONT this time. Sounds terribly uncool, but just look at it! Looks like a normal dress right?

The bust, tummy and bum areas (of the dress) looked absolutely fine – because let’s face it, if you want to wear a dress the wrong way, you want it to make sure it skims over your curves correctly.

You don’t want lumpy bits in the wrong places.

I wore it out to dinner like this and received a few compliments, so it couldn’t have looked that weird (or lumpy) haha.

When the dress is worn the right way around, it has a very high, round neck and it’s just a slightly different look… so it’s kind of = two dresses in one! You can check what it looks like in my post here.

Floral & Holographic

T Bar Heels – These heels are my second pair of Vangoh Shoes. They are hell cute! The T-Bar adds some visual interest and creates a geometric look that suits the “bold, geometric print and pattern” trend that is very popular at the moment. Me love!

My clutch is a Marc by Marc Jacobs Wristlet from The holographic shine is very cool, and goes well with the dress. I couldn’t stop *pressing it* all night to see the colours warp.

My friends were like – “Dude that’s not an ipad! It ain’t touchscreen. How much have you drunk?!”

My bracelet (pictured left) is from Forin Jewellery and sparkled so nicely! I must try to find more glittery crystal charms to add to it.

Hope everyone’s having a fab day so far xxx

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Vangoh Shoes

14 August 2013

Hello hello everyone!

I would like to introduce you all to brand new sponsors for my blog, Vangoh Shoes.

They are an online shoe store focusing on stylish and comfortable shoes and accessories for women.

How are they different? They stock a unique collection of shoes (leather and non-leather) at affordable prices. They focus on classic shapes and styles, with a touch of trend. Plus they ship worldwide.

(Flat rate shipping within Australia is $9.95)

I really like their designs, because the shoes look great and are perfect for everyday wear.

Vangoh Shoes

Barcelona Flats ($47.97), Snake Skin Flats ($49),  and Alexandria Flats ($49).

Vangoh Shoes are run by a husband and wife team based in WA. I spoke to Vanessa Goh, owner of Vangoh, who says her husband actually started the business first, and named it after her (awww is that sweet or what?!). They have two boutique stores in Perth, the brand is stocked in over 30 stores around in Australia and they have an online store.

Vangoh Shoes

The majority of shoes in stock are uniquely designed by Vangoh. They also stock other shoe brands, bags, accessories and jewellery.

I managed to pop into the store to check out their CLEARANCE SALE.

The sale is also online, so do check out the fab bargains.

Vangoh Shoes

These Merlot Ballet Flats were $69.97, now $41.97.

Vangoh Shoes

These Bordeaux Flats are one of their best sellers! Non-leather, soft, breathable. Apparently it is great for people with wider feet, long toes, as it is nice, roomy and comes up quite high on the upper foot.

They were $79.95, now selling for $47.97!

They are a variation of the the Barcelona Flats, also a best seller (seen in the first photo of this post).

Vangoh Shoes

Yep they also have heels for partying, work and events.

As well as a whole swag of colourful clutches and bags.

Vangoh Shoes

A note about Vangoh sizing – I noticed that lots of the shoes I tried on were on the large side.

While I usually fit a AUS Size 5 or 6. I needed to put a gel pad on the sole of the Size 5 in order for it to fit perfectly. So if you’re looking to buy, you might like to try a smaller size.

Vangoh Shoes

OK, so the Vangoh Team let me walk out with 3 pairs of shoes from their clearance sale to test out! Eeek!

I’ll be dressing them up over the next few weeks.

But to start, I’m showing off the Barcelona Flats in Navy in my most classic winter outfit!

As I said earlier, I am wearing a Size 5, with an inserted gel sole. THEY ARE SO COMFY! I have been wearing them everywhere the last few days, and my girlfriends (with size 6 feet) and my mother (who is also size 5) want to steal them from me! It kinda makes me want a pair in all colours :)

Please pop over to the Vangoh Website to check them out.

Rest of the outfit:
Trench coat by Mersh
White t-shirt from Country Road
Jeans by Vivienne Westwood
Tartan scarf by Burberry
Bag by Mimco
Pearl stud earrings from Shopbop

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Tropical White Out

12 August 2013

Tropical White Out Outfit

This is the outfit I wore to the fashion launch the other day!

The Tropical Print Tank is by Kenzi W (a Korean brand) from YesStyle.

I admit the material is not the best quality (as it makes a bit of static and sticks to my skin a bit), the inside sewing could have been a bit neater, and the cut is a bit on the “loose and shapeless” side (so I sewed up the back to make it look more flattering on me).

BUT… the top is not see through, it LOOKS like a quality top (even though it doesn’t feel 100% luxurious), and the print is JUST DREAMY!

So I adore it, as it just looks amazing with white, grey, navy, denim blue, black and all kinds of bright colours. A very good buy!

Tropical White Out Outfit

I’m wearing my much loved Fendi white jeans, rolled up a little to show off my ankles and kick-ass shoes – Valentino inspired heels from Boohoo.

The white blazer is a last-season item from Bardot (from The Iconic ).

Yellow Marc Jacobs cross body bag from Shopbop.

**I’m also showing off my Yellow XL Buckle-Up Leather Bracelet – please consider buying one too, as $5 will be donated towards my Charity Ride!

Have a fantastic week!

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Crazy, Sexy, Cool

1 August 2013

Valentino Inspired Heels

Inspired by Valentino, these shoes are crazy and glam enough to make me weep.

The studs look like teeth. Or shiny rocks… just kind of stuck on your feet.

They’re a bit tribal. A bit fierce. A bit lady-like.

They’re such a great, playful combination.

Um. They stand out a bit. They don’t seem to “match” any outfits in my wardrobe, but I think that’s the fun of it.

Just wear them with skinny jeans. Or black pants. Or with any dress and enjoy the statement-ness of it.

Valentino Inspired Heels

I wore them out to a fashion show the other night. They were comfortable too.

I just love it when people swoon over my shoes and then I get to tell them I only bought them for $65. It’s like I’m sharing precious girl secrets.

They are called  Ava Studded Heels from Boohoo. Also available in black, beige and pink.

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Getting My Bear On

30 July 2013

After returning from my tropical holiday, I’ve been in denial about the cold weather in Australia. A light cardigan should be fine for winter! Surely I can wear my open-toe shoes in the rain!

So I’m already gearing up for some kick-ass trans-seasonal dressing.

Knit and Fur

Light knits are my go-to answer for the “in-between seasons”. Comfortable and versatile, you really can’t go wrong.

But can you believe that I don’t own a plain, black knit jumper?!

So I had a peek at Next Direct.

It was the first time I’ve bought from them. They are based in the UK, they have been around for ages… and they have a HUGE selection of styles. It was an excellent shopping experience.

I picked out this 3/4 sleeve, black v-neck knit with flecks of metallic thread. It’s really nice, sits well, comfortable and casual. It was a good buy. Unfortunately it has since sold out.

My impression of Next Direct… are that their styles are more tailored, smart, and they have lots of modern “city looks” and “classic wear”. They are on-trend, but I believe they target women over 21.

Meaning – You won’t find any neon t-shirts with crystal lettering, mid-riffs and slashed backs here ha :)

They also offer free international shipping, with no minimum spend and easy returns, which is awesome.

Knit and Fur

My furry vest is so big and fluffy, that I can’t help but give it a cuddle every time I take it off. Vest is from Korea (YesStyle), or you can get one similar here from ASOS.

My jeans are J Brand from The Iconic

Open toe heels are from ASOS

Alldressedup Bag is from ShopTheMag

Sunglasses by Prada (Sunglasses Shop)

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3 Ways to Wear Silver Shoes

23 July 2013

3 Ways to Wear Silver Shoes

I bought these silver mirror heels from The Iconic a few weeks ago and I just love how they add a simple, vibrant shine to my outfits.

I discovered that the silver shoes work well in place of nude, white or black shoes. I would definitely categorise them as a “neutral colour”.

While I would wear them with reds and pinks, I don’t think I would wear them with yellows, oranges, camels or browns.

I would mainly wear my silver heels with cool colours – like blues, greens, turquoise, greys, navy, white and black.

Left Outfit:
Sash Drake White tee from Ciaobella Travel
Print skirt by Ode (from YesStyle)
Necklace from Equip

Middle Outfit:
Silk tank from ForeverNew
Dotty Circle skirt from AL&ALICIA
Gold bracelet from Shopbop

Right Outfit:
Denim shirt (knotted) from ASOS
Denim shorts from Sportsgirl
Bracelet from FORIN and Shopbop

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Strapless Dresses from ModCloth

16 July 2013

Remember a few weeks ago, I was deliberating on a dress to buy from ModCloth?

Well I’m still deciding!

But I’ve narrowed my search to… a strapless dress, with a bit of a flare skirt and a nice print.

What do you think of these? I can’t really decide. They all look pretty and they stand out a bit, but not too much. Perfect for weddings and parties :)

Strapless Dresses from ModCloth

Ocean print dress – Time of My Life

Violet dotty dress – Linger a Little Longer

Strapless Dresses from ModCloth

Dark blue dress – Baklava Beauty in Blueberry

Mint roses dress – Traveling Cupcake Truck

If you’re new to ModCloth and you’d like to sign up as a new member and make a purchase over $50, you can get $15 off by using my referral link here.


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YesStyle Offers Free Worldwide Shipping On All Orders

13 July 2013

Pink Tweed Jacket

Ok so you all know how I love my Korean brands?!

Well one of my favourite online shops YesStyle (with fashion from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong) is now offering FREE international shipping with no minimum purchase.

The offer ends on the 31st of July… so do pop over to take a peek at the site!

Check out some of my favourite brands here:

Sarah – full of sleek, simple, on trend styles. A bit like Zara.

Midnight COCO – a nice mix of feminine and sleek styles.

Kenzi W – lots of urban, cool, street wear and casual gear.

Nanning 9 – lots of casual, feminine, floaty tops and dresses.

SHINN – trendy but very classy collection.

Ode – styles are a bit more grown up and sophisticated. Some very nice florals prints in the latest collection.

My Outfit Details:
Pink Tweed Jacekt by SHINN (from YesStyle)
Sash Drake White tee from Ciaobella Travel
Black ankle strap shoes from ASOS

Black harem pants from Zanthus
Black peplum skirt from Stephie’s Shop

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Slouchy Slouchy

9 July 2013

Slouchy Slouchy

I’m completely in love with my In Good Company slouchy pants :)

When I dress myself in the morning, instead of grabbing my red jeans or printed jeans… who would have thought I would be so excited to pull on a pair of black pants.

I was headed out to the city today to drop off some items. I threw on my printed tshirt, a printed scarf and some bright coloured shoes. I felt a bit mismatched and laid back, but meh, who cares.

Slouchy Slouchy

I wore some chandelier earrings to sparkle up my outfit.

And I popped my hangbag items into my new roll-up clutch in champagne gold. I think the clutch is supposed to look like a paper lunch bag… which is really cute, and handy.

Slouchy Pants from In Good Company
Print Tee by Zoe Karssen from The Iconic / The Outnet
Scarf from Sportsgirl
Roll-Up Clutch from YesStyle
Blue shoes from ASOS

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Comme des Garçons vs Marc Jacobs

5 July 2013

As a birthday present to myself, I treated myself to a new clutch from my-wardrobe… but I couldn’t decide which I liked more.

So I ordered BOTH and I will see how I feel about them when they arrive! :)

What do you think?!

My Wardrobe - Clutch

Super-fluoro Two-tone Zip-top Pouch

My Wardrobe - Clutch

Marc by Marc Jacobs
Electric Stage Techno Holographic Wristlet Clutch Bag

They are both around the $100 – $130 mark.

Both about the same size and style, both a happy, vibrant colour.

The Comme des Garçons one is leather, it is bright orange on one side and bright green on the other. So it’s like having two really rad clutches?

The Marc Jacobs one is thermoplastic polyurethane (not leather) but it has a cool holographic shine that I really like. It reminds me of the shine on butterfly wings. And the blue colour is just dreamy.

I just adore these flat clutches, because can also be used as pouches for my handbag (to store my notebooks, pens, tissues, compacts, lipsticks etc).

Yay I can’t wait for my parcel!

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In Good Company – Capsule 2

2 July 2013

Earlier this the year, I reviewed In Good Company, a new label offering a collection of gorgeous modern day classics and quality basics at an affordable price point.

The whole collection oozes understated style and effortless chic, with fluid and feminine shapes. I really like their stuff!

In this latest collection – Capsule 2 – look out for sleek cuts, stylish colour blocking, touches of pleat details, and chic silhouettes of the little white dress.

These are my favourite picks and 2 ways to wear them.

In Good Company

Ellis Slouchy Trousers

Aah I do love a good pair of slouchy pants. So effortless and cool to wear. These are hands down my favourite piece from the collection because of their excellent “slouchy to slim-fit ratio”. Not too baggy, not too fitted. Just right.

Plus, the back fits very nicely around my bum (like I said, it’s not too loose and baggy) and the crotch is not too low that they look like clown pants.

It features a comfy elastic waist, elastic cuffs and good sized pockets. I am wearing their smallest size S (which fits AUS8/UK8) so it’s a little big for me around the waist. But I loved mine so much, that I went to a tailor to take them in a bit.

I have been wearing mine non-stop these last few weeks… with a simple tee and scarf.

In Good Company

I also wore the slouchy trousers in a sharper and more polished outfit – white blazer, a colourful silk tank, some matching jewels and my new silver shoes.

Perfect for the office and work place.

In Good Company

Jess Draped Collar Top

The draping on this top is just lovely! It is a bit different to your standard sleeveless top, as it has a smart and tailored look to it. It’s visually interesting, and has an elegant shape. It radiates an effortless, day-time glamour that is versatile for work or play.

Here I teamed it with an equally vibrant skirt for a fun and punchy party outfit. The lace adds a bit of texture and the silver sandals keeps the outfit feminine and fancy.

This top definitely fits as part of a corporate wardrobe. It can easily be mixed and matched with your working staples… a black pencil skirt, a printed skirt, or pants (that are black, charcoal or pin stripe).

In Good Company

Also the top looks great when worn with shorts, jeans or cropped pants.

I’m wearing white cropped pants and leopard print heels for a smart-casual daytime look.

The top comes in a bright sorbet (pictured) and a navy. I’m wearing a size XS.

In Good Company

Gretchen Dress with Peep Sleeves

When I saw this dress on the model, I didn’t know whether it would look good on me. But I chose it anyway, and when it arrived, I was so so happy that it looked great!

The off-shoulder sleeves are pretty and sexy, in a relaxed poolside goddess way.

Its silhouette is clean and sleek, yet the fabric is fluid, flowy and loose. It’s comfortable and unfussy to wear.

The length is nice, classy and elegant. I felt like I could browse through an art gallery on the weekend in this dress.

In Good Company

But I tend to wear my dresses a bit shorter – so my legs look longer. So I wore a belt on my waist and hitched up the dress a bit… and that looked fabulous! It felt a bit more like a party dress or a dancing dress for summer nights at the beach :)

The dress has a lining of the same material, so it’s not see through. I just wore my standard, skin-coloured, strapless bra and skin-coloured underwear underneath.

I’m wearing size XS.


Again, the team at In Good Company have offered a special discount to my readers.

Enter the code “fashion&life2″ and enjoy $10 off Capsule 2 items (not applicable to Mini Me, Collaborations and Surplus items). So only items in “What’s New, Collections and Reissue” section of the website.

Do pop over to check out their new arrivals!

Hope you love the stuff as much as I do. Enjoy!

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Out To the Movies With My Goat

25 June 2013

I went out on a date night to the movies with my husband. No he wasn’t the goat.

What I wore to The Great Gatsby Screening

We went to see a special screening of The Great Gastby… and I took the opportunity to embrace the whole “Roaring 1920s” fashion.

I wore my hair slicked back, wore big jewelled earrings, a sequin dress and a white faux far coat.

When my 4 year old son saw me, he laughed out loud and asked me WHY ARE YOU WEARING A GOAT TO THE MOVIES?!?

I enjoyed Baz’s fairytale interpretation of the story and I really enjoyed it as a magnificent, mesmerising and visual spectacle.

Sequin dress by Beauties Closet
Faux fur coat by GUSET (from YesStyle)
Snakeskin clutch by Michael Kors
Nude heels from ASOS

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Glassons – Orange and Mono

21 June 2013

Glassons - Orange and Mono

The other day, I was browsing through various online shopping sites… and these immediately caught my eye.

The new arrivals from Glassons made me perk up and applaud the look of their current collection. Clean and crisp, black and white, a touch of orange, casual and effortless… and very affordable.

I’d be happy to have all 6 of these pieces in my wardrobe, like yesterday!

They only ship to Australia at the moment… but they offer FREE shipping on all orders and full refunds if you’re not happy with the purchase.

Have you shopped at Glassons before?

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Blue Tweed

15 June 2013

Blue Tweed and Leather

Meet my new favourite jacket! It’s a light weight, classic tweed jacket with a speckled blue and metallic colour.

While my overall dress style is not so “ladylike”… I like that it gives a big nod to Chanel’s iconic tweed jacket and I like that I can wear it with boyfriend jeans, for a bit of modern contrast.

I popped it over my black and white outfit, to amp up the style and also to soften the leather pants.

I’m already looking forward for the weather to warm up so I can wear it with summer shorts and mini skirts.

Outfit Details:
Blue Tweed Jacket by Shinn from YesStyle
White top by In Good Company
Leather pants from Topshop
Black wedges by NineWest from The Iconic
Handbag by Rebecca Minkoff from Shopbop

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Silver Shoes and Pink Lips

13 June 2013

Outfit June 2013

So I’m currently lusting after some silver heels!

Metallics are set to be my new neutrals.


Zoe Karssen sweater from Shopbop
Veda leather skirt from The Outnet
Michael Kors watch from Amazon Fashion
Silver heels from ASOS
Dannijo earrings from Shopbop
Pink Lips clutch from LuisaViaRoma

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Pretty Party Dresses: Lace and Green

11 June 2013

I’ve been hit with a “going to weddings fever” and thus gravitating towards finding bright and attractive dresses that will be suitable for an afternoon and an evening event.

The kind team at Beauties Closet Korean Fashion sent over a few samples of my choosing.

Beauties Closet Coral Lace Dress

A-line skirts are up on the rise in the new season.

I chose this Lady Kelly coloured lace dress, because I adored the romantic texture and the sweet A-line skirt. It is such a flattering, simple and pretty dress. The fabric is a soft, stretchy lace, with a jersey lining (very comfortable!).

There are no buttons or zips, you just pull it over your head like a jersey t-shirt and it all springs back into place, skimming over your waist and hips perfectly.

Beauties Closet Drape Green Dress

Dresses with some structure and sculptural aspects have hit the catwalks this season. Especially dresses and skirts with a “wrap” or “a fold over”.

This Lausanne Chiffon Dress is quite a nice and simple wrap dress, which looks great for an evening event. It’s made from a light polyester fabric, so it drapes nicely, looks feminine and it’s not too heavy (perfect for warm weather).

The folds are a bit random, and sometimes I wished the folds would stay in place… but it just means that the dress is more drapey and loose, than the traditional “tightly wrapped” wrap dress. It also means you can eat a lot during dinner and it covers up your tummy hehe.

It also comes in a beige and black.

This dress is possibly priced a little higher than usual dresses of this make and fabric, but hey, it’s genuinely made, branded and styled in Korea, and it’s in a unique style that I haven’t come across before.

Beauties Closet are based in Singapore and local shipping costs are nice and low, starting from $2.24. But for international customers (like in Australia), it’s about $20, depending on the weight and the items will take about 2 weeks to arrive. So honestly, this is a fab place to shop if you’re a die hard fan of Korean fashion and style!

Happy shopping!

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Delicate Jewellery with Bold Prints

7 June 2013

Delicate Jewellery and Bold Prints

This is pretty much my go-to formula these days – a bold, print skirt with a print top.

I really enjoy the visual clash of odd pairings… feels a bit wrong and naughty, but in a fun and “who really cares” kind of way.

And yes I did throw on a huge black coat over the top, before I stepped outside.

As my whole outfit is pretty loud and busy, I wanted to add just a touch of jewellery on my neck and fingers.

Delicate Jewellery and Bold Prints

Bring on some new delicate pieces from Wanderlust + Co!

I’m wearing Petite Bar Necklace from the Les Petites collection.

So classic and versatile. You can wear it with a graphic print tee, a blouse, a simple top. Wear it on its own, or layer it with other necklaces in the same metallic hue.

Also comes in silver.

I’m also wearing it with a gold layered necklace by Collette Dinnigan.

Delicate Jewellery and Bold Prints

How pretty is this Gold Infinity Ring from the Simple Things collection?!

It is so simple, small and pretty, and it matches nicely with other rings I own.

Also comes in rose gold and silver.

Special Discount Code

To celebrate the launch of Wanderlust + Co’s brand new website, they are offering my readers a special discount code :)

Enter the code “yaykaren20” at the checkout to receive 20% OFF EVERYTHING in the store. Offer ends 21st June 2013.

My outfit details:
Star shirt by SHINN
Sequin skirt by Forever New
Rebecca Minkoff handbag from Shopbop
Nude heels from ASOS

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3 Ways to Wear – Spots and Stripes

24 May 2013

One of the big trends this new season is to wear black and white, especially in a big, bold prints like spots and stripes.

It’s an easy trend to wear – just wear one print item in your everyday outfit. But if you want to have a bit more fun and combine prints, here are a few things you might like to try.

3 Ways to Wear - Spots and Stripes

Big spots and small spots.
Ok this blouse actually has STARS on it – but from far, it looks pretty spotty.

And the skirt is actually a dress with blobs on it.

But hey, the craziness that ensues from putting them together is such fun.

Star Print Shirt – YesStyle
Sass and Bide Spot Dress – The Iconic
Nude Heels – ASOS
Neon earrings – Etsy

3 Ways to Wear - Spots and Stripes

White on White spots (Or black on black spots)
Most dotty prints are black on white (or white on black). So try finding tops or bottoms with white dots on a sheer white fabric. Or vice versa. Or maybe the dots are embossed on the fabric?

It will create a kind of cool texture (and not clash TOO much) when paired with another bold print.

Spotty top – AL&ALICIA
Stripe jeans – from YesStyle (nice and affordable jeans at $40!!)
Yellow Heels – ASOS

3 Ways to Wear - Spots and Stripes

Classic Breton Stripe Top with anything spotty
This one is nice and simple. There’s a good chance that you have a classic stripe top in your wardrobe. Why not try it with some spotty bottoms. A spot pencil skirt. A circle skirt with stars on it.

Or in my case, some silk shorts with palm trees on it – random enough?


Stripe top – from Big W
Palm tree shorts – ASOS
Marc Jacobs yellow crossbody bag – Shopbop
Suede heels – Betts

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What To Buy This Winter: Checks, Khaki and Citrus Knits

10 May 2013

If you need a few ideas on how to update your winter wardrobe, why don’t you give these a go.

What to buy this winter: Checks, Khaki and Citrus Knits

1) Try Wearing Checks
I picked out this checkered shirt a few months ago and I have been wearing it non stop since – but this is the first time it’s made a debut on my blog!

As its colour is black and white, I find that I can throw it over *anything*, coloured jeans or an animal print skirt or over another print top, for some print on print action.

It’s my best winter buy so far!!

Outfit: Check shirt (from YesStyle), white tee (from CiaoBellaTravel), khaki JBrand jeans (from, wool coat (Witchery old), black boots (from Betts).

What to buy this winter: Checks, Khaki and Citrus Knits

2) Try Olive and Khaki Colours
If you’re used to wearing black, white, grey and a neutral palette… khaki is a very easy colour to wear and add to the mix. It’s not too loud or bright and it goes with lots of skin colours.

Whether it’s a khaki jacket, pants or top… you’ll find that it’ll match with lots of things you own and give your wardrobe a fresh rework for the new season.

3) Try a Shirtdress
A shirtdresses might sound scary (voluminous, shapeless and unflattering), but whatever shape or size you are, you have to go TRY one on. You’ll be surprised!

Some tips for finding a great shirtdress – Make sure you wear it with a belt. Go for a neutral colour like black, navy, charcoal or cream. And always try to go for better quality fabric.

Outfit: Shirtdress (AL&ALICIA), jacket (from YesStyle), belt (from Morrison), suede boots (by Tony Bianco at The Iconic).

What to buy this winter: Checks, Khaki and Citrus Knits

4) Try a Citrus Coloured Jumper
If you’re like me, you probably own a lot of dark coloured jackets and coats (black, brown, grey, navy or beige). Try adding a splash of colour by layering up with a citrus coloured knit.

A predominant colour in the latest Sass and Bide collection is this electric orange (pictured left), which I have fallen in love with. But it’s a bit out of my budget for this winter, so I will be settling for this –more affordable – knit by Blue Juice, pictured in the middle!

Left to right: Sass and Bide Knit (new season $290), Blue Juice Knit ($89.95) and Ladakh($99.95)

Enjoy your weekend!

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Prada and Shearling

7 May 2013

Prada and Shearling

Rugged, slouchy, relaxed… this jacket completely describes my current staple look.

I’m a sucker for the flowing lines of the jacket, mixed up with a whole lot of fleecy warmth and rock and roll leather. It gives a small nod to Rick Owens drapery, which I’m a fan of.

I also love that the jacket is a bit rough on the edges.

Prada and Shearling

This glam grunge look in monochrome is just too easy to put together – a crisp white tee, some faded black jeans, a vintage belt, some leather sneakers, the standout jacket… and a hint of colour from my oxblood Pradas.

Shearling jacket from YesStyle
Black jeans by Nobody
Leather sneakers by 45SEVEN
Vintage belt, thrifted
White tee from Country Road
Sunglasses by Prada (Sunglasses Shop)

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AL&ALICIA SS13 – La La Land

30 April 2013

I’ve been a long-time fan of fashion label, AL&ALICIA.

I adore their effortlessly gorgeous clothes, the strong boy-meets-girl style and their countless wardrobe staples with fresh details. You’ve probably noticed that I wear and style their items all the time!

I had the pleasure of picking out a few items to review, style and share with my readers… from their latest Spring/Summer 13 collection – La La Land.

The team at AL&ALICIA are also offering my readers a 15% storewide discount, please scroll below for details.


This is the Lolita Shirt. It is lovely, light and sheer, with a short vest layer which suitably covers view of your undergarments.

At first I wasn’t so sure if I would like this top. Maybe a bit too boyish tuxedo like? Too boxy? Maybe too floral? But after pairing it with cropped pants, jeans, and other skirts in my wardrobe, I realised that this was a winner. It brings a fresh, “smart yet feminine” look to my and outfits and I like it :)

I’m wearing this top in a size 0. Shorts and accessories are my own.


