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Isabel Marant Etoile Naomi Skirt Review

8 October 2018

Isabel Marant Etoile Naomi Skirt

I’ve had a designer crush on Isabel Marant for years! I love her brand’s effortless boho vibe and Parisian chic style. It’s a little eclectic, a little arty and a little rough around the edges.

But let’s be honest, her pieces are expensive and the only time I’ve bought her items are from clearance sales, outlet sites, private groups, or eBay.

I do have a few of her pieces that I’ve collected over the years, namely, a black silk shirt, a black mini skirt, a grey wool coat, a black dress, black flats and tan boots. All bought on sale. All worn many times over. All amazing quality that will no doubt last me many, many more years.

Courtesy of Shopbop, I was able to try out this gorgeous Naomi Skirt, from Isabel Marant’s Fall Winter 2018 Collection released around June 2018, which is described as a “clash of leather, print, embroidery and retro-sporty that glides into Fall.”

It is a ruffled mini skirt, with smocked waist and embroidered detail in a Broderie Anglaise style.

It is 100% cotton, and is voile (French for veil) which is a super soft, light, delicate cotton and slightly sheer.

It’s less of a wardrobe essential (like my other pieces) and I see it to be more of a statement piece to be worn with basics like a tee or plain shirt.

Isabel Marant Etoile Naomi Skirt

I love the deep red colour and the floral pattern. It has an arty and vintage feel to it. And I think that’s what Isabel Marant was going for with this fabric.

In the photo on the website, the red looks a little washed out, but it’s very vibrant in real life.

I also love the shirred waist, which means I can wear it high or low on my waist and hips. I prefer to wear my skirts slightly higher than usual, so my legs look longer. And that option is not usually available for normal skirts – can’t exactly roll up a denim skirt at the waist!

I’m wearing a Size 34 (all my IM clothes are size 34) and it fits perfectly and comfortably for me.

It is flouncy, unique, and it is a gorgeous addition to my wardrobe!

Isabel Marant Etoile Naomi Skirt

A few people asked me whether I could wear it as a top?

The answer is yes, it fits me as a top!

But in this photo, I feel like a 20 year old girl going clubbing haha. A bit awkward, cute and not very elegant. Maybe it’d look ok with a blazer. Anyway I won’t be wearing it like this. Plus it could stretch out all the smocking.

Can’t wait to wear it more once the weather warms up!