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Wedding in the Family

22 October 2018

We haven’t had a wedding in the family in yeeeears – and now we have TWO in two months.

My brother in law got married on the weekend. It was such a beautiful, intimate and happy wedding – it was so touching that I cried.

Unfortunately I can’t share too many photos, as I don’t really have permission to share faces :)

RS Wedding

This is my husband and father in law getting dressed.

If you’re new here, my husband was born in Scotland, his family migrated to Australia (on a boat!) and they grew up in Perth.

They don’t own these kilts, they hired them from a hire shop. The pattern was chosen to be as close as possible to their family “clan”… however, it was also chosen based on what the hire shop had available that day haha.

Having said that, the pattern looked suspiciously like a tartan pencil case I once owned in primary school, so I do wonder how accurate it is as a single clan’s historic identity.

Oh and yes, that’s my son in the background with a gimbal and camera. He did an awesome job! Modern technology these days! Kids these days!

RS Wedding

Here’s a group photo of us and the bride and groom – it really is no fun without the faces!

From left to right: my oldest son, me, the groom, the bride, my husband and my second son.

(My youngest son is going to be so pissed off that he wasn’t included in this pic. The third child is always left out of everything right?! But he was just too short for my head crop.)

RS Wedding

This is the wedding cake made by my father in law and sister in law! Amazing!

So much talent, care and family love went into this cake.

RS Wedding

And lastly, here are some teeny tiny polaroids of us, taken at the end of the day, for the guest photo wall.

Can you believe we were all so busy and having so much fun, that I forgot to take a family photo of just 5 of us together??  Ah well. These little polaroids are perfectly fine as keepsakes!