Asymmetrical skirts are all the rage for the new season. And this Tuula Skirt featuring a peplum skirt and asymmetrical ends, stands out with a kind of effortless cool.

Its colour is sublte and feminine, its draping is soft, while its tailoring is smart and boyish. The combination of these elements makes this skirt wonderfully unique to wear.

Again, I’m wearing size 0. The top and accessories are my own.


Aaah and lastly, these two dresses are simply lovely.

On the left is the Claire Dress, in the same subtle, gold shimmer fabric as the Tuula Skirt.

This dress has no zips or buttons, you just pop it over your head – I had to cover the makeup on my face with a scarf, so I didn’t get makeup on the collar, but other than that, it was easy and comfortable to wear and it fits very well. The skirt height is perfect for me too.

I’ll be wearing this dress out on a girls-night-out this weekend!

The dress on the right is Talulah Dress, so so so pretty and simple! It has delicate soft colours, feminine florals, yet mixed with boyish details like a high collar and button down pleats.

It is actually made of two layers of sheer material and it feels very nice and soft on my skin.

Do check out all the dresses here and rest of the collection on the website.

Enjoy 15% of regular priced merchandise online at AL&ALICIA.
Simply enter the code “KARENCHENG15″ at the checkout. Valid until 5th May, Sunday (midnight, UTC+8).

Happy shopping!

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Mint Suede and Silver Glitter

28 April 2013

Peep Toe Shoes sent over a few pairs of shoes for me to play with!

They are having their Warehouse Sale with up to 75% off – and then with another extra 30% off.

There’s only a few more days left, so do pop over to take a peek.

Peep Toe Shoes

These aqua colour heels were $62.30 – down from $249!

They are soo luxurious to wear, I felt like a leggy giraffe (in a good, tall way). And they add a fabulous splash of colour to any outfit.

I thought they went perfectly with my coral and mint dress (from ClubCouture).

Peep Toe Shoes

This silver pair with a mid wedge heel was also $62.30 – down from $249!

They are lovely, so comfortable and in such a versatile and classic style. I will be keeping this pair as I’m sure I’ll wear it out a lot. I have lots of high heels, but not so many mid-heel shoes.

Here I wore it out on a lunch date with my girlfriend, with my super soft Splendid top (from Shopbop), white Fendi jeans and Diva earrings.

Hope you’re having a fabulous weekend!

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What have you bought from ASOS?

22 April 2013

Ok if you don’t already get their updates, ASOS are having a massive mid season sale on their site, with up to 70% off items.

I recently bought a couple of items that I’m sooo happy with!

You see, I have a wedding to attend in July and I wanted a fun, party dress to wear.

ASOS Red Dress

So I bought this PETITE Lasercut Dress, and it’s gorgeous!

The big, flared, circle skirt makes the dress fun and feminine. The red is bold and eye-catching. The laser-cut layer is unique and almost lace-like.

And I love the back of the dress. I’ve fallen in love with backless dresses after wearing this backless Eileen Kirby lace dress to the WA Fashion Awards earlier this year.

ASOS Accessories

I also bought these Pointed Heels, with ankle strap and a mid heel. They have a suede/velvet like fabric and they are nice and affordable for an on-trend shoe, and for those on a budget.

These Jewel Bauble Earrings look so pretty and they would match lots of black outfits. They would also add a bit of sparkle, bling and a touch of colour to any outfit… even a white tee and black jeans?

I didn’t actually buy this Love Moschino Owl Shoulder Bag but I felt that this little style board needed a clutch to complete the outfit, and this one looked like a perfect match :)

Do you have a fancy occasion coming up? What are you wearing?

Hope you find something fabulous!

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Online Shopping Review: Beginning Boutique

15 April 2013

I want to introduce a new online boutique that I have come across, tested out and now recommend :)

Beginning Boutique is a cool online shop that stocks a great selection of dresses, tops and bottoms. They have familiar brands like One Teaspoon, Stylestalker, Finders Keepers – but they mix it up with affordable brands too, so you can also buy a great party dress for $55.

They update their stock often, have heaps of styles and sizes available, have free shipping throughout Australia… and most importantly, their customer service is superb.
Beginning Boutique

I was very impressed with the range of colourful skirts and styles they offered.

So I picked out a Stylestalker Skirt to try out – and it’s gorgeous! I’m a fan of the brand Stylestalker as they have some pretty bold (yet wearable) styles and their basic items always have a cool bit of detail on it that lifts up the whole garment. View the rest of Stylestalker items.

Beginning Boutique

The skirt is pretty versatile and feminine. You can wear the skirt with a white, grey or black top. Or a clashing colour, like yellow?! You can wear it with a flowing, loose top, or a tight fitting body top.

Outfit details: Top by In Good Company, Stylestalker Skirt, Colette Dinnigan x Lovisa necklace from The Iconic, Dorothy Perkins heels.

Unfortunately this particular style is out of stock, but here are a couple of other skirts that I had my eye on. Check out the whole collection of skirts here.

Beginning Boutique

Also the range of dresses is pretty good too. As I said before, the price range is $39 – $179 for a dress. And there are heaps of items on sale that are also listed in the dress section here.

Beginning Boutique

What I like most about the shopping experience at Beginning Boutique, is that when you “view all the dresses”, all the dresses are listed WITH some little boxes that show what sizes are available, so you know straight away whether they have your size.

Most of the time, you have to select your size, then it takes a few seconds to filter, then (sometimes) only 3 or 4 items are listed in that size and – well – that’s a bit boring because you don’t actually get to see the rest of the stuff the shop offers and you don’t feel like you’ve seen a good representation of what the shop has for sale.

Basically it offers you an excellent “window shopping inspiration” experience too haha!

Special Discount Code
Use the code “TENNER” at the checkout and you can enjoy 10% off your order when you spend $70 or over.

Anyway, I hope you like it and hope you enjoy a touch of online shopping.

Enjoy xxx

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Bandage and Floral

9 April 2013

I picked out two new ‘premium’ dresses from online boutique ClubCouture… and oh my goodness, they are just stunning!!

Dresses by ClubCouture

This first dress is the Patterned Banded Bodycon Dress (very Herve Leger!) and it is absolutely gorgeous to wear.

I wore it recently to a launch at Tiffanys where I met Ewan McGregor, so I’ve now started to call it my Ewan dress haha.

It is quite an unusual dress, because if you look closely, the bandages have a print on them. And some nude panels are completely sheer. But the fabric is strong, firm and stretchy, a bit like a corset. So it just hugs you and tucks you in, in all the right places.

It’s unique, eye catching, I adore the neutral colour palette and it looks amazing… I realllly like it :)

As for sizing, I’m wearing a Size UK6 in this dress, and to be honest, it’s a *little tiny bit tight* for what I’m used to. I had to hold my breath in order to zip it up! I’m usually a good standard size and I can pretty much fit anything that is labelled UK6. So if you’re more of an UK8, then I’d choose the UK8 for this dress.

So even though it is a bit tight, the dress is stretchy enough that it feels quite comfortable to wear. I happily wore it for 5 hours one evening. It didn’t ride up my legs, or suffocate me, or pinch me in funny places. It was all good and I totally recommend it to those looking for a sexy dress that’s a bit different.

Dresses by ClubCouture

This dress is the Silk Watercolour Dress. And yes I adore this one too!

Its style is a lot more grown up and sophisticated, with its high neckline and knee length skirt. The fabric is silky and smooth. The print is colourful, vibrant, very pleasing to the eye and looks modern.

It’s not trying to be too fashiony or too look-at-me. It’s just lovely, classy and lady like. I wore it to an evening corporate event and I felt so intelligent, graceful and like I was the first lady or something!

It is perfect for work. Wearing to weddings. Wearing out to day time or night time functions. It’s a very versatile dress.

You can check out their full collection of dresses here (starting prices at $26) or view their Premium Range here (starting prices at $49).

There are a lot of great dresses and good stuff, enjoy!!


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Baseball Style in White

2 April 2013

Bomber in White, from YesStyle

I’ve been really enjoying the process of mixing my sporty gear with my luxe gear. Sport has been a big theme in my life this year (so far) and it’s been nice to reflect it in the rest of my wardrobe.

The “sporty luxe” trend is a tricky style to wear. Usually the winning combination is to wear a luxe top, with a sporty style bottom (think jersey skirts and slouchy trousers or shorts) and pop on a blazer to up the look.

Or you can try a sporty/simple style top with some bottoms that are extra special – patterned jeans, sequin skirts, silky tailored trousers.

I picked up yet another jacket win from Korean brand Sarah. A baseball jacket with quilted fabric and leatherette panels. It has a nice and boofy structure, so it’s a bit different to the other jackets I own. It’s wonderfully casual and lightweight too.

When I wear it, I feel like I’m off to coach baseball, and any minute I could jump up and shout STRRRRRR-IIIIKKE!

I’m wearing:

Sarah Bomber jacket from Yesstyle

Sacha Drake White 2-Way Cap Sleeve Top from Ciao Bella Travel.

Snake print jeans from Sportsgirl (Find similar styles here)

Nude patent shoes from ASOS

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Shopbop Sales: Kitty Cat Studs!

30 March 2013

Shop Bop MJ Earrings

Tee hee, how cute and playful are these cat studs by Marc Jacobs!?

I went a bit crazy at the Shopbop Sale and I picked up a few bits and pieces.

Aaah their sale prices make it close to impossible to resist!

I’ve been thinking that I need to refresh my accessories anyway, as I’ve been wearing the same stuff for months now. I’ve been very attracted to really quirky, but small-sized items.

So these are just perfect :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone xx

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Karen’s Top 4: Best Ever Travel Clothes

19 March 2013

My gorgeous sponsors, Ciao Bella Travel, have asked me to put together my BEST EVER LIST of travel clothes.

This has come at a very appropriate time, because I’m off travelling in a few months time :)

Great travel clothes are really just normal clothes that are:
1) comfortable
2) easy to wash
3) no ironing required
4) a simple style that is versatile for different occasions
5) look great
6) be of good quality
7) AND be reasonably priced for all those things

I don’t travel enough to justify a wardrobe dedicated to travel, but I just love these clothes below because they have proven time and time again to be all of the above.

By the way, Ciao Bella are offering 15% off the ENTIRE SITE to all my readers, please see below for details.

Here goes. These are my Top 4 Travel Clothes…

Ciao Bella Travel Clothes

This dress is the Iris Sleeveless by Sacha Drake. Made from a textured jersey, the fabric of this dress is strong, stretchy, thick and lightweight. I don’t have to iron it. I can roll it up, pop it into my bag, then slip it on and it will still look amazing. The fabric makes the dress feel robust, like I could wear it all day and I won’t ruin it.

The stretchiness makes it fit snug in all the right places. It sits beautifully on the waist and skims over the hips perfectly, the fabric panels slim the body, and it is very comfortable to wear.

The straps are nice and thick so I can wear a normal bra underneath. And the fabric is also thick enough that I can wear my nana knickers and still can’t see any panty lines haha :)

Ciao Bella Travel Clothes

I love the square neckline. I think it looks much more polished and sophisticated than a regular scoop neckline dress (which looks like a casual tank dress).

This style works well for the office, after dinner drinks, or you can wear it to formal occasions like a cocktail party or an evening function.

I’ve also included a close up photograph of the fabric. It’s textured and very lightweight.

It is definitely one of the Top 10 Dresses in my wardrobe!

(I am wearing the size 8 dress size.)

Ciao Bella Travel Clothes

Next is this 2 Way Cap Sleeve Top by Sacha Drake.

It retails for $99, but with a 15% discount it will be $84.15, which is a bargain for such a luxe top. It’s by Sacha Drake, so you can be sure that the quality of the fabric is top notch – soft, stretchy,  strong, smooth and pill resistant.

Wear it as a regular scoop neck top or turn it around to wear it as a boat neck top.

It’s so simple and versatile. Wear it with jeans, pants and a blazer, a pencil skirt, a floral skirt, a mini skirt and a statement necklace, a maxi skirt and a scarf, shorts, bermudas… the list is endless.

(I’m wearing size 8 here.)

Ciao Bella Travel Clothes

Ok you can’t get anymore basic than this. A black 3/4 sleeve top, called the Bamboo Body Above Elbow Scoop.

If you don’t own one… quick, go get one now! This one is $49.95 ($42.45 with the discount) and it is made from organic bamboo viscose and organic cotton. Environmentally friendly material that is soft, strong and smooth. It is lovely to wear, as it feels luxurious – I can’t believe it costs under $50.

Plus it actually stays in shape after a few washes.

The tummy area of this top is a little loose. It falls nicely and it doesn’t cling tightly to your tummy, which is fab :)

What I love about the classic black top, is that I can wear it on it’s own in summer. And during the winter, it also gets worn a lot, layered under my cardigans, jumpers and jackets.

Perfect for travelling.

(I’m wearing a size XS top.)

Ciao Bella Travel Clothes

Lastly, these are luxe Bamboo Body 3/4 Leggings.

They are made from gorgeously soft organic bamboo, organic cotton and a touch of spandex. These sit nicely on my waist and hips, and fit in a “relaxed and comfortable” kind of way…  because they don’t squeeze tightly and cling, like regular active wear leggings.

So far they don’t seem to pill either.

They are so comfy, breathable and luxe, that I just wear them all day, to the gym and then slouching around the house.

(Ok sorry, my photos are a bit misleading. I don’t actually go to the gym and slouch around the house with fabulous hair :P)

The 3/4 length and the full length leggings are both $49.95, but on sale they are $42.45.

(These leggings are size XS.)

Enjoy 15% off everything on Ciao Bella Travel for all my readers!

Enter the code KARENCHENG (with no spaces) to receive 15% OFF the entire website from 19th March – 6th of April.

Happy shopping!


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2 New Dresses from Fashion Valet

15 March 2013

Fashion Valet is a huge online store (think ASOS) based in Malaysia, that offers customers everything from clothes, accessories, beauty, shoes, handbags, designer collaborations and soon to be launched – kids and maternity wear.

If you’re looking for something a bit different to all the mass marketed global brands out there, do check this site out… especially their dresses, skirts and necklaces section.

As for me, I picked out these 2 fab dresses…

Fashion Valet

A bustier, Sara studded dress with satiny drapes by LUVELUXE.

How great is this dress?! It looks good, fits well, and is really affordable. It has a really nice balance of sexy and classy, which I really like.

I like the shape of the bustier too, which is called a “sweetheart shape” as the top looks like a love heart. Usually this shape looks very feminine and pretty, but it is balanced off by the tough, square studs, corset-like trim and the black satin shine (that has a certain leather look).

Spikes and studs are BIG in this new season. Wear them on your shoulders, your shoes, your wrist, your hat. Or bust?

Fashion Valet

I wore this dress out the other night. No jacket, no coat, no vest.

Just me, the dress, some earrings and a pair of shoes. Oh how I love being on rooftop bars, sitting outside in the warm evenings. I’m going to miss dining outside when the weather changes.

Fashion Valet

I also wore this dress out the other week, to a fancy lunch date with some girlfriends.

It is the Satin Dress in Flower Creme by Spotlight (a Malaysian label) but I think this particular design is sold out now. There’s another darker version here.

It’s an easy-to-throw-on, stylish-looking print dress to wear during the day. It’s also a super affordable dress at $30. The material is thin and light, perfect for the warm weather.

I wore it with a belt around my waist, hitched it up a bit and it looked like a playsuit. Bonus :)

Happy browsing or shopping!


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New Fashion Label: In Good Company

5 March 2013

Sven Tan and Kane Tan, both former designers at internationally successful, Singaporean label Alldressedup, have recently launched their new label, In Good Company.

Rather than follow catwalk trends, the label focuses on delivering affordable, modern classics with a twist and quality basics to fashion lovers. Their direction is understated style, effortless chic, with fluid and feminine shapes.

I was given the pleasure of sampling a few items (that I chose) from their very first capsule. And yes, I was very excited because I have been a huge fan the duo’s past work.

They also have kindly offered my readers a special discount code, so please scroll down for the details.

In Good Company

This is the GAIA Peep Shoulder Dress, described as a “modern approach to the quintessential sundress for the city girl.”

Firstly, I don’t usually wear plain black dresses anymore. Secondly, I don’t usually wear shapeless dresses (with no waist).

But OH MY, I looooved this dress. I felt sexy, effortless, exotic, and like I wasn’t trying too hard and just being myself.

The off-shoulder ruffles and the shoe-string straps make this dress sexy. But it was brilliantly balanced out by the shapeless cut and the light (but robust) material.

This is definitely one of my Top 10 favourite dresses. And I can’t believe how affordable it is.

In Good Company

This is the CHIANTI Strappy Camisole.

Again this top feels effortlessly stylish, with a touch of sexiness and a little twist to the classic camisole (the shoe string straps do a criss-cross at the back). I really liked it.

The material feels deliciously fluid and thick enough to not be see-through. There is a bit of elastic at the back, so it is comfortable and easy to wear. And the neckline is high enough (and sits on your chest nicely) that it won’t “fall open” if you bend over.

I think this top is perfect as part of a working wardrobe, worn with a blazer, tailored pants, or a pencil skirt.

It’s a very nice and luxe basic to own… and will go with lots of things in my wardrobe (formal and casual).

In Good Company

This is the HANNAH Camisole Top, another luxe staple.

Aaah, the fabric of this top is really lovely. It feels like soft, light, silky suede. The shoe-string straps are gorgeously unique. And it really does ooze casual-cool chic.

I paired it with some leather jeans and hehe, I was in fashion outfit heaven – totally effortless, understated and yet so stylish.

I’m so so happy with these items from In Good Company. I’m pinching myself that I get to keep them and have them as part of my everyday wardrobe. Now I’m pouring through the rest of the website (again!) to see if there are any other pieces that might purchase for myself – because I’m a die hard fan now.


The other reason I’ve fallen for this brand…

If you happen to have a stylish little girl in tow, check out In Good Company’s Mini Me Capsule!

In Good Company
(These dresses and tops are the miniature versions of the dresses/tops I tried on!)

One-third of their collections feature both ‘mini-me’ versions of its key looks – for girls aged from 3 to 8 years of age.

Oh how I wish I had a girl!!


In Good Company have kindly offered all my readers $10 OFF the cost of shipping. Please use the code “fashion&life” in the discount code box at the checkout.

Do check out the rest of their collection!

They also sell shoes, accessories and special edition accessories born from artist and designer collaborations. Prices start from $89 for tops, $89 for shorts, $109 for pants, $179 for dresses and $39 for accessories.

(By the way, for sizing… I’m wearing the size XS for all garments and I’m usually a size AUS6/UK6.)

Happy shopping!

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6 Ways to Wear WHITE (from LOEF)

2 March 2013

The lovely team from online boutique, LOEF, gave me the opportunity to pick out a few items from their new collection to feature on my blog.

I chose some good looking WHITE items, that would freshen up anyone’s existing wardrobe.

Clothes from LOEF

1) Simple lace dress.

This dress is a fantastic little, lace dress… especially for its price.

It’s made from a thick cotton jersey, with a layer of crochet-lace over the top. Because the material is slightly thick, it feels very secure, comfortable and stretchy. So it’s easy to move around in, sit down in and it doesn’t feel tight or restricting.

It is slightly padded at the bust and is slightly elasticised at the back – so it doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall off you if you breathe in!

For a very casual weekend look, you can throw over a denim shirt, wear a straw hat and some tan sandals. Or as I have in the photos, wear it plain, but glammed up with a faux fur coat and statement shoes.

Or team it with some colourful accessories for a fun party look.

Clothes from LOEF

2) The White Blazer

This is definitely a must-have item for a modern working girl’s wardrobe. It just smartens up a colourful dress, coloured or patterned pants, or lifts an all-black outfit.

You might have noticed that I wear my white blazer very often – like, here, here and here.

You can buy gorgeous white blazers for $150+, but I have been trying to find one priced $50 – $100 to share on my blog. I have tested 4-5 in that price range (from different online sources), but their quality were bad. They felt very cheap, they were see through, or the fabric was linen-like and really rough on the skin, or the stitching was very poor.

THIS Suede Cotton Blazer is brilliant for SG$36! It is a simple and classic design. It feels lovely and light. It is properly lined, lightly padded at the shoulder. And its fabric and make, has more quality than its price suggests.

The sleeves were a little bit long for me, but I rolled it up twice for the photos above and it still looked great.

Note: I now have 3 white blazers. One waterfall-front blazer from Korea, one classic tuxedo blazer from Bardot and now this LOEF one!

Clothes from LOEF

3) Chiffon Waterfall Jacket

This is listed as a Chiffon Blazer, but I think it’s more of a “jacket” or a “chiffon cardigan”.

I think it’s a great little jacket that works well as office wear. Thrown over a shift dress, or a pencil skirt and blouse… it keeps the air conditioning chill off your shoulders and it looks smart and professional (much more than a woolly cardigan).

But I also think it works for casual outfits too, worn over a sun dress, or jeans and a tank top, or your swimwear.

LOEF stocks clothes with a “low and affordable” price point. I won’t say “cheap” because the quality of some of their clothes is actually really good (especially their LOEF Label items) and match the standards of regular high-street stores like Zara, H&M, Forever21.

I can’t vouch for the quality of ALL their stock items, but these items that I have tested and chosen to feature, are excellent for their price. And I will definitely be happy to wear them, mixed up with my high end, high street and vintage/thrifted stuff.

Enjoy your shopping!


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Eileen Kirby Dresses from Frockaholics

27 February 2013

Last week, due to an annoying email glitch, I found out – at the last minute – that I was attending a formal, black-tie FASHION AWARDS NIGHT! AAAKK!

Well, when I say “last minute” it was actually 11 days.

So if you think about it, I actually did have enough time to find something to wear. However I left it really late. So of course, I found myself… 3 days before the event, with nothing to wear!

And in those 3 days, I had full schedule of work, mummy duties, meetings, and lunch dates… and no time to visit any boutiques to find a dress.


If you find a small online boutique with impeccable customer service, my tip: Stick With Them!

If they answer their emails within 24hours, specially pull an item out of their stock for you, and mail it to you in an express postbag, and YOU RECEIVE IT THE NEXT DAY… then omg you know you’ve found gold.

One of my favourite online stores is Frockaholics. They stock hundreds of designer mini dresses, knee length dresses, cocktail dresses, maxi, gowns and much more.

In my search for something to wear, I found this gorgeous dress by Australian designer, Eileen Kirby:

Dress from Frockaholics

I loved the lace and tulle. And I LOVED the back of the dress!

I wanted to get the long version of the dress, but I knew that – me being very short – I probably would need to alter it and take the hem up, so it wouldn’t drag on the floor as I walked. And since I didn’t have much time to spare… the short dress it was.

(Not to mention, if i show off a bit of leg, I tend to look taller.)

The dress arrived in 1.5 days! And oh my goodness it was utterly gorgeous and it fit perfectly.

Dress from Frockaholics

I slipped it on and felt all gushy and like I needed to make a teary Oscar speech haha.

Because it was backless, I had to wear an adhesive sticky bra for some ahem, support.

Ah what can I say… I felt sexy and amazing in it.

Check out the other pretty dresses by Eileen Kirby.

Thank you Frockalholics!


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3 Ways to Wear Due (The New Ballet Flat by FitFlop)

22 February 2013

I was given the opportunity to road test the latest shoe from FitFlop, called Dué.

It’s a ballerina pump – so it looks like a ballet flat, but it has this incredibly cushioned sole. It also has a bit of height and made from top notch materials and leather.

FitFlop Due - Patent

They come in black leather, black patent, cherry red patent and ink blue patent.

I chose the Black Patent Due, because I wanted to try a very, very versatile shoe. One that you could wear for school drop offs, lunch dates, and working in an office. They are retailed at $199.95 for patent and $219.95 for leather, so you do want them to be versatile and last a long time.

When I received them I thought they looked a bit chunky. I’m used to my ballet flats, being VERY flat! And I admit they looked a bit plain. I’m used to wearing “statement flats” with leopard print, or studs or beige snakeskin! But I find that I don’t wear these statement flats when I know I will be walking on pavement/rough paths, because I don’t want them to wear out.

Anyway I gave the  Dués a good go. I wore them around for a week or so, and holy cow, they are really comfortable.

One day, I walked 2km in them to take my children to school, then I did some grocery shopping, went to the library, sat in a cafe for lunch, did some chores at home, then walked 2kms again to pick up my children… and I never took them off!

In fact, several people commented on them and asked me where I got them from. And I also found myself standing in the school yard, surrounded by a bunch of mums getting excited about my shoes haha. Women who spent all day on their feet, seemed to “get it”.

Best thing about them – Comfortable and they look great.

I put together 3 looks to show how the Dué can be styled to suit different occasions.

3 Ways - Due Fitflops

1) With Jeans
Whether you’re wearing your favourite slouchy blue jeans, or skinny statement red jeans… this ballet flat is made for jeans.

2) Sporty
Walking, doing errands, zipping in and out of the car. The comfort and quality of this shoe makes you feel like you could go all day in them.

3) Evening
The patent finish makes this shoe look smart and polished. It looks very cute paired with a simple dress, or a nice skirt and top,

4) Work – not pictured
Of course, you can’t go wrong wearing pants, blouse and classic ballet flats at the office. Or if you are working on your feet all day – these are just perfect.

Yes I’m a fan of them now! I recommend them for someone who wants a high quality flat and are on their feet a lot.

The Dué is on sale right now. Check the FitFlop Website for stockists and where to buy.

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Date Night Outfit: Splendid and Leather

19 February 2013

Splendid Top and Leather Skirt

I went out on a dinner date with my husband and I wore my new Splendid top. It’s actually a tank top with a sparkly, lurex mesh layer that floats around and looks lovely. The arms a slightly wide too, so it has a kimono feel to it.

I adore jersey tops from Splendid, as they are always so wonderfully soft and easy to wear. They are one of my favourite go-to brands for everyday jersey tops, with a touch of luxe.

I bought this one from but you can also buy the brand from The Outnet or Shopbop.

Be sure to keep an eye out for sales too… I picked up this top at 80% off for $20 (was $100) yay!

Kailis Jewellery Shell Pendant

Also I’m wearing my new Shell Pendant from luxury jewellers, Kailis. I received this as a gift (inside the take home gift bag) when I went to their VIP Princess party in November last year. I can’t seem to find this pendant anywhere on their website, so I assume this is a limited edition, corporate gift?

The shape of the pendant is an Australian South Sea pearl shell. But I particularly like it because it has a “K” on it. Obviously K for Kailis, but in my case, K for Karen.

Other Outfit Details:
Faux Leather skirt from YesStyle
Shoes from GlamRockChic
Bracelet by Forin Jewellery
Clutch from Airflex

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3 Ways to Wear a Long Leather Skirt

13 February 2013

How amazing is this Faux-Leather Maxi Skirt by Korean brand Sarah, that I got for $72?!

I thought it deserved its own “3 Ways” blog post, because I want to wear it with everything I own.

Since it’s a long black skirt, it pretty much goes with everything. Wear it tops that are coral, mint, silver, printed, striped, or just plain black.

3 Ways to Wear a Leather Skirt

1) Simple tank and a crisp white blazer, for a slick and polished look. I love this!

White blazer: Bardot (on sale) from The Iconic
Top: Rick Owens from The Outnet
Shoes: ASOS

3 Ways to Wear a Leather Skirt

2) Play with textures. A black furry vest (faux) notches up a modern-gothic glam look. Try wearing leather skirt with other textures like lace, beads details, embroidery, jacquard, tweed, or even feathers.

Fur vest: From YesStyle
Top: Rick Owens from The Outnet
Shoes: GlamRockChic

3 Ways to Wear a Leather Skirt

3) Simple tee and a cropped jacket. Nothing says effortless style like a simple white tee.

White Tee: Abi and Joseph
Blue faux leather jacket: Redopin (old)
Shoes: ASOS

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P-p-p-palazzo Pants

9 February 2013

Just wanted to share my new palazzo pants I wore the other day.

Palazzo Pants

I love the print on these pants, they remind me of beautiful batik sarongs that my mother used to wear.

They make my legs feel so long, and when I walk, I feel so sooo tall!

(I’m only 160cm.)

They swish beautifully like a maxi skirt, but I think they definitely ooze a bit more style :)

Because they are so long and there is so much pattern, I wore a simple black, jersey, tube top to balance my outfit and to show a bit of skin. A white tank top would be equally nice with these pants.

These pants are by Chic Yamada, from FashionValet.

This design is not in stock anymore, but there are heaps of other cool palazzo pants, prices ranging from USD$19 – $60. It’s definitely an affordable place to try buying palazzo pants, if you’re keen.

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Getting My Sporty Luxe On

6 February 2013

So the other day I bought two new things. A pair of shorts and some shoes.

Two *totally* separate purchases. For two *totally* different functions.

I wasn’t supposed to actually wear them together. But by haphazard accident (or laziness), I did.

And the result was a very relaxed, effortless, “Sporty Luxe” look… which was so much fun to wear.

Sporty Luxe

Bonds Summer Shorts – Lemon

I was walking through Big W to buy my son a lunch box. I spotted these cute, drawstring cotton shorts (RRP $34.90, but these were on sale for $20) and grabbed one in size 8. I needed some soft, slouchy shorts to wear around the house or when I go for a run or walk. Most of my shorts are denim, tailored with cuffs or formal looking.

They turned out to be soooo comfy that I just wore them all day! I wore them while walking my boys to school. Then I put on a cardigan while going to the shops to buy apples (I get cold in the air conditioning). Then I realised we were going out for lunch with my parents and of their friends (in the fancy part of town) so I QUICKLY grabbed a blazer to throw on top and changed my shoes.

Yep, so it turned out that the sporty luxe look is AWESOME, and I’ll definitely be doing more of it :)

Shoes Nine West

Nine West Leather Wedge Sandals

I’m completely in love with these sandals. I love the design, the leather, the mid heel, and the fact that they were on sale.

They are a gorgeous pair of shoes… especially because they give my everyday outfits a nice stylish omph.

This style is called “Play FWD” and I’m wearing a size 5.

Buy Nine West from The Iconic
(Enjoy 20% off, min spend $59, only full price with discount coupon code – COMF20GW)

Buy Nine West from Amazon

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Jewellery To Get Attached To

29 January 2013

I want to introduce everyone to one of my new sponsors!

Forin is a new fashion jewellery store that lets you create your own bracelet (or necklace) using beads and charms.

You’ve probably seen the concept before – think Pandora and Swarovski Chamilia. But Forin offers a more affordable price point, while still using high quality sterling silver alloys (and not silver plating over lesser metals).

If you’re not familiar with the details… Pandora and Swarovski also use high quality sterling silver for the majority of their beads and charms.

Ok, so…

…when the team at Forin asked whether I would like to try out some of their products, I was really hesitant.

Firstly, I am a lazy. I like to buy something that someone else has already designed. I don’t want to spend time thinking up a design for myself. Sigh, who has the time for that?

Secondly, I didn’t think all those charms and beads were quite my style. I always gravitate towards classic designs, or funky-bold statement jewellery.

Thirdly, I’m not that sentimental with my jewellery. I will wear something everyday for months and love it. Then I find something new, and stop wearing the old stuff. I move on. Quickly.

However, I figured… hey why not, these “Design Your Own Jewellery Concepts” are really popular, I’ll give it a try and see how I go.

I was really honest with the Forin founder. I said to her – “I am not a fan sorry!”
I even tried to make plans with her on how I was going to send the samples back to her!

Anyway, I picked out a few bracelets, charms, glass beads and Swarovski Crystal beads. They arrived beautifully packaged in a velvet case.

Forin Jewellery

I sat there for a good length of time, playing with different design variations, trying them on my wrist, feeling them jangle about.

This clustered variation (pictured above) had most of the beads and charms that I chose from the website. It looked quite cool!

I discovered that I liked the “busy clustered” look, rather than just “one or two beads” on a bracelet chain.

I also realised that I chose too many “blue and turquoise colours” and should have chosen more blacks and silvers – which is a bit more of my style.

Forin Jewellery

So this is me wearing my clustered bracelet, stacked up with my other daily wrist wear. Looked pretty good.

I wore my Forin bracelet everyday for a week or so. I changed the designs every 3 days. Tweaking it to how I like.

I made so many mental notes!

“I really like the Paw Print Charm, it’s so cute! I must get myself another one.”

“I’d like to get a few more black Swarovski Crystal beads, so I can alternate them with the silver charms. More black!”

“There needs to be more repetition in the pattern, to make it look a bit more balanced.”

“I’d be so nice if I could wear a charm that reminds me of each of my children.”

Yes, I was designing my own bracelet. And yes, it was quite fun.

Forin Jewellery

This was another variation that I liked. I wore it like this for a while. It was very easy to wear with my daily outfits.

In fact, this was my favourite design and bead arrangement.

(Although I’d like to swap all the blue crystal beads with black crystal beads.)

Forin Jewellery

And this is yet another variation. This time I bunched up 5 charms and beads together, with no separators, showing off more of the bracelet chain. This design was nice too. I’d like to try a bracelet full of charms and beads all the way around!


During my “testing phase”… can you believe it, I walked into a Pandora and a Swarovski store to compare the quality of the beads and charms. My bracelet passed with flying colours. Its charms were just as bright and shiny. Its crystals were just as glittery and sparkly. Its weight and the sound it made when it jangled… was just as nice. (That’s right, I like to listen to my jewellery, don’t you? :P)

And so I walked out, being very pleased with my Forin products.

I emailed Jace (Forin’s founder) and told her how happy I was with her products, that yes, I would love to do a review, and yes, I think I’m a fan now!

I’ve realise that after wearing it for a few weeks, I adore my little bracelet. I really, really like that all the little elements in its design was chosen by ME. I have become quite attached to it!

So I guess I’m not so lazy… I guess that beads and charms can suit me… And I guess that I can be a bit sentimental with my jewellery after all :)

I’m now happily planning away at how I’m going to add to it. A few more black crystal beads. A few more cute charms. And some charms that remind me of each of my children.

I’m looking forward to wearing it after I’ve *really* personalised it.

The Forin website is very easy to use. Pick a bracelet. Choose some beads. Some charms. Add some stoppers and clips. And you’re good to go! Or you can check out their ready-to-wear collection.

Check out all the whole collection of beads here and all the charms here.

Special Discount!
Forin has offered a S$10 discount for every purchase that is over S$100. Just use the discount code “10OFF” at the last step of the checkout process to enjoy this discount.

This promotion is valid till the end of next month, 28 Feb 2013.

Enjoy a browse and I hope you find something you like!


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Current/Elliot Jeans, Diva Jewellery and My Honeybees Thongs

25 January 2013

It’s Friday and I’m very excited about sharing some new bits and pieces I have!


I bought some Current/Elliott Red, Skinny Snakeskin jeans. Ahh I love them so much. They are just the right mix of effortless rock and roll statement, bold colour, with a cool pattern that I am drawn to :)

They are insanely comfortable, and soooo soft and stretchy in all the right places. I could slip them on in the morning, wear them all day, lounge around on the couch in the evening, then slip them off at night, so I can have a shower before bed. In fact I did that for 2 days straight (I know, it’s a bit gross)… and I would have gone longer still, but the weather got too hot for wearing jeans during the day :P

I’m wearing a size 25 and they fit perfectly around my thighs. I do have to wear a belt, to make sure that they don’t ride too low and show off my daggy knickers. But I prefer to wear belts with my jeans anyway, so no loss there. Or maybe I should just wear nicer knickers? Maybe not.

I’m now lusting after another Current/Elliott pair from Shopbop, namely the “Stiletto Jeans” which are still on sale!!


My 7 year old son made a colourful, wooden, bead bracelet for me. I’m showing it off in the photo above.

Basically he got really bored one day, so he decided to – secretly – crack open my craft box. He strung together a pretty little gift for me, wrapped it up and made a card. No occasion. Just because! What a sweetie!

I’ve been trying to wear it with the rest of my arm swag whenever I go out. And it looks so cute!


Look at this jewellery haul!

The other day, I walked into a Diva shop and discovered that they were having a closing down sale – where everything was selling for $8, $6 or $4. Bargains galore!

(Top) Turquoise and gold spike necklace was $30, but I got it for $8.
(Bottom Right) Statement Diamante Necklace was $35, now $8. Diamante Ring was $15, now $6. Rhinestone earrings were $10, now $4.

Now the other two items, were not from Diva.
(Bottom left) Stunning choker by Collette Dinnigan for Lovisa – on sale!
(Also bottom left) Yellow flower earrings from Pigeonhole.


Lastly I was given a pair of these cute thongs from My Honeybees.

They are a company striving to raise awareness of the Australian honeybees, while selling these stylish thongs. For every pair they sell, they donate $2 towards research into keeping bee populations happy and healthy.

They have lots of pretty and vibrant colours to choose from – including aqua, lilac, hot pink, lime and champagne. I like them a lot!

Ok, that’s all for now. Hope you have wonderful weekend!


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Wearing Grungey and Moody Prints

22 January 2013

Prints are still on trend for this season and the next.

Especially mirrored digital prints and prints with a “grungey” and “moody” edge. For example prints with dark colours, black and white prints that are geometric or messy… and angry/angsty images – like wild animals! Think wolves, bears, tigers, owls, bulldogs, sharks.


I found this cool, Retro Style Dress (from Romwe) with a scarf-style print and a very 60′s mod shapeless style.

I’m actually not sure what the picture is? A flower? An astronomical chart? An ink blot for a psychological test? No idea, but it looks nice and not too in-your-face.

It was great quality for the price I paid. It had a nice weight to it and the material had some quality to it. But when I tried it on, it was really short. It’s like a big t-shirt – a very different shape to the other dresses I own.

So I wore it out with little black shorts underneath and felt much better about wearing such a short dress! I really like it. I’ll be wearing and layering it up with leather pants or leggings in winter.

Actually, there’s some pretty amazing printed clothes over at Romwe. Tshirts, blouses, jumpers, jackets, skirts, leggings. All very affordable and with prints that I’ve never seen in the shops or other online stores before. Worth a look! I did a search so here’s a quick link to the clothes with prints results. Enjoy!

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A Flair For Black and White

15 January 2013

Club Couture have launched their new Flair collection, showcasing only black and white pieces, that oozes modern chic.

Featuring halter necks, racer backs, clean lines and crisp tailoring… I really took a shine to them.

Clothes from Club Couture

This top is the Contrast Racerback Tunic.

Usually I’m not a fan of shapeless tops, but this one has a seriously sexy racerback back (see photo here) and it seems to fall and flow really nicely. I’m wearing a singlet underneath, which is visible at the back. It’s just a very sporty and sexy look, in a very effortless (but still smart) kind of way.

It’d look fab with a long grey cardigan thrown over the top, or a black blazer, denim jacket, or wool coat.

I’m wearing it with leather pants, leopard print heels and a cluster of metal necklaces. It’s quite refreshing to be wearing such a simple and monochromatic outfit!

Clothes from Club Couture

This Sleeveless Contrast Dress also caught my eye when I saw it on the website. I really liked how preppy it looked. And it turned out to be lovely to wear. Easy, comfortable and it looked great.

The full circle skirt, the contrast collar and button down… they all make it a very classy and smart dress. I’d say it’s perfect for work or weekend.

There is another similar dress, but with 3/4 sleeves, which is also very nice!

Clothes by Club Couture

Here are few more items from the collection. As I said, very modern and chic.

You can check out the rest of the Flair Collection or their New Arrivals.

Happy shopping!

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3 Ways to Wear a Sequin Skirt

9 January 2013

One of the best ways to freshen up your wardrobe is to invest in a statement skirt.

A bold, eye-catching skirt design can go a long way with all the tops, tanks, tees, shirts and jackets that you currently own.

Many months ago, I spotted this geometric sequin skirt from Forever New. I saw it and immediately wanted it, but it was $120 (I think!). I tried it on, and stood in the change room umming and ahhing over it. I couldn’t justify the price at the time, so I reluctantly put it back.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I saw it heavily discounted to $40!! I think it wasn’t a very popular item because there were three size 6′s and eight size 8′s and a gazillion size 10′s on the racks. Big win for meee!

I wore it to a small fashion store launch and a total of 6 people walked up to me and asked me where I got it from. Haha at first I was a bit shy to admit that I got it for close to nothing, but after a while, it was such a great conversation topic in the end (ie. discussing all the fabulous fashion items we bought for mere pennies!)

3 Ways to Wear - Sequin Skirt

So I put together 3 different ways to wear a sequin skirt. Of course you can try it with any kind of statement skirt. Enjoy!

1) With a Printed Tee
My very rad Zoe Karssen t-shirt is from The Iconic
Suede ankle booties are from YesStyle
Vintage belt

2) Tank and Sharp Blazer
Semi-sheer, polka dot top is from AL&ALICIA
White blazer is from Bardot
Leopard print heels are from ModaBella

3) With a Slouchy Shirt
Denim shirt is by Beige (from Korea) – similar designs at ASOS
Studded ankle booties are from YesStyle

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My YesStyle Christmas Loot

6 January 2013

Last month I got to pick out a few items from YesStyle, and they arrived a day after Christmas.

It was Christmas all over again! For me anyway :)


The Stud and Buckle Boots are pretty awesome! They are by high-street Korean fashion label Redopin, and yes they are inspired by a similar Chloe boot which is really popular right now. The boot style is actually a few years old and have since spawned a plethora of look-a-likes by Jeffery Cambell, TopShop, Zu Shoes, just to name a few.

I picked out the Black Shoulder Bag because it channelled a bit of Prada, without the Prada price tag. You see, I needed a black carry bag to hold ALL MY CAMERA GEAR, when I go out to events (I don’t like using camera bags)! So the bag had to be genuine leather, simple design, stylish, no top flaps, had to have a couple of handy zip pockets, and it had to be under $100! You’d be surprised how hard it was to find a bag like that.

But this one ticked all the boxes and it is a great purchase for my very “functional” needs.


Lastly, I chose this lovely Crochet Lace Skirt in a gorgeous coffee-camel colour. It is a really simple and elegant skirt, which fits me so well. I can’t wait to style it and wear it out.

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What are you wearing for Christmas?

21 December 2012

A few weeks ago, I picked out two dresses to wear to my Christmas and New Year celebrations.

These are from Beauties Closet, an online shop specialising in popular fashion styles from Korea.

I reviewed this online shop a few months ago in this blog post, and I share a few tips on Korean fashion and the best ways to shop on the site.

I also have a special 15% off discount code for all my readers that will help out with the shipping cost. Scroll below for details.

Anyway, here are the dresses. They are so pretty!

Christmas Dresses from Beauties Closet

This Sequin Feminine Dress is really adorable. In real life, wearing the dress to a candlelit dinner party, surrounded by sparkling fairy lights, I seriously felt like a twinkly angel.

It is a well made, nicely tailored dress, but I have to admit, the sequins are a little delicate. And yeah ok it’s a little pricey too, but I would definitely wear it more than once.

However, considering that most people would buy a $160 dress from a department store to wear to an event, this price is not far off, for a dress that’s a little bit different.

It’s a pretty, floaty dress, great for spring and summer.

I’d wear it to dinner parties, outdoor summer evening events, a day and night wedding reception etc etc.

Christmas Dresses from Beauties Closet

This Elbow Sleeves Lace Dress is romantic and a true classic.

Yes the dress style is quite common, but what I like about this dress is that the material is soft and stretchy. There is no zip, I just slip it on and it fits wonderfully. It’s always really nice to wear such a simple dress, because I feel so comfortable in it. It doesn’t ride up when I walk, or create static, or scrunch when I sit, or scratch my skin and make me itchy.

The dress comes in a black or white… and the styling possibilities are endless.

I have worn nude shoes, with black crystal earrings and a watermelon clutch to add a bit of colour and contrast. But you can wear the dress with bright blues, or yellows, or reds. It’s a nice way to show off your statement accessories, or your brightly coloured trench coat or your classic leather tote.

Again, this is a lovely dress that I’m very happy to add to my wardrobe. I love my Korean fashion! (Hmm, I’m tempted to get the black one now…)

*Special Discount Code*

Use the code “BCKC15″ at the checkout to receive 15% OFF your order. This offer starts 21 December and will end on 31 December 2012, 11:59 GMT8+.

And if you’d like to keep up to date with new arrivals, check out the Beauties Closet Facebook Page.

Have a fun shopping!

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Fashion Textures: Croc ‘n’ Fur

18 December 2012

Texture mixing is big in this new season.

If you love playing with new styles, try combinations of textures such as: faux fur, metallic embroidery, lace, faux snake and crocodile skins, leathers, feathers, jewelled fabrics, beads and crystals. Mix with jewel tones and metallic colours (I’m loving bronze and rose gold at the moment).

I chose a couple of items from YesStyle, and they arrived in the mail a few days ago.

I was so excited to wear them straight away and share on the blog, because they are totally rad!

YesStyle Croc Bag

This faux crocodile skin bag (by Korean brand Redopin), is hot!

It has a great structured shape, good quality weight to it, made from lovely materials, it has some cool hardware, a nice long strap, as well as a decorative chain that can be a smaller handle too.

I will definitely use it as my quick, go-to evening bag… whenever I’m wearing black (which is quite often).

YesStyle - Black Fur Coat

The weather has been a bit crazy here in Perth, with bouts of rain, storms and cool nights.

But this meant I was so so happy to take this SARAH Faux-fur Cropped Jacket out its first night out.

I’ve got a white faux fur jacket, which feels sophisticated and elegant. But black fur feels so much more edgy, moody, glam and a bit gothic. I LOVE! I think it’s one of my best wardrobe additions (in the jacket department) in a long time.

For the rest of my outfit, I’m wearing…
Sparkle Knit Top by Stylestalker from The Iconic
Faux Leather Pants from Topshop
Patent Leather shoes by GlamRockChic
Sunglasses by Chloe

Have fun!

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New Undies Are The Perfect Gift!

14 December 2012

This Christmas, one of my favourite online boutiques has partnered with a wonderful UK charity Smalls For All to donate Christmas gifts to women in Africa that many of us take for granted – UNDERWEAR!

Birdsnest is helping this cause by offering a special new “lucky dip” Surprise Gift worth $29.95.

For each gift purchased, Birdsnest will donate 3 new pairs of knickers to Smalls For All.

Their target is 10,000 pairs of knickers! And I was wondering if you would like to help?

Buy a Birdsnest Surprise Gift here.

The cute and fun thing about this gift, is that it is a complete surprise. Each gift is categorised by the kind of fashion “personality” that you or your girlfriend/sister/mother/aunty are. And you get to choose from:
- Classic Woman
- Party Mood
- Corporate Girl
- Yummy Mummy
- Designer Attitude
- Study Girl
- Naturally Active

I managed to get my hands on TWO Surprise Gift packs.

For the first gift, I chose “Classic Woman” and this is what I received in the mail a few days later.

Birdsnest Smalls For All

Each gift is wrapped and presented beautifully!

Birdsnest Smalls For All

I got a lovely scarf. It’s so pretty! It’s the perfect colour for my wardrobe of classic blacks, whites, camels and stripes. It will definitely get a lot of wear.

Birsdnest Smalls For All

Secondly I chose “Party Mood“.

Birsdnest Smalls For All

And this is what I received! How gorgeous is that colour? It has already found its way to my nails. I love Butter colours!

But of course, you might be getting something different, or maybe the same? Who knows, because it’s a surprise!

These gift packs are such a lovely idea for a Christmas gift – knowing that you’re giving a little bit to charity at the same time.

You can find out more about the Birdsnest X Smalls For All collaboration here.

Or head on over to the Birdsnest site to order a Surprise Gift here.

Happy shopping :)

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4 Great Items from Stephie’s Shop

13 December 2012

This time of year, I’m always so attracted to fun party dresses to wear during the festive season.

But when the TIME ACTUALLY ARRIVES for me to dress up, I usually wished I bought clothes which were a bit more sensible and practical :)

You see, we get invited to a lot of casual family events such as… a picnic in the park, or a beach-side barbecue dinner, or a casual family pot luck dinner. I just want to look smart and casual. I don’t want to turn up looking like I’m going to a bar for some drinking and dancing!

So I found a few items from Stephie’s Shop, a cute boutique with stylish and playful clothes at affordable prices.

Stephie's Shop

This is the Dipped Hem Dress in Crimson. I adore the classic and ladylike style of the dress. It has a high boat neckline, a fitted waist and a slightly longer hem at the back giving the skirt a nice flare.

It’s made from a heavy cotton so it’s comfortable and it hardly needed any ironing. It’s fab.

I’m wearing a size SMALL, and I’m usually a UK6, AUD 6 or XS.

See more Dresses from Stephie’s Shop.

Stephie's Shop

The second item I chose, was a sheer sleeveless blouse, called the Buenos Aires Top.

Basically I was looking for a simple top that looked dressy and smart, that I could wear in the warm weather, and that could be worn with the ZILLIONS of colourful skirts, shorts, pants and jeans that I own.

This one was perfect! I consider it to be one of those brilliant items that instantly refreshes my whole wardrobe.

Stephie's Shop

On the left is a Classic Playsuit specially designed by the team at Stephie’s Shop. It also comes in a lovely deep blue.

You can’t really go wrong with a black romper, especially one as cute as this. It is a button down (like a shirt) and has a drawstring so you can fit it to your waist.

It looks great for day to night casual party wear, as it is easy to dress up or down.

On the right is the Alabama Top in Black.

I chose this top because it was a bit more “on trend” with it’s peplum hem and brocade print. And I particularly chose it because the shine looked a bit like leather and it had a bit of texture to it… which are all features for the new season :)

So there you have it, 4 great items that went straight into my wardrobe, which I’ve started to wear and are now on weekly rotation!

Hope you find something you like too!


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Hello Yellow!

10 December 2012

There’s nothing like slipping on a BRIGHT YELLOW dress to cheer yourself up :)

To start the week of Christmas parties, I received this fabulous dress from Gosh Celebrity Fashion.

Dress from Gosh Celebrity Fashion

It’s a strapless peplum dress, with origami kind of folds.

It fits me perfectly, it’s easy to wear, comfortable, affordable and most of all I feel great in it :)

Check out more party dresses at Gosh.

So whenever I wear colourful accessories, I don’t like to be TOO MATCHY-MATCHY.

I think TWO matching accessories is the most you should put together in any one outfit. For example, you can match your earrings and shoes. Or belt and shoes. Or earrings and clutch.

But DON’T try to match your earrings, bag, belt AND shoes! It just looks like you’re 12 :)

Dress from Gosh Celebrity Fashion

Clutch from Kookai
Watch by Guess
Leather and stud wrap by Wanderlust + Co
Bangles from Sportsgirl
Shoes by Gorge

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Win $300 to spend at Wanderlust + Co!!

27 November 2012

Wanderlust + Co Arm Party

(Above: Wearing Multi-stud wrap bracelet in silver and nude)

Wanderlust + Co is an online shop – one of my favourites! – with a gorgeous range of wristwear, rings, necklaces, earrings and clutches.

Their pieces are on-trend and affordable. And their collections suit a huge range of tastes – from trendy streetwear, to timeless classics, to pretty crystal bling, to edgy and quirky designs.

**(I have a special discount code to share with everyone. Please scroll down to view the details!)

Anyway, the team at Wanderlust + Co and I have collaborated to bring an exclusive competition to my wonderful readers….

You can win a USD$300 giftcard to spend at the online store!

- This competition is now closed! -

Here’s a bit of arm party inspiration for you, based on my favourite Wanderlust + Co bracelets.

Wanderlust + Co Arm Party

Wearing Stud & Buckle Wrap in nude, and  Chain Triple-Wrap Bracelet in gold and green.

Wanderlust + Co Arm Party

Wearing XL Buckle Up Leather Bracelet in tan.

Here are a few tips for your arm party entry photos:

1) Use Instagram on your smart phone. Play with filters and colours.

2) Choose a fashion theme. Try a tough, rock-chick theme. Or a pretty pastel theme. Or a bright summer theme with neon and loud colours.

3) Find a cool backdrop for your photo. Your favourite beach with an old wooden jetty. A park covered with autumn leaves. A hidden alleyway with amazing urban street art.

4) Find some gorgeous props. A birdcage! Your pet rabbit! A beautiful, old, black and white wedding photo of your grandparents.\

5) Most of all, have fun!

Wanderlust + Co Arm Party


And lastly, I have another special treat for all my readers!

Enjoy a 20% off ALL stock (including sale items). Enter the code word “karen20” at the checkout. Valid until 30 Nov 2012.

Happy shopping and snapping!!

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Frockaholics for Vogue’s Online Shopping Night

23 November 2012

The other day I indulged in a bit of fashion-girl fun.

The team at Frockaholics Online sent over a huge box of goodies for me to feature on my blog. So I had the pleasure of road testing a stack of awesome party dresses for the festive season!

They also want to offer all my readers 20% off all stock as part of Vogue’s Online Shopping Night on the 26 November. Scroll down for details!

These were my favourite picks and how I would wear them.

Frockaholics Online

(Left) This pink and white dress is by designer Talulah. And oh how I adore this label. It captures feminine silhouettes, with great prints and slightly edgy details. And it has a touch of sexiness, with a cool, street style spin.

This dress was super easy. I just zipped it up, it fit perfectly, it was easy to wear, it had a good comfortable stretch and it looked great!

Check out the Talulah collection here.

(Right) The next dress is by Rachel Gilbert. I am amazed by how she continues to create collection after collection of sublime and stunning dresses. This one is a heavily sequin/beaded dress with a sheer panel neck.

I could feel how luxurious and high quality the garment was by its weight. It was divine to wear.

Check out the Rachel Gilbert collection here.

Frockaholics Online

(Left) This cute day time dress is by Sara Philips. Known for her playful styles that are a bit quirky-cool, I have always enjoyed Sara’s garments (especially her prints).

This dress has cross back straps, and the back was a bit low, so I couldn’t wear a bra. But it fell nicely and the colours looked very unique and cool.

Check out the rest of the collection by Sara Philips.

(Right) Ok I think this dress was the winner for me! It was the first time I’ve tried a dress by Watson X Watson and I loved it!

It is made of bright blue lace with neon trim, with a high neckline and short skirt. I like the slightly sporty luxe look mixed with the feminine lace. And also, it felt very comfortable to wear and it fit me sooo well.

I love the prints in the rest of the collection! Check out Watson X Watson here.

Frockaholics Online

(Left) This was my second favourite item. I really, really liked this top by LIFEwithBird. I wished I could have kept it! It would have slipped right into my wardrobe and I would have worn it with every bottom-piece I own. Leather pants, maxi skirt, sequin skirt, denim shorts, leopard jeans… everything!

It has a knit front, with a silk underlay, so it’s slightly sheer. LOVE it.

Check out the rest of items by LIFEwithBIRD.

I wore it with my own shorts and booties.

(Right) And lastly, this is a top by Magdalena Velevska. At first I thought it looked a bit weird, because it was bright neon lime (same colour as my hi-vis cycling jersey haha) and it had these fuzzy circle shapes that look like cut up tennis balls?!

But as I styled it and wore it, I realised that I wanted to match it with heaps of things in my waredrobe. It’s look great with leather pants, slim pencil skirt, white blazer, white jeans, a bright floral skirt etc. It just looked so eye-poppingly unique.

So in the end I thought it was pretty damn cool and I wouldn’t mind having it in my wardrobe either!

Check out the Magdalena Velevska collection here.


As part of Vogue’s Online Shopping Night, Frockaholics will offer 20% off all stock.

Use Code VOSN20 at checkout. Only valid on 26 Nov 2012.


I’m letting you know that there’s a secret 12-hour Flash Sale on the 26 November.

Starting at 12pm all items will be priced at $49, $79, $99 and $149. First 40 customers will receive a FREE Totem bag with purchase.
Sign up to the mailing list and receive a $30 VOUCHER to use on your next Frockaholics purchase PLUS automatic entry into the draw to WIN a $500 Shopping Voucher.

Just head on over to the Frockaholics Online website and follow the big banner :)

Terms and conditions: Free express shipping on all orders; Other offers cannot be used on Flash Sale purchases; All Flash Sale purchases are final; Flash Sale ends at 11:59pm 26 November 2012; $500 Voucher will be drawn 28 November 2012 and winner will be notified via email; Vouchers can only be used on full price stock.

Happy shopping!!

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Win An Exclusive AL&ALICIA x The J. MYERS CO Leather Cuff

12 November 2012

AL&ALICIA Leather Cuff

In celebration of AL&ALICIA’s 3rd anniversary, the team have collaborated with The J.Myers Co to create an exclusive beautiful leather cuff.

It is a gorgeous double wrap leather cuff made entirely out of genuine python skin and leather and available in 3 colors – black, grey and red.

It’s simple, stylish, a bit edgy, and oozing boyish chic appeal. I’m thrilled to be adding it to my wrist wear collection.

There are only a limited number available (60 in fact!) and they can be purchased online from the AL&ALICIA site, from November 18th.

AL&ALICIA Leather Cuff

This is how I wore the cuff on the weekend.

I wore my denim shirt, J Brand khaki jeans, leopard print flats, a chunky black watch and a colourful jumble of bracelets.

Love love love it :)

AL&ALICIA Leather Cuff

So here’s your chance to win yourself one cuff!

In any colour you like! All you have to do is to join the AL&ALICIA mailing list from Facebook.

How To Enter
1) Pop over to the AL&ALICIA facebook page and LIKE it.

2) Along the top horizontal menu, click on the “Mailing List” button. It’s mint colour with a pic of an envelope! (No need to load any Facebook Apps)

3) Fill in your Name and Email Address. You’ll receive an email, which you’ll have to click to confirm.

That’s it!

The winner will be drawn randomly and contacted via email.

This competition is open worldwide.

Competition dates – From 12 Nov – 19 Nov 2012.

All the best!


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Hear Me RAWR!

9 November 2012

With several seasons of eye-popping colour and dazzling neons, the fashion world is now slowly headed back to the glorious world of BLACK AND WHITE. Yay finally!

But my story starts a couple of months ago. I was itching to find and wear some sexy, black heels to fashion week. However I left it too late (as always) and I didn’t have enough time to buy myself a new pair of shoes.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, the divine designer from GlamRockChic emailed me and wanted to send me a few pairs of shoes and ask me what I thought of them. Hell yeah, send them over!

GlamRockChic #4 Hear me Rawr

This is the luxury label’s 4th collection. And I love that they are a collection of mostly BLACK heels.

The first pair of shoes I picked out was called, Modern II.

If you look at the product page, you can see the side on view and it looks HOT! There are little asymmetric, angled cut outs and wide top straps with chunky silver hardware. It’s patent leather, so it has a very sleek, modern, sexy look to it. It’s fierce, but still chic.

I wore it with my Topshop faux leather pants, Wessex Sequin top, and Bardot white blazer.

And Berrybow maroon, tweed, mini dress.

GlamRockChic #4 Hear me Rawr

My favourite feature of this shoe is the wide top strap and the cut outs.

Tthey were really comfortable too!

GlamRockChic #4 Hear me Rawr

This next shoe is called, Venus.

Ok these shoes have taken the idea of a “comfortable designer shoe” to a whole new level for me. Its upper and inner are 100% soft sheepskin, and oh my, I feel like I’m wearing a velvety glove on my feet. The inside lining of the shoes are buttery soft and I can stand for HOURS in them :)

If you have been following me via instagram (@karenlycheng) you’ll notice that last week I went out to 3 events, 3 evenings in a row. And for each of those events I wore these Venus shoes, with 3 different dresses, of course. And for each evening, I must have walked 1km in them and stood around in them for 3-4 hours.

Verdict: No blisters, no red marks, no sore ankles, or toes. Very, very comfortable. I even drove home in them. Didn’t have to take them off in the car.

GlamRockChic #4 Hear me Rawr

Its price is really affordable, considering the quality, the luxe materials and the design. Definitely a worthy shoe investment!

It’s almost a classic “fierce” shoe design. Edgy, sexy, a bit of rock and roll, yet still polished. They are my new favourite shoes tee hee.

I wore it with my Nobody black jeans, Kookai tee and Styleberry suede jacket.

And with my silk cocktail dress by Aurelio Costarella.

GlamRockChic #4 Hear me Rawr

And lastly, GlamRockChic have launched their first flat shoe, called the Modern Petite.

With luxurious materials, sleek design, it is very similar to the first shoe I talked about, the Modern II (but it doesn’t have the asymmetric cut out bit). I love the wide straps and the silver buckle, it looks modern and smart.

It’s a little different to your standard flat sandal, in that the sides are slightly raised which continues to the back of the shoe. You might have to take a peek at the product page to get a proper look.

It took me a while to get used to it, but after wearing it for a day, I realised they were really comfy, and they made my feet look really nice – slim, clean, and it just covered up my (possibly dirty) soles, and the dry skin on my heels!

GlamRockChic #4 Hear me Rawr

GlamRockChic are known for their comfortable, yet high-fashion designs, and these shoes certainly did not disappoint.

I have a special discount code for anyone interested in purchasing a pair (or two) site wide!

Apply the discount code “XMAS20” to receive 20% off with every purchase of 2 shoes from GlamRockChic in a single shipment.

Promotion duration : 9 Nov to 16 Nov 2012.


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Romwe 30% Off Sale

2 November 2012

I had lots of great feedback when I posted about the Romwe online shop a few months ago.

So I thought I’d do another shout out about a sale they are having -  an Up to 30% Off Buyer’s Pick Sale

Romwe Buyer's Sale

There are lots of cute knits and blouses on sale. How cute is that little puppy knit?

Faux leather skirts and galaxy prints are really popular too.

Romwe Buyer's Sale

There’s some Sass & Bide inspired leggings, cool jacquard trousers, and lots of accessories on sale!

The sale goes from 2nd – 8th November.

No need a special code, just head on over to the Buyer’s Pick Sale Page


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Shopping Files: Bikinis on Sale

31 October 2012

Shopping Files: Bikinis on Sale

The other day I was in Target, looking for some shorts for my son, when I stumbled across a bikini top with a really cute pattern (a bit Missoni-esque perhaps?). It was a crochet design in pretty rainbow colours… and it was reduced to $18.

I snatched it up in a size 8 and went to try it on in the change room – but *gasp* the cut of the size 8 was … um a bit TOO revealing! So I went up to a size 10 and then 12, which weren’t any better. No wonder they were on sale :P I eventually bought the size 14 top and matching briefs… and just tied the bikini strings a little tighter haha!

I’m pretty happy about the price. To think my last swimsuit cost around $120.

Wore this outfit to the beach on the weekend. Boots and sand? Because I can.

Stripe shirt – Ben Sherman

Lace shorts – Stephie’s Shop

Boots – Isabel Marant inspired booties by Midnight Coco (c/o YesStyle)

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Sandals for Coloured Jeans

26 October 2012

With the arrival of warm weather, I worked out that I can’t wear black sandals with coloured jeans.

To me, black strappy sandals have a very “gladiator” or “tough” look to them. And I just can’t slip them on while I’m wearing my sunshine yellow jeans. The contrast of colour and look… just looks a bit wrong.

So I took it upon myself to source out some affordable sandals that would go great with coloured jeans :)

Sandals for Coloured Jeans

Metallic sandals look fab with sunshine yellow!

This pair is from Novo.

Sandals for Coloured Jeans

Nude, beige and tan sandals are a no-brainer. The neutral, muted tones work perfectly for pastels outfits.

These are nude sandals with a touch of gold, from Romwe.

Sandals for Coloured Jeans

Snakeskin or zebra print sandals add lots of visual interest to an outfit, and keeps the colours and tones tied together.

These genuine leather babies are by Moonbasa, via YesStyle.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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Shopping Files: Zoe Karssen and Leather Pants

19 October 2012

Yep I have been shopping again – much to my husband’s dismay.

Zoe Karssen and Leather Pants

I wore this outfit to an event last week. And took a few quick snaps to show off the bits and pieces…

1) I love the cool, rock styles of Amsterdam label Zoe Karssen… which you can buy from various online luxury boutiques.

I fell in love with their printed tees, and I found this RAD tee on The Iconic.

The material is 50% Cotton 50% Modal, the cut is effortlessly gorgeous, the neckline is not too low. It’s just a great, luxe, simple tee, with a cool print haha. See more tees from Zoe Karssen

I also bought it with a special coupon code – so I got 20% off!

Or you can head over to access The Iconic Up to 70% Sale here.

2) Next I bought the a pair of faux leather pants from Topshop. And they look fricking awesome.

The fashion girl in me has lusted after a pair of real leather pants for years – the biggest obstacle being the price. But I’m completely satisfied to say that these Topshop pants fit so amazing well and look sooo cool, that I have ended my search :)

3) I’ve had the white fur coat for a while now.

It’s by a very cool Korean brand called GUSET, which is stocked in YesStyle.

Hoping to find a similar fur coat in black for next winter!

4) My silver necklace was from Equip!

I don’t usually buy from Equip, because most times their jewellery looks cheap, and they use poor materials. But this necklace looked great, it had a really good weight to it and it looked well made.

It was also on sale, from was something like $20, but I got it for $3. That fact alone made me inspect it inside and out, to find out what was wrong with it. But there was nothing wrong with it, and it was a great buy! Haha it pays to look.

5) My shoes are by designer label GlamRockChic.

Hee hee I have been wearing these everywhere! It’s because they make any outfit look great, they look a bit different to your standard pump heel, and they are super duper comfortable.

That’s all for now, have a fabulous weekend!


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Two Khaki Jackets

14 October 2012

My kind sponsors at YesStyle gave me the opportunity to pick out a couple of items for me to review. As autumn and winter arrives in the northern hemisphere, there are heaps of new styles and new sales on the site.

This is what I chose!

(I actually picked out a third item, but I didn’t think much of it… so it won’t get a review here.)

Two Khaki Jackets

The first is a cotton khaki jacket with contrast leatherette sleeves. It’s a cool and unique look, possibly influenced by the college varsity jackets, but a bit more grown up, especially with the leather.

This new season is all about mixing textures and two tones. So this is a fab way to update your wardrobe.

This jacket is by a Korean brand, Norang Gomusin, and it’s on sale at the moment.

Check out the jacket’s product page here. The Korean model makes the jacket look gorgeous… and I’m happy to say that it looks and feels as good as it looks on the website. The garment has a good weight to it, so it feels like a good quality item for its price. I don’t think you can get a jacket like this for this price in Australia :P

It also comes in a tan colour too.

I really like the style of Norang Gomusin’s latest collection, full of light knits, light tops, jackets, jeans and booties. They are classic casual designs, in easy-to-wear colours, but still looks on trend, good quality clothes and very affordable.

Outfit: Jacket by Norang Gomusin, White tee from Country Road, Aztec skirt from Beauties Closet, Leather booties from ASOS.

Two Khaki Jackets

I adore this slouchy green jacket. It’s a real Throw Over Anything kind of jacket. It has big batwing sleeves, so you can easily layer up with a top, cardigan, jumper and still slip this jacket on top with lots of room in its sleeves.

This jacket is by popular Korean brand Redopin, and if you take a peek at the product page, there’s something about Korean models and styling that looks so pretty and street cool!

Again the jacket is a pretty good quality, and it’s a nice trans-seasonal item to have in your wardrobe. It’s lightweight but it needs a good iron before you wear it (as it arrives folded up and quite creased).

Outfit: Jacket by Redopin, stripe top by J.Crew, leather skirt by Urban Outfitters, flats from FashionJunkee.

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A Stylish and Casual Summer

9 October 2012

With the warm weather approaching, I’ve noticed that I have lots of casual wear that are great for being a sloppy bum by the beach or pool (tanks, tees and denim shorts), but very few items that are stylish for everyday CASUAL WEAR.

A Stylish and Casual Summer

So I’ve been looking to find a loose, white, long sleeved top for the new season. And I found these!! Casual but still a bit dressy.

Top left: Living Doll Dazzling Blouse from Birdsnest

Top right: Ladakh Dance Away Top from Birdsnest

Bottom left: Wish Sadie Blouse from Birdsnest

Bottom right: Pink Stitch Moroccan Dreams Top from Birdsnest

A Stylish and Casual Summer

Then I can wear the white blouse with some tailored shorts for a bit of grown-up casual-ness.

Alldressedup Chelsea Silk Shorts from ShopTheMag

Chloe Cotton and silk-blend Twill Shorts from The Outnet

Stretch Linen Shorts from Witchery

A Stylish and Casual Summer

And when I just don’t feel like wearing sandals and showing off my toes… these are some classic casual flats that will look great with the white shirt and tailored shorts combo.

Converse All Star Light Plimsolls from

Blowfish Smara Espadrille Loafers from The Iconic

ASOS LANTERN Ballet Flats from ASOS

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My Fashion Festival Outfits

4 October 2012

Every year the Perth Fashion Festival seems to get bigger and better! It is always packed with a lot of fun and enjoyable fashion events, making the city come alive, and it’s just a great way for me to support and see the latest collections by fashion designers from my hometown.

Having said that, it is completely out of step from my reality = Domestic mum with cooking and cleaning duties, to then slapping on some makeup, throwing on a frock and then sitting front row and tweeting instagram photos to thousands of people! Haha! It’s so surreal sometimes. In moments like these, I always pinch myself, sit back and feel so thankful and grateful for the opportunity.

Anyway, this year I REALLY enjoyed myself.

I only went to a few shows this time, but for me, it was just the right number of events for me to cram into 6 days. I’ll be posting about the actual events, collections and clothes in separate posts. Right now I just want to share what I wore!

PFF12 - What I Wore

This is me and the lovely Sussan, at the VIP Closing Night Event.

I’m wearing my emerald Genevieve dress from Pia Gladys Perey! I did a review of the dress in this post here, where I was considering whether to keep the coral, lilac or green dress. I wasn’t sure about the green dress because the colour was a bit unusual (in a Kermit the Frog kind of way) and my children hated the colour and were pressuring me to get the coral dress.

In the end, I did choose the green… and it was such a great choice!! Sooo many people walked up to me and complimented me on it, took photos, and lots of people asked who it was by. So I consider that a total win haha!

But I thought I would share with you the rather traumatic day I had getting this outfit together.

First, although I knew I was going to wear this dress to the event and I wanted to have the dress slightly altered, one thing and another led me to be BADLY under prepared.

So I ended up really desperate to find a tailor who could have the alterations done THAT AFTERNOON. So I went to the first tailor that I could find and used some evil tactics – battering my eyelids, being all smiley and sweetly chirpy at him. He did it for me in a few hours, yay. But then he also asked me whether I was married, and let me know that he had a son who was single! ERRR OOPS NO SORRY, HAPPILY MARRIED THANKS!

I had the length shortened (for $40) and the halter neck strap taken up (for $25).

Second, the event was also a masquerade cocktail party, so I raided my sister’s dress up box and found a pretty sequined feathered mask for my outfit. But, the mask was over 10 years old and was falling apart. Also, it had a tacky elastic strap that held it on…and I didn’t like that.

So an hour before the event, I asked my my wonderful husband if he could help me out.

First, he suggested that rather than wear my sister’s mask, I should try wearing the LEGO HEAD HELMET that we made a few weeks back . When I declined, he super-glued my sister’s mask sequins back in place, and he also hot-glued a chopstick to the back of the mask… so I could carry it in an elegant way.

Finally ready to go out, I was saying goodbye to my sons, who were all sitting around eating dinner. And then my seven year old son stared at me and said “Mum, are you wearing anything under that dress?…because it’s got a big hole in the front!”

I looked down and released he was referring to the split in the front of my dress.

I was rather stunned to be told by my own son , who is in primary school, that I might be indecently dressed. In fact, I had a flashback moment to when I was 17 and my mother said something similar to me. And my response was the same…yes, I was going out “dressed like that”.


This was my whole outfit for the night!  Photo was taken by the always delightful Matt Jelonek for The West Australian newspaper.

PFF12 - What I Wore

Moving along. This is what I wore to the Ae’lkemi Show on a different night.

I was invited by Ae’lkemi’s designer, Alvin Fernandez, to come into his showroom for a private pre-show viewing of his brand new collection. My eyes bugged out as I saw all his amazing gowns up close!

He also organised for me to borrow a gown to wear for the show and for me to sit front row – Oooh la la, I was in fashion girl heaven! I won’t lie, I felt so very honoured, pampered and special tee hee.

I won’t say too much else about the dress, because I have another post coming up, dedicated to this dress and the Ae’lkemi collection!


However, I  also found myself in the newspaper a few days later… and wondered if Alvin organised that too?

PR people are so clever.

PFF12 - What I Wore

Then I wore this gorgeous chartreuse cocktail dress to the Flannel show.

It is an Aurelio Costarella silk dress, which I bought on mega sale. I’m not sure what the original price was (I think it was somewhere between $600-$500) but I bought it for $150. It has silky soft pleats and the hem actually has a slight bubble to it, giving it a lovely shape that was wonderful to wear.

The neckline was lovely too, but it was quite low and deep. I wore a black strapless bra, and I used a bit of fashion tape (double sided tape) on my chest to keep the dress in place.

I dressed it up with simple – but chunky – gold accessories.
Gold tassel earrings are by Mezi from Frockaholics
Chain bracelet is by House of Baluch from The-Dreamery.


I did wear some other outfits to the fashion festival (courtesy of my-wardrobe)!

But I have already shown them in a previous post… so if you would like to read about them, view them here in this post.

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Shopping Files: J-Brands from The Iconic

28 September 2012

Khaki J-Brand jeans

Last month, I decided that I have too many bright coloured jeans, and I just need a pair of everyday skinny khakis.

So I bought myself a pair of Khaki J-Brand jeans from The Iconic – on sale! They were $275, down to $165, then with an extra 25% off coupon, I paid $123 for them! I’m so happy with them. Such a win purchase.

They are super-soft, good length, great stretch, lovely colour, I like the zip details and they fit perfectly.

I’ve worn them lots of times casually (as shown here) and also I wore them dressed up (with a sheer, black sequin top and high heels).

Tshirt: Rebecca Minkoff tee from Shopbop
Belt: Sportsgirl
Wristwear: Wanderlust + Co
Shoes: Habbot

Khaki J-Brand jeans

Sooo…….. The Iconic are having their Mid-Season sale right now, with up to 50% off hundreds of items (including Sass & Bide, Finders Keepers, Talulah and heaps more).

Or you can head over to access The Iconic Mid-Season Sale here!! I’m not sure how long this sale goes on for, but my guess is: a few weeks?


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Reminder: $1000 my-wardrobe Giveaway Ends Thursday night!

26 September 2012

Yep just a friendly reminder for all those interested – you can win a $1000 voucher to spend at my-wardrobe!

This giveaway is open worldwide, and will end on Thursday, 27 September 2012, 11.59pm (GMT +8).

Go to my giveaway post for more details and to enter.

The lovely team at my-wardrobe sent me a few dresses to review on my blog, and for me to wear to the recent fashion week!

They were such gorgeous dresses and I was terrified that I would spill food, drink, get lipstick marks on them. Thankfully I didn’t!


This first dress is by ACNE (one of my favourite designers!) and the design is exclusive to my-wardrobe.

It’s pretty much a big silky t-shirt dress, with a high round neck and cut-out back. It has some really nice drapes and layers too. You can wear it on it’s own, or with leggings, tucked into jeans, or as I have, belted at the waist.

Because it had a cut-out at the back, I didn’t want my bra to be exposed, so I wore a black camisole underneath and I was snug and warm all night.

I wore it with a rose gold belt from Sportsgirl and green heels from GlamRockChic (which completely lifted the whole outfit!)


Secondly I wore this Just Cavalli dress – which was soooo cool! I love the crazy angry wolf print!

This dress was definitely a loose fit dress, in a shift style. However, I think it was a bit too loose for me. The photo on the left shows the dress as is, it looked a bit shapeless to what I’m used to. But on the photo on the right, I pinned the dress back and it looked much more fitted and flattering for my shape and petiteness.

But really, I loved the print so I would still purchase it and I would get the dress slightly altered.

I received heaps of compliments for both dresses. They were really eye catching and different.

Anyway, all the best to everyone for the giveaway – hope you win, if not, there’s always next time :)


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3 Ways to Update Your Working Wardrobe

19 September 2012

Most of my working career was spent in advertising or digital media companies. And because I was in the creative department, my dress code was usually “relaxed and casual”. Which meant everyone dressed like urban hipsters, or bohemian artists.

But I always loved the corporate professional look. And I hankered to put on a sharp suit, tailored pants, classic button downs and pencil skirts. So in the end, I dressed somewhere in between, and I kind of looked like I was part of the marketing team haha.

Anyway, my fashion eye is always attracted to that “creative corporate” look… so I thought I’d put together some outfits on how to update a working wardrobe with some on-trend key pieces.

Work Wear Sept 2012


While most of us have black, grey, navy, camel pencil skirts for work… a crisp white pencil skirt will go a really long way. It’ll slip innocently into your wardrobe and GO WITH EVERYTHING from all your usual neutral or coloured tops, as well as the new season patterned prints.

My lovely white pencil skirt with zip detail is from Korean boutique, Beauties Closet.

Navy button down shirt from DKNY.

Beige trench coat by Mersh, from YesStyle.

Beige heels are by Habbot.

Work Wear Sept 2012


Most people feel that floral prints should be kept for the weekend. But with a gorgeous print (that’s not so busy) and teamed with classic white pants and a black blazer, it’s not hard to get your style on.

Classic blazer by ClubCouture

Floral Silk Shirt by Antipodium, from Frockaholics

White pants by Fendi

Heels from ASOS

Work Wear Sept 2012

Inject a bit of style into your work wardrobe with some black/white printed goodness. Wear it with structured top and jacket, to keep the look smart and polished. Wear it with neutrals so the pattern is not so LOUD!

These pants are no longer on sale online. But I am totally in love with these Black and white Leopard print pants from ASOS. Or Lola Vs harper Pants from The Iconic.

T-shirt is from Country Road

Jacket is from a Korean brand called Ode.

Necklace is by Lovisa, from The Iconic

Beige heels are by Habbot

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Holiday Dresses by Pia Gladys Perey

4 September 2012

Earlier this year, I reviewed a glamorous navy “Bea Dress” by designer Pia Gladys Perey. It turned out to be a stunning and sophisticated dress that was easy to wear and made from a delicious silky and slinky jersey fabric… I just love wearing it!

Well the team from Gosh Celebrity Fashion offered for me to review another dress (actually, three) from PGP’s current collection, AND they are offering all Karen Cheng readers a special discount… 15% OFF on full priced PGP dresses. (Scroll below for details and the code.)

I was terribly excited, because I already adored PGP’s designs… and after a looong time of careful deliberation, I chose these 3 dresses to review.

They also kindly offered that I could keep one as a “gift”… so I had the very difficult task of choosing my favourite of the lot.

Here goes!

Dresses by Pia Gladys Perey

This is the Esme Dress in Coral. It is a one shoulder maxi dress with rouching on one side and a side split.

The colour is gorgeous and I chose it because it’s so happy, vibrant, and not a typical evening gown colour (which is usually black, red, navy or silver).

It would be perfect as a cocktail dress or a red carpet dress.

The price is mid-ranged, but still very affordable for an evening gown, considering the quality, design, flattering cut for my body shape… and just how good I feel when I wear it!

I really liked this dress style because it’s very versatile… you can dress it plainly or dress it up to the max.

I was thinking that I could wear this to a wedding (my cousin is getting married in December!), a daytime event, a fancy ball, a special function or event… anything really.

I would have to take up the hem (can you see the puddle of fabric at my feet? I’m so short!) but that’s easily done… and I shouldn’t really let my height (or lack of) determine the dress I select.

(The dress also comes in champagne and navy.)

Dresses by Pia Gladys Perey

Ooh this dress had me at LILAC!

I was totally in love with this colour!! It’s different and sweet, peaceful, calming, pretty, magical, and soothing.

This dress is the Mikaela Dress in Lilac. It’s a little more affordable than the maxi dresses, retailing at AUD$218 (with 15% off it’s only $185.30!!!)

The dress fits like a dream. I just slipped it on and it just felt GREAT. Comfortable, flattering, modest, sensual, pretty, elegant, classy. It’s a simple dress but still with interesting rouching detail that really flatters your body shape. The material is the same soft, slinky, stretchy jersey that has some weight to it.

It has good sized shoulder straps, so you can just wear your regular bra with it. Big plus!

I don’t think I would wear it to a fashion event or a black tie function. But I would definitely wear it to more semi-formal occasions like a wedding ceremony and reception, a daytime luncheon, a garden party, a stage show, an elegant dinner with friends.

The length of the dress is lovely on me – I wouldn’t have to get the dress altered. Another plus!

I was really tempted to choose this dress, because I would get a lot of wears from it and… it would be perfect for me to wear to my cousin’s wedding coming up.

(The dress also comes in turquoise and navy.)

Dresses by Pia Gladys Perey

Aaand finally… THIS is the dress I finally chose!!

It is the Genevieve Dress in Emerald (also comes in a navy colour).

I picked this one because it is just STUNNING! It has a long maxi skirt, halter neck style, deep V neckline, with a front split. Combined with the very vibrant green colour, it is bold, dramatic, fun, dazzling and sexy.

Not to mention, the silky stretchy jersey makes it fabulous and comfortable to wear. So it’s not everyday when you find a dress design that ticks all the boxes.

Ok even I’ll admit that the colour green is very bright. Almost like Kermit the Frog? But it’s unusual and it’s bold. And I really like that.

The dress is pretty much backless, and because of the low neckline, I had to wear an adhesive bra, as well as sticky lifty adhesives (both of which I don’t really like to wear) but hey – it looks good, end of story.

I’ll also need to get it hemmed up and with all that leftover fabric I could probably make myself a mini skirt (or a lot of scrunchies) haha.

This is without doubt a formal, black tie, red carpet dress. So I don’t think I’ll wear this to the wedding. It’s definitely one for fashion events and fancy formal functions. Yay I’m very happy!

*Special Discount Code*

Gosh has kindly offered all Karen Cheng readers a 15% discount on full priced Pia Gladys Perey dresses. Just use the code ‘springracing’ at the checkout. Valid from 4 – 14th September 2012.

Free delivery for Australia. And they have worldwide shipping and hassle free returns.

If you’re interested, you can still buy the “Bea Dress” from Gosh Celebrity Fashion. I have it in a navy colour, but it also comes in ash, latte, lilac, silver, red, or purple. It retails for AUD$239 (with 15% off it’s only $203.150!!)

For all the PGP dresses, I was wearing Size 6.

ENJOY your shopping!

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Stephie’s Shop

28 August 2012

Stephie’s Shop

I’d love to introduce you to a lovely online boutique that I’m quite taken with… it’s called Stephie’s Shop.

Their clothes are stylish, understated, sophisticated and polished, yet still with playful and fashion forward details. The garments are of a good quality, yet very affordable.

You can find lots of stylish work dresses, tops that are perfect for going out or for the weekend, nice skirts for mixing and matching, and some great accessories.

The boutique has been around for 4 years, they are very popular, they add new stock items every day… and they have recently launched their own label, specially designed for their boutique.

For the outfit above, I’m wearing little Cream Lace Shorts from Stephie’s Shop. Unfortunately they are sold out now. You have to get in quick :)

(Blouse is from Frockaholics.)

Stephie’s Shop

I also chose this top and skirt.

The top is the Floral Vivid Imagery Top, with a flattering cut, V neck and puffy sleeves. I really like it because it’s so simple, yet looks great with all kinds of different bottoms (shorts, skirts, jeans and pants)

Stephie’s Shop

I styled up the top in a FLORAL ON FLORAL outfit. As crazy as it looks, it was such a fun and loud combination to wear! Loved it!

I also wore it with my lemon yellow jeans and nude heels.

Stephie’s Shop

The next item was the Perfect Peplum Skirt. And yes it was quite perfect!

A twist on a pencil skirt, the peplum creates a gorgeous hourglass silhouette and adds a fun, flirty detail to an otherwise plain outfit.

The skirt is made from a heavy, thick material, but still soft and stretchy. It has a zip at the back and a slight stretch to the waistband, which made it very comfortable, fitted and not constricting. It fit me very nicely. The length was great too.

They have international shipping and a super friendly customer care team, to deal with any returns or issues you might have.

Do check out their New Arrivals section, as they are always adding new items to the collection. They are definitely one of my new favourite online shops!

Enjoy browsing or shopping!

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Romwe Fashion Online

22 August 2012

If you are a bit of a fashionista, and you love to experiment with new styles AND you love a bargain – you’ll love this online store.

It’s called Romwe, you might have heard of it, it’s really popular amongst fashion bloggers.

It’s full of the latest trends and street styles, the prices are very affordable, new arrivals come in frequently , there is always lots of stock and sizes, and they have free worldwide shipping!

Here are a few of my very fashiony picks.

Romwe Fashion Online

Leatherette Skater Dress $45.50

Pattern Sleeve Contrast Blouse $33.99

Leopard Round Sunglasses $12.50

Metallic Strappy Sandals $45.90

Starry Night Print Leggings $24.99

Romwe Fashion Online

Dip Dye Blazer $74.99

Bird Chiffon Pattern Blouse $22.99

Leatherette Blank Pants $60.99

Triangle Pendant Necklace $12.50

Point Rivets Flats $84.99

I bought a few items to test out, to check the quality, sizing issues and the customer service.

Romwe Fashion Online

This is the Feminine Bowknot Shirt, in cream. It is a light, loose-fit blouse that flares out at the bottom, with a ribbon wrapped around the collar.

I bought it because it looked really versatile. It can be worn with the ribbon in a bow (and it looks really sweet), or with the ribbon like a tie, or worn on it’s own, with NO ribbon.

The top can also be worn loose or tucked into jeans, shorts, skirts – to create very different looks. You can check out the product page for a few more styling ideas. It was OK quality for the price too. I liked it.

Romwe Fashion Online

The next item I bought was this Anomalous Hem Vest Top, where the hem looks a bit like a skirt and is longer at the back. It looked a bit like a peplum top, but different. It also has silver rivets at the shoulders, but you can’t really see them in this photo.

The material was a soft cotton jersey, that flowed very nicely. It’s a really nice casual item that goes well with jeans and skinny pants.

20% Off Coupon

If you sign up for a new Romwe account (you have to sign up in order to purchase something anyway) you get 20% off your first order. Just follow the steps.

The big WIN is that there is free worldwide shipping, with no minimum purchase.

And if you’re not 100% satisfied with your order, they allow a full refund within 365 days of purchase. But you need to pay the return’s shipping fee.

The Romwe site is pretty big, with lots and lots of items. It’s fun to browse and discover cool, new products.

Hope you find something you like!

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New trends you must try – Khakis and Parkas

19 August 2012

Army greens, military details, camouflage prints and parkas are set to be a bit hit for the new season.

New Trends to Try: Khakis and Parkas

I’m not a fan of the camouflage, but I love the colour khaki. I have a lot of it in my wardrobe!

I wore this the other day – my khaki field jacket, white jeans and a few new items.

Jacket: 10 year old field jacket from Just Jeans
Top: New khaki tank top from Koo
Jeans: White skinny jeans by Fendi
Shoes: New and absolutely divine heels from Habbot – currently on sale!

New Trends to Try: Khakis and Parkas

I also ordered this new fur-trim parka and it has been my staple, go-to, every-day jacket during these cold wintery days.

I just wake up in the morning, put on a top, sweater, throw the jacket on and head out the door to drop the kids off at school. Best jacket ever!

The funniest thing about it is… that I had one very similar when I was 17 years old. And wearing this new jacket now, reminds me so much of my high school bogan days.

So I put together this outfit in honor of my inner bogan.

Jacket: Fur-trim Parka by Tokyo Fashion (via YesStyle)
Shirt: Button down from Cotton On
Tank: White tee from Country Road
Shorts: Black denim shorts from Zara
Stockings: Polka dot stockings from Forever New
Shoes: Black suede heels from Betts

Have a fantastic weekend!

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Korean Fashion: Beauties Closet

14 August 2012

If you’re a fan of stylish, on-trend Korean fashion you’ll love this new online store.

It’s called Beauties Closet, and they are very proud of the fact that all their stock ships directly from Korea. Orders take about 2 weeks to deliver, but it’s worth the wait considering the good price and quality.

If you’re not familiar with Korean high-street fashion, I’d say that the quality and styles of the clothes match that of Topshop, Zara or Sportsgirl.

They have lots of stock. Lots of great pictures (with Korean models and pretty styling) and they also have plenty of new arrivals that come in periodically, sometimes 50-100 pieces in each new collection.

Beauties Closet

As usual, the team allowed me to “go shopping” and pick out some samples to review.

The first sample I chose was this simple, black maxi dress with a very sexy split! It fit really well and I loved it because it’s simple, easy to wear, and had high-impact.

The material is cotton jersey (so yes, it’s just a cotton tank dress) but it’s better quality than what you would buy from Cotton On or Forever21.

The sizing for this dress is “Free Size” and it would fit someone who is XS-S (US2 – 4).

Beauties Closet

The second dress I chose was this Scarf Combo dress. The colour and print combination is lovely, classy and striking, especially with the bright yellow skirt.

The top half of the dress is cotton, so it feels like a fitted tee – which is nice because it’s very comfortable to wear. The skirt is a light, silky and airy like a scarf.

The sizing for this dress is also “Free Size” and it would fit someone who is XS-S (US2 – 4).

As pictured, the dress also comes in a navy blue skirt version.

Beauties Closet

Lastly, I had to share these cool print skirts. View the whole skirt collection here! Gorgeous colours, great prints, good looking fabrics… all at very affordable, high-street fashion prices too.

I’m wearing the Ikat Skirt, in size small.

Pictured right is the Mini Floral Skirt and the Paisley Skirt.

The great thing about shopping for Korean fashion, is that the measurements of the garment are always given. So where most international sites say a dress is just “Size US2”, Korean brands will give a size and list the waist, hip, hem, length measurements of that particular item too. Very handy.

Be aware that sometimes the measurements are made when the garment is lying flat (so the waist might be 33cm, meaning you have to be around 66cm around the waist).

Also please be aware that Beauties Closet will only do a return and exchange for a wrong shipment or defective item. And they can’t offer returns for wrong sizes or if you change your mind. It’s just how they roll.

The few items I chose (above), turned out great and I was really happy with the sizing and fit.

Here’s a tip if you want to buy Korean skinny jeans (in my experience) – go one size bigger (unless you have teeny tiny thighs). In US/UK/Australia I usually buy jeans in Size 25 or 26. But whenever I buy any Korean brand of skinny jeans, I can’t fit the thighs in 25 or 26. I have to go with size 27.

I guess you have to be handy with a tape measure and double check the numbers. If you are too uncertain, drop them an email, or just opt out this time.

Special Discount: 10% Off Store-wide

If you’re keen to make a purchase, and would like 10% off your order… use the code “KCFAL10″ at the checkout.
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Happy Shopping!

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The Iconic: Sweater Days

10 August 2012

The Iconic - Sweater Days

I’ve been feeling very lazy and sluggish these last few days… and this is how I feel like dressing.

Knit sweaters and skinny jeans. Jumper and shorts. It’s easy, lazy and effortless. (I can’t even be bothered to wear colour anymore!)

I found these outfit looks on The Iconic which *perfectly* embodies my mood.

And you know what? I’m loving it.

Bring on khakis, bronze and leather – I say!

Do check out their Massive Sale Section.


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Florals and Polka Dots

7 August 2012

I was approached by an online boutique called Asia Fashion Inc, which specialises in a multitude of labels and brands from Asia.

They are based in Asia, but they have free worldwide shipping – which is great!

I enjoyed browsing through their store, looking at all the fun, unique, edgy and cool clothes. It’s a refreshing change to all the same-same looks from the massive global brands. I selected a few items to borrow, test out and feature on my site.

Asia Fashion Inc

This blue-green floral dress above really caught my eye.

It is from a label called AI by Ashley Isham, known for his high-octane glamour and contemporary styling. He was also the official designer at the 2004 BAFTAs and boasts high-profile celebrity (and British royalty) clientele.

When selecting it, I definitely had “dresses to wear to a wedding” on my mind! I loved the floaty feel of the dress. It was simple, easy to wear, very pretty and the long skirt tail was just lovely. The belt is detachable too.

The dress is made in London, it’s amazingly designed and constructed. It is priced at USD$474 but it’s currently on sale for 50% OFF at the moment!!

Asia Fashion Inc

This Fuchsia Toga Dress was equally pretty. I would definitely wear something like this to a wedding, or special occasion. The print is unique, pretty and eye catching. It looks feminine and flirty and has a sense of happiness and fun. The cut and fit were fantastic too – ahh it is such a nice dress!

It’s also at 50% off at the moment!

Here are some other pieces that caught my eye from the AI by Ashley Isham collection.

Asia Fashion Inc

The next label that made me go OOOH was Jousse.

Asia Fashion Inc

I tried out their Black Polka Dot Lace Tee, which was so, so cute. On the product photo on the site, the polka dots looks quite “filled out” and solid, but it actually is more lacey and holey (like crochet). It has a soft nude lining and very easy to wear. Definitely a new wardrobe staple – will look great with jeans and cropped pants.

You must check out the whole Jousse collection! It’s full of smart, preppy looks with strong and crisp tailoring. And affordable prices too. Here’s a sample below.

Asia Fashion Inc

SPECIAL Promotion Discount

Receive an additional 10% off your order and free worldwide shipping.

Use the code “KARENCHENG” at the check out.

Hope you have a fun time shopping (or browsing)!


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3 Ways to Wear Mint

5 August 2012

3 Ways to Wear Mint

Clothes in the colour mint have been in the shops for a few months now. In fact the whole spectrum of pastel colours are very popular at the moment – pale lemon, dusty pink, light apricot, baby blue and lilac.

Personally I adore the mint and lilac the most. But that’s just me.

Anyway I thought I‘d put some outfits together for a bit of minty inspiration, especially just using neutral colours – black, white, nude, creams, light grey, dark grey.

Outfit 1
Mint Skirt is actually a dress from ClubCouture.
Floral Top from Zara
Heels in cream patent leather from Dorothy Perkins

Outfit 2
Knit sweater from Country Road
Singlet top from Rick Owens (unseen)
Mint Jeans from YesStyle
Oxfords from Habbot Studios

Outfit 3
Mint Blouse with cut out sleeves from Redopin (via YesStyle)
White shorts from Zara
Nude patent heels from ASOS

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Mini Dresses from ClubCouture

31 July 2012

I’ve been wearing clothes from ClubCouture for almost a year now, and I am continually impressed by the quality of the clothes, the affordable prices, and each new collection that they launch – oh their dresses are just lovely!

They sell stylish and pretty jewellery and cute bags too.

I chose these dresses a few months ago, and have been itching to show them off on my blog!

Mini Dresses from ClubCouture

This Black Dress (above left) is a fantastic, classic, strapless bandage dress. I adore this one! It’s made in a bandage style, with strong, thick, firm, stretchy fabric… and it is like wearing shape-wear. It pulls you in and holds you up at all the right places! A great wardrobe investment, in my opinion.

I’m wearing a size UK6 and it *just fit* me. If you’re on the bigger side of a size, you should probably buy a size up, as it’s a very snug fit.

This White Holly Dress (above right) is a very cute and simple white lace dress with a soft nude lining. It is a lovely mini dress and I’m very happy to have it in my wardrobe for the summer ahead.

Mini Dresses from ClubCouture

This Black Cross Bandage Dress looked and felt amazing. It was quite tricky to put it on (I put my head in all the wrong places!) but ahhh I loved it!

The Pink and Turquoise Dress was cute and unique too. The turquoise neckline actually continued into a deep V on the back of the dress. I liked the bandages on the chest, giving it a subtle texture. Again the dress was made from a thick, strong and stretchy fabric.

The quality of these bandages dresses are definitely comparable to designer items $300 and above.

They are both very Herve Ledger inspired!

Unfortunately these two dresses were pretty popular and are now sold out on the site.

But do check their Premium Range for dresses that are suited for functions and special occasions.

Mini Dresses from ClubCoutureYou might have remembered a dress I wrote about a few weeks ago? It was a one I called the “Garden Party Dress”.

It is actually called the Floral Printed Sheath Dress and I was told that it is now back in stock!

Special Discount Promotion: Buy 2 for 20% Off

ClubCouture are currently having a promotion, where you can buy any 2 items and receive 20% your total order. No code needed, just add TWO items to you cart and they will take care of the rest!

Happy shopping!

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Adore Beauty: Fab Picks for August 2012

27 July 2012

Adore Beauty online beauty store has been around for a looooong time.

They sell lots of products (skin care, makeup, hair care, fragrance) and lots of popular brands, they have lots of great sales, promotions, and excellent customer service, including price matching and free samples in every order.

They are based in Australia, and they have international shipping.

They stock brands such as Aesop, Benefit, Biotherm, Clarins, Lancome, Laura Mercier, L’Occitane, Napoleon, SK-II, and sooo much more.

I picked out a few items to test… and these were so good that I had to share!

Adore Beauty: Fab Picks for July 2012

The Exclusive  Serum Sampler for only $29!!! OMG is it such a good deal!

Ok they are only small sample bottles, but nonetheless, you get to try some of the market’s best and most popular serums before you buy the full bottle.

You get:
1) SK-II Facial Treatment Essence
2) Lancôme Genifique Youth Activator
3) Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster
4) Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant Plus
5) Alpha-H Liquid Gold Prep and Prime
6) Subtle Energies Facial Blend

The pack also contains a code that gives you 10% OFF the price of the full-sized, full-priced version of the serums in the pack.

Adore Beauty: Fab Picks for July 2012

It’s winter here in Australia, and the cold, dry air makes my skin SO DRY. I’ve had to throw my whole suncream + moisturiser + makeup routine out the window… because the skin on my cheeks and jaw was getting scaly – gross!

I needed a high-performance moisturiser that was NOT greasy. So I picked out Hope in a Jar, by Philosophy.

I’ve used a number of Philosophy products. And I’ve heard good things about this moisturiser.

After two weeks of use – so far, so good!

It’s lovely to use, light-weight, it absorbs really well into my skin, there’s no greasiness, and it seems to make my skin smooth and bright. The smell is lovely and unique too (a lavender and herbal smell).

Adore Beauty: Fab Picks for July 2012

I also picked out an Essie Nail Colour called Absolutely Shore (mint green, shown in the foreground).

With a base coat, and two coats of colour, it’s pretty good for a mid-priced nail polish ($19).

It completes my pastel colour range, all by different brands (seen in the background).

Show Me The Best…

The Adore Beauty site also has this neat tab button called “Show Me the Best…” where it recommends products, under a certain category that you select, such as:

1) Best Anti-aging Moisturisers
2) Oil Control Clenasers
3) Intensive Exfoliators
4) Dark Circles Eye Care
5) Refining & Brightening Cleansers
6) Tinted Sunscreen – Face

(and there are categories for makeup and hair care too).

It’s just a really nice way to browse for products and compare different brands and prices.

Enjoy your beauty shopping!

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2 Dress Trends To Try This Season

25 July 2012

Gosh Celebrity Fashion asked me to check out their latest collection for review :)

I had a really good browse in the store and the best thing about it… is their fab collection of dresses. And their prices were good – low to middle of the range!

I found lots of pieces featuring new colours, cool trends and lovely, statement styles. They also have FREE  shipping Australia wide and hassle-free returns, which is nice. Of course, they also ship internationally.

I selected a few items, but these 2 dresses were my favourite of the lot.

Clothes by Gosh

The Peplum Dress

The peplum is one of this season’s hottest trends. A peplum is a little “skirt” that sits on the waist of a skirt, dress or along the bottom hem of a top. It’s fun, flirty and very feminine. You have to try it! It transforms your silhouette, accentuating the waist, making you look like you’ve got sexy curves, and a hot hourglass figure.

I really like the peplum style. As long as the peplum is not too ruffly, I think it really suits short and petite women.

You can even buy skirts or dresses with removable peplums. So you can wear it from day time to night time.

This white strapless dress is called the Shutterbug Peplum Dress by Keepsake. I LOVE the clean lines and minimal detail. It is polished, sexy, and a perfect party dress for a night out!

The fit was nice and snug on the waist. The length was great on me. The fabric felt nice. If anything, I didn’t have enough boob mass to fill the bust area to it’s *fullest potential*… ahem.

But it looked good on, so I would still wear it.

Clothes by Gosh

The Print Dress

Finding a nice print dress that works well for both work and play can be tricky, especially if you want to find something that is colourful but not TOO colourful!

I really liked this Silk Dress by Honey and Beau. The print is so lovely – like a water themed oil painting by an Impressionist masters. The drapes and pleats are lovely too.

It features a tulip skirt, and a drape collar which have little drawstrings. On the left I loosened the drawstrings and the collar fell like silky ruffles on a deep V neckline. On the right I tightened the drawstrings and it gave the dress a higher and more modest neckline.

The website said that it was a “mini” dress. But for short ol’ me, the dress ended mid-thigh – which was perfect in my opinion!

Do check out the rest of the Honey and Beau items, as there are lots of nice stuff available!

Happy Shopping!

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Dresstronomy: Boys and Girls Come Out to Play

17 July 2012

Independent fashion label Dresstronomy sent me a few items to review from their Fall 2012 Collection, titled Boys and Girls Come Out to Play. It combines masculine/boyish and feminine shapes, with an air of whimsical playfulness.

I found some very nice garments which were effortless and easy to wear.

Dresstronomy: Boys and Girls Come Out to Play

These are the Hansel Shorts in Deep Purple. They are SHORT shorts, almost like running shorts, with a turned-up, tailored hem, so they have a nice structure and they look smart. The fabric is lovely. It’s made from shantung silk and it looks luxurious, yet it feels robust to wear.

The waistband is a stretchy fold-over band, so it’s comfy to wear. The band sits high up the waist, meaning you don’t have to worry about flashing your midriff. And the band acts like a kind of tummy shaping Spanx for your belly too haha!

I definitely recommend them if you’re looking for some smart looking shorts. They also come in black.

There was an issue with the sizing for these particular shorts, though. It’s best that you buy a size up (I am usually a size UK6, but I had to order a size UK8 – which fit me perfectly.)

Dresstronomy: Boys and Girls Come Out to Play

This is the Tanker Dress in Navy. I liked the subtle contrast from the navy and black panels (a bit hard to see in this photo), which added a unique look to the dress.

Basically it is a simple, button-down dress, with a loose cut style and a modest length. It also features a racer back style, which felt sleek and a bit sexy when wearing it.

Dresstronomy: Boys and Girls Come Out to Play

The last item I chose, was this dress is called Alan’s Tailcoat in Pink, inspired by tailcoat jackets worn by gentlemen in the 1800s.

I was told that British actress and model, Tallulah Harlech wore this same dress to the opening of the Singapore Fashion Trade Show earlier this year, and was featured in the press etc.

Yep, a long, sleeveless, shirt dress just oozes effortless cool. It’s the kind of thing off-duty models wear while walking along the street, with it flowing around their long legs. But how did it look on a shorty like me?

I think it looked quite cool. I know it is supposed to be loose fitting, flowy and effortless… but I think it might look nicer on me if I sewed it in at the underarms, so it is a *little more fitting* for me. But I liked the length and the details of the dress. And I liked the easy feel of it.

Dresstronomy: Boys and Girls Come Out to Play

And here, I hitched up the dress up over the belt to create a waist line. Looked good, and this is a nice technique for transitioning from day time to night time.

This dress grew on me in the end and I really liked it. I’m glad I got to experiment with this style, because I would never have chosen it to buy otherwise.

I chose the dress in the dusty rose pink, which looks very unique to wear. But perhaps I should have chosen it in a black, so it would be a more versatile item for my wardrobe. The dress also comes in mustard colour.

Do pop over to the Dresstronomy website and check out the rest of their collection.

Happy shopping!

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Trend to try: Bright Coloured Jewellery

12 July 2012

As always, there are plenty of fun new fashion trends this season.

But I have particularly fallen head over heels with the bright coloured jewellery trend.

Trend to try: Bright Coloured Jewellery

(Photo by ImaxTree via

Seen last year at London Fashion Week 2012, Sass and Bide styled their spring collection with these amazingly vibrant neckpieces with intricate almost tribal details.

I love that they can be worn with blacks and neutral colours (of which my wardrobe is full of).

It can be worn with neutral or colourful patterned or print outfits (which is also on trend).

And it can go with outfits featuring big blocks of colour. Colour on colour!

Trend to try: Bright Coloured Jewellery

These coloured rhinestone bib necklaces are just so pretty! The style is much more delicate and “everyday” as opposed to the Sass and Bide ones, which are very bold, edgy and large!

These babies are by designer Adia Kibur and are only $56 from Shopbop.

Trend to try: Bright Coloured Jewellery

The amazing necklace on the left is by Tom Binns (via, hand painted Swarovski crystal necklace for £1,410.

It’s very obvious that this necklace would totally transform any outfit!! A simple black dress, white silk blouse, coloured tank, a nude dress.

If you do an image search for Tom Binns necklaces, you’ll find heaps of DIY images by crafty fashionistas too.

Apparently you can buy a $30 rhinestone necklace and use nail polish to paint the stones however you want. It looks so easy I was tempted to have a go myself – but alas I don’t have the time to do it.

And if you want to make something similar to those Sass and Bide necklaces, you can just buy an affordable stone, pearl, or jewelled necklace and then spray paint it a neon colour to create your own statement neon necklace.

The necklace top right is also by Adia Kibur (Shopbop) and the bottom one is by Etro ( I love the slightly tribal, edgy and glam look.

Trend to try: Bright Coloured Jewellery

And if you lean more towards a classic, timeless look… but still want some colour in your jewels, these might be the way to go.

Left is Kenneth Jay Lane (Shopbop) and right is by Adia Kibur (Shopbop).

Happy shopping!

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A HABBOT Thank You Sale

10 July 2012

The team at Habbot Studios loaned me a few shoes from their Autumn Winter 12 collection.

Their shoes encapsulate French inspired details, mixed with fresh Australian style, and all their shoes are handmade in Italy, from fine Italian leathers.

I love their fresh modern designs, with a hint of trend. And I especially love the amazing quality of the shoes – especially when they are having a SPECIAL END-OF-SEASON SALE!

Please scroll down for the sale details (including prizes and further reductions).

Habbot AW12

These classic pointed toe pump are just gorgeous! Not to mention they are extremely comfortable, the Italian leather feels like *luxury* on my feet… and they are on sale :)

I love the turquoise and the magenta – as they are fabulous way to add a burst of colour to my outfit. If I had to choose between them, I would choose the turquoise, because I already have hot pink heels and the turquoise suede is so vibrant and unique.

The black heel is an absolute classic. I have 3 versions of this “pointed-toe pump style” in my shoe cupboard haha. The heel height makes for good work shoes too.


With bright colours very much in fashion at the moment… I found these coloured flats to be so, so delightful. They go well with both coloured and neutral jeans. I would wear them very often indeed.

I’m wearing the ballet flats called “Trampoline” in Magenta. Also shown on the top, right hand set of shoes.

Pictured middle are the oxford flats called, “Unicycle” also in magenta. I really adore the mix of suede and woven textile. They would look great with pastel coloured jeans.

Bottom pair are the “Trampoline” in Grey (with a hint of blue suede).

Habbot AW12

And as a contrast to all the bright colours, I can feel part of myself going back to classic black. Focusing on textures and silhouettes.

I tested out these “Highwire” Boots in black. It has a wood block heel, that is nice and elegant (not too chunky) and a slim pull-on style, which is great for wearing over skinny pants, slim jeans or tights. I could live all day in these!

I also picked out a few other black pairs of shoes in the collection.

Top pair are the flats “Tramoline” in black. Would love to have these in my wardrobe.

Middle are the oxford style shoes called “Unicycle” in black (these were my favourite)

And “Juggler” is the oh-so smart ankle boot with brogue detail.

The Habbot’s Thank You Sale is their way of saying ‘thanks’ for all the overwhelming supportover the past year.

In addiction to the sale discount, there will be a heap of Facebook activities including giveaways and prizes, flash shoe sales by “colour” (even further discounts!), and they will be selling one-off styles and press samples for ridiculous prices via the website!

Head on over to the Habbot Facebook page and LIKE!

Good luck and happy shopping! xx

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ASOS Rainbow Rush

6 July 2012

I had the delightful opportunity to pick a few items to feature on my site, courtesy of ASOS.

And I wanted to share… ASOS is having an Up to 50% Off right now!

I chose a selection of BRIGHT, HAPPY COLOURS + PRINTS… and had soooo much fun putting them together.

ASOS Colours

Firstly, I chose these Geometric High Waist Shorts by Motel. They are soooo cool and so fun – I like them so much! They seemed to instantly lift my mood… and make me want to hit the beach.

I ordered a size 6, and when they arrived they looked too small. But they fit perfectly… as they have a really good stretch. They almost feel like swimmers. So they are really comfortable and perfect for summery weather.

The high waist is really nice, the stretch holds my tummy in, and the short-shorts makes my legs look really long!

Yellow Heels are also from ASOS
Necklace from Lovisa (via The Iconic)
Top from AL&ALICIA

ASOS Colours

This White Blouse is a lovely light, simple, sleeveless shirt. A very versatile and neutral item, great for wearing with neons and bright coloured skirts, jeans or shorts. Very affordable too.

I was surprised by how affordable thisPhotographic Floral Print Pencil Skirt was too. Made from a stretch jersey, it’s comfortable and very easy to wear. Big on visual impact, looks elegant yet unique. Fantastic buy.

Necklace by Lovisa (via The Iconic)
Heels by Betts

ASOS Colours

Lastly I chose this sheer button down ASOS Shirt with a Bug Print. Made from sheer chiffon material, easy cut, easy to wear and style in different ways. I thought it was a great buy too.

(And it’s on sale at the moment!)

Blue jeans by Jbrand (via
Heels by Sachi (old).

Happy shopping and I hope you find something you like!

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The Garden Party Dress

29 June 2012

Club Coutture Dress

When I put on this dress to go out the other day… I thought of a lovely garden party with white table cloths, roses, fine china tea cups, high tea nibbles, sunshine, fluffy clouds, white hats, birds, butterflies, cupcakes and confetti!

It was such a lovely image and feeling to embrace!

This mirror print floral dress was given to me courtesy of ClubCouture.

It’s so graceful, sophisticated and gorgeous. It’s perfect for a more grown-up, feminine style. It is fully lined, has a satiny smooth finish and it comes with a black silky belt.

Perfect for garden weddings, daytime luncheons, and just general walking around in the sunshine feeling fabulous!!

Club Coutture Dress

My silver necklace is courtesy of Lovisa.

You can buy Lovisa jewellery from The Iconic… who are offering a new discount 20% off your order (min spend $50). Use code “20AFFMOpW6″. Valid until 11 July 2012. Click here to use the code.

Two tone teal heels with metal sequins, by Gorge Shoes.

Silver Cuff by Wanderlust + Co.

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FashionJunkee Evening Dresses

26 June 2012

A few weeks ago, I published a photo of myself wearing a red evening gown. I received so many emails from people asking me: WHERE DID YOU GET IT??

It is a Sweetheart Shaped Dress is by US based fashion house, FashionJunkee, who ship internationally of course.

That red dress is one of my favourite dresses, because –
1) It’s a simple tube dress.
2) It’s figure hugging and flattering. And looks great on.
3) It has lots of rouching so you can pull it up or down (to suit your height) and it disguises any bumps and lumps.
4) The fabric is robust, yet soft and slinky. It might need a little swipe with an iron along the bottom of the dress, but other than that, you can roll it up and bundle it into a suitcase. I love dresses like that.
5) It’s really affordable ($48!!)

The dress comes in lots of different colous: black, white, red, cobalt blue, dusty pink, purple and leopard print!

You can even get them in a short version, in black, white, red and blue.

The team at FashionJunkee sent me a few colour variations (that I chose) and a few other items for me to try out!


This is me showing off the purple evening gown. I was going to style it with a neon accessories – a yellow belt, big neon statement necklace and shoes… which would have looked fab!

But I chose to go with the dark, vamp look, with black jewelled accessories. I loved it! My husband really liked it too :)


And this is the Dusty Pink version of the dress. It’s such a lovely pastel colour. I could have gone crazy with white gold bling, but I went with a simpler choice of accessories – with my woven pearl necklace and fur coat.

The website suggests that this style of dress (in long and short) is a great choice for bridesmaids looking for a more affordable alternative.

For sizing, I’m a size UK6, and I’m wearing a listed size SMALL. It’s a really good fit on me and a bit tight so it stays in place!


And check out this new dress! I chose it from the site because it just looked so CRAZY YELLOW and sexy at the same time (I didn’t fancy looking big and frumpy like Big Bird).

As I took it out of the box, I thought, WAYHEY – THAT is pretty damn yellow! Even I felt a bit shy… thinking… am I really brave enough to wear this in public??? It’s backless too, so you need a stick-on bra, or to go bra-less.

My verdict? It is a very cool dress and I felt fantastic in it!! Yes I would wear it… but it’s a tiny bit big under the arms for me. I’m wearing the listed size SMALL, but I feel it would fit a size 8 person better.

I think I’ll take it to my tailor to get it taken in a little bit – so I can wear it :)

There are other colours of this dress too: white, red, blue or leopard print (if yellow doesn’t agree with you).

For my shoes, I’m wearing the Orange Suede Heels, which are pretty comfortable for platform heels.

And I’m holding the Quilted Purse in Blue-Green – LOVE the colour and the cross body strap. You can also get it in burgundy, mustard, grey and black.

Hope you find something you like! Happy shopping!

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Shopping at The Iconic – With Free Shipping and Returns

22 June 2012

The Iconic is a fairly new online fashion store – and it is HUGE. MASSIVE I tell ya!

It sells lots of on-trend fashion products and lots of different high-end to low-end brands. It’s like a great big clothing department store, and you can filter by size, colour, brand etc.

It’s really well laid out, easy to navigate, the photographs of the products are very good, and there are lots of different sizes and colour options, AND there seems to be a good amount of stock of each item.

They also sell LOTS of shoes, sportswear, surf and skate brands, lots of accessories, and they are moving into beauty products and homewares too.

On the weekend, I finally got around to browsing the whole store… I looked around for ages! I was very impressed… it gets FIVE stars from me, for easy and enjoyable shopping!! And yes I did buy something…

(By the way, The Iconic is offering 20% off your order (min spend $50). Use code 20AFFMOpW6. Valid until 11 July 2012 Click here to use the code.

Iconic Stylestalker

This is what I bought. A Stylestalker Top in Blush , on sale from $89 to $61. It’s a simple knit top with a semi-metallic thread. It arrived in a few days… and I LOVE IT!!

(And I wore it 2 different ways, in a casual outfit and a party outfit.)

THE BEST THING about the Iconic

1) It is HUGE!

2) Free shipping within Australia – Yep, nothing beats free shipping. They also do free over-night shipping Australia-wide, meaning you’ll get your package the next day in most big cities.

3) Free Returns within Australia – According to the website, you just fill out a form. Print off a label, the label is postage paid, drop it off at the post office and you’re done!

I was thinking that I could “purchase” a whole heap of items for my husband … and the items he doesn’t like, we can just ship it back for free. My husband and I hardly get to go shopping together… and I buy a lot of clothes for him, but I always get the sizing wrong! Mens clothes shopping is impossible!

ANYWAY… I organised my “want” list from The Iconic site into some categories. Enjoy!

Iconic Wedding Guest Dresses

What to Wear to a Wedding

Pastel muted florals, soft flowing drapes, just add a bit of bling and I’ve got a perfect wedding outfit.

Abyss Belted Dress by Cooper St

Tokonoma Assymetry Dress By Cooper St

Bedlam Dress by WISH

Iconic Winter Wardrobe

Building a Casual Winter Wardrobe

I’m looking for a few simple additions to my winter wardrobe.

Sherpa Jacket by Mimosa

Olivia Ruffle Blouse by Blue Juice

Cascade Blazer by Blue Juice

Iconic Sandals

Must Have Sandals

Lizzy Sandal Heels by Verali

Bettina Sandals by Rebecca Minkoff

Gladys Calf Leather Sandals by Rachel Zoe

Iconic Lusting

Lusting After

Wallpaper Skirt by Manning Cartell

The Big Deal by Sass and Bide

Mid Rise Skinny Jeans by JBrand

Iconic Heels

Very Affordable Heels!

Elise in Yellow patent by Verali ($59.95)

Elise in Pink Patent by Verali ($59.95)

Rocha Nude Heels by Nine West ($149.95)

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Frockaholics: Up to 60% Off Sale

20 June 2012


Yep, the sale silly season is upon us!

Frockaholics are having an amazing sale, with up to 60% off clothing and accessories. Scroll down for details.

The team at Frockaholics sent over a huge box of sale items for me to borrow and style. I picked out my absolute favourites – things I would buy to add into my wardrobe (if I had the money)!

This Gold Willamina Dress by Rachel Gilbert is just gorgeous! It is glamorous, striking and sophisticated. Its style is simple, classic and oh-so flattering!

I would definitely pick this dress to wear to a glamorous event, or a fancy party. After wearing it 3-4 times, I’d keep it in my wardrobe for a few years and then bring it out again for a new lease of life. Good long term investment.

Gah the dresses by Rachel Gilbert are stunning! See more items by Rachel Gilbert


When I first saw this Magdalena Velevska Embroidered Top, I thought it was “interesting and unique” – which is my other way of saying “MAYBE A BIT TOO WEIRD”.

But once I put it on and looked in the mirror, I feel in love with it! It’s so INTERESTING AND UNIQUE!!

It’s funky and cheeky, mysterious and bold, colourful and fun – and a real statement. It goes great with dark jeans, black pants, a pencil skirt and other dark coloured bottoms (which I have a lot of in my wardrobe).

I picked this top because it’s perfect for work, play and the weekends.

See more items by Magdalena Velevska


Ok this next top is goooorgeous! It’s a sheer silk shirt by Antipodium.

The print is unique and colourful. The colours are a bit muted. It’s one of those shirts that can be for work, for day time outings, evenings, worn tied into a knot, worn open, tucked in, worn loose.

Would go well with a pencil skirt, shorts, skinny jeans, wide leg pants and more.

The jeans I am wearing are Jegging Jeans by Red Valentino. Admittedly it is the first time I’ve ever worn jeggings… because I am of the view that you either wear JEAN or LEGGINGS thank you very much.

But OMG I am kicking myself now… because they are so so SO FRICKING amazing and comfortable and lush and soft and firm and… possible the nicest pair of skinny jeans that I’ve ever worn… that now I have changed my view on jeggings :)

Sigh I wish I could afford them.


Lastly, I really liked this dress by White Suede. I liked the cut-outs and the deep red colour. It’s a simple and understated shift dress, with a bit of a twist. It was lovely and easy to wear too.

With a blazer and heels it’d be great for work. Then a quick shoe swap would make it perfect for after work drinks and cocktails too.

View all the Frockaholics Sale Items

Happy shopping and hope you find something you love!!

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Wrapped Up in Love

12 June 2012

The team at GlamRockChic sent over a few pairs of shoes for me to get excited about.

(Also you can receive “$100 off when you spend $300”!! Scroll down for details.)

What I love love love about this brand is their dedication to making glamorous-looking shoes that are comfortable (and affordable).

These shoes are called “Wrapped Up” and it are an absolute delight to wear. They feel so soft, smooth and comfortable. They have a mid heel and… I can wear them all day – for work and play.

They are especially great for wearing in countries with warm weather, since they feature open toe and open sections for the foot to breathe. But really, I wear them in cold weather too :)

AND they come in three different looks. Behold!

GlamRockChic Shoes

This is the Black Wrapped Up shoe, with a dash of zebra print! Very edgy glamour, but still chic.

Made from sheepskin + zebra printed calfskin hair… this is definitely more striking than your normal peep toe black pumps. This design would be the most versatile shoe, since they are black and white, and will match and compliment many different outfits and looks.

GlamRockChic Shoes

I styled this shoe in two outfits. One being a very classic, simple and chic look (in all neutral colours) – black jeans, grey top and black blazer. My staple outfit. The shoes added just a touch of extra style and statement. I love!

The other outfit was a bit more fun and flirty. A party look, that is still simple and not too over the top. The shoe looks great for both outfits!

GlamRockChic Shoes

This is the Beige Wrapped Up shoe. I love the colour combinations of beige, tan and leopard print.

It is described as “a different twist to your standard nude pump”. I’d say they would be great for the office (if you can wear open toed shoes).

When I saw it I instantly thought of wearing it with blue jeans and a crisp white shirt. Or white pants and a coral coloured top. Or navy cropped pants and a nude top. The possibilities are endless with this shoe, especially when worn with whites, creams, nudes, tans, navy, reds and oranges.

GlamRockChic Shoes

Again I put together a neutral coloured outfit (all-white!) and the shoe looked fabulous with it.

And I also to prove that it can be worn at night time, I wore a more party-ish outfit – you can’t get more party-ish than a body con dress and fur coat!

GlamRockChic Shoes

Lastly, this is the Fuchsia Wrapped Up shoe.

I’ve had this pair for quite a few months and I can say for *certain* that they are super comfortable and lovely to wear.

I’ve worn them quite a few times and they have been great for colour blocking. I’ve worn them with a tangerine dress, an aqua dress, a silver sequin dress, a lime top and black jeans. Excellent shoes to wear with colourful outfits.

GlamRockChic Shoes

The outfit on the left shows that yes, the fuchsia shoes can look great with a simple neutral coloured, semi-casual outfit.

Most times when you have a “very colourful” dress, you tend to wear neutral coloured shoes (black, white, nude, grey, silver). But these fuchsia shoes go with heaps of different colours. A really nice buy!


Get $100 off when you spend $300!!

With any purchase of shoes worth USD300 and above on GlamRockChic’s website (does not include shipping), apply the code PAMPER100 to get USD100 off the total bill.

Then select ‘Postal Shipping’ at checkout and we will upgrade it to Courier Shipping (which is faster and more secure!)

Code: PAMPER100 (big caps all the way)

Promotion duration: 12 – 26 JUNE 2012

Happy shoe shopping my dears!!

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June Buys and Wants

10 June 2012

Here are a few new additions to my wardrobe!!

Leopard Print Heels

These were a recent purchase. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

They are 100% leather, handmade in Australia. They are a beautiful colour, the print is awesome, they have a soft pony-hair texture and amazing craftsmanship.

No they are not Louboutin’s, but hey, they are pretty damn close. They are by a brand called BellaModa, who are no longer in business… so they had a massive clearance. I bought them for $40 people!!

Zara Floral Top

Floral sheer blouse from Zara.

The hem has an elastic all the way around, which gives the top a nice bubble look. I like it because it gives it a bit more structure, as chiffon can look very loose and shapeless. And the sleeves are 3/4 so they don’t look too long on my (short) arms.

This print is very pretty! And I can’t wait to wear it with jeans and ankle boots.

Yellow Sheer Shirt

I picked out this sheer yellow shirt courtesy of YesStyle.

Again, this blouse is made from a lovely sheer chiffon, which I’m very into at the moment. It’s light, breezy, effortless, and slouchy.

And I’m currently WANTING to buy -


Classic leather pointed-toe pumps by Steve Madden ($89.95)

I’ve been looking for a classic pump in a blush colour, that didn’t break my credit card. These look perfect!


Strappy flat sandals in lemon by Ralph Lauren (only $59)

I can’t wait for the warmer weather to come back! Brights and neon accessories are hot on-trend at the moment!


Turquiose Cross Shoulder Bag by Rebecca Minkoff

I’d really like a brightly-coloured, casual-looking, mid-sized handbag… and I have my eye on this bag. I’m a big fan of Rebecca Minkoff too.

Also these Lilac Skinny Jeans from ASOS!

Happy weekend everyone! xxx

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New Looks from LOEF

5 June 2012

LOEF Fashion

The team at LOEF sent over a heap of samples for me to play with and feature on my site.

The LOEF eboutique specialises in very affordable fashion items – mostly dresses, tops and bottoms, with a price range of $24 – $52. They are based in Singapore with international shipping.

These were my favourites:

This Grecian Evening Dress is pretty cool. It looks like a big sock when laid flat… but once you put it on, it drapes in all the right places and it looks quite stunning.

The quality of the jersey is much like a dress you would buy from Cotton On or ASOS. The fabric is lovely, light, drapey and not clingy. It’s very nice to swish in.

I found the length to be just right on me (I’m 160cms). And apparently you can turn it into a short bubble-style dress by taking the hem of the dress and hitching it up on your waist.

The royal blue dress is out of stock at the moment, but the black version is available.

LOEF Fashion

This Mint Midi Dress wasn’t quite my usual style. But after wearing it, it grew on me and I really liked it in the end.

Designed with lovely tailored pleats, an A line style skirt, this dress is fully lined, easy to wear and suggests an understated, preppy style seen from labels such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger, and also has the details of 50s Madmen style.

It’d make a great office outfit or a casual day dress.

Love the colour!

LOEF Fashion

Lastly, this Leopard Print Chiffon Top is great for casual wearing, or throwing over your bikinis by the pool.

It’s light, sheer, loose and airy – perfect for warm weather.

Do check out the rest of the dresses on offer, and hope you find something you like!

Happy shopping!

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5 Ways to Wear Glitter Heels

1 June 2012

Betts 5 Ways to Wear

The team from Betts sent me an amazing pair of glitter heels and set me on a challenge to style it in 5 different ways.

Yup, they are very glitzy, glamorous and great for a special occasion.

I had SO much fun styling them. They really added a pop of glam to each of the outfits.

Each time I changed into a new outfit, I stopped and imagined wearing a pair of plain black shoes.. then instantly thought “Gosh that’s a bit safe and boring”. But with the silver glitter shoes, haha I felt like dancing and strutting around. Shoes really do transformeth an outfit and mood.

And the silver colour of the shoes made them very versatile to match lots of different looks.

Here are close ups of the outfits and a breakdown of what I’m wearing!

Betts 5 Ways to Wear

Red Dress: Fashionjunkee
Necklace: Sportsgirl
Ring and bracelet: Wanderlust + Co

Black and White Bandage Dress: ClubCouture

Betts 5 Ways to Wear

White blazer: SOL
Lilac Camisole Top: Prada
Black Crop Pants: AL&ALICIA

Faux Fur Coat: Guset (via YesStyle)
Mint blouse: Redopin (via YesStyle)
Leather Skirt: Sarah (via YesStyle)

Betts 5 Ways to Wear


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend xx!

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Abi and Joseph Jackets and Gym Wear

29 May 2012

I have some fabulous new updates from Abi and Joseph to share with you today!

I have a special discount code for all my wonderful readers –
Get FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING and receive 10% off your order!
Yippee! Scroll below for details.

Abi and Joseph

First I want to talk about this cool Supplex Mesh Bomber Jacket.

The “Sports Luxe” look is one of the hottest looks of the season… and this graphite and yellow jacket is absolutely swoon worthy.

It is made from Supplex Mesh which has breathable, flexible and moisture wicking qualities. It’s perfect for throwing over your gym clothes when you head out to the gym. And also looks great when worn with everyday outfits (jeans or shorts)

I love it because it’s light to wear, it’s a great cover-up before and after workouts and it looks awesome! Love that yellow trim – matches my shoes!

Abi and Joseph

Here’s a close up of the jacket. And what it looks like zipped up.

I’m also wearing a yellow Pilates and Yoga Bra, made from luxe Italian Lycra, with a comfy T-back style (so you can wear it with racer back tops). Comes in black, navy, coffee, purple, pink and yellow.

Abi and Joseph

This is the Cotton Bomber Jacket, in Pink.

This jacket is made in Australia, made from 100% cotton, so it’s super comfy and feels really nice to wear. It’s great for yoga, pilates, working out, travel and everyday wear.

I like the vibrant pink and the design is eye catching!

Abi and Joseph

Again here’s a close up and what it looks like zipped up.

It’s a good fit for me, snug and close to the body, not baggy. I’m wearing the XS for both jackets.

Abi and Joseph

THIS is the Hooded Vuelta Zip Jacket!

It is pretty amazing – made from Italian Vuelta (soft, comfy, warm, lightweight, breathable, pilling resistant, thermal protection, and anti-bacterial!). It has a classic and simple design, perfect worn for weekend, gym or travel wear.

It’s gorgeous! I love that it’s warm (kind of like a light fleece lining) yet breathable. And it has a lovely sheen on the fabric making it look a little more sophisticated than an average “casual” cotton jacket.

It’s also an XS, but its fit is a little more relaxed.

Abi and Joseph

And here are some super cool coloured tops available from Abi and Joseph. They are all super luxe, super soft, comfortable, high quality, stretchy, thick and strong fabric.

I like them because I can just wear a sports bra underneath and the fabric is not see-through at all. I can layer them easily, they don’t have loud/tacky logos, and I can wear them as everyday wear.

AND I love them because… after I hand wash them and dry them flat, I don’t need to iron them. I just pop them on and the creases just stretch out (haha I mean, who wants to iron workout gear??).

(And remember you can get 10% off with my discount code!)

From left –

MINT Body Top 3/4 Sleeve
This is a gorgeous colour! You could wear this to the gym or throw on some jeans or a pretty skirt and wear it out as everyday wear. Comes in heaps of different colours too.

This is a XS, but I found that it was a little roomy (a tiny bit big at the underarms). I’m a size 6, so I think this style in XS would fit someone who is a size 8 better.

YELLOW Cap Sleeve Tee
This tee is a XS and it fits me perfectly. It’s got an amazing stretch and I love wearing it. I already have a grey and white tee in this style.

TANGERINE Viscose Hoody
I already have this Hoody in a Graphite colour and it’s my favourite go-to workout top to throw on when the weather is slightly cool. This tangerine colour is a hot new season colour and it’s so vibrant and delicious!

BLUE Viscose Hoody
This blue hoody is also a new colour in the range. You can also get it in Mint, Pistachio, Lilac and Graphite.


The team at Abi and Joseph are offering my readers a 10% discount and free worldwide shipping until 30 June 2012. Including all new items and clearance items.

To activate this code, you MUST enter the promo code ‘karencheng’ in the top navigation bar.

Happy shopping everyone!!!

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Walking on sunshine… and a leopard.

18 May 2012

Here are 2 pairs of shoes that I will be wearing constantly this new season :)

Yellow Heels

I fell in love with the YELLOW when I saw them online on ASOS.

They make the fashiony girl in me go – HELLO SUNSHINE!!

Do check out the awesome outlet sales from ASOS Australia.

And the equally awesome outlet sales fromASOS Asia.

Leopard Booties

These cool leopard booties are from the current Betts A/W 2012 collection.

They will definitely add a pop of fabulousness when worn with cold-weather attire – namely leggings, skinny jeans, or a long black maxi tube skirt.

Betts are having their Mid-Season 30-50% Off Sale now.

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3 Casual Ways to Wear Yellow

15 May 2012

Everyday Yellow

I realise that a lot of my fashion posts feature a lot of “going out” or “formal” outfits.

So I put together a few of my “everyday” outfits, stuff that I actually wear and have worn during the week.

This week the theme is YELLOW!


Stripe top- Alexander Wang from The Outnet
I am in love with basic luxe tees. Their slouchy look is just perfect with jeans, cropped pants, skirts or shorts.

Yellow jeans – YesStyle
These are just cheap and cheerful jeans from a Korean brand, Bengirl. The yellow colour is just how I like it – not too dull, not too bright.

Shoes – Habbot
Ah I wear these oxfords 3-4 times a week! Best shoe investment ever.


Black knit – YesStyle
This knit is from a Korean brand called JCStyle, which has a fantastic range of smart casual clothes with a stylish and polished look. I’ve gotten a few knits from this brand, but this knit is my favourite because it’s lightweight, has batwing sleeves and a boat-neck neckline which makes for a very slouchy but polished look (ha!).

Neon top – J Crew
I bought this yellow top online and it’s VERY neon. Almost like what construction road workers wear in the rain! I have worn it under layers of black and navy knits and coats, but I’ve never worn it on it’s own yet!

Black skinny jeans – Vivianne Westwood
My black skinnies are a wardrobe staple.

Leopard heels – Nude Shoes
I love these shoes because of their very low heels. I usually wear them when I’m wearing a plain outfit, just to give a bit of fun detail.


Cream top – AL&ALICIA
A gorgeously simple, sleeveless top. Again perfect for everyday wear

Stripe skirt – YesStyle
This is from another Korean brand called J-ANN. It’s called a “Glitter Stripe Skirt” but it’s actually not very glittery at all. It’s a simple tube skirt made from a thick knit, so I’m sure it’ll see me into the cold weather – with tights and boots!

Yellow heels – ASOS
These are a very recent acquisition from ASOS. They are so much fun to wear and I adore them sooo much!

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Giveaway: Win 2 items from AL&ALICIA

1 May 2012

For all you who had missed out on my last giveaway – here’s another awesome one to try!

If you have been a long-time follower of my blog, you might have noticed that I’m a fan of AL&ALICA. I’ve done many features of their collections, I have LOTS of clothes from this label and many of them are my wardrobe staples :)

Their designs are a wonderful mix of flirty + feminine, with a masculine edge. It’s kind of boy meets girl, and oozing with understated cool. Best of all, the clothes are comfortable, using high quality fabrics, with exceptional tailoring.

Well to celebrate their latest collection, the team from AL&ALICA are offering my readers a special giveaway.

Win any 2 items from the AL&ALICA website, of your choice!

Please scroll down for details!

The team sent me a few goodies to review, from the Spring Summer 2012 collection – Time to Pretend.

AL&ALICA - SS12 Time to Pretend

This first dress is the Kite Dress in Blossom colour. It’s probably more of a tunic or a mini dress, with pretty double layer drape at the front. It’s made from such a light, silky and luxurious fabric that you can wear it tucked into skirts or pants.

It’s perfect for warm weather, and those hot days when you still want to look stylish, yet effortless!

AL&ALICA - SS12 Time to Pretend

This is the Spellbound Jellybean Dress – another effortless dress that is pretty and colourful. I absolutely adored this one!

I’ve already worn it twice… and I got so many compliments :) I think it’s so eye catching because of its combination of pretty print and gorgeous tailoring.

The dress looks great with a blazer or denim jacket too!

AL&ALICA - SS12 Time to Pretend

Here I’m wearing a few items.

Emma Frost Top in Whipped Cream colour, which has the CUTEST polka dot bubble sheer things on it. It is sooooOOOooo cool!

This is my favourite piece in the whole collection. It combines *perfectly* with everything in my wardrobe (jeans, skirts, shorts, cropped pants) and gives each outfit a new breath of freshness that’s quirky and fun.

Yellow shorts are the Super Shorts in Buttercup colour. It is a relaxed tailored cut, with pleats, made from super soft tencel, with full lining. It’s lovely to wear. I felt very… luxuriousl, yet casual in it!

Lastly, in the outfit with my bright blue J Brand jeans, I’m wearing a Slouchy Jacket in Powder Puff colour. This is also made from super soft tencel and it’s soooo nice to wear. It’s a double breasted jacket with a relaxed fit.

You can check out the whole “Time To Pretend” collection at the Al & Alicia website!



Who Can Enter:
It’s open to all readers WORLDWIDE, over the age of 18 years.

What You Win:
One lucky winner will get to pick 2 items of his/her choice, across all AL&ALICIA collections (including sale items), subject to stock availability.

Giveaway Ends:
The giveaway will last 10 days, from May 1st to May 10th, 5pm (GMT +8)

This giveaway is now closed!

The winner will be randomly selected and contacted via Facebook messages.

If the selected winner doesn’t respond in 48 hours, then I will have to redraw. I will announce the winner as soon as possible on my blog and my Facebook Page (please pop over and LIKE my page, if you haven’t already).

I will also be posting a reminder on my blog and Facebook Page, before the end of the giveaway.

Good luck!

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How to Throw an Arm Party!

10 April 2012

You’ve probably seen the trend of stacking multiple bracelets and bangles on your wrists, which are called “arm parties”.

It’s wonderfully fun to wear and gives your outfit a sexy, playful edge. Well the team from Wanderlust + Co asked me to share how I put my arms parties together.

They have also given all my readers a special 20% discount code! Please scroll down for details.

Honestly, there is no rule for arm parties – just stack heaps of your favourite bangles and bracelets together – whatever best reflects your personality and mood at the moment!

However sometimes – even I can admit – that the haphazard stacking can look a bit crazy and messy (which is fine when you are in a “crazy and messy mood”).

But when you want to look a bit more “put together”…. here are a few visual design tips.

1) Try just one large chunky item – your favourite watch, a big-colourful bangle, a sparkly-spiky bracelet.

2) Team it with one statement piece that compliments (or boldly contrasts) your outfit. If you’re wearing black, try a bold orange or neon piece!

3) Select 2-3 smaller bracelets that each compliment at least one other item already chosen!

4) Stick to one metallic tone for all pieces. Eg gold, silver, rose gold.

5) Stock up on white, black, nudes and neutral bracelets, because they are so versatile!

6) Experiment and be playful with you colour combinations!

Here some arm party inspirations, featuring pieces from the mouth-watering wrist collection from Wanderlust + Co.

Wanderlust + Co - Arm Party!

Top – Redophin; Skirt – LClothes; Shoes – Gucci replicas.

Wanderlust + Co - Arm Party!

Wanderlust + Co Sunburst Navy Leather Wrap, Snake cuff from Forever New, Multi-stud Silver Nude Wrap, Watch from Guess, Blue Chain Toggle Bracelet.

Wanderlust + Co - Arm Party!

Top – Alexander Wang; Leather skirt – YesStyle; Shoes – ASOS.

Wanderlust + Co - Arm Party!

Wanderlust + Co Multi-Stud Silver Nude Wrap, White Cuff from Sportsgirl, Multi-Bar Gold Camel Bracelet, Sunburst Navy Leather Wrap.

Wanderlust + Co - Arm Party!

Top – Prada; Pants – ASOS; Heels – Sportsgirl.

Wanderlust + Co - Arm Party!

Silver Braid Cuff – Sportsgirl, Wanderlust + Co XL DLink Gold Turquoise Bracelet, Rainbow Braid from Dressonomy, Multi-bar Gold Camel Bracelet.

The W+Co team is offering all my readers a discount code of 20% everything!

Just use the code “karen20” at check out. Valid for 5 days, until the end of 14 April.

Hope you find something you love!!

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Hit Me Up With Some Lemon and Mint

7 April 2012

These are some fab items I picked up from YesStyle.

Yesstyle - Yellow Pea Coat

I’m getting ready for the cool weather with this gorgeous yellow wool pea coat.

I thought a yellow would be a nice way to inject some colour and sunshine into dreary cold days. It’s a bit different to your regular black, grey, navy and camel coloured coats, and it certainly makes a happy statement.

This jacket is by Angel Love, a label full of feminine lace skirts, chiffon blouses , pleated skirts, and crocheted tops.

Yesstyle - Mint Shirt

This chiffon mint shirt, with cut-out shoulders, is super hot! I can’t wait to style it soon. It’s breezy and easy, effortless and sexy – I really like a lot!

It’s from one of my favourite Korean labels, Redopin. They have some really cool mint / light green items (tops, jackets, knits) in their latest release, if you want to check it out.

Yesstyle - Yellow Jeans

I’ve been wanting a pair of yellow jeans for ages! And now I’ve already been wearing these to death :)
(Unfortunately these have been sold out.)

Oh and these are some labels I wanted to mention, as they currently have some great stuff on sale.

Stylementor from Korea has a really simple and stylish look. Nice knits, on-trend office pieces (sheer blouses, printed shirts, pleated skirts, colourful blazers) that can be easily worn from work to play.

Puffy has some really nice polka dot dresses at the moment, pretty chiffon tops and stripe tops too. Worth a look if you haven’t browsed already.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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Hotness Galore at ClubCouture

4 April 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a bunch of gorgeous evening dresses :)

I picked out 4 dresses from ClubCouture and each one made me squeal with delight!

Evening Dresses from ClubCouture

This first dress is the One Shoulder Banded Bodycon Dress from the Premium range.

Its quality and construction is fantastic (much better than bandage dresses from Topshop, Zara, or ASOS). The fabric is wonderfully thick, firm and stretchy.

Personally, I feel that this dress totally rates as a high-end designer dress (without the whopping price tag).

The one shoulder style made it feel a bit more elegant for a special occasion. I wore it out to my 10th anniversary dinner with my husband and I felt amazing!!

And here is this very similar (but different) second dress. It felt so comfortable, so balanced, so perfectly snug on my whole body… I felt like I could last a whole day and evening in it.

Evening Dresses from ClubCouture

It is called the Monochrome Banded Bodycon Dress and again it is from the Premium collection.

I think this dress looks  gorgeous, in a more classic, accentuates-your-curves, safe-but-sexy way!

Again the quality and construction of this dress is great. The firm fabric and fit feels a bit like shape-wear that pulls all your curves into place :)

I can’t choose which dress I prefer. Which is to say, I love both of them!

But wait, there are more!!

Evening Dresses from ClubCouture

The black dress is called the Satin and Lace Prom Dress.

It’s $59 dollars and it’s such a cute, simple and high-impact dress! The bodice has a simple elastic at the back and it’s easy and comfortable to wear. It nips in nice and tight at the waist, and puffs out into a full circle mini skirt. It’s fun and very flirty.

The aqua dress is the Teal Bodycon Dress, just $59. This one is also a nice, simple, easy to wear dress, that you can easily dress up or down. I really liked the colour too.

The material is of a lesser quality than the first 2 bandage dresses, but it matches the quality of clothes from ASOS. Definitely a great, affordable dress.

I’m liking the whole collection at ClubCouture for their affordable clothes. There are hundreds of dress styles there. And plenty of on-trend tops – from lovely blouses to casual jersey drape tops.

Hope you find something you like!

Happy shopping!

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Warehouse Sale Goodies!!

30 March 2012

PeepToe Shoes Online Warehouse Sale

PeepToe Shoes are having a massive Online Warehouse Sale!!

There are a huge range of shoes, ballet flats, bags and jewellery that are all up to 75% off. You can pick up some statement high heels from $49, clutches from $29, and kick-ass, on-trend jewellery from $10.

The team sent me a few sale samples (which I have to send back) and deary me, it’s cruel I tell you. This bracelet above is $25. The rock and rock bracelet (with skulls) were $79, now $25.

PeepToe Shoes Online Warehouse Sale

The aqua suede shoes were $279, now only $99!

PeepToe Shoes Online Warehouse Sale

These ballet flats I’m wearing were $199, now $79. Next to them are Mushroom heels also were $199, now $79.

Limited time only, don’t miss it.

There’s heaps more on the sale site, so please go check it out!!

Happy shopping!

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Bamboo Body from Ciao Bella Travel

23 March 2012

I want to introduce to you a new line of clothes from Ciao Bella Travel, called Bamboo Body, which is all about versatile travel wear and casual everyday wear.

The clothes are made from bamboo viscose and organic cotton. They are super-soft, smooth, thick and strong, and environmentally friendly.

Ciao Bella are offering 15% off the ENTIRE SITE to all my readers, please see below for details.

Bamboo Body from Ciao Bella Travel

I had the pleasure of testing out a few pieces, and here are my favourites!

This Henley Tank Dress is fabulous as a casual, everyday dress with a very relaxed style. You just throw it on as is, or you can play with the ruching on the sides to make it shorter or longer.

I wore it 3 ways.

1) Worn long, with a slight side ruche. Nice and simple.

2) Worn with a belt. I pulled some fabric over the belt to make the dress even shorter.

Bamboo Body from Ciao Bella Travel

3) And I felt like such a clever chicken here! I gathered up one side to create a very high split. I wore a sparkly, black tank top and tied a knot on one side. I popped a crisp white jacket over the top. Slipped on some heels and VIOLA! A completely different kind of outfit for a smoking night out!!

Just a few sizing tips (if you’re small like me). I’m usually a size AUS 6, and this dress was labelled “Extra Small” which translates to a size AUS 8. So it was a tiny bit big on me. It would fit a size AUS or UK 8 (US 4) perfectly. Check out the sizing chart on the site!

The dress also comes in black, brown and nautical navy + white stripes! You can see the items here.

Bamboo Body from Ciao Bella Travel

Speaking of nautical stripes – I loved this Bamboo Body Swing Top. It’s so soft and comfy. I also tucked it into some colours jeans and threw a blazer over the top for a smarter look.

Again the size “Extra Small” would suit a size AU 8 better, but ah, that won’t stop me from wearing it!

Bamboo Body from Ciao Bella Travel

And lastly, this Scandi Dress is lovely and simple. I adore the bright colour, the flattering cut, and the ruched details. It’s a great summer dress and perfect for lounging around the pool too.

You can check out their whole range of Bamboo Body items here.

The kind team at Ciao Bella have given my readers a really special discount off EVERYTHING in their store. You can pick up some great yoga/travel wear from Abi and Joseph, dresses by Sacha Drake, super-handy travel cloth bags for intimate wear and more.

15% off everything on Ciao Bella Travel for all my readers!
Valid until 31 March 2012. Enter promo code KAREN CHENG in the promo code box at the check-out.

Happy shopping!

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Does My Ass Look Big?

21 March 2012

ASOS Floral Pants

About 5-6 weeks ago (yes it was ages ago!) I bought these AMAZING flower print pants from ASOS!

I am just so in love with the crazy, bold, colourful print! I’ve already worn them a few times, but it’s the first time I’ve shown them on my blog.

Haha they are an absolute eye-catcher. They seriously make people look at your legs and bum.

Which yes, as a result, I was asking my husband several times in the evening, DOES THIS MAKE MY ASS LOOK BIG? How about at this angle? Or this?

He assured me that while where was a lot of trippy, flower-action happening, no, my ass did not look bigger than normal. Phew.

50% off 50 Sale at ASOS

ASOS are having a fabulous 50% off Sale on 50 items – full of flowers, bright colours and happy patterns! There is a bright tangerine bowling bags for under $30, pastel knitted jumpers for $28, sequin dress for $40, and playsuits for $29!

Be quick the sale ends tomorrow evening!

Check out the ASOS Australia Sale

Check out the ASOS Asia Sale

Happy shopping!

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New Online Fashion Label : Dresstronomy

13 March 2012

Dresstronomy Fashion

Let me introduce you to a new online shop and fashion label called, Dresstronomy.

Based in Singapore, the store offers a unique selection of simple, elegant dresses at a affordable prices.  Quite a few of them caught my eye :)

Check out their collection of dresses here.

I tested out this lovely dress, called Pin Up Girl.

Dresstronomy Fashion

I was completely smitten by its shape – the drapey top, with a v-neck and the long, straight skirt, with a mega split! It looked fantastic on!

The dress is priced at about US$120 which is quite good for an elegant evening gown that’s a bit different.

It’s the most expensive piece in the collection, and the rest of the dresses are priced from US$38 to US$90 (they are currently having a sale).

Dresstronomy Fashion

Here, I am trying out this leatherette-with-studs clutch with some of  my own clothes.  I chose this particular clutch because it seems like it could go with a lot of outfit variations in my wardrobe. Fast, easy, reliable, versatile.

Take a look at all the Bags and Clutches at Dresstronomy.

They have free shipping within Singapore, and flat rate international shipping which is about US$30.

Do check out the rest of the site!

Happy shopping!

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Online Store:

6 March 2012

I’m very excited to introduce my readers to an online shop called, FashionValet.

Perhaps many of my readers will have already heard of this store, but for those who haven’t… FashionValet is a very popular online shop based in Malaysia, offering a MASSIVE collection of ready-to-wear local designer clothes.

They have 60+ labels, about 80% of them are Malaysian designers and labels (Radzuan Radziwill, Tom Abang Saufi, Gallo, Azorias, Jas C, PU3 to name a few) and the rest are brands from the Asian region.

What hooked me in about this site… is that they celebrate their local designers, making fashion accessible to a wide range of tastes… and there is a strong “local fashion flavour” that is quite exciting for me to experiment and style with.


I’m wearing a ready-to-wear kaftan by Radzuan Radziwill, one of the most established designers in Malaysia, honoured and awarded for his contributions towards fashion in Malaysia.

Kaftans are very popular in Malaysia, and there’s a strong trend for young women to wear kaftans to glamorous events and weddings.

As you can see from Radziwill’s very large collection, kaftans come in lots of bright colours and lovely, long, flowing drapes!

I’ve always wanted a dressy kaftan, so I chose a leopard print sheer kaftan and wore my own black slip underneath. It is a one size fits all, so I pinned it along the bottom and pinned it at the back, so it hugs my figure a little. I will definitely take it to my tailor.

It is just gorgeous!! I feel very floaty and elegant.


This is a long tunic top by label TAS Iman by Tom Abang Saufi, another prominent Malaysian label.

I loved the drape of this top, the colours, and the combination of chiffon and jersey. Plus I really like it that I haven’t seen anything like this before – very unique!

I styled the top in two ways – worn long with leather leggings and tucked into leather shorts. I could also wrap a belt over it, or just wear it as a mini dress.


Lastly this top is a sheer blouse with embellished details at the collar. Sheer blouses are hot at the moment, and this one is pretty much perfect – including a pretty collar detail and 3/4 sleeves.

It is by a Malaysian ready-to-wear label called, Jas C, who has a really nice collection of affordable, on-trend fashion (check out the maroon pussybow playsuit!)

Again I styled it in two ways. Worn over a bra and with a sequin gold skirt. And worn with a singlet camisole and camel pants.

It’s a pretty big site, so if you’re not sure where to start, try the What’s New section.

Or try some browsing some of these brands:
Quirky Brown Cow

These are their shipping details:
Malaysia – Free for all orders
Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia – RM30 (US$10) flat rate. If the order is above RM 500 (US$165) then shipping is free.
Australia – RM 50 (AU$15) flat rate for all orders.

*Special Worldwide Discount for Karen Cheng Readers!!*
20% off EVERYTHING, including sale items.
Coupon Code: TEHTARIK
Last day to redeem is 12th of March.

Collect Loyalty Points
Oh and I’ve been told there’s a special Loyalty Programme where you can collect points when you shop and those points can be redeemed into cash for your future orders. Head on over to check it out!

Happy shopping!!

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Choker and Clutch

3 March 2012

Choker from my-wardrobe

I got to choose a few statement accessories from to style and wear out, but alas, they had to be returned.

This choker is just gorgeous! It looks and feels amazing to wear, and it definitely adds a sexy-tough edge to any outfit. I wanted to wear it with a blazer and pants, a maxi corset dress, a mini bodycon dress and more!

Choker from my-wardrobe

Gold and Silver Likanis Choker By Malene Birger.

If you check out the product page,  it’s been styled in some really nice outfits – worn with white + palazzo pants, a drape dress, crop pants +  cardigan, a blazer, and a jumpsuit.

Clutch from my-wardrobe

This Natural Marano Sea Snake Clutch by Anya Hindmarch is just beautiful. It oozes timeless glamour and luxury. I was just gazing at it all night… because it was so pretty and because I didn’t want anyone to steal it!

Clutch from my-wardrobe

I also wore this V-Knot Amber Ring by Wanderlust and Co.

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50% off shoes from Gorge

28 February 2012

I was sent a few shoes from Gorge (short for Gorgeous) and they asked me to see what I think, and give them a bit of a test drive.

They certainly are bold, sexy and uniquely designed shoes made from lovely materials – great for girls who want to make a statement. They are eye-catching and comfortable too.

The shoes are priced around $250 – $350.

But they are currently having a 50% off the whole collection, so they are now $120 – $175 which is quite cool if you’re looking for high quality statement shoes.

Also international shipping and delivery is FREE.

Gorge Shoes

This is ENVY – two toned leather heels, with teal suede and metal embellishments.

Obviously these shoes are very “look at me” and they will go with bold, brightly coloured outfits. But they can look great with a simple outfit too – worn with a simple black cocktail dress, or a plain white party dress.

So if you want to perk up some of the dresses in your wardrobe into a fresh outfit… statement shoes and accessories are a great way to go.

Gorge Shoes

I’m wearing PINK SPICE – all leather, with a sexy chrome anklet chain and a little jewel detail on the heel.

These were comfortable too. I wore them for 5 hours straight without any complaints.

They felt very minimal, which was nice, but still had enough bling to make my feet feel sexy and girly.

Gorge Shoes

Lastly, these white loafers SIGNORINA, are a little different to the rest of the collection, but still look fresh, smart and stylish.

Loafers are very popular at the moment, and I think this style (with added pleats details and the silver buckle) will last for many seasons.

They were a *tiny* bit big, but I slipped in an insertable shoe sole and it was all good.

I’m wearing size 36 for all these shoes. I’m usually a EU 35.5 – 36, or size AUS & US 5 – 6 or UK 3.

You can check out their whole collection on the Gorge Website.

Happy Shopping!

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Florals, Leopard and Pastels

24 February 2012

Outfit: Floral pants

This new season, printed pants have become very popular. I reckon it’s an awesome trend, because it’s so bold, daring and FUN!!

Check these babies out! They are floral pants from ASOS, and they scream SPRIIIING!!

Pants: ASOS
Tank: Rick Owens from The Outnet
Ring: Diva and Wanderlust and Co
Shoes: ASOS

Outfit: Leopard pants

I’ve had these skinny leopard print pants for a while now (since last August?). They kind of got lost in my wardrobe, and I recently rediscovered them again. Looking forward to giving them a better run around when the weather cools down.

Pants: Yesstyle
Tee: T by Alexander Wang from
Shoes: Sportsgirl

Outfit: Pastels

I also dug up another treasure!

I bought a lilac Prada silk top age while ago from ebay, I wore it a few times, but then it got lost beneath my brighter coloured tops.

I pulled it out again, because I wanted to wear it with my rose pink tulip skirt.

Camisole: Prada
Skirt: Forever New
Rings: Wanderlust and Co
Snake bracelet: Forever New
Leopard shoes: Nude

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All In The Details

21 February 2012

Berrybow is an online store for women, based in Malaysia, specilising in fashion made in Korea.

In my opinion, most of the collection is perfect for work in an office environment, with elegant details, at a good price.

There is a large selection of blouses (with lovely details on the collars, shoulders and cuffs) and lots of skirts (in office styles, peplum, pencils, tulips, flares). Nothing too showy or eye-raisingly “young”.

These details (especially the embellished collars) are quite on-trend at the moment, and it all has a very vintage, sophisticated “Madmen” 50′s style.

There’s lots of mixing and matching to be done there!

Check out the New Arrivals Section.

There is also lot of opportunity use the pieces in a non-office environment as well, which is great, because a good wardrobe is versatile.

Berrybow Fashion

This is a woven fitted dress in maroon. It fits me SO well (UK6). I’m so happy I picked it. In fact, it probably ranks as one of my current favourite dresses to wear. It’s hot!

It’s got a good stretch, the material is like a heavy wool-blend and it has lining. It’s comfy, easy to move around in and a good length for my [short] height. It’s got a bit of a sparkle in the fabric too.

Great dress to wear on a night out in the town! Unfortunately it’s sold out, but there’s another in navy.


Next up is a cool metallic skirt. It’s a full circle skirt, so it’s tight at the waist and puffs out at the bottom, a bit like a ballerina tutu. It’s very cute.

Pair it with a camisole or singlet top for a party look.

Or with a luxe silk top and a blazer for a more glam daytime event.


Lastly, I chose these scallop hemmed navy shorts – as I said earlier, well-made, simple item with a very nice detail. It’s sold out in navy, but available in blush.

I also tried something new… I have a vintage silk scarf (not Hermes!) and turned it into a handkerchief top. Yes it’s just a square scarf, and it wrapped around perfectly (didn’t show my bra) plus it went well with the shorts. Super cute!

International shipping rates are reasonable, considering that the price of the clothing is affordable and the quality is good.

The maroon dress was A$42.70 + A$12.50 = A$55.20 … very worth it! You’d pay A$79 -$99 for something like that in TopShop or Zara.

The skirt was A$39.63 + A$12.50 = $52.13. Again something similar in the high-street stores would cost more.

Current promotion
Berrybow have a promotion on right now, if you sign up to be a member, you can receive a RM30 (USD$9) shopping voucher and 20% off on your birthday month.

Enjoy shopping everyone!

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70% Off at The Dreamery

14 February 2012

The Dreamery

Whoa! The-Dreamery is one helluva online shop, well-stocked for uber-current Australian designer labels. From Camilla, to Ellery, Aurelio Costarella, Gary Bigeni, Sara Phillips, Therese Rawsthorne, Josh Goot, Megan Park, Limedrop… and more.

There’s an Up To 70% Sale on at the moment – full of spring summer styles. And a $50 Sale Rack for those who like to nab a bargain. Do check it out.

Wanted to share some new items I picked out!!

This mint blouse by Gary Bigeni is just gorgeous – especially the colour. The fabric is lovely too.

The blouse has a boyfriend-ish, loose cut. Perfect for wearing open over a singlet top and shorts, in a casual outfit.

But here I was dressing it up a little and wore it cropped, knotted and low cut!

The Dreamery

The dusty pink pencil skirt is by Sara Phillips and it is perfect for work, or play. It’s made from silk but it has this jersey-robust tailoring to it, making it comfy, easy to wear and move around in. It was also 70% off.

Cuff is by Rachael Ruddick.

Rings are my own.

And I had to I just had to wear both items with my denim shirt by Beige. I loved the colour combination!

The Dreamery

This is another beauty by Sara Phillips – a jersey wrap dress, with shoulder pads that make the dress go bang! The colour is pretty hot, as is the sale price, at $96 (from $320).

Its so very comfy and easy to wear too.

Earrings by Mezi (their collection of designs are right up my alley)

Leopard print scarf is my own, by Redopin.

Competition – Win a $100 Voucher

If you’re interested, the-dreamery is running a competition… offering 5 lucky people the opportunity to win a $100 voucher each! Check out the details here!

Happy shopping (or browsing) everyone!

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Palms Trees and Flamingos!

7 February 2012

Palm Trees and Flamingos!

I bought some Surface to Air silk shorts from ASOS, and they arrived this week!

I’m totally in love with them :)

I love the tailoring, the cut, the fit, the lush silk, and I dig the print of palm trees, flamingos and speckles!!

They were $324, but I got them on sale for $81.

Surface to Air are a Paris-based creative group producing award-winning collaborations (with musicians, artists, filmmakers) and acclaimed for their ready to wear collections. I’ve been loving their edgy designs, I’ve kept an eye on their recent collections, and I was stoked when ASOS was having a sale.

I also discovered that ASOS stocks brands like:

~ Sonia Rykiel – super cute, bold, colourful designs with a French flavour
~ Wheels and Dollbaby – a cult Australian rock-luxe label – I interviewed the designer, she’s from my hometown!
~ Spanx - haha everyone needs a bit of body shaping!
~ Elle Macpherson Intimates – so much cheaper and more range than the department stores
~ There’s always a great range of swimwear that is always well priced.
~ And you have to love the OUTLET 70% off section!


Oh oh oh! ASOS have some special deals!

1) I have something SUPER-SPECIAL for my Singapore readers!
Go to the ASOS Singapore Site and get 20% off your shopping cart by using this code – KAREN20

(Limit to one use per customer, maximum spend of £500, excludes sale items, Singapore deliveries only.)
Valid from 7 Feb to 12 Feb 2012.

2) For my Australian readers
Click here to access Womenswear: Sale now on. Up to 70% off

3) And for my readers in the rest of the world
Click here for Final clearance! 50% – 70% off womenswear

Happy Shopping!!

Outfit Details
Shorts – Surface to Air via ASOS
Button down – Witchery
Knit – Sportgirl
Bag – Alldressedup via ShopTheMag
Booties – Habbot Studios

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Outfits and Accessories for My Chinese New Year

28 January 2012

This week, I’ve been a bit spoiled! My social life has exploded, I’ve been out and about every day and every evening! Not to mention, it was also Chinese New Year and Australia Day this week. So we have had a lot of food, fun, family and friends!

Outfits and Accessories for My Chinese New Year

The other night, I went out to dinner with good friends. We ate at a restaurant overlooking the beach. I watched the sky turn pink and the sun set over the Indian Ocean, while eating marron (local freshwater crayfish/lobster) and slow cooked pork belly. It was bliss!

I sat opposite a huge mirror and just had to take a photo!

I wore my black and lime, patterned tulip dress from Birdsnest, fuchsia heels, and a swag of arm candy.

Outfits and Accessories for My Chinese New Year

The next night, I went out to dinner with some girlfriends and again, I had such a fantastic time. Great friends, great food and great conversations – a magical combination indeed.

I wore my Sass and Bide singlet top, mustard skirt from Mersh (YesStyle) and again my fuchsia heels and arm party gear.

Outfits and Accessories for My Chinese New Year

OK so here are the fuchsia suede heels that I’ve been wearing all week, from GlamRockChic :)

Gorgeous, striking, bold and super comfy!

Outfits and Accessories for My Chinese New Year

And here’s my very Chinese New Year looking Marc Jacobs clutch in RED AND GOLD!!

I’m going to a huge Chinese New Year gala ball tomorrow, so I’ll post photos next week! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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Crazy for Prints – Marni and Sonia Rykiel

24 January 2012

I bought two tops from The Outnet last week – from two of my favourite labels.

Marni is an Italian label that always seems to catch my eye at fashion shows around the world. I love her (Consuelo Castiglioni) bold, colourful, quirky, off-beat style.

While I wouldn’t actually wear most of the quirky-bold pieces in her collections, there are always some sleek designs that I drool after, and her accessories are just gorgeous.

Crazy for Prints - Marni and Sonia Rykiel

Top by Marni, denim shorts by Acne, shoes by Habbot Studios.

Anyway, I was looking for some casual tops, that still looked a bit dressy. Something that I could wear to a summer time dinner and drinks, and to a nice afternoon event.

I bought this simple, cotton camisole top by Marni – with flowers, mainly because I already have a good stock of plain tops and thought I’d try something different.

It arrived in 5 days, and it’s absolutely lovely! Light, simple, feminine, and very sweet, without being too sweet.

Crazy for Prints - Marni and Sonia Rykiel

I also threw on some coloured cropped pants and a dressy skirt, just to play with the versatility of the top.

It’d go great with lots of other bottoms – maxi skirts, pencil skirts, wide leg pants, work pieces, and of course, your favourite pair of jeans :)

Crazy for Prints - Marni and Sonia Rykiel

The next top is a Polka Dot Tank by Sonia by Sonia Rykiel.

Sonia Rykiel is an uber iconic French designer, first popular in the 70s. The label’s style is gorgeous, flirty, French, chic, ultra-feminine – full of bold colours, pink, stripes, and polka dots. It has a very unique and timeless style, but it’s very playful and cheeky too.

The top is a very simple tank, made from deliciously soft jersey, but not see-through.

While I think I will actually be wearing it more with casual shorts and skirts… I paired it with a leather skirt and pony hair heels, and it looked fab! Very French glamour!!

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Online Shopping (Buying) – Sass and Bide, Acne and TopShop

20 January 2012

Online Shopping (Buying) - Sass and Bide

Patterned tank, by Sass and Bide.

Online Shopping (Buying) - Acne

Light denim shorts in a casual boyfriend style, by Acne.


Online Shopping (Buying) - TopShop

Silver crinkle tee, from

(I actually bought this 2 months ago and wore it here)

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Black on Black on Black

17 January 2012

With all the bright, bold colours, crazy prints and sparkly, glitter textures swirling around in the media, magazines, my screen, and my wardrobe… it’s a nice change to turn your nose up to it all and come back to black on black.

I recently found a classic, biker styled, leather jacket by Nabi, courtesy of YesStyle.

I have been looking for one for the looongest time.

Nabi, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood

Here’s a bit of fashion pop-culture history for you.

Leather jackets were worn in the early 1900s by people in aviation and the military.

The black motorcycle leather jacket was first made popular by Marlon Brando in The Wild One (1953). His jacket style was called the “Perfecto motorcycle jacket”, which was actually first designed in 1928, and cost $5.50.

Since then, the Perfecto has made it onto the big screen again and again, worn by John Travolta in Grease (1978), Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing (1987), Johnny Depp in Cry-Baby (1990), and Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator 2 (1991).

And also rock stars like Blondie, The Ramones, and The Sex Pistols, wore their jackets all the time.

Nabi, Marc Jacobs, Vivienne Westwood

Of course, the one I have has been evolved a little – slight shoulder pads, epaulettes on the shoulders, no waist-band belt.

It’s buttery soft, faux leather, with lining. It has a lovely heavy feel, and just the right amount of embellishments and garment detail to my liking (and it is affordable). It’ll slip into my wardrobe *perfectly* and ooze understated badass-ness :)

Jacket: Nabi

Top: Marc Jacobs

Jeans: Vivienne Westwood

Heels: Nude

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Feeling Spearminty

10 January 2012

Aqua Knit

Last week I mentioned that I hit the shops to explore some of the post new year sales.

I spotted this aqua knit top from Sportsgirl and I fell in love with the quirky, bold colour! I feel like a happy peppermint.

I’ve already worn it a couple of times. Once with leopard skirt, then with a black leather skirt, and then with black skinny jeans.

I think I might pair it with white shorts, or some maroon cropped pants (worn here), or maybe my bright blue jeans (worn here)?

Leopard print skirt from Miss Selfridge, I bought a few seasons ago.

Blush patent leather heel are from Dorothy Perkins, also a few seasons old.

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J Brand Love (and my-wardrobe $1000 Giveaway ends Monday)

7 January 2012

The team at my-wardrobe sent over a few J Brand jeans for me to play with. In super bright colours!

These are currently 30-50% OFF on the my-wardrobe site – which is pretty amazing!

my-wardrobe jbrands

They feel so comfortable, soft and stretchy. And they look gorgeous!

With these outfits, I styled them with simple blacks, whites and greys…. because I figured everyone has those neutral colours in their wardrobe.

I thought that maybe the orange or green wouldn’t look good with my skin tone, but I reckon they look great. If I had to choose a favourite…

my-wardrobe jbrands

I’d say that the bright blue was my favourite! (But the pink was so cool. And the orange looked great too. Tough call.)

I’m wearing size 26s here… and usually when I buy 26s, I have to cut 5cms off the bottom and sew them up to make them fit on my legs – because I’m short. But for these… they are at a perfect leg length. When wearing heels, I can wear them as is. When I’m wearing flats, I can just scrunch them up a bit at the knees, or turn them up once.


Oh and please don’t forget to enter my AMAZING EXCLUSIVE GIVEAWAY – a voucher worth AUD$1000 to spend at my-wardrobe!!

Head on over to my giveaway post and enter.

All the best! xxx

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Pia Gladys Perey Hits My Sweet Spot

4 January 2012

A few weeks ago, I was asked to test out a Pia Gladys Perey dress from Gosh Celebrity Fashion. I didn’t know anything about the emerging Australia designer, yet I oohed and ahhed and then chose a short, navy drape dress, called Bea (size 6).

Pia Gladys Perey from Gosh

It arrived in the mail and OMG it felt AMAZING to wear.

The fabric is soft and slinky, yet strong, stretchy and heavy. It feels like a high quality garment. It’s so comfortable and easy to wear and move in. It falls, scrunches and drapes in all the right places. Quick you must go out and buy one now!
You won’t regret it!

In fact, I’d say that it rates as one of the Top 10 dresses I own!

Pia Gladys Perey from Gosh

I suspect for most people, if you’re going to a fancy end-of-year ball, or a special gala function, or an important awards night, or you’re maid of honour at a girl friend’s wedding… you’d probably go out and buy a $200 – $300 dress? If you’re lucky you might get a nice one for $150. Quite normal right?

Well I can not believe how well priced these dresses are.

I am a big fan of slinky jersey type dresses. And believe me, I have tested out lots of them! From over $500 jersey dresses and $30 jersey dresses… there is probably a time a place for each of them.

But to hit that sweet spot in the middle ground (of price for quality), this collection of slinky jersey dresses have done very, very well.

Pia Gladys Perey from Gosh

You can get different floor length gowns, and elegant short dresses. Each style comes in lots of different colours. They also look gorgeous as bridesmaids dresses!

Pia’s dresses are stocked online at Gosh Celebrity Fashion, currently there are about 43 styles you can buy.

Gosh has offered all Karen Cheng readers a 15% discount on full priced Pia Gladys Perey dresses. Just use the code ‘karencheng’ at checkout. Valid untill 30th January 2012.

Free delivery for Australia. And they have worldwide shipping.

They are also stocked in USA, Singapore, Philippines and Dubai, but you’ll have to contact the PGP team from their website.

(Oh and apparently Angelina Jolie wears Pia’s dresses.)

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Electric Blues and Shopping News

20 December 2011

I wanted to share a few bluey outfits that I’ve been wearing recently and match them up to a few sales happening around the internet.

Electric Blues and Shopping News

ASOS just started their mega sale at the moment – up to 50% off items! Click here for ASOS Australia, ASOS Asia and ASOS Rest of the World.

Isn’t this dress so PRETTY?! Glittery, glamorous, short, simple but high impact! I love the two tone blue zigzag. It’s a great skirt length for me too.

Speaking about skirt lengths. Here’s a funny story.

After my post last week, where I featured 6 dresses from Birdsnest Online, I received several comments/emails from my readers, along the lines of – “Dear Karen, you look great in the dresses, but I wonder what they would look like on NORMAL SHORT PEOPLE LIKE ME??”

It’s hilarious, because I am reeeeeeally short! I’m 160cm tall. That’s 5’2”. I can buy clothes from the KIDS section. I’m so short that when I stand next to some of my friends, I am looking at their belly buttons.

Maybe I just look tall in my photos? Maybe the way I angle my camera makes me look taller on screen?

I do cheat a little, because I tend to sew up the hems of my skirts, dresses, pants and jeans, so they fit my height and look better on me.

But with this sparkly ASOS dress, I didn’t do any sewing. Nor would I even attempt it, given all the sequins.

The blue suede heels are also from ASOS.

Electric Blues and Shopping News

I’m so in love with this top. It’s a gradient knit top from YesStyle, which is just so deliciously slouchy and easy to wear.

The tank by Rick Owens, shorts from Zara, shoes from Ecco, bag from FashionJunkee.

YesStyle is having a beauty sale, with up to 40% off items. You can pick up items from SK-II, Shu Uemura, Shiseido, and more (I think these brands are 15% off though). Also there are heaps of other fashion items that are up to 60% off.

Electric Blues and Shopping News

Frockaholics a having a sale which includes up to 40% off summer styles, including Josh Goot, Dion Lee, Manning Cartell, Ginger and Smart, Life with Bird, Antipodium, Camilla and Marc, Bec & Bridge and many more.

Here I’m wearing a very cool Rachel Gilbert skirt (from Frockaholics), tee by Country Road, blazer by Dodo, booties by Tony Bianco, sunnies by Rayban.

Happy Shopping!

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Birdsnest Online – Dresses Dresses Dresses!!

13 December 2011

The team at Birdsnest Online Store have been very busy this season! With a site FULL of gorgeous clothes for real women, they have been selling literally thousands of dresses (and other things) to a lot of very happy customers.

You can seriously get lost in online shopping heaven on this site :)

They recently launched their Summer Catalogue, with lots of inspiration to browse through. And for those who are keen for a bit of styling help, the team has put together a beautiful Style Guide that you can personalise to suit your body type and personal style.

Well they let me go crazy on the site, and I picked my favourite dresses to have a play. Behold!

Clothes from Birdsnest Online

This is the Zulu Dance dress by Ladakh, which includes the skinny pink belt. I picked it because I loved the pattern (with specks of lime), and it looked really versatile for work, and for dressing up or down.

It felt lovely to wear, it fit perfectly, hung nicely, not too tight, very comfortable to move in. I could spend all day in it, and just change my jacket. I really liked this one.

I’m also wearing a white blazer from YesStyle and blue suede heels from ASOS.

Clothes from Birdsnest Online

This stunning dress is called Moroccan Heatwave by Seduce. I LOVE the aqua colour – so vibrant and bright! I really like the layers and the asymmetric hem, making it short at the front and long at the back. And the sweetheart neckline is gorgeous too.

I’ve worn it with a pink belt from Dotti and purple suede shoes from Betts.

Clothes from Birdsnest Online

This dress is coincidently also called the Moroccan High Low Dress, by Living Doll. I felt like such a Grecian goddess! Again it has the asymmetric hem that I like. It is made up of a short slip (opaque) and the outer slip, which is sheer and floaty.

I’m wearing necklace and belt by ASOS and gold and orange shoes by GlamRockChic.

Clothes from Birdsnest Online

Polka Dots! I wasn’t sure about this dress when I saw it and chose it on the site, but after wearing it, it felt like such a great, simple, little dress.

Perfect for AM to PM wear, or just worn casually as a summer daytime dress. Good for short people too, like me. It’s called the Try Your Luck Dress by MinkPink.

Clutch from ALDO, belt (gift), red suede shoes from Betts.

Clothes from Birdsnest Online

Ooh this is the cutest summery dress ever! It only cost $49 too. Pretty print, beautiful colours, easy to wear, comfy and stretchy – I love it! It’s called the Rivers of Babylon Dress by MinkPink.

Would also love a maxi dress version of it too.

Hat from Sportsgirl, belt from LOEF, gladiator sandals from Zu Shoes.

Clothes from Birdsnest Online

Rough Hearts Dress by Ladakh, in yellow! As you can tell, my curls fell out after several hours, but I love the beachy hair look! Very fitting for this dress. Simple, bright, cute, summery, light, comfortable and so sweet.

I don’t think I’ve ever worn an all-yellow dress before. I think it looks OK on me, I like it!

I’m holding a vintage envelope clutch and wearing tan strappy heels by Betts.

Right now you can head on over to the Birdsnest website and look at the Spring Clean Sale items (and search by size!).

But stay tuned for a Boxing Day sale too. You can sign up to their newsletter or Facebook page to be kept in the loop about sales and special promotion.


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Habbot Studios Summer + Exclusive Secret Sale!

5 December 2011

If you can remember some months back, I featured a shoe brand called Habbot Studios.

They are a shoe brand with French inspired details, fresh Australian style, and all their shoes are handmade in Italy, from fine Italian leathers. I currently own 2 pairs, and they are simply exquisite to wear! So soft and comfortable. The leather wraps around my feet like a gentle warm hug. The quality is totally worth the investment.

Well I have some exciting news!

Habbot Studios will be holding a 20% off Summer Sale in January, but they are offering ALL MY READERS first choice of the sale stock with a… 3 day 25% off SECRET SALE! Exclusive to my readers only!

This discount applies across the entire website (including the remaining pairs of already 50% reduced winter stock too!). More details below.

Ok lets have a look at their Spring Summer Collection (apparently all the styles have been named after a master French pastry chef). These are my picks.

Habbot Studios Spring Summer 2011

Made from soft Italian suede and glove leather… these peep-toe, sling backs, Torres, are the prettiest pair of the whole collection! I could prance around in them all day.

I love them in bright red. They look fabulous when paired with other bright colours of the season. Not to mention they looked perfect with my summery-glam outfit!

Habbot Studios Spring Summer 2011

This is proof that gladiator sandals don’t have to look fierce and nasty. This pair has a gorgeous soft and cool edge to them, but still has a bold and strong look. I love that it is slightly different!

They are called Lenotre, and also come in red, beige and tan.

Habbot Studios Spring Summer 2011

And I totally fell in love with these oxford styled shoes, called Careme. They look soooo sophisticated and minimal and understated and neat and smart. I would love to own one in every colour they come in!

I wore them for a few hours and being quality leather, they didn’t give my feet blisters, hurt my ankle, or feel stuffy or sweaty. They were amaaazing!

Don’t forget to check out the previous Winter Collection from the Sale Page.


SECRET SALE for Karen Cheng Readers

25% off everything for 3 days only from Habbot Studios.

Sale starts today, Monday 5th Dec – Thursday 8th Dec 2011 (finishing midnight 11:59pm AEST on the 8th).

This discount applies across the entire website (including the remaining pairs of already 50% reduced winter stock too!).

Please enter “discount code” at the checkout: karencheng25

Hope you grab yourself a bargain!


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Flaunt Online Fashion

29 November 2011

Many, many months ago, I did a review of an online shop called “Kind of Wonderful”, which sold lots of great clothes at fab prices.

Well they have recently re-branded and they are now called FLAUNT.

They might have a new name and site, but they still have their fantastic collection of clothes and accessories at very affordable prices – everything is priced around US$20 to $30.

And of course, they are the same friendly and helpful team!

Flaunt Online Fashion

Here I’m wearing a pretty Sweatheart Flare Dress in deep red. It’s in a very classic style, with figure-hugging cut and a gorgeous flowy skirt, so it won’t go out of style. It’s the perfect dress to wear to a wedding, out to dinner, a summer party, or even during the day. I thoroughly enjoyed twirling and whirling around in it.

Flaunt Online Fashion

My favourite thing about their store is… their super collection of dresses. There are so many cute, simple, pretty, classic styles.

Check out these pastels dresses and bright dresses. Niiiice.

Flaunt Online Fashion

They bring in new designs (up to 20 of them!) every week, so it’s quite fun to check out all the new stock.

They also sell bags and shoes. And they ship internationally. Do check them out!

Hope you find something you like – happy shopping!


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Crazy Pants

22 November 2011

Crazy Pants!

I’ve been feeling quite adventurous lately. Quite possibly it is the change in weather, stirring me to get out and have a bit of fun. I love the way it has made me more adventurous towards what I put on in the mornings.

The other day I threw together… a bit of yellow, with a bit of green, tossed with some pattern clashing, and a vintage belt. I loved it! It totally matched my mood.

I was happily walking down the street with a big smile on my face.

Pants: YesStyle
Tank: Sportsgirl (modified by me)
Belt: Vintage
Jacket: Miu Miu
Wedges: YesStyle

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At the Copa, Copacabana!

8 November 2011

On the weekend, I got to play with a few pairs of shoes from PeepToe Shoes, who are launching their brand new collection, Copacabana!

Peep Toe Shoes - Copacabana

Me doing my flamingo pose in a coral Miss Muse, and popping electric blue with the Miss Spirit.

I can’t believe how bright and stunning these shoes are. They are oh-so comfortable too.

My favourite pair is the Miss Muse, as they are pretty much *the perfect peep-toe shoe*. Simple, elegant and classic. The heel is at a great height (not too high and not too short), it is well made (inner and outer leather), and very comfortable.

They come in 6 different colours, black, nude, navy, pink nude, mushroom and coral. Definitely worth the investment.

Peep Toe Shoes - Copacabana

I toned down the colours in my outfits, to combine the shoes with a more corporate and timeless look.

I love the little splashes of colour the shoes bring!

I’m wearing the Miss Tango Shoes, in light tan and lemon lime. And again, the Miss Muse in Coral.

Check out the PeepToe Shoes Collections and look for their great competitions.


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Head and Shoulders Above

1 November 2011

I had so much fun styling up some bags this weekend!

These beauties are from Shoulder It – an online shop offering a really lovely collection of bags. I hope you get to check them out. They have genuine leather bags and non-leather bags, all in great styles at affordable prices.

What I like most about the site is that the styles are actually practical, stylish (but not overly trendy), and the quality of the genuine leather is excellent.

All my readers can enjoy a 15% discount from Shoulder It, details are below!

Bags from Shoulder It

This Snake Skin Clutch in lime green is very cool! Citrus colours are very popular at the moment, and this clutch certainly adds a colourful pop to my outfit.

I love this colour combination of blue, green and white. Made me so happy :)

Bags from Shoulder It

I think this Adara Bag was my favourite, mainly because of the colour – a gorgeous deep green. I adore the satchel style and it’s a great size to fit a lot of stuff. The leather is nice and soft too.

I felt so luxurious and mysterious in this outfit, sporting all these deep colours and leopard print.

See all Leather Bags from Shoulder It.

Bags from Shoulder It

And lastly, the perfect bag for a casual weekend. This Orange Carrie Bag is just so cute, relaxed and practical. I really enjoyed throwing all my stuff into the bag and carrying it around, hobo style.

The kind team at Shoulder It are offering all my readers an exclusive 15% off everything discount!

Coupon code: KARENCHENG15
Valid until: 15th November 2011
Valid for: All in stock Full and Sale items
Conditions: One coupon code per customer. Cannot be applied in conjunction with any other coupons.

Do take a peek at the whole collection at Shoulder It.

The store has free shipping for all Australian orders, and a flat rate for all international orders.

Happy shopping!

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The Lady is a Vamp, a Diva and a Lifesaver

25 October 2011

I love the idea behind GlamRockChic – shoes for the women who want statement, designer heels, made from quality materials, that are comfortable, and most importantly… affordable!

I also love their brand new range online, behold!

GlamRockChic Shoes

How hot do these look!? They are definitely a pair of knock-out, statement heels!

They are called Super Diva Mustard – with mustard yellow, zebra print, studs, and cool diagonal lines, you can’t really go wrong with them. They will just look great with a multitude of outfits – skirts, pants, jeans.

They come in a black version too – which is probably a more versatile investment.

This shoe was my favourite because of their design. Interestingly it doesn’t look like a “trendy statement” shoe that will quickly go out of fashion. I feel they look “classic statement” in that they will always look glamorous and stand out… if you get what I mean. I will be rocking them and loving them for a long time indeed.

GlamRockChic Shoes

These shoes are called Vamp, in grey. A most excellent alternative to boring black heels! I love the texture and colour!

Believe it or not, but they have been specially designed with comfort in mind. I was wearing them for 7 – 8 hours straight during fashion week and didn’t get a blister or sore feet. I didn’t even notice the time of night… until my girlfriends were walking more slowly and sitting down every 10 minutes.

GlamRockChic Shoes

Another shoe designed with comfort and style in mind is the Lifesaver.

It’s a more posh chic, for an effortless cool look. They’re soooo comfortable to wear. When I slip them on it’s like they are giving my feet a snugly hug.

Sarah, the designer behind the brand tells on her blog some fascinating stories of how she developed her shoes, testing them herself, using quality materials, pushing her manufacturers. It’s very interesting to discover how shoe designers work.

Do check out the whole GlamRockChic collection online!

Happy shopping!

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Oh Bella! Oh Bella!

11 October 2011

AL&ALICIA - Porcelain and Chinadolls

How gorgeous are these Bella Skirts from AL&ALICIA! This kind of skirt is called a full skirt, and I think I’ve found my fave-fave-favourite item for the new season.

Super cute, super flirty, it gathers at the waist and puffs out at the hips. I’m loving the new silhouette for my wardrobe – worn with simple tops for an effortlessly cool look.

On the left I’m wearing Small Dot Bella Skirt – it has little polka dots on them (very cute!). And the top is the Chinadoll Shirt Dress, worn tucked in.

The right is the Striped Bella Skirt which I wore with my Rebecca Minkoff Slouchy Top, and Betts Suede Heels.

AL&ALICIA - Porcelain and Chinadolls

I tried the skirts with all my favourite tops in my wardrobe, and I liked this slightly contrasting look with my denim shirt, suede boots and a Stacey Spotted Coat (from AL&ALICA). More spots!

Then on the right, I’m wearing it with my Jigsaw red top, Habbot Gold shoes, and Lace Trimmed Blazer (from AL&ALICA).

They are just fab for the warm weather, because they don’t cling to your legs. They just puff out and I walk around feeling fabulous – like prancing and dancing!

Check out the whole new collection from AL&ALICIA.


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Club Couture – Online Fashion

4 October 2011

Club Couture is an online boutique which has a nice, big collection of affordable, wearable clothes. It’s definitely a great place to check out for some online shopping (or browsing).

You can buy a nice dress for under $50, tops for under $35. Actually I found some great pieces in their range of tops – button down shirts, sheer cardigans, jersey pieces and pullovers.

They also have a Premium Collection – with some good looking dresses.

Club Couture - Online Fashion

Here I’m wearing the Draped Back Blazer from the Premium collection. It’s a nice, simple, easy to wear blazer. It’s looks fitted and tailored, so it looks smart, but it’s also loose-fitting (probably because it’s slightly draped at the back) so it feels relaxed and not constricted.

I like it that it’s light, breathable, and good for hot weather.

I’m wearing it with lime tank (Sportsgirl), leather shorts (Yesstyle) and suede pumps (Betts). I loved this look!

Club Couture - Online Fashion

I chose this Floral Chiffon Dress because I wanted something floral to wear for the Spring Carnival that was bright and cheerful! I’m usually not a floral person, but this dress looked quite nice, possibly good for end of year Christmas parties?

I’m wearing a ring (Wanderlust + Co) and red suede heels (Betts).

Anyway, there’s a lot on the site, so I hope you find something you like!

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Cocktail Hour by Wanderlust + Co

27 September 2011

Whenever I go to a cocktail party or wedding, I always tend to put a lot of thought (and money!) into the dress that I am wearing.

But for some reason, I usually don’t put a lot of thought into accessorising, and I often leave it to the last minute. Which often results in me, running out to the shops the day before the event to quickly buy something cheap, generic and mainstream. And I always regret it.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this new couture collection from Wanderlust + Co with all you girls out there, who share this bad habit of mine. No more excuses for cheap, mainstream jewellery!

The collection is called Cocktail Hour, and you *must* have a look at their lookbook